I Tried To Babysit For Colleen Ballinger!

  • Published on Apr 20, 2019
  • I've never done anything like this before!! Thank you Colleen for trusting me to watch baby Flynn for the day!
    Watch the video I did on Colleen's channel: ruclip.com/video/THIC7O2N4Uo/video.html
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    I'm Molly, a typical sushi, makeup, and fashion loving millennial girl who just so happens to be blind! I was diagnosed with Retinitis Pigmentosa at just 4 years old and began public speaking at age 5. I started just doing motivational speaking, but now I make videos and even model! Even though I can’t see, I know that there are bright spots in everything we face. Let’s find them together. 💕

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  • Molly Burke
    Molly Burke  Month ago +5852

    So how did I do? Would you let me babysit your kid? haha
    ALSO, shoutout to Colleen for being such an amazing mama and letting me try to take care of a baby for the FIRST TIME EVER! Flynn is SO sweet!

    • Laurel Matson
      Laurel Matson 7 days ago

      Probably would.

    • Lux-Anna Scott
      Lux-Anna Scott 8 days ago

      Omg yes lol come watch my twins lol

    • Emily Lawyer
      Emily Lawyer 9 days ago

      Hi molly

    • Jazzy M
      Jazzy M 9 days ago

      U are an inspiration to people. I have glaucoma where I am losing my eyesight slowly. I am 14 and my lenses to my glasses are as thick as a pencil my doctors tell me I would probably lose all my vision at 20 right now I am just legally blind. A couple days ago I was told where I live I'm it going to be able to learn how to drive next year when I'm 15 and seeing u do all these things makes me less scared thank u

    • bralle_ unicors
      bralle_ unicors 15 days ago

      No affence but no a child could do it better than that #ROASSSTTT JK love you molly

  • Alison Von
    Alison Von 47 minutes ago

    Can we talk about how amazing Colleen is lookin 😍

  • maggie198333
    maggie198333 4 hours ago

    The electric swing is amazing.

  • Sophie Beveridge
    Sophie Beveridge 7 hours ago

    Sub to me

  • Shane Griffin
    Shane Griffin 8 hours ago

    I LOVE Flynn’s little bandanna!

  • Diane's Channel
    Diane's Channel 9 hours ago

    Molly I am sighted and the first time I attempted to change a diaper it took me 6 tires lol.. You did great

  • Shally Z
    Shally Z 11 hours ago

    "A sharp shooting fiery pain going through your arms and up and down your spine ...eventually it all goes numb-and you lose all feeling in everything in your body and your soul-" LOL 😂😂

  • Joanna Ventura
    Joanna Ventura 16 hours ago

    Omg! You would be a wonderful mother! So cute!

  • Kate Cardell
    Kate Cardell 23 hours ago

    Oh my lord I’m completely a new fan of molly 🖤 she has such good fashion🖤 and is so inspiring.. 🖤

  • Makaylla Alexander

    can someone tell me what the song was that played when flynn fell asleep

  • Gracie Mosko
    Gracie Mosko Day ago

    You shouldn't feel pain in your arms and spine when putting him to sleep. That's not normal

  • Gracie Mosko
    Gracie Mosko Day ago

    THe stroller gets easier.

  • Gracie Mosko
    Gracie Mosko Day ago

    Colleen isn't really correct about what baies want. I should know because emy mom has more than five children

  • Gracie Mosko
    Gracie Mosko Day ago

    Colleen isn't really correct about what baies want. I should know because emy mom has more than five children

  • Taylor Garcia
    Taylor Garcia Day ago

    So Coleen breastfeeds and drinks coffee I thought that was a no no😕

  • Zam
    Zam Day ago

    “This is a human, he’s gonna be a real person one day” He is a real person, he’s just a tiny real person
    Colleen “this is gonna be a long day” 😂😂 ah I love it

  • alys8920 alys8920

    Please make a part 3

  • Caroline Proctor
    Caroline Proctor Day ago +2

    Molly Has Beautiful eyes!!!!!

  • MagicMollie123 Cool

    He’s gonna marry a princess one day...

