Apple Watch Series 5 Hands-On Impressions: Top 5 Features (Titanium!)

  • Published on Sep 16, 2019
  • Apple Watch Series 5 Hands-On Impressions: Top 5 Features (Titanium!)
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    I bring you my Apple Watch Series 5 hands-on impressions in this video, coming to you from the Steve Jobs Theater at Apple Park in Cupertino. I focus on the best Apple Watch Series 5 features, narrowing it down to the 5 features that stand out to me above all others:
    *Apple Watch Series 5 Always-on display
    *Apple Watch Series 5 Compass
    *Apple Watch Series 5 International Emergency Calling
    *Apple Watch Series 5 Titanium and Ceramic Edition models
    *Apple Watch Studio personal customization
    The Apple Watch Series 5 review is coming soon, alongside the Apple Watch Series 5 unboxing to give you a first-look at the new model - in the meantime, enjoy this look at all the new features that Apple is bringing to the table with the world's most popular smartwatch in this Apple Watch hands on. Are there any features you were hoping to see in the Series 5 that got left out?
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Comments • 170

  • Andru Edwards
    Andru Edwards  Month ago +3

    *What do you think of the Apple Watch Series 5 hands-on? Plan on picking one up? WATCH NEXT: iPhone 11 Hands-on:*

    • Utkarsh Mehta
      Utkarsh Mehta Month ago

      What type of band is it in the video(08:18)

    • Lee
      Lee Month ago

      Just today I sold my series 3 on Facebook. I’m gonna finance mine through T-Mobile Friday morning!!!! The always on display is going to change the game forever

    • Evan Le
      Evan Le Month ago

      Andru Edwards yup I’m planning on getting the brushed titanium but I’m not sure if I want the silver of the space black I gotta see unboxings first!

  • Chad Charming
    Chad Charming 20 days ago

    Upgraded from a series two
    And I’m loving it

  • tiggerlove12
    tiggerlove12 27 days ago

    Too bad Apple won’t allow AT&T to sell there titanium series 5..I usually just add it to my phone bill and pay it I’ll just be getting the Stainless Steel

  • L Witt
    L Witt Month ago

    Brilliant review, thank you!

  • Mz. Elbow Jonez
    Mz. Elbow Jonez Month ago

    I just got the Apple Watch #5 and I’m not so sure about it. I workout daily, and it dies faster than my Apple Watch #2 did. But I’m gonna give it a chance because I love the size and all the new options and features that it has. Plus it looks a lot sleeker than the #2 watch.

  • Suwwan_
    Suwwan_ Month ago +1

    3:16 that focus shot was soo good⌚️❤️🔥

  • Mathew DA
    Mathew DA Month ago

    Great you’re the best YouTouber ever 👌

  • Chaman Uppal
    Chaman Uppal Month ago +2

    I am completely happy with my series 4

  • Kimberly Jimenez
    Kimberly Jimenez Month ago

    GPS or cellulare?

  • Saint
    Saint Month ago

    Would sensors work with my tattoos?

  • VSCO Gal
    VSCO Gal Month ago

    Soon in like 10 years this will be like the apple watch series 0

  • John Sherrit
    John Sherrit Month ago

    Just checked the Belgian store and they only offer the aluminium watch. No choice for me :(

  • Emmanuel Romines
    Emmanuel Romines Month ago

    I like the review short and yet detailed. 🙌🏽

  • Isaac Golden
    Isaac Golden Month ago

    I’m loving my Space Black stainless steel series 4 but that space black titanium is calling my name. My only concern is the durability of the metal.

  • chamon sosa
    chamon sosa Month ago +1

    Dear apple when l was a kid my casio watch had a little solar panel therefore lit was always charge...

  • erica brown
    erica brown Month ago +1

    Getting my first watch in about a month.. super excited! Getting the series 5!! 😁😁😁

  • studivan
    studivan Month ago

    There are times when you just can't turn your wrist? what times are they? to look at any watch you have to turn or raise your wrist, tell Apple you guy's are not very good at selling this thing.

    • Andru Edwards
      Andru Edwards  Month ago +1

      Have you ever been working out cycling while holding the handlebars and try to glance down at your watch? My Apple Watch shows nothing.
      Have you tried looking at your watch when you feel a notification tap while carrying groceries which stop you from doing the full smooth wrist raise motion? Try it sometime. Apple Watch won’t light up.
      Every been doing push-ups or holding a plank and glance at your Apple Watch? It doesn’t light up just because you glance at it.
      How about instead of being a troll, actually try to think about the answers to simple questions like the one you asked. It’s not hard.

