Greta Thunberg - Inspiring Others to Take a Stand Against Climate Change | The Daily Show

  • Published on Sep 14, 2019
  • Sixteen-year-old climate activist Greta Thunberg explains why she traveled to America in a zero emissions boat and lays out the direct impact climate change has on the planet.
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Comments • 23 966

  • Panorea Pan
    Panorea Pan 32 minutes ago

    Another one of Soro's orphans

  • ataklti grmay
    ataklti grmay 34 minutes ago

    Waw she is success and we can fix together

  • Vainatey Ghadigaonkar
    Vainatey Ghadigaonkar 2 hours ago

    Sadhguru Speaks About Greta Thunberg & Climate Activism. plz watch

  • ZoyNes
    ZoyNes 6 hours ago


  • 流水
    流水 7 hours ago

    Funny declaratons

  • Perry James Allen
    Perry James Allen 8 hours ago

    So sad to see adults using this missguided child..the earth is actually entering a cooling period according to " real scientists " we are heading into another little ice age..warming you wish..No sea rise seen in ones lifetime..cycle of up to 8" every 100 years..

  • Vladpryde
    Vladpryde 9 hours ago

    Thank God the Right doesn't use children for propaganda.

  • Carbon 740
    Carbon 740 11 hours ago

    I wish you would both go back to your home lands. Brainwashed wankers!

  • Hildebeast Clinton
    Hildebeast Clinton 12 hours ago +1

    The predicts a 1.5c change in global climate because we are emerging from the Ice Age. This is not a man-made crisis. It’s a tax. They are greedy people.

  • Geoff Holliday
    Geoff Holliday 12 hours ago

    i bet she'll make a fine wife for someone lol

  • Sharon Carver
    Sharon Carver 13 hours ago

    So just curious, what form of transportation did she use to cross the ocean if she hasn't traveled by plane in years? And don't tell me she sailed thousands of miles on a boat all the way here either.

  • Rudy Stamm
    Rudy Stamm 14 hours ago

    What bullshit

  • Rudy Stamm
    Rudy Stamm 14 hours ago +1

    This girl is a child this fucking pos is extending her abuse fire his ass

  • InJoker
    InJoker 14 hours ago +1

    Me: Do you know how much CO2 they made by reporting her trip to the world and sending back the ship using an airplane?

    Greta: How Dare You!

  • Joshua Groenewald
    Joshua Groenewald 16 hours ago

    Tony Heller has the best information out there debunking climate change - nothing but a political agenda.

  • Al Tanvir Alam
    Al Tanvir Alam 16 hours ago

    Zero emissions boat made of carbon fibre a material with 14 times higher carbon footprints. Her total trip caused 6 times more carbon emission than a standard plane journey.
    Hypocrisy level: lucifer

  • Michał Kowalski
    Michał Kowalski 17 hours ago +2

    Using a child for political agenda is absolutely disgusting.

  • TopTaco08
    TopTaco08 18 hours ago

    We are all stupid we are not helping the planet just watching youtube videos and think someone else are going to do it. Am angry

  • Tyler Jackson
    Tyler Jackson 19 hours ago

    President Trump 2020!!!! Is she able to get nominated for an Oscar after this performance? Dumb kids!!!!

  • AwesomeBlackDude
    AwesomeBlackDude 20 hours ago +1

    From all hated communities comments I now have a better grasp why Jesus was crucified. Well I'm am only speaking from science fiction not science facts. So is true we are the new dinosaur only thing different we like to pretend we have a brain. What an joke that turn out to be. 🤔🙄

  • Tony Montana
    Tony Montana 20 hours ago

    She's really saving the planet by taking that eco-friendly boat. Too bad her entire crew needed FLOWN home, then FLOWN back in order to bring the boat and Greta home. Does anyone see the level of total ridiculousness in this besides me? This girl needs to educate herself on politics, mainly the fact that she's being exploited by batshit crazy liberals looking for votes. Where can I find another historical example of children being used to push an agenda, oh yea, Hitler did it!! When the election is over and Trump wins, everyone will forget about her. Oh yea, what ever happened to David Hogg and company? It'll be the same situation with Greta.

  • aparna desai
    aparna desai 23 hours ago

    You are from a poor country there are 1000’s of children who don’t have a voice as this white Scando teenager who has tons of media and money behind her

  • angie weathers
    angie weathers 23 hours ago

    Martin Luther King Jr. is back everyone

  • Dipak Basu
    Dipak Basu Day ago

    How dare you Greta not to wash your bottom after defecation as we do in Asia, rather than using toilet paper and destroy trees?

  • SecondComingTwice

    It's amazing how little research it takes to realize that "climate change" has nothing to do with carbon emissions. And how few people are willing to do it and instead get their programming from their boob-tubes. Wake-up, it only hurts for a short time. And then you can live in reality and not be a drone.

  • S. S.
    S. S. Day ago

    Greta is a liar and a puppet.

  • Spanky Ham
    Spanky Ham Day ago


  • Bereek Tha Capricorn

    If you look past all the B's she is very right but all who have a problem with it I hope y'all be around when shit hits the fan cause it's gonna be sooner than we think and it's sad we all so Happy to cuss her like we have a next plant like earth to fly to even if we did do you think you can afford it??? Well I have a song named Save The World by BTC aka Bereek Tha Capricorn on sound cloud please check it out and use it

  • David Montes
    David Montes Day ago +1

    This video is very inspiring. It's impressive that someone of her age is taking a stand on such an important matter. And it really is sad that the United States makes this a very controversial topic when it's scientifically proven to be a REAL issue! It's so sad to have live in such a world where not many people care about our earth. This is our only home, so we need to start taking care of it. Greta is doing fantastic job at inspiring others, let's just hope the world is smart enough to follow her advice. 🌎♻️👍

  • SG .Hedge
    SG .Hedge Day ago +1

    When is Greta sailing to China and India to protest against their carbon emissions ?

