The iPhone XR Is Depressing...


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    • ankur verma
      ankur verma 7 дней назад

      I totally agree with u apple is just ripping off

    • Juan Dominguez
      Juan Dominguez 25 дней назад


    • Rad gamer
      Rad gamer 28 дней назад


    • 2wheelphoto
      2wheelphoto 28 дней назад

      oh and btws Lew, the quality of the content has more to do with the viewing experience than the resolution of the display. Here's what I mean by that. If you take a lower resolution video say 240p and blow it up to the size of a 55" samsung 4k oled tv screen, it will look like 💩. I you take a 4k video that's formatted for the same tv and squeeze it down into a smaller 4" iPhone 4 326ppi display, it will look better on the smaller screen than it does on the tv. that's because the bigger video file has more information and compressing it down smaller will actually make it look better, but taking a smaller size and stretching it out to fit a bigger screen will make it look me I'm a broadcaster and photojournalist, I know about this stuff. So, having a lower resolution screen would not make an HD or even 4k video look bad. and yes I can watch HD on my iPhone 8 with its 326ppi display, and it looks great. Yeah it even passes your beard hair test. So....don't confuse your audience. You don't need a high resolution display to watch HD content. You just need a codec that will play it back, and I'm pretty sure Apple won't leave that out of the iPhone XR, considering the iPhone 8 is the same resolution and has the proper software to view HD. Your argument would make sense if both screens had the same number of pixels, but they don't. To maintain the same density of 326ppi on a larger screen like the 6.1" iPhone XR, Apple would have to have added pixels. ...bottom will look great 👍...mic drop 🎙

  • Junior TM
    Junior TM 16 часов назад +1

    And when it realised he will make a video ( im switching to this phone )

  • Alan Cano
    Alan Cano 17 часов назад

    Actually, a 326 PPI LCD display is capable of playing a 1080p video on RUclip. I’m doing it right now on my iPhone 6.

  • Reggie Suarez
    Reggie Suarez 17 часов назад

    You know brah i buy i phone X max I’m disappointed only the screen but about the quality and function of the phone it’s just the same if you buy iphone X 256gb

  • Reggie Suarez
    Reggie Suarez 17 часов назад

    Yeah you’re right brah

  • kalyan sai
    kalyan sai 17 часов назад

    Apple Apple! I really don't know why they are charging a bomb! I'm from India and here the Xs costs Rs. 1 lakh I.e., close to $1390 as of now. Xr itself costs Rs 72000 i.e., $1000. Such a huge brand but so little to offer? I have used Apple phones before and I'm currently using the MacBook Pro.
    The biggest advantage is the ecosystem. The Apple ecosystem is awesome and I'm a fan of it. But in realistic terms One plus, Xiaomi and Huawei offer so much more for so much less. Disappointing

  • Cringeybbi
    Cringeybbi 17 часов назад

    Me; has exam tommorow, clicks on unbox therapy video.
    Goes on binge watching several of his vids. This guy is a legend he knows what hes saying and doing.

  • Livid
    Livid 18 часов назад

    As though that PPI is bad. If it were just about pixel density, you would have a point if over 300PPI was fucking BAD, which it isn't.

  • Purple Sun
    Purple Sun 18 часов назад

    Wonders what iphone xr good at.?..Hmm vivo nex has full screen still maintain the headphone jack (cost cheaper)

  • J M Hendrickson Presents
    J M Hendrickson Presents 18 часов назад

    You think that because we can get phones with better PPI, that they’ll be better phones, or even better displays. That’s the stupidest thing I’ve ever heard. I used to know a lot of android users, but they all switched to Apple because android was trash (even though they had better PPIs on their phones) and with a lot of androids, when you look at the screen from different angles it gets discolored. Also, I’m watching 1080p on my iPhone 6s.

  • Purple Sun
    Purple Sun 18 часов назад

    Still I see major difference

    In my wallet

  • J M Hendrickson Presents
    J M Hendrickson Presents 18 часов назад

    You’re retarded.

  • The Memes-Man
    The Memes-Man 18 часов назад

    Actually iPhone 4 is ~330ppi while XR is only ~326ppi lol

  • Leizan Homes
    Leizan Homes 19 часов назад

    Apple doesn't need higher PPI on their budget phone because they are the best marketing company in the world and they will be able to market the phone and get people to buy it.. (they also are the only phones that offers iOS hence no competition there) all other manufacturers have to come up with great specs at lower prices to be able to sell as they are competing with one another in terms of ecosystem...