  • Jean Marc Thewissen

    Do the edition models have sapphire cristal?

  • Erislandy Valdez
    Erislandy Valdez Month ago

    Is there really a difference between the 40mm or 44mm? Getting my first one in a couple weeks

    • 1994Mattg
      1994Mattg Month ago

      Other than the size, no. But depending on your wrist size, you should defiantly get the one that fits more comfortably. The bigger 44mm isn't better if you have a smaller wrist.

  • kiosh
    kiosh Month ago +1

    im between ceramic and golden one (steel). you saw both in hand, whats your choice?

  • Garrett Gomes
    Garrett Gomes Month ago

    it is sooooo big.

  • PatrykGaming
    PatrykGaming Month ago +1

    2 days left until release, got mine Space Grey with a grey sport band

  • 2002SLPSS1991
    2002SLPSS1991 Month ago +1

    Sony 75" Z9D and.... Apple watch Titanium owner checking in!

    • Danny Martinez
      Danny Martinez Month ago

      I want that tv it's so badass .did you get a deal

  • Gahish Gahba
    Gahish Gahba Month ago +1

    Mine has been preparing to ship for almost a whole week yet it still shows that it will be delivered on 20th September, anyone else experiencing the same issue?

  • Leo G
    Leo G Month ago

    I ordered the titanium watch ☺️

  • JL Zamora
    JL Zamora Month ago

    Sounds like a bunch of g gi gim gimm gimmi gimmic gimmicks!!!!!!!

  • Cynthia Gagen
    Cynthia Gagen Month ago

    Can the on display mode be disengaged? There may be situations or locations (ny subways at night)when I would rather not be seen wearing a $400 watch

  • Lacey Riles
    Lacey Riles Month ago

    Based on weight, and durability/easily scratched, and pricing, which casing do you think is the best option from your POV? I’m really interested in the ceramic but it’s pretty costly and I don’t know how heavy or light it may be or how likely it is to be scratched up and chipped over a year

    • Andru Edwards
      Andru Edwards  Month ago

      The ceramic is VERY durable. Don’t expect scratches or chips. Aluminum and titanium will be your lightest options, stainless steel is heaviest. I think ceramic is nicest, titanium is second-nicest and a lot less expensive.

  • Michael b
    Michael b Month ago +1

    More like Series 4.5 than Series 5...

    AG WHOF Month ago +8

    For people in the nursing field this is a game changer

  • earlbee31
    earlbee31 Month ago

    Love it

    • Suwwan_
      Suwwan_ Month ago

      How do u get the apple logo

    • earlbee31
      earlbee31 Month ago


    • Suwwan_
      Suwwan_ Month ago


  • Ally Gacha Wonderland

    I’m getting the Apple Watch series 5 on my birthday :3

  • Adnan Gajraj
    Adnan Gajraj Month ago +2

    Great video. I am leaning towards the space black titanium as well. Which band did you end up choosing?

  • ValourTV
    ValourTV Month ago

    Hey Andru how did your Stainless steel series 4 hold up in terms of scratches on the body?

    • Andru Edwards
      Andru Edwards  Month ago

      Actually really well. There’s some small light scratches if you hold it up to the light, which I’m positive can polished out!

  • Mike E
    Mike E Month ago +2

    I am stoked! I ordered my first Apple Watch today, and I am hoping it lives up to the hype....

    • Vapor
      Vapor Month ago


    • Mike E
      Mike E Month ago +1

      ValourTV I got the basic one that is space gray aluminum with gps. I am also upgrading from an iPhone 7 Plus to an 11, the time just felt right.

    • ValourTV
      ValourTV Month ago +1

      which one did u get?

