What's inside a Levitating Speaker?

I saw this Air 2 Levitating Bluetooth Speakers and just had to take it apart to see what’s inside! We broke it down and LOVED what we found!

Air 2 speaker won the 2015 Innovation award at CES (Consumer Electronics Trade show).

The speaker plays music up to 12 hours on a full charge and floats while it plays. I enjoy just looking at it without the music playing.

We were not sponsored by this company, we simply purchased our own speaker from Amazon, here is an Amazon affiliate link in case you want to buy one: http://amzn.to/1YGMPBv

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Автор Backpack gaming ( назад)
I think I know how that works so it has the n a s they don't stay together and it just floats.

Автор Riley Balch ( назад)
It needs to be charged because it uses an electro-magnet which can turn on and off and uses electricity to emit a magnetic feild

Автор JocoLava Hunter ( назад)
What's the music

Автор Aryanna Guyette ( назад)
the south and south ends or the north and north ends both repel so that is what should be causing the levitation

Автор Nano Light ( назад)
you should make a giant invention out of all of broken skraps from your previes vids ps sorry for the gramer

Автор MinkyMooos ( назад)

Автор EXTREME GAMER ( назад)
I want to know whats inside a cat. LOL.

Автор Audrey Ruelas ( назад)
Do what's inside a lava lamp

Автор Sedok Hoakz ( назад)
pinche niño pendejo, like si te caga el morro

Автор Brooks Fox ( назад)
That is lit

Автор Michael vincent ( назад)
Cut open a magnet

Автор Anabelle Esguerra ( назад)
what is the song in 2:34

Автор Rodri Does More ( назад)
whats the song

Автор mike manguiat ( назад)
Try what's​ inside a power bank

Автор by.entty ( назад)
is there someone ho can give me the link to this music tracks → 2:20

Автор Sans the skeleton ( назад)
linkin UR so cool and funny!

Автор Nour Wael ( назад)
I like the last part " A Floating Elephant "

Автор Izzy IzzIzz ( назад)
can you do whats inside alexa

Автор Mathias Jodoin ( назад)
So cool

Автор Christian S. ( назад)
#dab #lincon

Автор Endergamer Wassup ( назад)

Автор bri mummert ( назад)
How does it float?!

Автор Madison Anderson ( назад)
Who else diged that mucic

Автор Sir Phqntom ( назад)
Can the hovering part squish your finger as it collides with the magnet? Or will it just repel and travel around your finger to get to the magnet?

Автор Cherry 2007 ( назад)
wow 2160p 4k

Автор XD super gamer CAT ( назад)
And I am subscribed to your channel and I liked and commented on you vids! :)

Автор XD super gamer CAT ( назад)
Hi nice vid but can you tell me all the songs you played please! :)

Автор Maelyn Makua ( назад)
I subscribed

Автор Brendon Stabel ( назад)
wats inside a flash light

Автор Harry Glenn ( назад)
what's inside a real cat I can't wait to see the blood and guts

Автор Dronzer Claw ( назад)
pretty awesome

Автор Showbizcoder760 Games and vlogs ( назад)
Does linken play chello

Автор Marco Bauer ( назад)
what is inside a battle bot toy

Автор Justin Argote ( назад)
Hahaha What?

Автор Cinccinno Chan ( назад)
What's inside JOHN CENA!?

Автор TheStrangestClayAiken ( назад)
When I saw the wasps nest I disliked. (Sick perverts, showing horrible crap on the Internet)

Автор Michael Cerbone ( назад)

Автор Michael Cerbone ( назад)
What's inside your house? How about you go do like a scavenger hunt near your house for an Easter special

Автор Michael Cerbone ( назад)
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Автор Michael Cerbone ( назад)
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Автор jim raimondi ( назад)
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Автор Elite Toxic Monkey Gamer ( назад)
What's Inside? What music do you use, the one wothout the singing?

Автор Jacob Welch ( назад)

Автор Prank Boss ( назад)
That is a dron charger

Автор CrosscutFox ( назад)
Could yall do what's inside a banana tree?

Автор Overkill Gaming ( назад)
It's plugged in because it uses electro magnets

Автор Caleb Alvarado ( назад)
Could you cut a computer

Автор Jace Jenkins ( назад)
looks like something out of ghost busters

Автор Raegan Hanson ( назад)
I want you to do What's inside a V.R. P.S I 💘 your video's

Автор edward tan ( назад)
how about try whats inside a handcuff!!

