Jon Snow reunites with Ghost - The Final Episode

  • Published on May 20, 2019
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  • mariana
    mariana 6 months ago +1

    ghost is the goodest boi

  • Ann Warman
    Ann Warman 6 months ago +1

    I dropped a couple of tears at the sight of the grief-stricken dragon And I dropped a tear or two at Ghost finally getting his pats. While this season certainly had some flaws (Episode 3 and 4 short), I actually liked the ending. After all the massacre, burning and mayhem a low key finale was appropriate. The characters had had enough of fighting and just wanted to move on. I think everyone got what they wanted, really in terms of where they were going from there. I really like Tyrion and have from the beginning so am glad he wasn't killed.

  • Shana Jackson
    Shana Jackson 6 months ago +4

    This was the best scene in the whole episode possibly the whole season.

  • Arm Ore
    Arm Ore 6 months ago +4

    And then Arya became the wolf queen of Tamriel .. The land west of Westeros

    GOKUL S 6 months ago +4 Epic Saga.. Jon You will
    always Be The True King In Some..
    Jon Knew Nothing But He Did Everything A King Could
    Do and Should Do... Managed To Save The Free Folks From White
    Walkers... Even Died For lt... Brought Daneyris and Her
    Army Against The White Walkers Knowing They Were
    The Biggest Threat For All Living Beings.. Even tried to convince the people
    who killed his father to fight for him to protect the
    realm.. Gave up his titles for that...
    Rhaegar Fought Valiantly Rhaegar Fought Nobley.. And Rhaegar Died... So Did Jon..
    He was a True King... not Like Bran and Sansa! He Saw The Bigger Picture For Giving Up His Titles... Oh Just Com On Mann.. He was Worthy as a Character also... What Did ever Bran Do? Saw Visions Ok... did He Help Make a plan? NO? Saw the Past Told To Jon Messed Up His Brain and Boom King..
    But Still Jon and Ghost Mann... Thats A Bond..
    Knowing lt isnt safe
    Left Ghost With Tormund..Jon Nd Ghost Forever.. True
    King... Not To Mention Lady Mormont...

  • Kool-Aid Man
    Kool-Aid Man 6 months ago

    The pat that was promised!

  • Jessie Swaby
    Jessie Swaby 6 months ago +2

    I'm happy that Jon reunited with Ghost, and Sansa became queen and Arya is travelling but I am disappointed that Jon didn't become king but he should have stayed at Winterfell. At least he's with the wildlings and Tormund. But I'm so mad that no one stood up for Jon, I wish Tyrion and Grey Worm along with the Dothraki had died.

  • Luigi Antonelli
    Luigi Antonelli 6 months ago +1

    I didn't like the last two seasons, but I will miss Game of Thrones... This scene makes me cry... Thank you George R.R. Martin, thank you D&D (seasons 1-6), fuck off D&D (season 7-8).

  • Edward snowden
    Edward snowden 6 months ago +1

    Lol writers did an amazing job, fuck all the degenerates who are only capable of watching the kardashians

  • Sake 96
    Sake 96 6 months ago

    No sound. Fck off

  • Stannis The Mannis
    Stannis The Mannis 6 months ago

    Why the fuck are my eyes lubricating.

  • Omega1867
    Omega1867 6 months ago +19

    Jon is a Stark again and Ghost is such a good boy and finally got the pets he deserved and earned.
    He never wanted the power joined with the Targaryen name.

  • Tomas Z
    Tomas Z 6 months ago +9

    Only moment in the episode I cried.

  • Lavar's Balls
    Lavar's Balls 6 months ago +3

    Not the pat he deserved but the pat that he needed

  • José Duarte Miranda
    José Duarte Miranda 6 months ago +4

    Will there be atonement and a U.N. resolution/Treaty of Versailles to correct the dispossession of the "Free People's" ancestral lands? Or is the implication with the Wolf/dog that Jon Snow has 5 dogs because he can't really relate to people?

  • pingufromindia
    pingufromindia 6 months ago

    Who rebuild the wall? Didn't viserion burn it down?

  • pingufromindia
    pingufromindia 6 months ago +3

    Why did the unsullied kept him prisoner instead of executing him immediately?

    • wayne47able
      wayne47able 6 months ago

      Alive Prime he was going to do it but he didn’t get the chance

    • Alive Prime
      Alive Prime 6 months ago

      wayne47able Varys sent out word as soon as he knew buddy

    • wayne47able
      wayne47able 6 months ago

      Miles Lo Nobody knows that Jon is a Targaryen. Only Sansa Arya, and Tyrion at this point

    • pingufromindia
      pingufromindia 6 months ago

      @P Ear someone must have guided greyworm to these diplomatic things

    • Miles Lo
      Miles Lo 6 months ago +1

      Because the North and other alliance already know about John as Aegon and have gathered troops for another battle if John is to be beheaded.