  • TheBlackIdentity
    TheBlackIdentity 19 часов назад

    18K Crapple zealots were here. More are sure to come. lol Nice to see the majority has sense though.

  • Jelly Much
    Jelly Much 19 часов назад

    I can’t wait to buy the xr my old ass iPhone Xs max has a strach

  • 21whichiswhich
    21whichiswhich 19 часов назад

    I'm watching this on my iPhone 5 that forever stuck with iOS 10.3.3

  • David Tinsley
    David Tinsley 20 часов назад

    Lew, really enjoy your videos but you are WAY off track on this one. Can you really see a difference between 326 ppi and 458 ppi? Maybe. IF you have PERFECT vision and hold the phone 6 inches from your face, but who does that. After all, the 10.5 inch iPad Pro only has 254 ppi and it looks great. High quality glossy magazines like Architectural Digest print at 300 ppi and no one complains. Can you see the dots? No, not unless you are using a high power loupe. I own a LOT of Apple equipment and I am going to get the XR. I am glad Apple has released this at a somewhat reasonable price point (for them). Personally I think spending $999-$1449 for a phone is absolute lunacy. I'm not crazy about $749 but I am so deep in the Apple ecosystem, as is most of my family, it would be stupid to try and get out now. I'm still using an iPhone 6 so the XR is big step up for me, and one I'll enjoy for many years.

  • Elvin coc
    Elvin coc 20 часов назад

    I want to state something. Please dont call a dummass but if you correct me with atleast 3 details, im fine with that.
    So i was actually thinking that the iPhone XR can support 1080p. Take a look at this: the iphone SE has the same ppi, but lower resolution. But it can toggle a 1080p resolution. The iPhone 4 has a way lower resolution but i dont know its display features. But the iPhone XR has a way higher resolution than the iPhone SE. And also it has a HD display. Please dont call me apple fanboy cuz im not😂😂😂 dont call me stupid please😂😂 but a correction is always fine with atleast 3 details is fine by me. Have a good day!

  • pratik pandey
    pratik pandey 21 час назад

    My $140 phone has better screen

  • Lance7282
    Lance7282 22 часа назад

    You are disappointing, sorry to say but that’s why I unsubscribed from you a year ago. Your video just popped up on my recommended section and I just want to to say that your content is getting worse. You being bias against Apple is disgusting. I’m not a fanboy but I just hate bias.

  • Orlando Rca100
    Orlando Rca100 23 часа назад

    You ignorant buddy, wait til its out so you can see itll be a great product. This coming from a samsung user

  • Lettuce
    Lettuce День назад +1

    No one buys those other phones like it’s just apple and Samsung and LG

  • darkwear gt growtopia
    darkwear gt growtopia День назад

    sam huawei bal bal
    go up
    go down
    and raise prize


    My preference (the time I write )
    1. IPhone XS Max
    2. IPhone XS
    3. IPhone XR
    4. Samsung Galaxy 9
    5. IPhone X


    I am a Apple and Samsung fan

  • Helen
    Helen День назад

    They need that shmoney

  • SecretAgentJay
    SecretAgentJay День назад

    We need Steve Jobs to pull the company back together...

  • Aria Bane
    Aria Bane День назад

    ya as someone with the iPhone 6s+ i will be hard pressed to upgrade to anything else. but after only what, two or three years since it’s release it’s already bugging out and my camera is glitching and not working at all and lagging. funny how that works, eh?

  • chen fla
    chen fla День назад

    Chinese logic: Oh I fu*king hate the iPhone then I caopy its screen design and sell it for profit.
    You does look 10% cooler when you hate an apple product.

  • Damogan g
    Damogan g День назад

    What if I put an apple logo on my Android! Wow... It'll be awesome!

  • TheOfficialKeithPharaoh
    TheOfficialKeithPharaoh День назад +1

    Just watched this with 1440p on my Galaxy S7. I feel privileged. I don't deserve these pixels.

  • Freddy Joshua
    Freddy Joshua День назад

    I understand that it’s not a great decision to lower resolution, but you should all give it a chance and see it in person before you start hating on it. (I don’t think it will look any different from iPhone 8/8 plus

  • Richard Solis
    Richard Solis День назад

    Stop bitching.... Ist world problems. Apple is still the best phone choice...