  • Jessi iii
    Jessi iii Day ago

    That baby is absolutely gorgeous! I think those blue eyes are there to stay they don’t look like they would change

  • Jazmine Rios
    Jazmine Rios Day ago

    How did she read and know what onesie was which? No hate tho but I love her she is amazing and an inspiration to everyone not only the blind but everyone

  • Dom Borlaza
    Dom Borlaza Day ago

    Is she really blind? (No hate, she doesn’t seem like she’s blind omg)

  • Julia Roche
    Julia Roche 2 days ago

    Molly you are a mom people who have pets or baby are moms

  • Kyra brianna
    Kyra brianna 2 days ago

    He’s soo cute😘💙💙

  • Angelica Dahl
    Angelica Dahl 2 days ago

    You'd be a great mom!😁

  • The claw Janitor
    The claw Janitor 2 days ago

    Molly 10 and 11 are almost the same thing as 12

  • The claw Janitor
    The claw Janitor 2 days ago

    How do you know what the onesie said

  • Lynika Cornett
    Lynika Cornett 2 days ago

    You're hiar is gorgeous Molly

  • Megan Jensen
    Megan Jensen 2 days ago

    He's a blob lol

  • CraftySimmer
    CraftySimmer 2 days ago

    I relate 100% of the hair thing. I work with children and the majority of children love my hair. pulling it, "styling it"

  • Gared And Bacon
    Gared And Bacon 2 days ago

    i’m assuming the word ‘spaz’ has a different definition in the USA, otherwise .... yikes.

  • Damien Turski
    Damien Turski 3 days ago

    Love the hair molly

  • Maritzasylvia O
    Maritzasylvia O 3 days ago

    You did great, you have accomplished so much , so this will be challenging for sure but worth it...a mini Molly ;) I think you would be a great mom..;) ( ps did I mention that I saw your natural motherly instincts kicked in... so YES you can do it. A mom of three no regrets 💋🇿🇦

  • Giana Rocc
    Giana Rocc 3 days ago

    She’s not blind. She read the print on the onesies.

  • Mary-ann Pinchin
    Mary-ann Pinchin 3 days ago +1

    Omg, Molly needs to become a mom. :O

  • Kason Yonker
    Kason Yonker 3 days ago

    3:02: HELP

  • fb296
    fb296 3 days ago

    Is it exhausting to "look" at the people or things you are talking to/about or is it just natural even though you can't actually see them?

  • Ellason Barden
    Ellason Barden 4 days ago

    You would make a great mom

  • Wesleigh Ferguso
    Wesleigh Ferguso 4 days ago

    I have a question... when you’re outside and say there is like a curb or something and you have to step up or step down, do you have to have someone to tell you that or can you just tell. Sorry if this is rude, I was just wondering!

  • Sophie
    Sophie 4 days ago

    1:20 she read the onesie before anyone said anything hmmmm

  • Voyd
    Voyd 4 days ago

    omg he is so cuteeeeeeeeeeee

  • Ila Rose Duffy
    Ila Rose Duffy 5 days ago

    Just imagine flyyn watching this in 20 Years and just seeing two grown women (one being his mom) just insulting him for like 20 minutes

  • Samuel Darcy Moore
    Samuel Darcy Moore 5 days ago +1

    Nah she isn't blind

  • Sophie
    Sophie 5 days ago

    I misread the title and thought it said ‘i tried to babysit Colleen Ballinger’
    I’m crying 😂

  • Sophie
    Sophie 5 days ago +7

    I misread the title and thought it said ‘i tried to babysit Colleen Ballinger’
    I’m crying 😂

  • Trashed TLC
    Trashed TLC 6 days ago

    She kinda sounds like JOJO Siwa

  • SD Jackson
    SD Jackson 6 days ago

    I don't wanna babysit

  • SD Jackson
    SD Jackson 6 days ago

    This makes me wanna babysit and just try to take care of a baby.

  • SD Jackson
    SD Jackson 6 days ago

    His eyes have a more likely chance to change color because they're blue eyes, darker would mean he would be more likely to keep his eye color.