  • Chemy Torres
    Chemy Torres Month ago +1

    It's a category of gadgets I like but I can't justify the price, not only the apple watch but any over $100 smartwatch, but somehow I feel this is the future, a watch, some earbuds, maybe smart glasses and done, no computer or phone.
    Nice video, nice improvements for the watch too, liked as always man

  • KnightOfTheKing
    KnightOfTheKing Month ago +5

    Best Apple Watch 5 review that I’ve seen so far! Many thanks 👍🏽

  • ryleigh anne
    ryleigh anne Month ago +1

    i love how they release a new phone or apple watch it whatever it is EVERY YEAR ON MY BIRTHDAY 🤣❤️ but i preordered the space black 11 pro max and gold series 5 for my birthday and i’m so excited to get them in i like how i’ll get them on my birthday 🥰

  • Roman Duran
    Roman Duran Month ago

    I can’t pick ceramic with Hermès band

  • haywire376
    haywire376 Month ago

    The s5 is pretty cool, but I personally am going to stick with the s4. It’s just not enough to be worth an upgrade for me.

  • Jordan Lewis
    Jordan Lewis Month ago

    I really like the ceramic all white edition of the Apple Watch 5  , but I have a white band stainless steel Apple Watch 4  edition, so is it really worth my upgrade?...:-;

  • Aniken
    Aniken Month ago +3

    I’ve got a series 0.

  • Irene Partain
    Irene Partain Month ago

    I want to get the Series 5. Thinking abt the Titanium edition.

  • phillipobed1
    phillipobed1 Month ago

    How does the box look like?

    • phillipobed1
      phillipobed1 Month ago

      Hussain M Same box as series 4 some reason

    • lol
      lol Month ago

      Search it it's not different than the other ones

  • Fernando5455
    Fernando5455 Month ago +4

    I’m gonna be upgrading from the original stainless steel Apple Watch to the series 5! I still can’t decide on the titanium color. 

    • Lee
      Lee Month ago

      Aluminum. Save some money. I’m gonna case my Apple Watch in the Rhinoshield crashshield case

    • Robert Gallups
      Robert Gallups Month ago

      Go Ceramic

    • Emily Acevedo
      Emily Acevedo Month ago +1

      I bought the regular titanium with the pine green band

  • Rose
    Rose Month ago +35

    I'm getting my first Apple watch for my birthday and I'm choosing the series 5!!

  • Brandon Chavez
    Brandon Chavez Month ago +3

    Can you turn the (always on) option off or will this one always be on

    • Apple Exposed
      Apple Exposed Month ago

      @Brandon Chavez

    • The Game Belt
      The Game Belt Month ago

      Yes, in the watch settings you can turn always on display off.

    • Brandon Chavez
      Brandon Chavez Month ago

      Paul Toledo true and I do agree but I do like the slick look of my watch being all black as well

    • Paul Toledo
      Paul Toledo Month ago +1

      Brandon Chavez Most likely but there wouldn’t be a point because when it darkens it goes into a power saving mode and has an 18 hour battery life which is longer than the other stuff

  • Billy Mahmood
    Billy Mahmood Month ago +1

    Getting the Samsung Active 2

    • Billy Mahmood
      Billy Mahmood 23 days ago

      so I ended up with the Apple watch after having issues with Samsung Trafford Center Manchester Branch - very poor customer service

    • JermHD
      JermHD 24 days ago


    • Billy Mahmood
      Billy Mahmood Month ago

      @Apple Exposed its a proper fitness watch - you should check it out

    • Apple Exposed
      Apple Exposed Month ago +1

      What's that?

  • Scrivener Writer
    Scrivener Writer Month ago +2

    It's very rude to raise your wrist to look at the watch if you are in a meeting and someone is holding forth and you desperately need to get to a plane or another meeting. So your concern was well placed and it is shared by many. Thanks - great review.

  • Hairyfrankfurt
    Hairyfrankfurt Month ago

    Always on display isn't as good for me though because I sleep with it on as well

    • Hairyfrankfurt
      Hairyfrankfurt Month ago

      @John Have Jensen Clever! Thank you!

    • John Have Jensen
      John Have Jensen Month ago

      The few times I have slept with my watch I used Theater Mode. Keeps the screen off unless tapped.

    STEVE WESKER Month ago +11

    I do hope when the watch is on charge that the screen stays on, almost like a bedside clock.

    • Muhammad Bashir
      Muhammad Bashir Month ago


    • Lee
      Lee Month ago +1

      STEVE WESKER I seriously feel bad. Having a screen on forever is screenal abuse!

  • Pi Za
    Pi Za Month ago +13

    Mine will be here in two days....LITERALLY DYING....

