I Tried To Babysit For Colleen Ballinger!

  • Published on Apr 20, 2019
  • I've never done anything like this before!! Thank you Colleen for trusting me to watch baby Flynn for the day!
    Watch the video I did on Colleen's channel: ruclip.com/video/THIC7O2N4Uo/video.html
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    I'm Molly, a typical sushi, makeup, and fashion loving millennial girl who just so happens to be blind! I was diagnosed with Retinitis Pigmentosa at just 4 years old and began public speaking at age 5. I started just doing motivational speaking, but now I make videos and even model! Even though I can’t see, I know that there are bright spots in everything we face. Let’s find them together. 💕

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  • Molly Burke
    Molly Burke  5 months ago +7018

    So how did I do? Would you let me babysit your kid? haha
    ALSO, shoutout to Colleen for being such an amazing mama and letting me try to take care of a baby for the FIRST TIME EVER! Flynn is SO sweet!

    • Brian Meyers
      Brian Meyers Day ago

      Great job, molly. :) Gotta love those baby hugs.

    • Brian Meyers
      Brian Meyers Day ago

      My kids are older, but they would love you as a babysitter.

    • jenn jeffs
      jenn jeffs 6 days ago

      For your first time and not knowing what to expect you did wonderful!! I have helped many first time moms care for their baby, usually young moms that are scared or unsure of what to do, You did so great listening to Coleen and just getting on with it!

    • Kalinda Clare Gallagher
      Kalinda Clare Gallagher 8 days ago

      Yes i would

    • Kalinda Clare Gallagher
      Kalinda Clare Gallagher 8 days ago

      You did awsome

  • valjbw
    valjbw Day ago

    18:00 that lil noise 😍😭❤️

  • Kyooza Kise
    Kyooza Kise Day ago

    is she completely blind or does she has light recognition?

  • Jennifer Thomson
    Jennifer Thomson 2 days ago

    I kinda like this exercise ball tip.... love it!

  • This Is Amber
    This Is Amber 4 days ago

    Molly- Oh my god, he's gonna be a real human one day

    Me- So.. is he not real? Is he an alien?

  • Jamie Harrell
    Jamie Harrell 5 days ago

    oh jesus, why am I crying like 3 mins into the video?!?!?!?! Jesus, why am I crying like Flynn is my baby. Oh LORD. my Guncle forces are stong. Ive cried my arse off!!!!

  • jenn jeffs
    jenn jeffs 6 days ago

    As obsessed first time moms are (or can be) Coleen did so well to not automatically jump in and to let her have this experience! Considering Molly is blind, they did so well letting her see what its like. GOOD JOB

    SUTTY BUDDY 7 days ago

    Molly you are gorgeous.

  • Kalinda Clare Gallagher

    Good boy Gallop for helping

  • Kalinda Clare Gallagher

    Aww my heart

  • Kalinda Clare Gallagher

    Hello gallop

  • Mattie’s Life! 2.0
    Mattie’s Life! 2.0 10 days ago +1

    Haha you just see Gallop wandering around

  • Madeline Garber
    Madeline Garber 10 days ago

    I’d love this opportunity. I got to watch my aunt and uncle change my cousin on a picnic table once so I have a vague idea of how diaper changing works, but I’ve never done it myself.

  • Samantha Reyes T-T
    Samantha Reyes T-T 11 days ago

    ok,so ihave emetophobia witch means ur afraid of barfing or ANYTHING TO DO WITH barfing or vomiting it makes me wanna..BARF.omg this wasnso hard to watch >.

  • Rue Kennedy
    Rue Kennedy 11 days ago

    This is the trio I never knew I needed but I love it! You guys should do another video like this!!! You guys are so adorable together!!!!

  • baddiekittu
    baddiekittu 11 days ago

    2:16 Flynn knows it's the truth, look at that ADORABLE SMILE

  • mynameisjeff
    mynameisjeff 11 days ago +2

    Idk who is cuter the baby or molly😍

  • J Pieschacon
    J Pieschacon 12 days ago

    I thing you are ready for a baby :). You are so beautiful in and out. Your boyfriend must be soooo lucky in life.

  • DwayPidgaroo
    DwayPidgaroo 13 days ago

    Dude...when Flynn threw up I nearly threw up ewwwww😆🤢🤮

  • Julie Lines
    Julie Lines 15 days ago

    Thank you!!! The “sharp shooting pain” that eventually goes numb is all too well known by me. 😂

  • Brydie Keighley
    Brydie Keighley 17 days ago


  • Lacey Coates
    Lacey Coates 18 days ago +1

    Idk why I thought this but I was going to wash my phone lol

  • BeautyByHalia
    BeautyByHalia 18 days ago

    At 2:06 Colleen looks so maternal and heavenly like wtf

  • Sam Stein
    Sam Stein 19 days ago

    I fully forgot Molly was blind until she said something about it like I know she's blind and I know blindness isn't like "I can't see anything at all" for some people, but like she has a type of vision she doesn't know about.

