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  • Published on Jul 1, 2018
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  • Brian St. James
    Brian St. James 4 days ago

    When thanos did the snap... Did he bring back the emperor from star wars.

  • euroovca25
    euroovca25 4 days ago

    absolute joke would have been "no signal" on the beeping pager :D

  • criuth
    criuth 5 days ago

    Hate unoriginal content stealers. Go eat a dick.

  • Liam Malde
    Liam Malde 5 days ago

    You guys now that dead pool and loki will us

  • Emily Bailey
    Emily Bailey 5 days ago

    Can u imagine if we lost 😭😭😭😭

  • Anderson Dalmeus
    Anderson Dalmeus 5 days ago

    Tony stark: and here is to a couple of tag alongs"
    Superman " *I'm literally the first superhero* "

  • Mark Lucus M
    Mark Lucus M 5 days ago

    I’ve realised that Spider-Man and griot are the only ones who have coke and the others have beer or something

  • Secret Sauce
    Secret Sauce 6 days ago

    Why does vision have beer

  • Abigail Nagorski
    Abigail Nagorski 7 days ago

    Banner : “ heh, remember when black widow made me believe we had a future together?”
    Me: 😕 what?

  • Alex DG03
    Alex DG03 8 days ago

    1:07 OMG this made me so happy

  • Robert
    Robert 8 days ago

    6:27 wokanda forever…

  • Gustav Rossouw
    Gustav Rossouw 8 days ago

    "Sponcered by Lexus". Funny AF, cauz I work for Lexus😁

  • Andrew Marcelo
    Andrew Marcelo 10 days ago

    Wait he snapped two times so he destroyed the whole universe?

  • holly larson
    holly larson 10 days ago

    0:22 banana

  • Mar
    Mar 11 days ago


  • dipper pines
    dipper pines 11 days ago +2

    13:35 joker I don- I don't feel so good- I dont wanna go. I don't wanna go. Stab

  • abdullah choudhary
    abdullah choudhary 12 days ago +1

    10:29 lol beers to the greatest team in the universe

  • Jmil Lol
    Jmil Lol 12 days ago

    He snapped twice which means he killed 100 percent of the universe which means deadpool is dead to.

    • Death
      Death 6 days ago

      you seem to misunderstand the function of the gauntlet. It could wipe out the universe but only at the will of the user. that and the fact that even if he willed the death of half of the universe, then it would mean it wiped out another half of a half, leaving only a quarter of the original amount of life left, not none.

  • The Poyo Boyo
    The Poyo Boyo 13 days ago

    They totally killed black panther

  • Nicolas Villamil
    Nicolas Villamil 13 days ago

    Bucky cheese xDD

  • Dai 大
    Dai 大 14 days ago +2

    Hey! Here is a thought.. why don't you make your own content?

    KING WILLY 15 days ago

    YES! WONG!

  • RainbowSkittlepuke
    RainbowSkittlepuke 17 days ago +9

    "There not gonna kill black panther that would be commercial suicide!"
    -Deadpool 2018-2018
    You were wrong very wrong

  • Omkar Dani
    Omkar Dani 17 days ago


  • Dark Pit
    Dark Pit 18 days ago +11

    Star Lord: Where is Gamora?
    Stark: I'll do you one better. Who is Gamora?
    Drax: I'll do you one better. Why is Gamora?
    Me: I'll do you one better. 9:40
    There is Gamora!

  • Travis Glaspy
    Travis Glaspy 18 days ago

    Dude! This is freaking GOLD! Where the hell has this been! I'm watching every freaking video u guys have. I laughed so hard the people at work thought I was a crazy b******'s

  • XxAnimal_lover xX
    XxAnimal_lover xX 19 days ago


  • Xsavage Uchiha
    Xsavage Uchiha 19 days ago

    Of course Loki is not sad

  • Xsavage Uchiha
    Xsavage Uchiha 19 days ago

    You k ow what’s funny he said the doctor fixed his hammer

  • Lassie Peep
    Lassie Peep 19 days ago

    10:35 I died xD
    Tony: 'And to a couple of tag-alongs. Who were pretty awesome as well.'
    Batman: 'Wait, are you talking about us?'
    Superman: 'I'm not a tag-along, I was here first!'
    Batman: 'Yeah, if anything, you guys are all MY third wheel. Do you know why?'
    Batman: 'He he. That's right. Because I'm Batman.'
    Groot: 'I am Groot'
    Batman: 'I am Batman.'
    Groot: '...'
    Video game: *video game noises*
    Batman: 'Wow, I really thought that was gonna come back to me'
    Rocket: 'He's a teenager! He doesn't care about anything right now!'
    Batman: 'Well, I guess I win then. Because I'm Batman.'
    Cap.: 'I am Steve Rogers'
    Batman: 'Dang it!'
    Superman: 'PLEASE STOP O_O'