  • molshaus
    molshaus 6 months ago +35

    Jon reuniting with Ghost was pretty much the only thing l liked about this episode.

    • Cody Bennett
      Cody Bennett 6 months ago

      I loved pretty much everything about this episode. Great finale.

  • Ryan Gatheright
    Ryan Gatheright 6 months ago +10

    “ So, I held the door.. for .... this?!?!” -Hodor

  • Stephen Huckleberry
    Stephen Huckleberry 6 months ago +21

    Jon got resurrected for the pat that was promised!

  • slackersed
    slackersed 6 months ago

    Good for Sansa I guess I mean at least somebody came out on top with all this shit. And all those whining about ghost can finally stfu too.

  • Jack Dough
    Jack Dough 6 months ago +8

    Lol people in the comment thinking they earned a happy ending this game of thrones u imbecile

    • Lachlan
      Lachlan 6 months ago +1

      We earned a good ending.

  • My Everythinq
    My Everythinq 6 months ago +44

    he protecc
    he attacc
    but most importantly

    he get a pet on the bacc

  • Purple-Eyes Grey Dragon
    Purple-Eyes Grey Dragon 6 months ago +13

    Well that makes the ending a little better😊. Jon actually gives Ghost some love and pets, and Ghost gives him a kiss.

  • Clownan around
    Clownan around 6 months ago +39

    He's a Freeman . never wanted to be king. Queen slayer

    • Omega1867
      Omega1867 6 months ago

      Al Yu well obviously from a storyline standpoint, he isn’t CGI.

    • Al Yu
      Al Yu 6 months ago

      @Omega1867 even cgi creature knew

    • Omega1867
      Omega1867 6 months ago +5

      He’ll hold that ‘title’ now but he saved Daenerys from becoming the very thing she fought against for so long and even Drogon knew it.

  • MrTgbear
    MrTgbear 6 months ago +23

    After following Jon for eight seasons. Building him up as not a bastard but rightful ruler of the iron throne and then making him an unknown roamer at the end, is not satisfying!

    • unit
      unit 6 months ago

      @JR The 2nd when bran dies, Jon will be the next ruler because I can see this happening in the books.

    • JR The 2nd
      JR The 2nd 6 months ago

      @unit Nah, people hated Jaime. Westeros looks at Jon as a hero now.

    • JR The 2nd
      JR The 2nd 6 months ago

      @saumil padwal Bran didn't want it either...Bran literally said he wanted nothing. But I guess the writers forgot that.

    • JR The 2nd
      JR The 2nd 6 months ago

      @saumil padwal I don't blame Gray Worm...where did you see me blame Gray Worm? Everyone who knew Jon's secret let him down here. He's the rightful King of Westeros, and the armies of Westeros should have ripped the Unsullied apart. Sansa was ready to go, but that was more about Jon being her family than anything else. Tyrion is to blame. He forced Jon into this situation, and then completely forgot who Jon was when it was time to press his claim to the throne. Bad writing all around.

    • unit
      unit 6 months ago +1

      @JR The 2nd hes the next jaime now

  • Christine Carreiro
    Christine Carreiro 6 months ago +2

    its not a ending, more to come a least it didn't go dark

  • Daenerys T.
    Daenerys T. 6 months ago +7

    Not gonna lie.. I know Daenerys did some terrible things... but I friggin hate Jon..

    • Edward snowden
      Edward snowden 6 months ago +2

      Lol writers did an amazing job, fuck all the degenerates who are only capable of watching the kardashians

    • Evy
      Evy 6 months ago +2

      Dany was mistreated by the writers and because of that Jon had no choice but to kill her. If not him, it would have been someone else eventually. But the blame lay with the writers, not Jon. After what she did there was no doubt that she had to die. What a shame what they did to her character.

    • Daenerys T.
      Daenerys T. 6 months ago +1

      @RetroCNY Dany did deserve so much more.. I wish the writers would've taken the 2 more seasons. Which they had the choice to do.. it all just seemed so rushed.. I knew it wasn't going to happen, but I really wanted her to sit on the iron throne.. to watch this character grow from season 1.. and now this.. it breaks my heart to feel so much disappointment. I'm still going to be angry at Jon for a while.. he killed Dany.. and for going back to where it all began. It just makes me so angry, and over a show..