    • Dragonfly 244
      Dragonfly 244 Day ago

      Most likely never. There is few people will support her in China.

  • Immer noch ICH
    Immer noch ICH Day ago

    AHA you know what it is !
    Black and White, Black and White, Black and White!
    AHA! NWO Lobbyist !

  • Tokyo Stw
    Tokyo Stw Day ago

    How dare you

  • TheCOMICZcorner Studios Abc

    Listen to Vladimir Putin, the man with the

  • Peter Moreno
    Peter Moreno Day ago

    No her mom is a fuckin antifa members.

  • Peter Moreno
    Peter Moreno Day ago

    Fuck Democrats and Greta Thunberg

  • AlecOPedia
    AlecOPedia Day ago +1

    I love how, coming from an aspie myself, you can clearly tell that she has aspergers from the way she acts, the way she speaks, and the general motions she makes. And even seeing all of that, you can tell that she more embraces that part of her instead of suppressing it. It's even crazier that she still managed to make this big of an impact! I'm thankful that we have her to support not into aspies, but the world itself!

  • Irodoku Puzzle
    Irodoku Puzzle Day ago +7

    Why is this girl acting like me? every single expression and thing I would say and do. It's very uncomfortable watching this having aspergers

    • SlickMcClick
      SlickMcClick 14 hours ago +1

      Irodoku Puzzle she has aspergers too

    • Jose Rubio
      Jose Rubio Day ago

      Irodoku Puzzle Nah

    • Irodoku Puzzle
      Irodoku Puzzle Day ago +1

      @Jose Rubio is this some weird insult?

    • Jose Rubio
      Jose Rubio Day ago

      She’s busy thinking of all the script and statistics she had to memorize before the show

    • clout god
      clout god Day ago


  • Mr Snuffleupagus

    She’s a puppet...nothing more.

    GANGES Day ago


  • Daniel Beaulieu
    Daniel Beaulieu Day ago

    Political brainwashing. She also seems quite selfish.

  • TheCOMICZcorner Studios Abc

    Delete comments......censor Internet......thats what you all can do.....

  • TheCOMICZcorner Studios Abc

    See Indians.....we bring revolution....... without any drama

  • TheCOMICZcorner Studios Abc

    Get lost!!

  • TheCOMICZcorner Studios Abc

    And the speech is memorized.....she is saying the same thing every where

    • TheCOMICZcorner Studios Abc
      TheCOMICZcorner Studios Abc Day ago

      Let the experts go to hell.....

    • TheCOMICZcorner Studios Abc
      TheCOMICZcorner Studios Abc Day ago

      @Crystal Davis Which country are u from??

    • TheCOMICZcorner Studios Abc
      TheCOMICZcorner Studios Abc Day ago

      @Crystal Davis Brother......Dimitri... When poverty strikes, when living standards fall when there is fire of hunger in stomach......I forget about "Environment and it's care". I find means to survive. The problem is west has never seen or hardly seen anyone in such conditions......therefore they think everyone can afford the costly means of renewable energy but we can't....if west has so many concerns regarding environment then please fund the counties in Asia, Africa, South America for "RENEWABLE RESOURCES"

    • Crystal Davis
      Crystal Davis Day ago

      @TheCOMICZcorner Studios Abc Maybe you shouldn't talk? By experts I mean scientist.

    • TheCOMICZcorner Studios Abc
      TheCOMICZcorner Studios Abc Day ago

      @Crystal Davis Maybe u should listen to Vladimir putin?? A man with plan......

  • TheCOMICZcorner Studios Abc

    You used all resources and destroyed the climate before hand and u say Asia and Africa and Developing countries to do this shit......u all plant trees.....fucking trees

  • TheCOMICZcorner Studios Abc

    Fuck off west!!!!!

  • TheCOMICZcorner Studios Abc

    That is Drama!!!

  • TheCOMICZcorner Studios Abc

    Listen to this man

  • Leap Luy
    Leap Luy Day ago +2

    Maybe consider moving to a developing or underdeveloped country?

  • Santosh Rai
    Santosh Rai Day ago

    Such a fucking cringy idiot

  • Nur ein Werkzeug

    I informed me by my self and i figured out, that she talks a lot of Bullshit.

  • joe tigo
    joe tigo Day ago

    As she said i researched about climate change. I found out that the SUN drives climate change and CO2 is a life giver for the plants in our planet. There is something fishy going on the climate debate though.

    • Mannisks
      Mannisks Day ago

      That is wrong

  • Raymart Benjamin

    how dare you how double double dare you motherf*cker

  • mato paz
    mato paz Day ago


  • Gokul Krish
    Gokul Krish Day ago

    I expected her to get mocked by Trevor in this video but on the contrary she face pamed humans with facts

  • Jonny Sandtrap
    Jonny Sandtrap Day ago


  • Jonny Sandtrap
    Jonny Sandtrap Day ago


  • zonunsanga jahau
    zonunsanga jahau 2 days ago

    40,60 year old: saying the same thing.
    16 yr old says it:ahhhh shes the Messiah, smarter than the old folks.
    Everyone: cos its entertaining.

  • kk Lonewolfer
    kk Lonewolfer 2 days ago

    Bunch of hypocritical liberals

  • Konrad Kopacz
    Konrad Kopacz 2 days ago

    hahaha Greta... Another kid manipulated by fuckin antifa.