Binging with Babish: Ratatouille (Confit Byaldi) from Ratatouille

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  • Remy is an especially-clean-looking rat that's been given the gift of Gusteau's gastronomy. Let's see if his signature dish is worth staking an entire restaurant's reputation upon for the sake of a pun.

    Special thanks to my nephew Christopher for portraying young Babish!

    Music: "I Like Van Halen Because My Sister Says They Are Cool" by El Ten Eleven

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  • chubbersz
    chubbersz Час назад

    im so Ratatouille, im so Ratatouille
    gimme a spoon and lemme show you what a rat can do

  • POININ gamer
    POININ gamer 19 часов назад

    I think the sauce is red...

  • MiaTheBritishBullDog
    MiaTheBritishBullDog День назад

    Ewww I actually thought they where pasta 🍝🙁

  • romer ranjo
    romer ranjo День назад

    Hahaha when your version of child you it look cute and funny.😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂👌👍👍👍👍💖💖💖💖💖💖💖👏👶

  • Average_azn
    Average_azn 2 дня назад

    In your new basics series can you explain when to use a blender vs food processor?

  • Brendan Keane
    Brendan Keane 2 дня назад

    What kind of blender do you use, it’s sexy af.

  • toa brutaka
    toa brutaka 2 дня назад

    Why would you even announce that

  • Mimi Musleh
    Mimi Musleh 2 дня назад

    Omg that little kid is sooooo cute 😂🙌🏻

  • Arosa Zar
    Arosa Zar 3 дня назад

    I honestly thought it was pasta all this time

    FAM GAMPLAY 4 дня назад

    I'll be honest at first I thought it was made out of pepe-roni

  • Aidan Yelsma
    Aidan Yelsma 4 дня назад +1

    You have it all wrong. The reason that Ego had that flashback was because he remembered eating that dish when he was a kid.

  • i i
    i i 4 дня назад

    Gorden ramsey:normie reeeee

  • a cup of coffee a day keeps the doctor away

    OMG it looks so good

  • yoko renaud
    yoko renaud 4 дня назад

    I love that flash back its so funny!

  • Maeli Rose
    Maeli Rose 5 дней назад

    make the lotus flower cookie from Percy Jackson

  • InFaMuS JaAoN
    InFaMuS JaAoN 6 дней назад

    *Eats* ........... what just happened

  • turtlewings
    turtlewings 6 дней назад

    What does the parchment paper do?

  • Eric Peters
    Eric Peters 6 дней назад


  • Lemon Bleach
    Lemon Bleach 6 дней назад

    If I paid you in kitchen utensils will you cook for me

  • Amazing Barbee
    Amazing Barbee 6 дней назад

    can you do something from the hunger games

  • Molley Delaney
    Molley Delaney 7 дней назад

    I don't know if you have or not, I'm new to your channel, but you should do bacon pancakes from Adventure Time.

  • Drunkraft
    Drunkraft 7 дней назад

    BWB was already the coolest channel on YouTube but I have way more respect for him for being an El Ten Eleven guy!

  • 13Wayz
    13Wayz 8 дней назад

    I’ve been watching a few of your vids and it’s pissing me off how my school doesn’t teach cooking

  • Daddies darcey Montgomery
    Daddies darcey Montgomery 10 дней назад

    I hop this recipes in the cookbook

  • The best Ever
    The best Ever 10 дней назад

    You can't make ratatouille without the rats

  • Dat Offensive Guy
    Dat Offensive Guy 10 дней назад

    wait what that's it?! Just veggies? I dont think its as good as seen in the movie

  • Brendan Matelan
    Brendan Matelan 11 дней назад

    Loved this video!

  • • Skeletøn With A Pen •
    • Skeletøn With A Pen • 11 дней назад

    peeled tomatoes make me uncomfortable

  • jaiydon. asf
    jaiydon. asf 11 дней назад

    Frasier outro . That's a blast from the past

  • Sniffthisblossom
    Sniffthisblossom 11 дней назад

    Make sweetbread a la gusteau pls!!