    • RetroCNY
      RetroCNY 6 months ago +11

      Terrible things is a bit of an understatement and an attempt to sort of sweep her actions under the rug in a way. She made her choice. The city had fallen, it had surrendered, she could've stormed off to the red keep and executed cersei immediately but she chose to burn it all to the ground out of pure anger. She butchered women and children. Hundreds of thousands of innocents. That was more than her "mad king" father ever got to do. I liked Dany as a character, a lot. Truly. But there was no justification for what she did and that was a true glimpse of what she'd do with all that power and Drogon. You heard her say she will liberate all the other kingdoms just like she did King's Landing. That means the North. She even explicitly states Winterfell. From north to south, all the 7 kingdoms. Sansa was not going to let Dany have dominion over the north, ever. In the north's eyes, Dany helped them win the great war but in return, the northern armies helped Dany sack king's landing. They were square. Power changed Dany. The more power she's gotten, the more cities she's liberated(even for good reasons), the more cynical, arrogant and remorseless she grew.
      Jon had no choice and I think it was painfully clear that he didn't want to do it and wasn't going to do it on Tyrion's word alone. He had to hear it straight from her mouth. She had ZERO remorse over what she had just done. She hadn't even seen the carnage left in her wake because she was too enthralled with her power grab. That other people won't have any choice under their rule. He was thinking of the family that raised him in that moment and he knew they'd never be safe. And that goes for Jon as well. Even though Dany loved Jon, how long do you think she would've let him live if he started disagreeing with her methods? As long as he lived, he would be a direct threat to her and her false claim. I hated how they ended Jon's story more than anything else, even though he got to go back with Tormund and ghost. He deserved so much more. Dany did too. What about his lineage? What did all the R+L=J crap even mean in the end? In the end, I think season 8 was a massive let-down and this series could've ended in 100 different ways that all could've been executed better. Why does Bran end up being king when he specifically states he cannot be lord of winterfell, or lord of anything? Then he shows up and just accepts immediately? "Why did you think I came all this way? Wink wink." It truly feels like this last season threw out all the small details from all the prior seasons because many of them directly contradict things that occur in this final season.
      If you would've asked me if I'd be disappointed with how this series would end back during Season 3 for example, I would've said not a chance based on some of the incredible writing I was seeing. Shame really. Still one of the best TV series of all time, but it's legacy will be remembered for season 8's mis-calculations above all else which is a real shame.

  • E d
    E d 6 months ago +82

    Ghost finally got the pet he deserves. Such a good boi

  • Keldrick Pritchett
    Keldrick Pritchett 6 months ago +17

    8 years ago I started watching game of thrones didn't read any books didn't know anything about it and they fell in love with the show and the last episode we know you wasn't going to get everything you wanted but to be back on the goddamn wall man come on man so sad for one of the greatest TV shows of all time to end like this

    • saumil padwal
      saumil padwal 6 months ago +1

      Keldrick Pritchett lol if he decides to go back south, who the hell will try to kill him? Grey worm is already gone to Naath

    • belias360
      belias360 6 months ago +4

      @Keldrick Pritchett What did you want to happen and would it actually respect what the characters themselves said they wanted multiple times?

      BOOSKIE 6 months ago +6

      Keldrick Pritchett I’m not going to argue with trolls grrm will end the books the same way he gave DD the outline for the ending and wrote himself into a corner yes he will change a lot of things in between other characters will die but this is the ending what were you expecting dany or night king to win yea those also would have been good but there was enough suffering in the series to warrant a good ending for Westeros

    • Keldrick Pritchett
      Keldrick Pritchett 6 months ago

      So you happy with what happened at the end I knew everybody wasn't going to get what they want but the ending was bad

      BOOSKIE 6 months ago +8

      He’s not on the wall dude goddamn we’re y’all even watching the show he left with the free folk and tormund he’s free that’s why bran sent him to the nights watch greyworm can’t do shit to stop him anyways lol

  • VYM ultra
    VYM ultra 6 months ago

    This its worst than fucking #lost, its garbage.

  • che78
    che78 6 months ago +24

    not a happy ending , worst finale

    • wubba lubba
      wubba lubba 6 months ago

      go watch disney movies if u want happy endings but you're right, worst finale.

    • Juno Ackermann
      Juno Ackermann 6 months ago +3

      Did you really expect a happy ending? Wtf is wrong with you 😂

    • unit
      unit 6 months ago +4

      Shit you are retarded

  • Amanda Costa
    Amanda Costa 6 months ago +8

    It was beautiful! Happy for both ☺

  • X_thaSicKNess_X
    X_thaSicKNess_X 6 months ago +87

    Well at least he petted the wolf this time

    • TheLumberjack
      TheLumberjack  6 months ago

      Hahaha yep

    • Tobes
      Tobes 6 months ago +9

      You know it’s a bad finale when we are praising the small things like that. I mean I’m happy that he ended up petting ghost as well. But it is utterly ridiculous everything that happened in this episode