  • SD Jackson
    SD Jackson 6 days ago

    White babies usually get blue eyes when they're born, if he was black, his eyes would be brown or hickory.same if he was Mexican or Asian

  • SD Jackson
    SD Jackson 6 days ago

    I just noticed her eyes slightly moves uncontrollably, is she blind? I heard she was blind, I'm so confused.

  • Sophia loves ZaiLetsPlay new account

    Collen:ya hes kanda dumb

  • Los Hermitan
    Los Hermitan 6 days ago

    Aww. The baby was waving at the camera.

  • Lux-Anna Scott
    Lux-Anna Scott 6 days ago

    I cannot get over how cute Molly is with babies

  • mubashshara hussain
    mubashshara hussain 6 days ago

    2:54 molly is not blind look at the way she looks at the babies face when she plays with him

  • Hannah Willsmore
    Hannah Willsmore 6 days ago

    you’re incredible molly! ❤️

  • Unicorn and me
    Unicorn and me 6 days ago


  • Shaina
    Shaina 7 days ago

    colleen has grown so much as a mom already i’m so impressed

  • Shaina
    Shaina 7 days ago

    colleen looks so beautiful after all she went through w Flynn and the pregnancy

  • Shaniqua
    Shaniqua 7 days ago


  • Hilary T
    Hilary T 7 days ago

    Babies are just kinda a blob, I love it omg

  • tatiyana bonner
    tatiyana bonner 7 days ago

    " oh i wanna get that tattooed" is a whole mood

  • Laurel Matson
    Laurel Matson 7 days ago +1

    Molly, you said you didn't wear anything cute on purpose, but that's still cute. 😂

  • Odd_ Pies_
    Odd_ Pies_ 8 days ago

    I was going to say, "I wanna see the full process!" But then I realized... he was half naked..

  • Arianna
    Arianna 8 days ago

    Lol I have an Oh The Places You'll Go tattoo in my Pinterest bc I want one too!

  • Wolf Girl
    Wolf Girl 8 days ago

    but colleen is soooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo skinny

  • Beccapo Art
    Beccapo Art 8 days ago +1

    “Babies kinda are just a blob” - Colleen Ballinger 2019

  • B EBR
    B EBR 8 days ago

    I just came across Molly Burke's RUclip presence from a random recommended video and now I am here watching this. I have to say that I found this video so fascinating. It was so interesting to watch her navigate the little things..the way she figures things out without the major sense that vision is..it's all so remarkable. As a person with near perfect vision, I never think about the touch and feel of things. I don't think about the buttons on the swing, the texture of packaging, etc. It's little things like that that I take for granted in my every day life, and they're the things that are of big importance in the lives of others like Molly. I'm sure it's very hard living that life. To navigate the world around you..new environments..and daily tasks you have to learn routine for. I haven't had much exposure to blind people and so I am pretty uneducated on the topic. I look at Colleen handling this interaction so effortlessly and gracefully. She wasn't overbearing or too helpful. She acted like she knew exactly what to say and do..I learned from this video that blind people aren't incapable. They can do nearly all of the same things, but just in a different way.

  • karla acosta
    karla acosta 8 days ago +6

    “He has a lot of hair’, lmao she’s never seen hispanic babies 😂

    • Jessi iii
      Jessi iii Day ago

      karla acosta lmao so true ! When she said that I was like she hasn’t seen the babies in my family 😂😂

  • Anti Clark
    Anti Clark 8 days ago +1

    3:19 lol she wants to SEE his feet JK I know your actually blind I just thought it was funny

  • Help Me
    Help Me 9 days ago

    How did she know if one of the pajamas where falling if she’s blind

  • Katya Abad
    Katya Abad 9 days ago

    Love ur thumbnail

  • Betzy Maya
    Betzy Maya 9 days ago

    Molly’s reaction “what do I do “ has me cracking 🤣

  • Falling Boy
    Falling Boy 9 days ago

    I feel like you know everyone!

  • Kimberly 84
    Kimberly 84 9 days ago

    How did you know what the onsie read? I'm not trying to "call you out" I'm just genuinely curious that's all ♥

    • C C
      C C 8 days ago

      If you watch Molly’s video, she packages up the gift that she chose with her Mom

    • Stargazer
      Stargazer 9 days ago

      Her mom probably told her what it said, or she could have felt the letters on the shirt.

