James Blake - CMYK

  • Опубликовано: 22 июн 2010
  • This ones on A whole new level! Everything James Blake produces is gold and this is a prime example!
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  • Nhlanhla Mkhwebane
    Nhlanhla Mkhwebane 18 дней назад +1

    Who is still listening in 2018😍

  • Xilo Channel
    Xilo Channel 3 месяца назад

    Johnnie Walker Holiday popup store 2011. DAMN.

  • Giles Peterson
    Giles Peterson 3 месяца назад +1

    BADBADNOTGOOD covered this beautifully.

  • DJC Music
    DJC Music 6 месяцев назад

    James Blake doesn't just produce gold. He can produce Cyan, Magenta, Yellow and Key too...

  • solarge knowles
    solarge knowles 6 месяцев назад


  • GoodMachines
    GoodMachines 9 месяцев назад

    1:07 - Anyone else here think that the background noise here kind of sounds like the spin attack charge up sound from 'A Link to the Past'?

  • NyQuiiL Cold & Flu
    NyQuiiL Cold & Flu Год назад

    Carmen San Diego

  • Chloe Cullen
    Chloe Cullen Год назад +1

    sampled from Kelis, damn.

  • Daniela Natera
    Daniela Natera Год назад

    This song is my drug

  • Abby Thomas
    Abby Thomas Год назад

    midori takada?! ?!

  • EarlGamer
    EarlGamer Год назад +3

    This song is about Schindler's List.

  • Corey Holmes
    Corey Holmes Год назад +2

    great image for this song

  • Thomas
    Thomas Год назад


  • yulite94
    yulite94 Год назад +13

    Just now I realize its the lyrics from Kelis - Caught Out There

  • AQGOAT24
    AQGOAT24 Год назад


  • Kazuki x
    Kazuki x Год назад +4

    Waterloo road anyone?

    • Natasha Dillon
      Natasha Dillon Год назад +3

      Dagenham Lad hey I watched the waterloo road episode to

    • Daniel McMahon
      Daniel McMahon Год назад

      Kyle Stack was the man! Loved him.

    • Kazuki x
      Kazuki x Год назад

      +Daniel Gilbert :) thought i was the only one, I remember this featured in WR when the gang storyline was about

    • Daniel McMahon
      Daniel McMahon Год назад +1

      Dagenham Lad 🙌🏻

  • Sam Breathwick
    Sam Breathwick Год назад +1


  • jt663
    jt663 Год назад +1


  • FiFiFilth
    FiFiFilth Год назад +6

    guys listen to the live version taken from pitchfork music festival starting at 3 minutes. unbelievable 🔥🚀🎉

  • AAA Guy
    AAA Guy Год назад +4

    the red coat is in the lost property box

  • razors98
    razors98 2 года назад +1

    If you guys haven't heard a live version, you should... Ben Assiter's drums add lots of energy to the song!

  • scarletcrusade77
    scarletcrusade77 2 года назад +6

    Any idea why James blake decided to stop making amazing tunes like this and started going more indie electronic?

    • MNDFND
      MNDFND 2 месяца назад

      If you listen to his newest stuff. Seems like he's reaching an amazing middle

    • ThePhuzz
      ThePhuzz 2 года назад +7

      +scarletcrusade77 Artists develop --- now he sings over his stuff, similar production style I would say however. His flare is still live and well. Will be interesting to see how he progresses with his next project.

  • Ben B
    Ben B 2 года назад +2

    i am the digital lion

  • WarpMan909
    WarpMan909 2 года назад

    I need to find more music that's like the intro and middle of this song. I don't like this song much towards the end. The rest is amazing. Any suggestions?

    • rob_5000x1
      rob_5000x1 2 года назад +1

      +WarpMan909 caribou- sun

  • MyPseudoVideography
    MyPseudoVideography 2 года назад +3

    okay im 5 years late but i FINALLY realised who he sampled! kelis-caught out there. i was gettin down to my jam n i was like WHOA WAIT A MINUTE THIS LYRIC SOUNDS FAMILIAR. anyway my 2 cents

  • MyPseudoVideography
    MyPseudoVideography 2 года назад

    okay im 5 years late but i FINALLY realised who he sampled! kelis-caught out there. i was gettin down to my jam n i was like WHOA WAIT A MINUTE THIS LYRIC SOUNDS FAMILIAR. anyway my 2 cents

  • grah55
    grah55 2 года назад +16

    uh shout out to the Aaliyah reference

    AUTOPHYXATION 2 года назад +1

    cece drake

  • haaa00a00a0a
    haaa00a00a0a 2 года назад +2

    00:00 - Facebook message sound

  • Moskalus
    Moskalus 2 года назад +4

    we fucking met again

  • Eric Liddle
    Eric Liddle 2 года назад +1

    Pure genius

  • Dante Appling
    Dante Appling 2 года назад +31

    I found her Damn red coat

    • Tan Tan
      Tan Tan Год назад

      Caught cheating!!

