Parkland shooting: One year later

  • Published on Feb 13, 2019
  • CBSN's Anne-Marie Green speaks with students at Marjory Stoneman Douglas High school as the anniversary of a school shooting there approaches.

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  • Jason Thing
    Jason Thing 8 days ago

    My Cousen was in the school like right next to it Westglades middle school

  • Just Me
    Just Me Month ago +1

    Banning guns won’t change anything and that goes for any weapon.

  • Potato Gaming
    Potato Gaming 2 months ago

    Gina was my friend's friends i hope gina will remember her in heaven

  • Edmund Singleton
    Edmund Singleton 4 months ago

    Questions? Which means resulting in mass injury, even death,
    choice of delivery weaponry, is more desirable, clubbing with a metal baseball
    bat, stabbing and slashing with a long sharp machete, or shooting with a high
    caliber military style assault rifle?

  • Alondra Ponce
    Alondra Ponce 5 months ago

    It killed XXXTENTACION too...😞🥀❤️

  • ivan lau
    ivan lau 6 months ago

    We may have not yet have reached out glory...But I’ll have gladly joined the fight and when our children tell their story they’ll tell the story of tonight...

  • Henry Deleon
    Henry Deleon 7 months ago

    Pray for Parkland

  • Purpllle Blos
    Purpllle Blos 7 months ago

    She died with his father at the same time wwwwwuuuut

  • JP Stowers
    JP Stowers 7 months ago

    Nothing is going to change( February 14, a student get into the school and killed 17 people 14 students and 3 adults and the minutes were passing and more life losing ....this is our sad reality .. -_-

  • Kemara Johns
    Kemara Johns 7 months ago

    I’m glad nothing happen to Morrow middle school

  • NV_ Edits / CypherKpop
    NV_ Edits / CypherKpop 7 months ago

    At my school not I Florida but in a different state.
    I had to march outside of our school after 1 month since the shooting.

  • Lilothestitch
    Lilothestitch 8 months ago +2

    This is all Nickolas Cruz’s fault. He should never have killed those people.

  • eric reed
    eric reed 8 months ago

    Obama’s gun grab at Sandy Hook failed.

  • Daniela Martinez
    Daniela Martinez 8 months ago

    The guns are not the problem it’s the phycotic people

    • Micheal Carney
      Micheal Carney 7 months ago

      The problem is that laws allow psychotic people to own guns.

  • firefox5926
    firefox5926 8 months ago +1

    1:50 they were ... now they're just corpses...

  • 17 76
    17 76 8 months ago

    Ban ridelin

  • John Adeagbo
    John Adeagbo 8 months ago +7

    What A Tragedy! We Are Truly Saddened By This Loss. Our Sincere Condolences Prayers To All The Victim's Families. During This This Difficult Time. Then Again. We Shared Your Grief. Feel Your Pain. R.I.P

  • Dominick Cobey
    Dominick Cobey 8 months ago +2


  • Brandon Layne
    Brandon Layne 8 months ago

    It’s sad because no one will be paying them any attention. People are celebrating Valentine’s Day with loved ones while they are thinking of the loved lost

  • roger peet
    roger peet 8 months ago

    We need to re-name this country: 'The Un-United States of Guns'.

  • eric reed
    eric reed 8 months ago

    I saw Hogg at the Vegas shooting.

  • Juan
    Juan 8 months ago +1

    Still a H0AX, one year later. Still attacking our 2nd Amendments, and censoring our 1st.

  • Kimberly Betterly
    Kimberly Betterly 8 months ago

    My old school went through threats and people showing up at are school trying to harm us. No one ever did anything! I remember crying with my best friend because she was walking to school and got scared for her life because she heard gunshots. No one ever did anything! We have a voice, we should and WILL be heard. Never again will this happen! #NEVERAGAIN!

  • NO-1-U-NO
    NO-1-U-NO 8 months ago

    Why the Dislikes Everyone?

  • Idk x
    Idk x 8 months ago +3

    *_XXXTENTACION - Hope_*

  • derek logan
    derek logan 8 months ago

    Rip students

  • Titus Faust
    Titus Faust 8 months ago +2

    Natural Selection at its finest.