    • Paul Toledo
      Paul Toledo Month ago

      I was wrong it gets here Friday but that’s not what Sprint had me believe lol

      OMG_ITZ_DIEGO Month ago

      Bruhhhh I got the Nike edition for the extra watch faces and I don’t get mine until OCT 4😔😔😔

    • Lee
      Lee Month ago

      I just sold my series 3 on Facebook marketplace for 170 bucks. I’m getting the series 5!!! 🥳

    • Pi Za
      Pi Za Month ago

      @Henry Ng I pre-ordered mine...Will arrive on Friday.... :

    • Henry Ng
      Henry Ng Month ago +1

      How, it gets released in 3 days

  • rawlins jones
    rawlins jones Month ago +3

    I never had a Apple Watch because of the screen not always on, so now I’m officially upgrading to the series 5 ceramic 44mm, I’ve waited all this time why not go all the way. By the way is that two different orange bands your wearing in the video? What style bands are they?

  • MacAutomationTips
    MacAutomationTips Month ago +2

    I'll be honest, I always wanted an always-on display for aesthetic reasons. With the totally black screen the watch lost its character when my arm wasn't raised to view the display.
    I wanted to choose my watch faces to match what I was wearing, but since the display turned black, it kinda didn't matter.
    I don't want to fork over more money for the AW5, only having had the 4 for less than a year, but maybe I'll take advantage of the trade-in deal ($100 for the 4) and get the aluminum 5. While the black titanium probably looks great, $700+ is a lot, especially if Apple keeps trying to roll out a new version of AW every year.

    • Apple Exposed
      Apple Exposed Month ago

      The black is Apple-like and iconic though. I guess you could still use the blank face when wearing black.

    • Nesarika
      Nesarika Month ago

      I actually like looked into the Apple Trade-In programme for example for the iPhone 11 my iPhone XS, was purchased like 3 months ago for €1149, Apple is ready to give me €340, and I just don’t get it. It’s way better to sell it on EBay

    • MacAutomationTips
      MacAutomationTips Month ago +2

      Update: sold my Apple Watch 4 for $238 on eBay.

    • MacAutomationTips
      MacAutomationTips Month ago

      @dustinmcd91 , I know, right. Lol. I’m gonna check out eBay and see what I can get first.

    • dustinmcd91
      dustinmcd91 Month ago

      MacAutomationTips if not I’ll gladly give you $120 🤣

  • ZAKtalks TECH
    ZAKtalks TECH Month ago +2

    I'm such a sucker for titanium. That's why I ordered the brushed titanium with a black leather band.

    • ZAKtalks TECH
      ZAKtalks TECH Month ago

      @Andru Edwards anything will improve this mug. 🤣 I'm really looking forward to the health apps and such. Continue my weighloss journey (down 60 since January).

    • Andru Edwards
      Andru Edwards  Month ago +1

      Gonna be looking classy af my good man!

  • Pedro Arias
    Pedro Arias Month ago +2

    Ceramic or hermes apple watch? Which is better because they are relatively the same price

    • Pedro Arias
      Pedro Arias Month ago

      Andru Edwards thank you!!

    • Andru Edwards
      Andru Edwards  Month ago

      Hermès only if you want the leather band and exclusive Hermès watch faces, otherwise it’s the same as the stainless models.

  • Jorge Scott
    Jorge Scott Month ago

    Does the always on displays affects when you are in a dark environment like the movies?

    • Andru Edwards
      Andru Edwards  Month ago +1

      It has an ambient light sensor to modulate brightness!

  • Emily Acevedo
    Emily Acevedo Month ago +1

    I'm getting the regular titanium with the green band

    • Emily Acevedo
      Emily Acevedo Month ago

      Thanks. I got it yesterday. I was surprised there were 2 bands. I'm heading to the Apple store today for the yellow sports band. Its dope

    • Andru Edwards
      Andru Edwards  Month ago

      that's a nice Apple Watch combo right there!

  • Mauricio Pochettino
    Mauricio Pochettino Month ago +3

    Laurence Fishburne is that you?

  • foxdie10000
    foxdie10000 Month ago

    What's the battery life on the new Apple watch

    • foxdie10000
      foxdie10000 Month ago

      Wi Fine I currently have a Garmin Fenix 3hr thinking about getting a Garmin Fenix 6x pro and wasn't sure if an apple watch was a better choice

    • Wi Fine
      Wi Fine Month ago +2

      1-2 days if you don't use it aggressively. Could go longer if you disable the always on display