Binging with Babish: Ratatouille (Confit Byaldi) from Ratatouille

Remy is an especially-clean-looking rat that's been given the gift of Gusteau's gastronomy. Let's see if his signature dish is worth staking an entire restaurant's reputation upon for the sake of a pun.

Special thanks to my nephew Christopher for portraying young Babish!

Music: "I Like Van Halen Because My Sister Says They Are Cool" by El Ten Eleven

Link to Reddit AMA: http://bit.ly/2li91ry

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Автор Angelo Manansla ( назад)
I tried making this....turned out awesome!! Didnt stack it tho

Автор Jose Villarreal ( назад)

Автор Lapeno3 ( назад)
i think the tricky part is to get the vegetables in the same size so you can adjust them in the pan.

Автор Shaunak Godkhindi ( назад)
Straight up who tf is downvoting this

Amazing stuff babish

U a real big time hoss

Автор g arcia ( назад)

Автор Modimus Prime ( назад)

Автор Riley ( назад)
Am I crazy or didn't there used to be a part where he got cut on the mandolin

Автор Britanya Garcia ( назад)
hows it taste?

Автор vera Change ( назад)
1000 time thank you i can't wait to have time to cook this <3

Автор Jarin ( назад)

Автор KangasKid18 ( назад)
You could also do Sweetbreads a la Gusteau from this movie. I've always wondered what anchovy licorice sauce tasted like... (and then follow it up with Sweetbreads a la Linguini!)

Автор Sneaky 101 ( назад)
I am not gonna lie I don't like all of these vegetables 😂

Автор Bryan N ( назад)
Always thought that was meat but now seeing its all vegetables its uneasy...

Автор HidetoraToujou ( назад)
you need to make a some vids of Seinfeld dishes man. make a vid of you making pizza without washing your hands after a piss. some muffin tops. a big salad. rye bread. eggplant calzone. some Kenny Rogers chicken, soup nazi... so much mor

Автор Kaetlin Davis ( назад)
If you take suggestions/requests, I have one. Ramen noodles from any anime! All anime fans are super curious about it!

Автор KikyPlace ( назад)
Please do Hannibal, the food looks so good tho

Автор Rania Shah ( назад)
Please make krabby patties!

Автор nouf saud ( назад)
you're amazing 👏👏💜💜

Автор BeeKing ( назад)
I always thought the food was pepperoni instead of tomato

Автор Christian Duay ( назад)
Krabby patties will be awesome!

Автор ma ka ( назад)
i bet it wasnt that good

Автор lutherking143 ( назад)
watch anime called foodwars and create their dishes they sound authentic dishes

Автор Snooter ( назад)

Автор Sqwaredoun ( назад)
So good it gives you an aneurism and makes you remember your dark past

Автор Evan Setiawan ( назад)
watch this with subtitles (English) and skip to 3:28 the kid will say fuck fuck yes.

Автор Sean Smith ( назад)
The kid near the kid xD

Автор NMB :D ( назад)
that last part was sooooo CUTEEE also I been checking your videos they are ameizing (LIKE AND SUSCRIBE)

Автор Travis Something ( назад)
Is it taboo to maybe stick in slices of maybe salami/pepperoni/some other italian cylindrical meat

Автор kj Noor ( назад)
how about a crabby patty spongebob style?

Автор Joshua Williams ( назад)
Awesome video, awesome series, and the little kid at the end was awesome!

Автор zorzo999 ( назад)
what is ratatoowee?

Автор Hayden Lau ( назад)

Автор chevelio ( назад)
Hey man, you're a pro and everything but you should still use the guard when using the mandolin.

Автор Empere23 ( назад)
so u eat your hamster when u were 5?

Автор Herokraz's channel ( назад)
if there is a rat on my head i will die.

Автор FroztyJohn ( назад)
Little bit of oil. Proceeds to poring the whole bottle

Автор Sasafras ( назад)
666k subs, oooOOOooo

Автор Captain Quest ( назад)
My names Andrew and I also live to cook

Автор Bani Badwal ( назад)
ITS Vegan yaaayy
going to recreate this :)

Автор silentdeathV2 0 ( назад)
make Ramen from naruto the with the lobster he got before the chuning exam

Автор zeno Veno ( назад)
You should do death sandwich from regular show

Автор Patrick Johansson ( назад)
3:48 Plot twist: he confused his Hamster with a pepper and cooked it

Автор JP Alpha ( назад)
What does it taste like?

Автор Gentleman Hooligan ( назад)
one of my favorite movies,

Автор Martial Sunwalk ( назад)
*"add one fried egg to your party"* adorable as heck

Автор may-linn fjellstad ( назад)
U shoud make curry buns from Black butler

Автор arell ( назад)
3:02 Face reveal

Автор Random stuff with Michael ( назад)
Dirty peasant!!!!!!!!