  • PlushyTrap
    PlushyTrap 11 дней назад

    Poor hamster 😟🐹

  • Gentleman Hooligan
    Gentleman Hooligan 11 дней назад

    do a 4 chan AMA. most responses win, even if its sharpie in the pooper. good movie

  • Reynaldo Castillo
    Reynaldo Castillo 12 дней назад

    Do ovenless brownies, please. :) from Rick & Morty

  • Brandon ZD
    Brandon ZD 13 дней назад

    I used to think it was pepperoni 😭

  • Kilo Kilo
    Kilo Kilo 14 дней назад

    Can you make the rose cake from burnt

  • Petter Bergman
    Petter Bergman 14 дней назад

    Where's the lamb sauce!!

  • Himi Hannasi
    Himi Hannasi 14 дней назад

    I wanna try it so baddd, look so delicious !!!

  • Lavar Ball
    Lavar Ball 15 дней назад

    Can you please make the worlds greatest burger from how I met your mother

  • 「•Whimsical • Phoenix•」
    「•Whimsical • Phoenix•」 16 дней назад

    When u literally thought there was meat 😆

  • LittleArmyNut
    LittleArmyNut 16 дней назад

    I read Cyka Blyadti no Confit Byaldi

  • roblox community
    roblox community 16 дней назад

    What is his intro music called?

  • Erlendor
    Erlendor 17 дней назад

    Anyone else who noticed that the voice changed near the end of the video?

  • Alexander Proshkin
    Alexander Proshkin 18 дней назад

    225 degrees F or C?

  • The Insane Tiger
    The Insane Tiger 19 дней назад +1

    I love this guy so much he cheered me up lots of times in the past from these videos lolol

  • Jonathan
    Jonathan 19 дней назад

    Vietnam flashback

  • Stephanie Ye
    Stephanie Ye 19 дней назад

    I have always thought that ratatouille was colored pasta discs

  • Sarah Ssentongo
    Sarah Ssentongo 19 дней назад


  • Hipster Cat
    Hipster Cat 19 дней назад

    Steam them with their steaminess

  • riya jose
    riya jose 19 дней назад

    That was incredible I’m new to this channel heard about it in the streamy’s nomination
    Liked and subscribed
    You’re amazing!!!

  • Irsyad Olney
    Irsyad Olney 19 дней назад

    When i was a kid, i thought it was pproni and potato chips

  • Curley Fry
    Curley Fry 20 дней назад

    Frasier song

  • chloe
    chloe 20 дней назад

    Pasta puttanesca, chilled cucumber soup, and coconut cake from A Series of Unfortunate Events!

  • The Snooty Booty
    The Snooty Booty 21 день назад


  • Frank Rocha
    Frank Rocha 21 день назад


  • Blackapple
    Blackapple 21 день назад

    you like el ten eleven?

  • Rice Head
    Rice Head 21 день назад

    Make Rick and Morty eyeholes.

  • Bioglass
    Bioglass 22 дня назад


  • Poompkin Pie
    Poompkin Pie 22 дня назад


  • Bartke
    Bartke 22 дня назад

    Dude make Polish pierogi's

  • Jmane 2141
    Jmane 2141 23 дня назад

    It was kinda funny when it flashback to his childhood of him cooking fake food

  • unconsidered1
    unconsidered1 23 дня назад

    How did you use the music? Did you call the band?

  • Liam Cahill
    Liam Cahill 23 дня назад

    I love the music on this channel, plus the content! L1011 all the way man

  • Nic Rivas
    Nic Rivas 24 дня назад

    TBH I always thought it was made with pepperoni idk why 😂😂

  • Bryan Galante
    Bryan Galante 24 дня назад

    late to the comment game on this one, but by far, one of the best videos with the flashback! bravo!

  • lau mata
    lau mata 24 дня назад

    okay but ive always had a thing for animated food, so to find a channel that caters to this is 💥💥

  • Marina Lisova
    Marina Lisova 25 дней назад

    I love this content I love this video but maybe it is possible if he could make his voice slightly more animated or lively..