  • yolanda helfet
    yolanda helfet День назад

    I have tried Android phones and i have found them very confusing at least for me. I find Iphone to be much more user friendly. But i do agree $750.00 for a phone that looks like a
    Iphone 4 is silly. I have an Iphone 8 plus and i am sticking with it. Its great. I also agree that getting rid of the headphone jack was stupid i have perfectly good headphones that i can’t use now. However, as the old saying goes, to each his own.

  • OfficiallyDanielCovey
    OfficiallyDanielCovey День назад

    Brilliant in every way

  • Kaleb Seligman
    Kaleb Seligman День назад

    you are an aggravated nerd lol

  • Your Ad Here
    Your Ad Here День назад

    me personally rather want a phone with more battery lifetime and "bad" resolution than an iphone with 1080p and 2,5 hour screen-on time because apples batteries are so small. Thats why i dont have a problem with it. I can understand your opinion but in the everyday use for normal (not tech interested) people i think it might be the better option.

  • Akshay Thakur
    Akshay Thakur День назад

    Apple's gonna perish soon : x

  • Theelysium
    Theelysium День назад

    Your channel should be called “Apple Hater Therapy” I think it would be more fitting.

  • Leo Ferreira
    Leo Ferreira День назад

    Not to mention that the price raise that apple has been pushing, its ludacris. I got say, since Steve Jobs death, this company as shifted from being on the frontier of Technology to the frontier of marketing schemes

  • Leo Ferreira
    Leo Ferreira День назад

    Totally agree

  • Heinz Kruger
    Heinz Kruger День назад

    iFools still gonna buy this shit even if it was 294 ppi😛

  • Abo7meed Abo7meed
    Abo7meed Abo7meed День назад +1

    Apple is my love forever 😍😍

  • Saad A
    Saad A 2 дня назад

    When you said the IPhone XR doesn’t have 1080p that ruined my life

  • noob gamer
    noob gamer 2 дня назад +1

    Steve jobs sir your company in in danger. ⚰️

  • mrmonte51jm
    mrmonte51jm 2 дня назад

    It is a Rip off and they are counting on MOST people not noticing the difference !! This in turn adds to their bottom line...PROFIT !!

  • Im Zw
    Im Zw 2 дня назад

    Iphone died after the 6s anyway

    MOBILE FREAK 2 дня назад

    17k plus people disliking because they own an apple device and cant accept the fact that they are fucked up

    MOBILE FREAK 2 дня назад

    Maybe to increase the battery capacity

  • Sam Dixon
    Sam Dixon 2 дня назад

    Total disgrace!!!!! I live in Holland and the cheapest IPhone XR will be 859 euros!!!! which is just off the IPhone 10....... WHY WHY would you buy it? and HOW do they get away with it...... grrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr

  • Akshat
    Akshat 2 дня назад

    *Performance* 👇
    *Samsung Galaxy Note 9* > *Iphone Xs*
    *Samsung Galaxy Note 9* > *Iphone Xs Max*
    *Samsung Galaxy Note 9* > *Iphone XR*
    *Price* 👇
    *Samsung Galaxy Note 9* < *Iphone Xs*
    *Samsung Galaxy Note 9* < *Iphone Xs Max*
    *Samsung Galaxy Note 9* < *Iphone XR*

  • nakea simone
    nakea simone 2 дня назад

    But it’s an Apple tho!!!😂😂😂😂😂 I effin flatlined when you said “But Apple knows how much resolution we need”😂😂😂💀 BTW I’m commenting your video on my IPhone SE that has a headphone jack 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂

  • Pro Everything
    Pro Everything 2 дня назад +1

    The moment I hold an android phone in my hand I will lose all my dignity if I have any left from looking at it.

  • Luke Cunningham
    Luke Cunningham 2 дня назад

    For an extra $20-$40 you can get a brand new s9+ with a far better screen and many other advantages. Yes Samsung's pen less flagship is just $20 more than Apple's throw away device, I think you can even find it for cheaper on Amazon.

  • Carlos Tapia
    Carlos Tapia 2 дня назад

    Thank you.

  • Carlos Tapia
    Carlos Tapia 2 дня назад

    Fuck Apple

  • KaDIsS
    KaDIsS 2 дня назад

    iPhone 8 has it too, but no one is talking about that. I hate Apple, but it’s kind of stupid no it no is complaining about that.