Автор RoboCreeper Craft ( назад)
Its magic

Автор 박채영 ( назад)

Автор Orange koala bro ( назад)
Electromagnets is how it works and electromagnets can be stronger than magnets in certain cases

Автор Blood Scorpion Edward ( назад)
What's inside you💩💍👓☠️😇😂

Автор Bryce Edwards ( назад)
that is nice

Автор Paulie Estep ( назад)
you love my bluetooth  speaker

Автор Priscilla Mosley ( назад)
What in side a iPhone 7

Автор Diego Otero ( назад)

Автор awesome projects ( назад)
whats the name of that music

Автор William Crew ( назад)
Do a what's inside a apple phone

Автор Joeburglar Coolkid ( назад)
whats inside a a hole

Автор JustHaveJustice ( назад)
ya know u can just get a magnet and put the bottom side up and the top side down

Автор AMazer DAzer ( назад)
so kol !!!

Автор Harry Woodward ( назад)

Автор carlos777gamer 2 ( назад)
wow magic

Автор Blanca Mack ( назад)
look up tranquility pod plzzz

Автор Blanca Mack ( назад)
What's inside tranquility pod plzzzz😭😭😭😭❤❤❤❤❤

Автор Blanca Mack ( назад)
what's inside Jordan shoes

Автор Blanca Mack ( назад)
what's inside iphone8

Автор Blanca Mack ( назад)
what's inside otter box case

Автор DARREN clements ( назад)
Void ur right :)

Автор The Diamond Diety ( назад)
I can explain why this happens.
There are things called positrons and neutrons. They are what we call static. Now, the neutrons, when too close to each other, repel, causing the speaker to float.
Just had to explain.. sorry for being a nerd

Автор Codybelle07 Wilson ( назад)
R.i.p levitating speaker 😭

Автор gaming with Andrew ( назад)
its a electric powered magnet

Автор Mazol Abnov ( назад)
you guys are amazing

Автор Clifford Geiger ( назад)
Got a question...what did you do with the electronics for the bluetooth speaker? Would you be willing to get rid of it? Reason I'm asking is, I like to recreate different kinds of speakers that use BT electronics and see what I can come up with. I normally don't do this, but here's my cell phone #, 989-808-4226. Please 📞 me and let me know if you will get rid of it and send it to me. Thanks! Awesome vids by the way!

Автор Trang Nguyen ( назад)
I clicked on this video because I was thinking of the Levitation Charm: Wingardium Leviosa.

Автор Mike's Corner ( назад)
can I ask what music you used?

Автор Jak dat Boi ( назад)
4:30 that made me jump like if you jumped to

Автор Pugs and Cookies ( назад)
What's inside a Car (Not go in then ta da cut it open with something) LIKE IF YOU AGREE!!

Автор Ayano Aishi ( назад)
What grade is linkon in (sorry if I spelled it wrong idk how to spell his name)

Автор E.N.D. ( назад)
Which song did they play?

Автор the mystical umbreon ( назад)
its a electro magnet i learned about electro magnets when i was 7 and im 11

Автор Regular Cheetos ( назад)

Автор daniela Mendez ( назад)
the levitating speaker is soooo exspentsive i mean $100.00 $58.87 $173.84 and $99.99 come on why do it have to be so exspentsive

Автор Lepro TwirlyBobcat468 ( назад)
I jumped at 4:30

Автор Fuzzy Creepers ( назад)
Is it a magnet to make it fly

Автор The Rock Star Boys ( назад)
it's an electro magnet

Автор Clorox Bleach ( назад)
Hey I have a video suggestion, What's inside a Levitating Speaker? Like if you think he should do this!

Автор 타코야끼 ( назад)
Oh... it's scary

Автор SULEIDY LEDESMA ( назад)
that is amazing and awesome

Автор twilight sparkle ( назад)
Stop it dude its not Cool

Автор Shopkins Freak ( назад)
So can you do it for her:)

Автор Shopkins Freak ( назад)
Not she wants to dait him so she can cut him open

Автор Shopkins Freak ( назад)
Cut open a ken doll my friend told me to do this I think she likes ken

Автор HotChocoLahte ( назад)

Автор Dilan Stanford ( назад)
That looks ugly AF

Автор Thomas McGehee ( назад)
What's the name of the song at 2:23

Автор SPEAKER TECH ( назад)

Автор KorraThe Inmortal ( назад)
do whats inside the levitating cup like if you agree

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