Автор Gierom Yumang ( назад)
"lets see what happened to my hamster when i was 5" lol

Автор Iminguendo 26 ( назад)
You didnt put the salt in correctly

Автор Blue Waves ( назад)
I always thought in the movie that the tomatoes where salami.

Автор Khristine D ( назад)
El Ten Eleven!

Автор Nolan Hurst ( назад)
KRABBY PATTIES PLEASE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Автор Amin Donald ( назад)
Cykafit blyadi

Автор Leonie Sloot ( назад)
But how did it taste?

Автор jasper manda ( назад)
can you make crabby patty?

Автор SunnysFilms ( назад)
You recreated the ratatouille, now "recreate the soup".

Автор aqil yackob ( назад)
You eat it Andrew you eat your hamster.

Автор 25AsianGirl ( назад)
you should do shokugeki no souma receipes

Автор Tyjo and Jodu ( назад)

Автор Baron Ockslite ( назад)
Honestly that tiny little green sprig brought the whole thing together.

Автор Gary Goins-Davis ( назад)
Yo the beginning music is from the Fraiser show !!!!! I love that show

Автор Chopstickx Master ( назад)
How long did you cook it when making the Pixar version!?? Thanks

Автор ido kaplan ( назад)
I just discovered your channel, and man, you are amazing!

Автор Megan Corisa ( назад)
You should do 'the gray stuff' from Beauty and the beast it looks sooooo good oh my lord!!!

Автор Nadira Kristabell Cendra ( назад)
Do Krabby Patty with jelly

Автор Cheeki Breeki Slav ( назад)
Do the Simpsons special

Автор Ben Miller ( назад)
I was told by a man who once worked under him that they consulted Thomas Keller for the movie, and particularly, this dish.

Автор Cambria Darnell ( назад)
the baby clip was so cute

Автор Darth Sceledrus ( назад)
I just watched this movie 2 days ago, it's my favorite of the Pixar films!

Автор ApexApocalypse ( назад)
Dat Frasier intro tho

Автор 1awlsusie ( назад)
do teletubbies pink stuff and toast please

Автор TheDramaticSkull ( назад)

Автор Demetrius S ( назад)

Автор munni baez ( назад)
you deserve so much recognition! personal favorite series on youtube, keep it up!

Автор Chill ( назад)
I always thought it was pepperoni haha

Автор Logan Nix ( назад)
Real cooking question: does it really matter if I leave the thyme leaves on the stem, for any recipe? I've always left it on. If not, what's wrong with it?

Автор ceeman100 ( назад)
RATATOUILLE > DMT... dont eat vevetables kids

Автор Carlos Zambrano ( назад)
So did it taste good?

Автор AlectheJames ( назад)
Ratatouille is my favorite pixar movie, it got me into cooking. Thank you for doing this!

Автор I y a n a ( назад)
Your channel is so cool :D

Автор reob12 ( назад)
you look like michael stevens' brother

Автор poochahontis ( назад)

Автор Joseph Parkton ( назад)
Babish, why are you on the internet and not in my kitchen? -_-

Автор The Real ( назад)
Make Dr.sesus green eggs and ham or Carved roast beast from the grinch. Krabby patty, or one of Homer Simpson's doughnuts.

Автор Allen Corona ( назад)
That was so unexpected and so cute.

But I don't think you filmed yourself back then just the way you film yourself now, do you?
Loved it.

Автор Toucan Tropic ( назад)
God rattatoulie was one of my favorites and I'm dying for a taste now

Автор baddah bing ( назад)
naruto ramen

Автор T3AM GMZ ( назад)
how about stevens super happy family breakfast from the first season of Steven Universe

Автор DankDuck45 ( назад)
so what happened to your hamster when you where 5 ?

Автор loki's channel of average covers! ( назад)
i have been on this channel for waay too much time you are becoming one of my favorite youtubers

Автор Ellione Valentine ( назад)
So.... what happend to the hamster?

Автор Socks Fox ( назад)
You should make Breath of the Wild's Buttered Apples!

Автор Jasper Fox - FoxGamer39618 ( назад)
That looks delicious.

Автор Josie Eash ( назад)
I wish I could subscribe 85 million times

Автор Josie Eash ( назад)
I love this dude, I just found him and I love him

Автор Jasiu Mich ( назад)

Автор Grapples no ( назад)
really funny

Автор zouhair ayoub ( назад)
good stuff man

Автор James Hardy ( назад)
Great recipe. I followed your directions and everyone loved it. I'd suggest checking it after 70 minutes because mine got a bit too soft in the oven.

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