  • magdalene adjei
    magdalene adjei 19 days ago +2

    The black panther parts were perfect...

    And "hear me..."

  • zinedine aksar
    zinedine aksar 19 days ago

    Hela the God of falling

  • zinedine aksar
    zinedine aksar 19 days ago

    Son of a

  • Allan Koia
    Allan Koia 20 days ago


  • zinedine aksar
    zinedine aksar 20 days ago

    Shit loki I'm going to kill you 🔪🔪🔪🔪🔪🔪🔪🔪🔪🔪💣💣💣💣💣💣💣💣💣💣💣💣💣

  • TheLastViper
    TheLastViper 21 day ago

    does anyone see that thanos doesn't have his stones on the infinity gauntlet at the time stamp 5:19

  • martinus geerman
    martinus geerman 21 day ago

    The voices!! They sound the same as the mcu actors😱

  • ted rebel
    ted rebel 21 day ago

    wait a second.... is deadpool even snappable?

  • daniel krolikowski
    daniel krolikowski 21 day ago


  • Jennifer Johnson
    Jennifer Johnson 21 day ago

    Joker i dont feel so good

  • Jennifer Johnson
    Jennifer Johnson 21 day ago

    Batman:IM BATMAN
    Groot:i am groot
    Yondu:im Mary poppins yal
    Captain America: im steve rogers

    • Jennifer Johnson
      Jennifer Johnson 19 days ago

      +Avery Nice how could i forget him editing it now Lol

    • Avery Nice
      Avery Nice 19 days ago +1

      Yondu: I'm Mary popins yo

  • Jennifer Johnson
    Jennifer Johnson 21 day ago

    F in the chat for veronica the hammer

  • Peter Nitzer
    Peter Nitzer 21 day ago +3

    Deadpool kills marvel... classic =)

  • Dillon Florence
    Dillon Florence 21 day ago +1

    Is it bad that i was waiting for one of the villains to die like Spider-Man

  • Daniel Mansur
    Daniel Mansur 21 day ago

    0:45 fangirl Death

  • Dark salamander
    Dark salamander 22 days ago

    11:50 laughter intensifies

  • Paolo Guy
    Paolo Guy 23 days ago +1

    poor villains....

  • alfred wilsbury
    alfred wilsbury 25 days ago

    "i'm not poor" XD

  • P
    P 29 days ago

    that ending though

  • Marc Lupinacci Jr
    Marc Lupinacci Jr 29 days ago

    how was him not throwing the chair off the cliff for the soul stone not in this

  • tuskie the walrus
    tuskie the walrus 29 days ago


  • Expert
    Expert 29 days ago +11

    Rocket with Bucky's arm was the best part, no questions.

  • Leo Koost
    Leo Koost Month ago

    lol this is great

  • Phi Hoang
    Phi Hoang Month ago

  • lenny Blunden
    lenny Blunden Month ago

    So good!!!!👍👍👍👍

  • -Lightning Will-
    -Lightning Will- Month ago +3

    Dr strange has to have his friend in and say "don't underestimate my wong"

  • Justin Kador
    Justin Kador Month ago

    just realized something:unless they are willing to make a huge continiuty error avengers endgame hishe can not exist like i u agree

  • SpectreGames
    SpectreGames Month ago +6

    Voldemort starts to hug Joker as he fades
    Me: I knew Joker and Voldemort were---
    Joker stabs Voldemort

    • AlexSDU
      AlexSDU 9 days ago

      Once a bad guy, always a bad guys.
      For some reason I gotta feeling that he gonna stab him in the back, before he did stabbed him in the back.