  • Red Hunter
    Red Hunter 26 дней назад

    Great videos, man! Keep up the good work!

  • cutekiller 97
    cutekiller 97 26 дней назад

    Everytime I use a mandalin I cut myself no matter how careful I am

  • Busta
    Busta 27 дней назад

    When I first saw that thing in Ratatouille I thought those were soggy chips stacked on top of each other lol

  • Johanna Wong
    Johanna Wong 27 дней назад

    Guys do u know sometimes u can smell the food in the YouTube channel

  • Nezerra
    Nezerra 28 дней назад

    This was the most manly ratatouille I've ever seen.

  • Alaina Bentham
    Alaina Bentham 28 дней назад

    I always thought it was meat...

  • Axcel Canlas
    Axcel Canlas 28 дней назад

    Make robins legendary sandwich

  • Kick Tee
    Kick Tee 28 дней назад

    You sound like Batman a little

  • Sydney McCafferty
    Sydney McCafferty 28 дней назад

    Cool I love Ratatouille also I am new to this channel

  • Riaaa
    Riaaa 28 дней назад

    Vegan !

  • Ulycher Umiten
    Ulycher Umiten 29 дней назад

    Im getting hungry..

  • Kimberly Enriquez
    Kimberly Enriquez 29 дней назад

    that ugly ass kid ruined it sorry.

    CRISPY 29 дней назад

    Video starts at 3:27 and ends at 3:39

  • Damian Erasmus
    Damian Erasmus 29 дней назад


  • DayyLikeNight YT
    DayyLikeNight YT 29 дней назад +1

    He's basically giving us the recipe for time travel.

  • aragorn elessar
    aragorn elessar 29 дней назад

    The guys flashback from his mine is like mine of my dad when I see a belt

  • Brendan Tham
    Brendan Tham 29 дней назад


  • I have no idea what to change my name to

    0:19 Brain Blast

  • Yuki Iganaci
    Yuki Iganaci Месяц назад

    Can you do the Mississippi Queen from Regular Show?

  • No one
    No one Месяц назад

    I thought Ratatouille was just a bunch of multi colored pepperonis

  • Teagan Ven
    Teagan Ven Месяц назад

    Oh my goddd it looks so good.. I wish I had the time, determination, and supplies it took to make fantastic food. I can make grilled cheese, about it.

  • RogueVariant
    RogueVariant Месяц назад


  • T0pMan15
    T0pMan15 Месяц назад

    So for those Americans thinking the tomatoes were actually pepperoni. Did any of you guys take the iniative to search up what Ratatouille is on google? Or are you guys really that stupid? The French don't cook with pepperoni, it's an American thing. Just a reminder for you guys as well, the Chinese don't cook with pepperoni either.

  • Это Алан
    Это Алан Месяц назад +1

    It's like rat and patootie.

  • UltimateSuperHeroFan
    UltimateSuperHeroFan Месяц назад

    I always wanted to try this ever since I saw this movie because it looked so good in the movie

  • Tyler Hale
    Tyler Hale Месяц назад +1

    *That was it? I'm a world renowned chef then.*

  • Serik Olivares
    Serik Olivares Месяц назад

    Is that El Ten Eleven? :o

  • Randy Garcia
    Randy Garcia Месяц назад

    El ten eleven for the win!

  • Krystian A
    Krystian A Месяц назад

    Bad thing happened to your hamster :(

  • Rindran The Blaze Builder
    Rindran The Blaze Builder Месяц назад

    Why does everyone think that the tomatoes are pepperoni!?!?

  • James
    James Месяц назад

    Ugh, now I want to be a cook.

  • Devin Allen
    Devin Allen Месяц назад

    This MANIAC used a mandolin WITHOUT THE GUARD

  • TheRealBean72
    TheRealBean72 Месяц назад

    Hey frasier where's niles

  • Samuel Martens
    Samuel Martens Месяц назад

    you had a dank childhood