    • Anna McDuffie
      Anna McDuffie 2 года назад +2

      +KΔlm Lion Of course you found it...... I left it there..

  • ReignSupreme9
    ReignSupreme9 2 года назад +22

    If you guys like this, I highly recommend you look up the trio Badbadnotgood and look for their track "CMYK". It's a cover and they do it damn well.

    • Z
      Z 2 года назад

      +ReignSupreme9 dude thanks

    • Dutmaster
      Dutmaster 2 года назад

      +Collin Kelly No joke! these guys nailed it. Great cover.

    • DJVM95
      DJVM95 2 года назад

      +Collin Kelly Ooooowwww there so nice! Have you seen them live?

    • bluntobjct
      bluntobjct 2 года назад +1

      +Collin Kelly thank you for this recommendation! awesome cover , and i think awesome band!

  • Paula PolyArt
    Paula PolyArt 3 года назад

    Great man ..... Nice track ..

  • fallon b
    fallon b 3 года назад

    great mix! on repeat!

  • opfor137
    opfor137 3 года назад +1

    Damn found it!

  • spooky juice
    spooky juice 3 года назад +7


  • Jiraz Pipatwasin
    Jiraz Pipatwasin 3 года назад +7

    คือ...ต้องเป็น designer มั้ยเนี่ย ถึงจะฟังรู้เรื่อง 5555

    • rb the sunset loner
      rb the sunset loner Год назад

      Why do you have a verified check?

    • TheNextWorstThing
      TheNextWorstThing 2 года назад

      +flemglob que

    • flemglob
      flemglob 2 года назад

      whats up

    • TheNextWorstThing
      TheNextWorstThing 2 года назад

      +Jiraz Pipatwasin r มั้ยเนี่ย ถึงจะฟังรู้เรื่อง

    AUTOPHYXATION 3 года назад +15

    They should play this when A is finally revealed ewe

  • James Connelly
    James Connelly 3 года назад +6

    I get a chub every time i hear this

  • IsThatMeth
    IsThatMeth 3 года назад +5


  • Erika Trice
    Erika Trice 3 года назад +5

    Omg he used kelis lyrics! This is awsome

    • Dante Appling
      Dante Appling 2 года назад

      +Erika “MissEMarie” Trice
      You're right!

  • spinnenente
    spinnenente 3 года назад +28

    i always love it when i find the original song that i've heard in many mixes already.

  • Travis Wagner
    Travis Wagner 3 года назад

    Does anyone know what that main synth is? The one that kinds sounds like a train whistle

    • Woodoow66
      Woodoow66 3 года назад

      +naturugi But if you don't use it in original key, doesn't it sound kind of weird ?

    • naturugi
      naturugi 3 года назад

      If you still aren't satisfied, I just downloaded the into synth from here. It good if you're working with Ableton. Hope this helps!

    • Woodoow66
      Woodoow66 3 года назад

      Seems like I've mistaken. If you talk about the one around 1:07, then it's saw waves going slightly up in pitch, maybe with a bit of white noise.
      Since you talked about the "main one" though, to me it was the synthey/piano-like one.

    • Travis Wagner
      Travis Wagner 3 года назад +1

      Thank you!!!

    • Woodoow66
      Woodoow66 3 года назад +3

      Sine waves. With a rather short decay and sharp attack.

  • Peperts Agresibo
    Peperts Agresibo 3 года назад +45


    • Elvis Costello
      Elvis Costello 3 года назад

      They have some awesome song choices, great improvisations too.

    • spooky juice
      spooky juice 3 года назад +5

      +Zachary LINDSAY ummmmmmm liiike you OBViously dont get it m8y

    • Zachary LINDSAY
      Zachary LINDSAY 3 года назад +1


  • willrelio2609
    willrelio2609 3 года назад +54

    look i found her
    red coat

  • Refiloe Kubheka
    Refiloe Kubheka 3 года назад +18

    BadBadNotGood brought me here

  • Isaias Nunez
    Isaias Nunez 4 года назад +3

    Look up the BADBADNOTGOOD version of this song. It is simply orgasmic

  • Julia Tallowin
    Julia Tallowin 4 года назад +3

    This is just,"WOW".