  • ColtonJ Dutton
    ColtonJ Dutton Month ago

    Shut up

  • IceVeins
    IceVeins Month ago +3

    A Doctor fixing a hammer? Whats next a Lawyer unclogging my sink?

  • mr. Kaioken
    mr. Kaioken Month ago

    you dont know kluang man so power full than ever

  • Zac Hall
    Zac Hall Month ago

    Siri didn’t no how to get to wakanda...... lol😂😂😂

  • jay lawson
    jay lawson Month ago

    Accept for Stan Lee

  • Russ Ny
    Russ Ny Month ago

    this is hilarious!!!

  • Javed Khan
    Javed Khan Month ago +2

    Perfect backstab timing

  • Carl Clark
    Carl Clark Month ago +1

    i like how they all have beer bu spideramna has coke

  • V J
    V J Month ago +6

    So End Game without Cap Marvel? A long gone dream in 2019, funny if Thor is they key to the win.

  • Owen Dillon
    Owen Dillon Month ago

    Stealing hishes content nice

  • Salty Sause
    Salty Sause Month ago

    2:11 ICE GIANT

  • Simon Willis
    Simon Willis Month ago

    Well done 🤣👍

  • Jackson Lirette
    Jackson Lirette Month ago

    I'M BATMAN!!

  • MelikoYT
    MelikoYT Month ago

    Yes! *Wong.*

  • HaruKanae
    HaruKanae Month ago

    Deadpool the anti-hero

  • Makkedah Normeng
    Makkedah Normeng Month ago

    Coolest animation ever☃️🌨☃️🌨☃️🌨☃️🌨☃️🌨☃️🌨☃️🌨☃️

  • guy tremblay
    guy tremblay Month ago

    this is pretty much what star wars looked like when Disney put their stinking paws on it

  • Ender Hero
    Ender Hero Month ago

    I thought Palpatine would call Vader, or the Jedi :|

  • Anime heatbeat 05
    Anime heatbeat 05 Month ago

    Where is dead pool when u need him in the endgame

  • Thabang Rashi
    Thabang Rashi Month ago


  • White Tiger
    White Tiger Month ago

    10:19 Natasha😂🤣😂😂

  • Tiagov Kin
    Tiagov Kin Month ago +1

    please Please make a part 2 to the infinity war cafe

  • Tiagov Kin
    Tiagov Kin Month ago

    Please PLEASE make a part 2

  • petebec9
    petebec9 Month ago

    the predator

  • Zach Field
    Zach Field Month ago

    Loki sounds kind like orochimaru

  • Atli Guðmundsson
    Atli Guðmundsson Month ago +2

    How is vision alive when Thor has the mind stone ? . . .

  • Swaggy1D Swaggy
    Swaggy1D Swaggy Month ago

    The Martha thing gave me nightmares

  • Mr. Kaboom
    Mr. Kaboom Month ago

    OMG!!!! Obi wan kenobi

  • Jinkees Turner
    Jinkees Turner 2 months ago

    MY NEW FIX!!

  • Andre jurgenson
    Andre jurgenson 2 months ago


  • Gaming Blobfish
    Gaming Blobfish 2 months ago

    Stop advertising other people’s work

  • Saar Amzaleg
    Saar Amzaleg 2 months ago

    13:18 no no no!... subtitles: yeah yeah yeah dude

  • alexo88buc
    alexo88buc 2 months ago +3

    just one thing,but very important,Tony Stark is more funnier then here,plus he's being sarcastic all the time,that's what i like at he's speech

  • Budget Studios
    Budget Studios 2 months ago

    The ending was more epic than the real one...Deadpool!

  • Foxes_and_other_friends_YT Game play roblox

    Thor is president becasue he is our new ruler

  • buder5
    buder5 2 months ago

    5:17 remind me of the simpson episode with AI smart house nobody else think that ? xD

  • getmyswaggeron
    getmyswaggeron 2 months ago


  • Haydal Shukeri
    Haydal Shukeri 2 months ago

    Because I am batman!!!!!

  • Prior2Popular
    Prior2Popular 2 months ago


  • Cristi Dobrin
    Cristi Dobrin 2 months ago

    Best beginning ever

  • Nobody!
    Nobody! 2 months ago

    omg the simba refference!

  • Janette Hernandez
    Janette Hernandez 2 months ago

    LoL! 😂