  • Zachary Turner
    Zachary Turner 2 дня назад

    You should unbow the motorola g6 and g6 play

  • Timothy Branca
    Timothy Branca 2 дня назад

    Apple has lost the edge please move to China

  • jeff banini
    jeff banini 2 дня назад

    unless ur a retard and hold ur phone 1 inch away from your eyes, the screen resolutions doesnt really matter

  • some body
    some body 2 дня назад

    Iphone xr=x retard

  • SteelingCow
    SteelingCow 2 дня назад

    Dude the iPhone 6s, 7, and 8 all have 326 ppi AND the iPhone xr has a higher resolution than the 6s, 7 and 8 not plus models

  • Pirate Joe
    Pirate Joe 2 дня назад

    I got a samsung galaxy s9+ given to me.... I am good for a few years. I think all the fan boys and girls should buy Apple... If I was Apple I would have no mercy and charge $1200 for the XR and $2000 for the X XS and XS Max. Pay up or your ego takes a hit.

  • Kenneth Foo
    Kenneth Foo 2 дня назад

    Exaggeration. You could have just said the same resolution os the iPhone 8 at the opening. Hope you are doing well because I've been sensing a lot of negativity from your recent videos. Cheers.

  • Gene
    Gene 2 дня назад

    Put the new iPhone XR up against the iPhone 4 and guarantee you will see a huge difference with the iPhone XR looking exponentially better. He’s still butt-hurt😢 about not getting an invite from Apple to the unveiling of the new generation of iPhones. He even went as far as to beg Apple on social media for an invite😭 but got ass-smacked😡 publicly🤬 when they still wouldn’t extend✋🏼 an offer🖕🏼 to attend lol.

  • Bacon Jones
    Bacon Jones 2 дня назад

    Wow u blew my mind

  • wakeupnow
    wakeupnow 2 дня назад


  • Charger4ksa
    Charger4ksa 3 дня назад

    also iphone 5 & 6 & 6s & 7 & 8 had the same ppi 326 and the plus models 401
    you just misleading people
    the screen will be good like any iphone
    so your video is wothless

  • kamal kaflie
    kamal kaflie 3 дня назад

    android are always laggy when play games. APPLE ARE WAY AWESOME!

  • superflea72
    superflea72 3 дня назад

    fair point...

  • David Buchanan
    David Buchanan 3 дня назад +1

    First of all I don’t think the iPhone XR is depressing I think fine in fact I AM getting one
    I don’t like how people call it depressing because it takes a lot of work to make phone 📱
    And you should try to make it. And u. Should try to stop hate from ppl saying it’s “depressing”
    I know it’s his opinion but this is mine.

  • Daniel
    Daniel 3 дня назад

    The iPhone XR is when Apple got bored of buying screens from Samsung...Apple have become iDiots

  • Riidwan Rahat
    Riidwan Rahat 3 дня назад

    No one should buy shitty apple products

  • Cal_Vin
    Cal_Vin 3 дня назад

    While I agree with the PPI argument and that it is indeed outdated at 326ppi, I would say that the reduced pixel count is actually a blessing for battery life, especially for people who can't really discern the difference in daily use. Increasing PPI, unless you'll be using your phone for VR, is potentially a diminishing return once you go past that "retina display". I'd be very happy with a phone that has 6-7 Screen On Time and allows me to browse the internet, use GPS, and video chat without having to worry about recharging in the middle of the day.

  • you should be here for no reson
    you should be here for no reson 3 дня назад

    *2 years later* 1079p display! I hate it! I hate it!

  • Jayden Le
    Jayden Le 3 дня назад


  • Jay_One_Off
    Jay_One_Off 3 дня назад

    This dude is a real Android fan, these vlogs are just there to make the Android devices look good by making IOS devices look bad. 👎🏻

  • Luxurus OP
    Luxurus OP 3 дня назад

    Better buy p20 pro for 670€ from the store with discount, than iphone xr🤔

  • Justin Liu
    Justin Liu 3 дня назад

    Your just not happy about the new iPhone release😂😂

  • Sebestian Young
    Sebestian Young 3 дня назад

    I agree with you brother lew I'm never buying that 10r you have open my eyes with this review thank you

  • gaelrdz112
    gaelrdz112 3 дня назад

    Fuck y'all, ima get that phone for Christmas

  • Sealed
    Sealed 3 дня назад

    Guys, don't pay more than 200 bucks for a phone. You get a new, high performance phone for that.

  • r Negoro
    r Negoro 3 дня назад

    Why even release? People will opt for iphone 7 plus.

