Nuclear Energy Explained: How does it work? 1/3

  • Published on Mar 26, 2015
  • Nuclear Energy Explained: How does it work?
    Nuclear Energy is a controversial subject. The pro- and anti-nuclear lobbies fight furiously, and it's difficult to decide who is right. So we're trying to clear up the issue - in this video we discuss how we got to where we are today, as the basis for discussion. Next week we'll be looking at the arguments for and against nuclear power in detail.
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    Nuclear Energy Explained: How does it work?
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    • LODATI
      LODATI 4 months ago

      I love these videos!!

    • Joshua Lo
      Joshua Lo 5 months ago

      Yay ok

    • Makayla Goldman
      Makayla Goldman 5 months ago

      Is there a way that you ( Kurzgesagst) could say where you get your sources? Im asking for a sociology project that I am doing

    • faded fella
      faded fella 6 months ago +1

      Can you guys talk to Netflix, have them hire you as a studio contractor so they can give you funding but only Kurzgesagt has control of production. Netflix would try enforce their own ideology and neoliberal agenda if you gave them control of you're great product and brand.

  • Zain Kirmani
    Zain Kirmani 2 hours ago

    This nuclear power had destroyed Chernobyl

  • Menos The Name
    Menos The Name 17 hours ago

    If a Nuclear Powerplant goes poff every 30 years, and the nuclei that comes out takes a long time for nature to take care of, how long would it take for earth to be 100% polluted with radioactivity? And 10%? I mean the landmass. Not the population.

  • Oğuzhan Bayrak
    Oğuzhan Bayrak Day ago

    how much anti nuclear lobbies pays to you ?

  • Har Saheb Singh
    Har Saheb Singh 5 days ago

    Nuclear energy is good because there is a reactor that powers it self

  • Sam Adegbola
    Sam Adegbola 12 days ago

    You should do teraforming

  • TimePhoenix
    TimePhoenix 13 days ago

    who else noticed a Tardis in the video

  • Lakshit Malik
    Lakshit Malik 14 days ago


  • Outskirts of Infinity
    Outskirts of Infinity 14 days ago

    Nuclear energy is the future. It’s safer then you think.

  • Cheesy Badmash
    Cheesy Badmash 14 days ago

    Fucking way of boiling water...

  • A_ 003
    A_ 003 15 days ago +1

    I hate all the misinformation about nuclear energy. It’s infinitely times better than coal/natural gas. No reason why we aren’t using it more.

  • // Aladz //
    // Aladz // 15 days ago +1

    very helpful maaaaaaan

  • Ashley DEROSS
    Ashley DEROSS 16 days ago

    you talk too much

  • Pz.Kpfw. Vl Tiger Ausf.E 1944

    Not great not terrible.

  • kokos wodofan
    kokos wodofan 21 day ago

    I love this tardis who is appearing in some episodes

  • Nathan Boyle
    Nathan Boyle 21 day ago

    So which video is part 2?

  • Rafael Benavidez
    Rafael Benavidez 22 days ago

    Still using outdated boil water, create steam turning turbines. So much waste.

    DEMON XD 24 days ago +1


    • Duncan
      Duncan 23 days ago

      Atomic is green energy. More green than solar.

  • Clara Mel B
    Clara Mel B 25 days ago

    I came here from watching a nuclear plant video in Congo (Kinshasa) 🇨🇩 haha

  • Souyuuri Mika
    Souyuuri Mika 25 days ago

    Here thanks to chernobyl (HBO TV show 2019)

  • Quý Đôn Nguyễn

    Do a video about Liquid floride thorium reactor , it didn't recieve enough attention

  • Vance Biondo
    Vance Biondo Month ago


  • Xtravagan 097d
    Xtravagan 097d Month ago +1

    I Have 1 Question

    Kurzgesagt Are U Love Ducks?

  • W Game
    W Game Month ago

    1:40 TARDIS?

  • Benjamin Dazey
    Benjamin Dazey Month ago

    Who came after seeing the SpellChek video?

  • Ellery L
    Ellery L Month ago

    Omg yess the tardus 1:44

  • proserfina21096
    proserfina21096 Month ago

    I want Kurzgesagt to do a Chernobyl 2019 HBO analysis.

  • Vincent7385
    Vincent7385 Month ago

    That’s WW2

  • Wils The Limit
    Wils The Limit Month ago +1

    The Government:We need a new clean energy supply or else we’re all dead!!!
    Me: How about Nuclear Energy?
    The Government: Yep, No possible solution what so ever!
    Me: Are you kidding me

  • diploma bookland
    diploma bookland Month ago

    Can you tell me what software do you use to make this video? Thank You!

  • Alejo Animations
    Alejo Animations Month ago

    La salle squad lol

  • aristides s
    aristides s Month ago

    Well now that i know how it works i dont need ya

  • Adam Hurrell
    Adam Hurrell Month ago

    So... What are the alternatives to a light-water reactor? And what are their pros and cons?