  • Robert B
    Robert B 4 года назад

    reminds me a bit of his peverelist remix

  • Mariah-Rose M
    Mariah-Rose M 4 года назад +1

    Anyone else thinking "Where in the World is Carmen San Diego?"

  • dis por
    dis por 4 года назад

    Eh, I like it. It's not as good as the stuff he's making now but it's good.

  • harry greasley
    harry greasley 4 года назад +1


  • Heather W
    Heather W 4 года назад +7

    I'm definitely old. This was torture to listen to.

    • Lara Marie RV
      Lara Marie RV 6 месяцев назад

      could you eplain? ...i would like to understand why this is terrible..i can understand that it could be a mess.....but i want to understand how it sounds for people that do not like it

    • Instazome ASMR
      Instazome ASMR 7 месяцев назад +1

      country music is great, Heather is just a weak, feeble sheep of a person

    • blaa94
      blaa94 4 года назад +17

      +Heather W Taste is subjective, I don't like country either but I can acknowledge that there are a few good country songs.

    • Heather W
      Heather W 4 года назад +1

      I think country music sucks too, but that's just good taste.

    • MehmTex
      MehmTex 4 года назад +35

      not old, just aurally challenged.

  • BritishColombian
    BritishColombian 4 года назад +36

    Before he started singing and blew up.

    • nichoyeah
      nichoyeah 3 года назад +1

      +Ben W Cheers, I couldn't remember the name.

    • Ben W
      Ben W 3 года назад +5

      +nichoyeah Its Aaliyah - Are you that Somebody

    • nichoyeah
      nichoyeah 3 года назад

      +AKAMax duuude, nooope. That is a sample from another original song, which by the way doesnt sound anything like this. You can hear what a genius James Blake is at sampling figuring something like this out. It sounds amazing

    • AKAMax
      AKAMax 3 года назад

      +Ollie Hemming
      +Josh 000 +Trevor Williams "Damn, I probably shouldn't tell you but, if I, i'd let you know" It's through out the whole thing, I think that's him.

    • Ollie Hemming
      Ollie Hemming 3 года назад +1

      yeah think you're right.

  • António Castro
    António Castro 4 года назад

    His best song S2

  • Dasianae
    Dasianae 4 года назад +1

    Some samples from Aaliyah's "Are You That Somebody?"

  • iisadoraf
    iisadoraf 4 года назад


  • Xer0Tr0n
    Xer0Tr0n 4 года назад

    This is amazing mellow vibes

  • Louis  Rivera
    Louis Rivera 4 года назад +1

    ADD ME ON INSTAGRAM @212mrexclusive

  • BoyNatural
    BoyNatural 4 года назад +54

    C: Cyan
    M: Magenta
    Y: Yellow
    K: Key/Black
    They are Colors

    • lord farquad
      lord farquad 6 месяцев назад +1

      No fucking shit cuckhead

    • EarlGamer
      EarlGamer 9 месяцев назад +2

      It's about Schindler's List. In the movie, there's a little girl with a red coat who shows up a few times in the movie. Her coat is in color, which makes it stand out from the rest of the movie. "Look, I found her. Red coat." by the end of the movie, she is killed. we see her (wearing her coat) being carted away with a bunch of other dead bodies. "Damn."

    • chocoholicSISTA263
      chocoholicSISTA263 Год назад +3

      lmaooo thanks for clearing that up. I feel slow as hell now 😂😆

    • yagamiraitoKIRA
      yagamiraitoKIRA 3 года назад +4

      +dev c It's a remix of multiple songs. There's no deeper meaning.

    • TheWildCardA
      TheWildCardA 4 года назад +2

      +dev c maybe but sometimes ppl make lyrics for the hell of it

  • Eduardo Yescas
    Eduardo Yescas 4 года назад +1

    Okefalder... bredcol

  • Bob Wilson
    Bob Wilson 4 года назад

    I've been looking for this song ever since I heard it the first time. It's been months.

    • Rolando Rey Herrera
      Rolando Rey Herrera 4 года назад

      +Bob Wilson Just amazing

    • Bob Wilson
      Bob Wilson 4 года назад +1

      I was also introduced to James Blake from my friends. I started listening to Overgrown, but never realized CMYK was by James Blake......

    • jora
      jora 4 года назад +1

      This came in 2010. What are you talking about?

  • Dan Rowbotham
    Dan Rowbotham 4 года назад +16

    He's truly brilliant.