  • Alyssa Jamison
    Alyssa Jamison 8 months ago +1

    It is absolutely appalling to see all these negative comments our community is still mourning you don’t need to be so rude especially to the kids who had to experience this and almost faced death too unless you’ve been in a shooting you have no idea what they went through so leave these kids alone your grown ups act like it as for the other problem being discussed in these comments we don’t want to take away your guns it’s been made very clear we just need better laws and tests to prevent younger mentally ill kids like Nicolas Cruz to not have access to a gun And to possibly prevent things like this happening again. I agree parenting is a big factor but who can parent a kid who’s lost his that’s why the laws must be in place. My family has guns too so don’t worry about them they aren’t being taken away and stop the hatred your sending to these poor children that had to endure something that most of you probably never did.

    • White Noise
      White Noise 8 months ago +1

      Students became victims, victims became activists, activists that want to take away my rights. Give an inch, they will take a mile. So... no, we will not sit here in silence as people use their "victimhood" status as a means to take away our rights.

  • CA G
    CA G 8 months ago

    Nick Cruz was unconscious when he was apprehended. There is ZERO evidence he was even there. This is the work of generational LIARS. Disarm the public and you can easily dispose of those who dont agree with you. THAT is what this is about, we have history to show how this ends, 260 Million human beings killed by their own governments in the 20th century alone.

  • TriColoredTiger
    TriColoredTiger 8 months ago +1

    Selfishness and cowardice makes people put their guns ahead of the lives of children. Horrible sin.

  • Good Looking Honkey
    Good Looking Honkey 8 months ago +1

    Let's not remember anything fake

  • Dusty Bottoms
    Dusty Bottoms 8 months ago +3

    News people are paid liars even if they don't get it, Government people all paid liars, and now students and cops and firemen and kids and all sorts are paid liars! So donate to go fund mes and buy into all this bs! 9-11 happened just like they told us! Terrorists. Las Vegas was the "worst mass shooting in modern American history" riiiight ok then drills and brainwashing

  • joe gover
    joe gover 8 months ago

    Here is a fun fact, Batman one of the superheroes ever never uses a gun, sure there was Thomas Wayne Batman, but that was in an alternate universe.

  • Dusty Bottoms
    Dusty Bottoms 8 months ago +3

    One year later still fake just like the other "mass shootings"

    • Alissa Makhoul
      Alissa Makhoul 8 months ago

      I actually think there is something wrong with you mentally. But go off-

  • Jared Mileika
    Jared Mileika 8 months ago +1

    I hope all the dislikes are against the activists.

  • Burntburgers
    Burntburgers 8 months ago +3

    Fake news

  • bongo fury
    bongo fury 8 months ago

    The answer?
    One word: Rocket Propelled Grenades.
    Any questions?


    So the whole school shooting thing was just a trend of 2018? Haven't heard of a recent shooting in a while

    • Paul Carpenter
      Paul Carpenter 8 months ago

      you are so stupid it was a school shooting not too long ago look it up you dumb idiot security guard or somebody else shot you're stupid

    • classclown55210
      classclown55210 8 months ago

      Not just schools. There was a mass shooting at a synagogue and a bar. But yeah I agree with you. I said the exact same thing. It’s been very quiet since the new school year began

  • vava voom
    vava voom 8 months ago +6

    So glad I live in England and don’t have to worry about getting shot! How many school shootings will you hear about in England this year? Probably none because the last school shooting on British soil was back in 1996 before guns were banned. Whilst in America, there has already been one this year in Baltimore, Maryland.
    But that’s fine, keep your guns and keep the same pattern going, more mass shootings, more massacres and more deaths.

    • Uchiba Uki
      Uchiba Uki 8 months ago

      Your England already taken by Muslims!

    • vava voom
      vava voom 8 months ago +2

      Dr Zaius well at least no one here is advocating for knives or acid! We see a pattern and the government is making changes to make it difficult for individuals to get or make acid. They have also increased stop and searches in areas with high knife crime.
      There is also no law to bear the right of acid or knives in England! So there is no debate.

    • Jared Mileika
      Jared Mileika 8 months ago

      Ok commi

    • Dr Zaius
      Dr Zaius 8 months ago +5

      Enjoying the stabbings and acid attacks?

  • titlewave
    titlewave 8 months ago

    whaduyaknow, nothing’s changed.....

  • ж ютуб
    ж ютуб 8 months ago

    Запретите оружие до 26 лет, психика не сформирована

  • Pan Sixty Six
    Pan Sixty Six 8 months ago

    Bah hah hah hah hah hah hah hah hah hah hah hah hah hah hah hah hah hah hah hah hah hah hah hah hah!!! R.I.P. Rest in Pieces!!!