  • Mr Discognito
    Mr Discognito Month ago +1

    This is how to make a cup of tea

  • SmilingDude 4325
    SmilingDude 4325 Month ago +8

    Dyatlov: Now this looks like a good job for me..

    *reactor explodes.

  • Legoivan44321
    Legoivan44321 Month ago

    4:15 add some white stripes to that...

  • Bryan Bakkioui
    Bryan Bakkioui Month ago +1

    The RBMK reactor cannot explode. Why bother?

  • 라글
    라글 Month ago

    I think the nuclear waste doesn't matter so lot. It isn't most important drawback and problem of the nuclear power. Important problem is limited Uranium supplies for increasing energy consumption of mankind. mankind has to find new energy that unlimited and nonpolluting like Nuclear Fusion or highly efficient Solar Generator.

    • đeri662
      đeri662 Month ago

      Uranium mining is maybe a few percent of the LCOE for nuclear power plants. Even a fivefold or even tenfold increase in mining costs woulf be acceptable and for this price, there is probably much much more uranium.

  • Sam Reid
    Sam Reid Month ago

    1:43 is that the tardis??

  • Philly Boinkin
    Philly Boinkin Month ago

    if there was a zombie apocalypse or some other disaster that wiped out the government/ structure of society, the world would be screwed due to no one maintaining the 439 reactors worldwide. double apocalypse.

    • der Führer
      der Führer Month ago

      Every reactor has an emergency stop.

  • Miles Above
    Miles Above Month ago

    Unlike your diagram states there are no nuclear reactors in Australia. Either your researchers need to be sacked or your animators are being fed the wrong information. Not a very good learning channel.

  • tuấn duy
    tuấn duy Month ago

    No nuclear


    love the music

  • tsartomato
    tsartomato Month ago


  • Invictus
    Invictus Month ago

    The UN Security Council has decided to remove this video

  • badypinkprincess17
    badypinkprincess17 Month ago

    Facilities are expensive to build but easy to run I wish they would explain that a little more thoroughly

  • Igor Romano
    Igor Romano Month ago

    was this video meant for 1st grade guys?

  • Thomas Jefferson
    Thomas Jefferson 2 months ago

    Hey what's up with the old police box aka tardis. Did any doctor who fans catch on?

  • harsha ch
    harsha ch 2 months ago +2

    Some won't stop firing for over 50,000 years!

  • stonks
    stonks 2 months ago

    Nuclear energy helps the environment
    Chernobyl: *ArE YOu sUre ABOuT ThAT?!*

  • Kiran Govind
    Kiran Govind 2 months ago

    So it's an extremely toxic and dangerous steam engine?!?! Wholly crap humans are stupid

    • H3Vtux
      H3Vtux Month ago +1

      It's not toxic or dangerous if built OR run properly. Nuclear plants emit less radiation than coal plants and even less than some banana farms. It's not hard to contain ionizing radiation particles, you just have to build the right containment structures.
      Meanwhile a single gram of Uranium in a nuclear plant produce the same amount of energy as 1 million grams of coal, or thousands of solar panels.
      You use electricity, if you have a better solution to produce it go invent one. Solar, wind and geothermal just aren't going to cut it and coal is terrible for the atmoshpere.

  • Rituraj Sambherao
    Rituraj Sambherao 2 months ago +1

    Is it just me or you also noticed the TARDIS at 1:40 ?

  • Luke Shen
    Luke Shen 2 months ago +1

    Suddenly have a craving for iodine pills...

  • Pedro Tangerino
    Pedro Tangerino 2 months ago


  • 7mOoDeCrusher l محمد

    What saaaaabb bitchhhhaaas

  • Kunal Sawant
    Kunal Sawant 2 months ago +1

    Comrade Dyatlov dislikes this

  • Larry LIN
    Larry LIN 2 months ago +1


  • Youtube Veterinarian
    Youtube Veterinarian 2 months ago

    This man is clearly hysterical. Take him to the infirmary.

  • Márton Hűvösvölgyi
    Márton Hűvösvölgyi 2 months ago

    You didn't see grafit, because it isn't there!

  • Carpet Bomb
    Carpet Bomb 2 months ago

    So the fear of nuclear came from companies using bad nuclear energy plant builds? Seems like this could be avoided if companies were willing to spend risky

    • Maksym Siwecki
      Maksym Siwecki 2 months ago

      It;s all about money. They don't care for you. They don't care for this world. Clean energy could be achieved easily, but there is no such high profit from it as from fossil fuels, which will destroy us. But who cares? They just want more money, even if they won't be able to spend them, because they will die.