  • LEEst JW
    LEEst JW 4 года назад

    This is just awesome track

  • Thomas Griffin
    Thomas Griffin 4 года назад

    Caught out there kelis

  • ben hobbs
    ben hobbs 4 года назад

    You, Sir, are an unequivocally witless swine, a depraved all-defiling shameless exhibition of genetic deficiency, not to mention an irredeemably boring plague upon humanity. I would strongly suggest endeavouring into the real world and claiming an existance with less embarrassing qualities.

  • obd
    obd 4 года назад

    Look, i found her bread coat.

  • NSAwhore
    NSAwhore 4 года назад

    Designed to justify the parasite English-inbred royal family, Prince Harry's favorite artist, after a hard days night killing Taliban/Pakistan/Georges/Irish mofos. He can go home to many of his haunted royal estates and have a heart to heart with his MOFO the queen, and ask her : Where do I belong in the world? She says: on the throne.
    We all know that monarchy represents inbred evil nepotism. They reserve the right to slavery, they reserve the right to do what they like in the name of lucifer.

  • NSAwhore
    NSAwhore 4 года назад

    U are upper class scum

  • David Cooper
    David Cooper 4 года назад

    But there is no difference.. the MP3 quality doesn't change. 144p is the same as 360 and 480. HD may be different. but I don't watch in HD so I have no say in that.

  • Maya Rodriguez
    Maya Rodriguez 4 года назад

    ...and maybe there is hope for youtube subtracts, too.

  • Kenneth Samuels
    Kenneth Samuels 4 года назад

    sampled from Kelis Caught Out There love that song

  • lotus11668
    lotus11668 4 года назад

    Shit, just realised he's using a sample from Aaliyah - "Are you that somebody". Love this man!

  • lotus11668
    lotus11668 4 года назад

    Wow. He's a fucking musical genius

  • Jordan McCorkell
    Jordan McCorkell 4 года назад

    ah, you watch the ads, someone's gotta do it

  • SjimmyDJ
    SjimmyDJ 4 года назад

    Look I found her! The first James Blake tune that I like :D

  • pursuitofmusic
    pursuitofmusic 4 года назад

    Can I ask which one? My friend and me were there, wonder how much we missed him by

  • Liam Sullivan
    Liam Sullivan 4 года назад

    James Blake - Everyday I Ran (bonus track on the album)

  • Tictacmanz
    Tictacmanz 4 года назад

    I just bumped into the man himself in a club in Copenhagen, he is such a friendly guy and his music is phenomenal, Just got back and now after speaking to him am relistening to my favourites by him. What a man!

  • Kevin
    Kevin 4 года назад

    Here because I heard Mala drop this at The Clearing

  • adampb23
    adampb23 4 года назад

    i listen to this song when printing things

  • fearfactory3791
    fearfactory3791 4 года назад

    Time for some nicer quality headphones

  • Glowbox Production
    Glowbox Production 4 года назад

    anyone know the chords?

  • Wandering Cooper
    Wandering Cooper 4 года назад

    go check out LIFE ROUND HERE feat CHANCE THE RAPPER is blew my mind :)

  • Thomson Homson
    Thomson Homson 4 года назад

    can someone tell me why this song call "cmyk"? i know that this colors are. but why he named this song so?

  • Nathan Ocean
    Nathan Ocean 4 года назад

    Damn good song. James samples only the best.

  • Marcel Zager
    Marcel Zager 4 года назад

    I can't hear any difference at all o.O even though I'm wearing headphones

  • Lorenzo Foster
    Lorenzo Foster 4 года назад

    Kelis Caught Out There.

  • Deebz786
    Deebz786 4 года назад

    Lol did he actually sample Kelis - Caught out.

  • Inês Jacob
    Inês Jacob 4 года назад

    I hear dolphins!

  • yokkijoy
    yokkijoy 4 года назад

    think i forgot to say... i love you idln... may that love visit you sometimes, and bring your heart joy

  • TheSuperPimp96
    TheSuperPimp96 4 года назад

    cu at spleh

  • dougjobmoe
    dougjobmoe 4 года назад

    i think he found her red coat...

  • Domi
    Domi 4 года назад


  • Amalasing
    Amalasing 4 года назад

    Thought about the same thing haha

  • Oliver Hancock
    Oliver Hancock 4 года назад

    I used this for a PSA about Chinese textile workers a while back heheh. James you beautiful creative person!

  • Kelty Conning
    Kelty Conning 4 года назад


  • marked150
    marked150 5 лет назад

    was just listening to couple more of his tracks and damn this 1 has so much trebles in it

  • nizxbit
    nizxbit 5 лет назад

    If only his lp had 1 moment like this,bit of a disappointment.