  • Tarynn
    Tarynn 9 days ago

    Me with my children is gonna be just like Colleen:
    “... because he’s kinda dumb... But I love him very much.

  • Jaymie Riz Gloriani
    Jaymie Riz Gloriani 9 days ago

    She’s like grown up jojo siwa ❣️😂

  • Adaline May
    Adaline May 9 days ago +1

    This is the most wholesome video I could have watched today

  • Alyssa's World
    Alyssa's World 9 days ago +1

    I thought she was blind? Like she would do great as a mom

    • C C
      C C 8 days ago

      She is blind

    • Stargazer
      Stargazer 9 days ago +1

      She is blind

  • layla tesson
    layla tesson 10 days ago

    how did she know what shirt she was looking at? no hate , i’m just curious and confused ...

    • Betzy Maya
      Betzy Maya 8 days ago

      layla tesson it was probably coincidence because she mentioned it in the beginning

  • Emily Charles
    Emily Charles 10 days ago

    9:43 Molly says “I see a shiny thing” SHES BLIND HOW DOES SHE SEE?

  • shnukiebear
    shnukiebear 10 days ago

    I thought you were blind???

  • Midwest Moddin
    Midwest Moddin 10 days ago

    You are so beautiful. I’m sure you’ll never see this comment, but I wanted to let you know 😊

  • Elizabeth Greenawald
    Elizabeth Greenawald 10 days ago

    I really hope Flynn watches this and is like, "what the hell, mom?!" Because of all the roasting done in this video. 😂

  • abbie vaughn
    abbie vaughn 10 days ago

    can she see?? lol i’m so confused

  • tom caddell
    tom caddell 10 days ago

    “It’s sooooo complicated” blind girl does it*

  • Eddy127
    Eddy127 11 days ago

    get colleen on a PR list people are crazy not to put her

  • samiwillman
    samiwillman 11 days ago

    not a mom but when you swaddle babies you can avoid the tail of the blanket hanging down by folding it upwards toward their chin before folding the blanket over their arms !!

  • Marisol Campos
    Marisol Campos 11 days ago

    You said he is kinda cute wowwwww

  • lovey101 cute
    lovey101 cute 11 days ago

    I don't have a kid I'm 8 years old *hits face while hitting sister's face with elbow*

  • Timothy Herewini
    Timothy Herewini 11 days ago

    Omg I love this soo much reminds me when I first became a uncle

  • One Directionlover
    One Directionlover 11 days ago

    Iz Molly blind?

  • Sophie Brown
    Sophie Brown 11 days ago +2

    I love how they were bonding over the ‘no name for two days’ thing like I was literally nameless for two weeks....... 😂 my mum thought I was gonna be a boy

    • TeenDream888
      TeenDream888 9 days ago

      I thought it was common to not name a baby for at least three days to a week, but maybe that tradition has gone by the wayside.

  • The Unknown
    The Unknown 11 days ago

    *Molly and Colleen struggling to put him in his swing*
    Flynn: what on earth is happening?

  • Mikayla Swanepoel
    Mikayla Swanepoel 11 days ago

    Please get pregnant

  • Mikayla Swanepoel
    Mikayla Swanepoel 11 days ago

    # Love Colleen

  • Miss Thing
    Miss Thing 12 days ago

    omg he’s so cute

  • Judie Honda
    Judie Honda 12 days ago +2

    I learned how to do all this stuff in ten minutes. Flynn is so cute, it is kinda funny that your freaking out so much.

  • photo synthesis
    photo synthesis 12 days ago

    She's not blind ?

  • Sydnie Fuller
    Sydnie Fuller 12 days ago

    I raised a baby at 11

    • Sydnie Fuller
      Sydnie Fuller 12 days ago

      Also waking up at all hours of the night to do any of the above until I figured out how to make him stop crying and go back to sleep

    • Sydnie Fuller
      Sydnie Fuller 12 days ago

      Feeding, diaper changes, baths, nap times, swaddles, cuddles. Babies are a lot of work but they are so dang cute😭❤️