  • Tactical_Muffins21
    Tactical_Muffins21 8 months ago

    David “Camera” Hogg’s a hack

  • Parkland Hoax
    Parkland Hoax 8 months ago +3

    Fake shooting, crisis actors galore.
    Proof on this channel.

  • FanofJesus
    FanofJesus 8 months ago +4

    Let’s talk about Parkland - another Deep State false flag ending in lies, deception, cover-ups and tragedy - like most other school shootings - TRAGIC - but those responsible are at the heart of the deception...

    • FanofJesus
      FanofJesus 6 months ago

      David Rauschenbach Debunked? By whom?

    • David Rauschenbach
      David Rauschenbach 6 months ago

      @FanofJesus All of that has been debunked, therefore I believe that this was a real shooting

    • FanofJesus
      FanofJesus 8 months ago

      David Rauschenbach if you believe that then you have not looked into it - so much does not add up - like the order to stand down/not enter the school given by a very corrupt sheriff, like students reporting that the shooter was in full ‘special ops’ gear, like another student reporting she walked out of the school with the supposed shooter, like all of the inconsistencies and fakeries in Hogg’s account of events - these are just highlights - do some research first and then tell me what you think.

    • David Rauschenbach
      David Rauschenbach 8 months ago

      This was not a false flag

  • RandomBlake
    RandomBlake 8 months ago

    My cousin Sarah she goes to Douglas thank God she got out of there when she did I don’t go to Douglas cause I’m in Palm Beach County but I hope everyone at Douglas stay strong for tomorrow ❤️#msdstrong but I still don’t agree with them Trying to get rid of all guns we have the right to bear arms

  • Levi 123
    Levi 123 8 months ago

    Here’s my water pistol take it. Take it away 🔫😢

  • Elton Menezes
    Elton Menezes 8 months ago


  • Sandy Hook Mom
    Sandy Hook Mom 8 months ago +2

    Has everyone donated to the Sandyhook Promise yet?
    If not, please, "Donate or DIE"

  • Dave
    Dave 8 months ago +1

    Fake as Sandyhook.

  • PepsiCoke
    PepsiCoke 8 months ago

    Parkland is legalized propaganda, thanks to the 'Smith mundt modernization act'.

  • Kevin Castaneda
    Kevin Castaneda 8 months ago

    Animals die everyday they have feelings lives who cares if a couple of dumb teens die.

  • Noah Monroy
    Noah Monroy 8 months ago

    I can’t help but look at all these 60 year old white men that can barely read talk about how it’s the governments fault

  • Sea Bass
    Sea Bass 8 months ago

    Today is the 13th, hunny.

  • bngr bngr
    bngr bngr 8 months ago

    Tomorrow is going to be another sad day for America. We have done nothing to limit firearms to the general population. The next lunatic is waiting to carry out another savage attack on the innocent of America.

  • kp ps
    kp ps 8 months ago

    How much longer are they going to wine about this....

  • D
    D 8 months ago +2

    I live a few miles away from this place and let me tell you that parkland is an area full of entitled kids. So no wonder all the bullying ended with serious repercussions...Instead of marching for gun reform and what not, focus on the bullying and the torment at school that is creating all of these school shooters..."We want to make sure that young people have a voice"... how about giving the kids hurting a voice instead of the privileged kids that are causing all this anger and hurt

    • Jethro Bodine
      Jethro Bodine 8 months ago +1

      The school kids need to protest the schools for not keeping schools secure when the school system knows students like to shoot students and teachers.Its really sad that after a shooting a school goes on lockdown to secure the school to keep everyone safe and that is the only time a school is secure.

    • kp ps
      kp ps 8 months ago


  • BroKuro
    BroKuro 8 months ago +1

    "The Politicians Have done nothing". I tried buying a gun and it took nearly a month.

  • Shawn
    Shawn 8 months ago

    Dems all like "If I had a machine gun it would sound like this " GAY GAY GAY GAY GAY GAY GAY GAY GAY GAY GAY GAY" really loud and proud!"

  • Daryl Leckt
    Daryl Leckt 8 months ago

    soon a president will declare a "gun violence national emergency" and will begin the end of gun ownership.

    • kp ps
      kp ps 8 months ago

      NEVER...its our constitutional right to bear arms...