  • Sora crazy anime unicorn

    sometimes I forget that molly is blind xD

  • SprinkleCake 4017
    SprinkleCake 4017 20 days ago +1


  • #cutievol# #cutievol#
    #cutievol# #cutievol# 22 days ago +1

    If Molly put baby oil on his face and put him in a position to where the sun would be shining of his face maybe..just maybe she could've seen Flynn the baby's face.Also love u molly

    I H8 PUPPIES 22 days ago

    Molly is so adorable like wth?😂😂😂😂😂😂😂💗💗💗💗

  • Quiwi Lin Lisolet
    Quiwi Lin Lisolet 22 days ago

    Aww. Auntie Molly

  • Tea Gurl
    Tea Gurl 23 days ago


  • NahidPlayZYT Miah
    NahidPlayZYT Miah 25 days ago

    “ he’s just a blob”
    “He’s just sitting there, looking fat”
    “He’s got a huge double chin”
    “He’s just eating his hand coz he’s kinda dumb”

  • taekook lovely Daughter

    I have a baby niece and she just learned how to walk when we were at a party and she started walking and shes adorable

  • Tintin Tonks
    Tintin Tonks 26 days ago +1

    I'm a preschool teacher, and the other day a new parent mentioned that a friend of theirs might pick up their child at some point. Said friend has a guide dog because they have some sort of sight issue. we talked briefly about how we need to inform the kids that they cannot pet the dog unless given permission, and I can honestly say I'm so excited to get to bring this up with our kids.

  • MetallicaGirl 101
    MetallicaGirl 101 26 days ago

    I’ve had conversations like this

    Person: Do think this is as soft as a baby’s butt?
    Me: Yes/No
    Person: wait- how do you know what a baby’s butt feels like?!
    Me: I have little cousins. I’ve changed a diaper before.

  • David dobrik Is my dad
    David dobrik Is my dad 27 days ago +1

    She would be an amazing mother!❤️

  • Rose Amore
    Rose Amore 28 days ago

    I really enjoyed this. Great job Molly! ✌from NY

  • Ava The Bear
    Ava The Bear 29 days ago +1

    I’m sorry I’m new here to your channel so this the first vid I’ve watched of you and the comments section said you were blind your are amazing you can do that much it’s like your not your are amazing and the reason why i now love you is because my blind friend wanted to put a video of you just to listen cause she can’t see obviously but Dahl you are so brilliant and inspirational to everyone especially Zoe she was bullied I didn’t just help her you did

  • Emma Breakwood
    Emma Breakwood Month ago +1

    I was nameless for 2 days, also!

  • Daisy Mae
    Daisy Mae Month ago

    This is EXACTLY how my first day as a daycare worker went, I knew nothing. Thankfully I had lots of experienced ladies to guide me and 6 months later I think I've got the hang of it. Like molly my biggest problem at first was just being awkward, once I got over that it got much better.

  • Shadow Bee
    Shadow Bee Month ago

    I wanna be a dad now xDD

  • AnnetteWarren
    AnnetteWarren Month ago +2

    My husband and I have brown eyes. Our son has blue eyes. We are still waiting for the color to change. He is two now :)

    • Jo Grossman
      Jo Grossman 26 days ago

      He's not 2 he's like 8/9 months

  • HeyItsCoreey
    HeyItsCoreey Month ago

    my mum is so strong she has had 6 babies

  • HeyItsCoreey
    HeyItsCoreey Month ago

    your amazing molly x

  • Zoe Dirck
    Zoe Dirck Month ago

    Gallop flies into action the second she took off with the stroller hahaha amazing he got his turn

  • Zoe Dirck
    Zoe Dirck Month ago +1

    She is hilarious. Totally me when I was a mom. Love her. P.r. people send this woman stuff cmon

  • Jamie Smith
    Jamie Smith Month ago

    Love this! Love these two ladies! And Flynn too.

  • Funny Potato
    Funny Potato Month ago +2

    “He’s kinda dumb, but I love him” baby Flynn, if you watch this, it will be all right, all of our moms say stuff when they don’t think we are listening (I think? Right?) lol

  • Amber Daniels
    Amber Daniels Month ago

    As of right now me and molly have the same hair color

  • gaurav kumar
    gaurav kumar Month ago

    Molly Burke you reminds me the ww2 legend Admiral Arleigh Burke. He was such a great man that US Navy named it's world's most powerful destroyer class on his name.. The mighty Arleigh Burke class destroyers. and you are such a fighter hats off to you..
    Well you can consider Argus 2 implant i know it's expensive.

  • Gabby C.
    Gabby C. Month ago

    How can you see and know what it says

    • Shan
      Shan 19 days ago

      Gabby C. She’ll have a machine that’ll read it out for her or something

  • Vikki Bark
    Vikki Bark Month ago

    One of my family friends has an only child and she gets so paranoid if something happens and she will say sorry about it and all that and my mum who has 5 children is just like “it’s because ur a first time mum i was like that to” like when my mums 3rd child fell she would say “look at the hole u left on the ground” or something and we would be too busy looking for the hole to cry and she did that to all of us😂

  • Vikki Bark
    Vikki Bark Month ago

    “Hit the car” me: Oof

  • Meggy _corns
    Meggy _corns Month ago

    I love you!!!❤️😘💕

  • Maddie
    Maddie Month ago

    I mean I saw a mom with brown eyes and dad with brown eyes and the baby eyes are green and they just had twins and they had green eyes too

  • Its Gem
    Its Gem Month ago +1

    -Molly 2019

  • Paisley Haley
    Paisley Haley Month ago

    I seriously keep forgetting molly is blind! She acts so amazing and normal. Love you! ❤️

  • Xx MR. SA
    Xx MR. SA Month ago

    Is it funny or rude that I did not know she was blind until the stroler thing.

  • Slime Central
    Slime Central Month ago

    It's weird because she doesnt even make it look like shes blind💖

  • Annie Potts
    Annie Potts Month ago +2

    Hey Molly, I’m disabled, I’ve got Cerybal Palsy and it’s really annoying when people see my sticks and just stare at me, thank you Molly for helping me through my journey❤️ PS I don’t know how to spell Cerybal, I just guessed also anyone out there with a disability, don’t let it stop you! Your a brilliant person😊

  • Jessica Jones
    Jessica Jones Month ago +1

    Why was I smiling so hard this whole video 🙈😊 I know, because the whole clip was just so precious 😭😍