  • The Big pickle gaming
    The Big pickle gaming 3 дня назад

    Stick to unboxing you suck

  • muqsit games
    muqsit games 3 дня назад

    The worst RUclipr ever

  • eddie cabot
    eddie cabot 4 дня назад

    fuq nike and kaepernick

  • SaVaGe TiGeR
    SaVaGe TiGeR 4 дня назад

    Why would someone buy a phone that's very had for $700+
    When you can buy
    iPhone 7 and 7+ and samsunge 8 or whatever it is

  • Kidy
    Kidy 4 дня назад +1

    The fact u can buy Xiaomi phones for 150$ with 1080p 😬😬😬

  • Rjt Alucard
    Rjt Alucard 4 дня назад +1

    Iphone XR users cant even watch this video on iphone xr in max resolution. Have fun i-diots

    • Rjt Alucard
      Rjt Alucard День назад

      It can play 1080p videos but scaled down. Not in 1080p.

    • GrvaityGamingJavari 1.0
      GrvaityGamingJavari 1.0 День назад

      Rjt Alucard dumbass lmao

    • Min Meo
      Min Meo День назад

      yes it can watch at 1080p, for 100%, check the 5C watch 1080p at not even HD screen, bad english please .

  • Riti Aggarwal
    Riti Aggarwal 4 дня назад +4

    My IPhone SE and I toggled the 1080 P right now. It feels so satisfying...

    • Hunter Cox
      Hunter Cox День назад +2

      Riti Aggarwal your se doesn’t have a 1080p display though.......

  • Leonardo Parra
    Leonardo Parra 4 дня назад +2

    iPhone SE master race here.

  • The HyperXGamers
    The HyperXGamers 4 дня назад +4

    Im still buying it, stop complaining. 720 P and 1080 is not a huge difference. I dont need to see a hair falling of a person. This guy is only complaining about watching videos on youtube. The rest is amazing! Nice look, nice display, excellent camera, you people forgtt all of that. Yes its expensive, but i used my iphone 6s that im using rn already 3 years, if you handle it with care, it can last for a very long time

    • The HyperXGamers
      The HyperXGamers 2 дня назад

      41aragon no Apple is expensive, but it last llonger than samsung, my samsung galaxy lasted 5 months, and then my iphone 6s lasted 3 years until now

    • 41aragon
      41aragon 2 дня назад

      Ok, stupid. He’s not complaining about the display itself. He’s complaining because the price doesn’t justify it. Would you pay $500 for a pair of jeans because it has the name Nordstrom’s on it? Didn’t think so. Typical Apple charging more and giving less. I have an iPhone 8 Plus and the screen is no where near the clarity of the Galaxy S7 Edge I had. I will be switching back to Samsung.

    • gaelrdz112
      gaelrdz112 3 дня назад +1

      Ikr, I'm getting it too

  • Rainmaker Rainbotzz
    Rainmaker Rainbotzz 4 дня назад +1

    I agree with you a 100%. Apple has no innovations ryt now . They are holding back their technology and giving incremental/minimal upgrades to sustain it to the future and selling it at a ridiculous price to push its profit even more in the future. Ridiculous!!!

  • Eating Away Time
    Eating Away Time 4 дня назад

    I will still get it

    • Eating Away Time
      Eating Away Time День назад

      And I love lower resolution devices bc of my old iPad Air that still lasts

    • Eating Away Time
      Eating Away Time День назад

      SR Ghost but some are not in my country

    • SR Ghost
      SR Ghost День назад

      "budget phone" lol... iPhone XR is an expensive phone with 720p display. You can probably get cheaper phones with Quad HD plus 1440p display.

    • Eating Away Time
      Eating Away Time День назад

      SR Ghost well, I use budget phones, so? What it wrong??? :::: ::: ::: : ; : :::

    • SR Ghost
      SR Ghost 2 дня назад

      I like stupid people

  • uralsmol
    uralsmol 4 дня назад

    why would anyone buy the XR when you have literally everything else that’s better than it

  • Magic Skills
    Magic Skills 4 дня назад

    Ok k

  • pythyyy
    pythyyy 4 дня назад

    Daily reminder that if the Xr had a 1080p display,it would only have around *35ppi* more than the 828p display it currently has.
    @ me if you can notice the difference of 35ppi on a smartphone

  • Peen Productions Inc
    Peen Productions Inc 4 дня назад

    it doesnt have 3d touch

  • HanchoPOW
    HanchoPOW 4 дня назад

    Battery battery battery . You’re buying the software , security , and quality . That’s Apple .