Welcome to Lahij (project by Vesna Črnivec) - part I.

  • Published on Jul 8, 2010
  • 17 minute video Welcome to Lahij is a result of a project Youth&Media, a photo and video documentation for preservation of cultural heritage, by Vesna Črnivec. The project was carried out in a settlement of Lahij, situated 1376 meters above sea level in the highlands of Azerbaijan Caucasus. During the 14-day project young people of Lahij took photos of their settlement, trying to capture the permanent and the changeable values of their remote yet ever changing environment. They produced many photographs and clips using different cameras and even cell phones. There were at least five groups simultaneously out on the field. Children with no previous experience have shown a substantial talent for fieldwork photography and filming as well as finding good presentation themes, that is why this should be an introduction to their work well worth upgrading in the future.

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  • B KS
    B KS 5 years ago

    Persia was ruled by ancestors of these people so I would say there is a strong Caucasian-Azerbaijani influence in Northern parts of Iran. The same can't be said for the Central, Southern or Eastern parts of Iran. They pretty much resemble Afghanistan and Pakistan.

  • Rashad Yolchiyev
    Rashad Yolchiyev 6 years ago

    it is very good MS.Vesna))))))))))

  • mohsen947
    mohsen947 7 years ago

    its a strong persian culture there...