What's inside a Levitating Speaker?

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    what is inside a bone Conduction headphones

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    What's inside a hoverboard

  • Badri narayan About science and other stuff!

    What's inside Lincoln's elephant doll !:P..(I didn't know Lincoln would play with elephant dolls !!)

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    scared me lol XD

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    What's inside a tv remote

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    i always hate that little guy

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    thanks guys I needed whatch this...
    dis you know where can I buy just the magnet system?

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    why dose it levitate becuse power creats a electric force that wont work with out the power

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    What the! Levitating speakers

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    Like that

  • Darker player
    Darker player 27 дней назад

    Where can i buy a speaker

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    if people put magnets under roads and put magnets on to skateboard decks there will be hoverboards

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    Please make me a intro the intro song is fade

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    the me an electromagnet and you have to have electricity for it to work properly

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    THATS INSANE!!! sorry I went crazy

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    Steve Bridge Месяц назад

    Did you attempt to weigh how heavy of an object it would support? Thanks for taking the time to take that apart! Amazing!

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    When I watched the video the views were 6,900,222 :)

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    What's the music called what you use??

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    What is the song called? That is playing in the background?

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    Whoa!!! That's cool i wanna have it!

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    it only scared me the last time it snapped xD i jumped lmao

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    that speaker doesnt look very portable

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    Lincoln is the reason I dislike these videos. EVERY TIME

  • Oliviahttps://youtu.be/_9rluoMYW5g Sporer

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    this would be a great way to showcase items in a museum

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    Is it dan or dad????

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    Why don't they make the base convex? That would make it so it wouldn't fall every time it moved.

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    Awesome video I like

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    "I guess you have to charge it, even though I would assume that it's magnets inside of it." Well it's a wireless speaker technically and that's why you have to charge it.....

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    Rich Kid: "Oh no I cracked my diamond crusted iPhone 7+!"
    What's Inside Dad: "That's alright son, we were gonna look inside it anyway"

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    are you sad when ever you have to take things apart and you only have one of them?

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    in the background yo can hear the unlockr's intro song ( or grunts )

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    good videos

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    That is so cool! But could u do what is in side google home or Alexa plz?!

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  • transylvanian
    transylvanian 3 месяца назад

    The power is needed because a stationary magnetic field lines such as those created by a static magnet cannot ever create the required potential well for another magnet to sit in stably no matter how fancy and smart your arrangement of magnets is. At most you will get a quasi-stable configuration, like trying to balance a ball on another ball - it will not stay on since the equilibrium is too precarious. This is a direct consequence of the laws of electromagnetism and can be proved mathematically. Therefore in order to achieve levitation you need to either rotate the magnet you want to levitate creating eddy currents countering the instability (which is how levitating spinning tops work) or rotate the magnetic field it sits on, which is most easily done with electromagnets switching polarity very fast.

    • transylvanian
      transylvanian 3 месяца назад

      For those interested, this is called Earnshaw's theorem and it states that an electromagnetic field in free space and in the absence of currents since it has neither divergence nor curl, cannot create local minima/maxima and instead gives rise only to saddle points which have an instability in at least one direction.

      The exception to this theorem are diamagnets, which due to negative magnetic susceptibility can indeed create stable field configurations for levitation.

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    1 like= 1 vote for whats inside a Lexar portable thumbdrive

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    Hello guys I'm Lincoln and this is Levitating Speaker today we are going to cut open Dan.

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    What was the first song they were playing on the speaker?

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