  • Jed Miller
    Jed Miller 2 months ago +5

    All the "I watched an HBO Miniseries that Fictionalized Nuclear Power and was riddled with scientific inaccuracies" goof balls are running wild.
    If you're a nuclear engineer, operator, or at the very least a physicist, it pains to see these people talk.
    It also is painful to watch videos from wonderful content creators on a complicated subject that don't seem to have that great of a grip on nuclear power, or why it is so good, but I don't hold that against them. It's "expensive" because of fear-mongering and legislation. It's not actually *that* expensive when you can mass produce a standard model, like France and South Korea does.
    Also, LWRs, the way you described them, would constitute a lot of non LWRs. LWRs are unique in one major regard: the coolant and moderator are both regular water, and these designs are predominantly Pressurized Water Reactors (PWRs), some are BWRs (Boiling). It's also important to note that these designs are largely based on an inspired by naval reactor designs, as that is where reactor plants first started emerging, which is why modern reactor designs are trying to get away from that, because, obviously, we can accomplish more on land than in a submarine with more efficient designs. There are no size or area restrictions. The LWR/PWR design is really great for small reactor plants, but not the most optimal for large, commercial reactors, which is what 80ish% of the world's reactors are like.. they're Gen2 Reactor Plants. I will grant that the LWR is not the "safest or most elegant" reactor design, but I think putting it in that context is a but misleading. LWRs are VERY safe, and still statistically safer than any other power production platform, outside of other reactor plant designs. Technically, a lot of our Gen4 designs that will be in construction by the end of this coming decade are safer, more efficient, and considerably more complex than LWRs, or any other current operational reactor that we have.. but they're all still very safe, and their capacity factor, at least in the US, is very high. About 90%.
    I also think it is unfair to say that Three Mile Island "barely escaped" its catastrophe. The containment vessel, which is made of reinforced steel and several feet of concrete, did its job, and it wasn't even close to succumbing. This is a prominent difference between Chernobyl and TMI, or the Soviet Era reactors and the US. The RBMK-1000 would have never been licensed in the US, for a number of reasons, including the positive reactivity coefficient and the lack of a containment vessel. Some reinforced steel and concrete would have nullified everything that die. Also, regulations are much more strict in the US, and so is the safety atmosphere in general.
    The "radioactive cloud that threatened central Europe" is extremely hyperbolic. Europe was just fine. People fictionalize the extent of radiation or how much it increased the surrounding areas.
    Here's my question. Everyone, and I mean everyone, seems to know about Chernobyl or Fukushima. Movies, series, and RUclip videos will be dedicated to them regularly, including videos like this. Yet, how's come we never hear about the worst energy disaster? The Banqaio Dam Collapse in 1975 China killed 200,000+ people and displaced 11 million from their homes, and I sincerely doubt anyone really even knows about this, let alone will we see the media talking about it. Nothing comes close to this disaster, and its environmental impact and death toll is worse than every nuclear reactor plant in history, combined. Yet, hydroelectric power is still one of the safest forms of energy, just being nuclear. *It's an example of how unfairly it is treated, fictionalized, and sensationalized.*

    • H3Vtux
      H3Vtux Month ago

      It wasn't so much riddled with innaccuricies as it was oversimplifications. Worst part is that i noticed several times (particularly during legaslov's explanation) the show went out of it's way to emphasize that nuclear is actually very safe when using proper designs, or at least when run properly, but the only thing most people took away from it is "oh my goodness look at that guy in the hospital!!!!!!!! I'm emotional now and solar panels aren't scary sounding!!"
      I agree with everything else you said though.

    • Yorriz
      Yorriz 2 months ago +1

      yeah... that's not great, but not terrible

  • apao vergara
    apao vergara 2 months ago

    1:59 was that Dyatlov? 🧐

  • Anatoly Dyatlov
    Anatoly Dyatlov 2 months ago +4

    Amateurs. Ask me your questions comrades.

  • Balthazarr
    Balthazarr 2 months ago

    Ok and now I am here after Chernobyl

  • Mr MEMé
    Mr MEMé 2 months ago +2

    Why is the "Time And Relative Dimension In Space" in there/here ¿¿¿¿

  • Sheeshkebabz
    Sheeshkebabz 2 months ago

    Solar is the future.

  • Luna Grzan
    Luna Grzan 2 months ago +9

    you didn't see graphite on the ground because it's not there

    • Richtofen
      Richtofen Month ago

      Luna Grzan these people are delusional. RBMK reactors can’t explode,

  • The Geek Monster
    The Geek Monster 2 months ago

    "Directly threatened Central Europe". Way to play it down lol. How about "plant workers practically melted into puddles of bloody goo on the floor while hundreds of others died within weeks and thousands of others within months"?

  • The best minecrafter
    The best minecrafter 2 months ago +1

    Dr who 1:41

  • Tlot Pwist
    Tlot Pwist 2 months ago

    Hey, you're a sexy atom, wanna blow me?

  • Depsor122
    Depsor122 2 months ago

    Elundus Core monkaW

  • Psionic
    Psionic 2 months ago +8

    Take him to the infirmary ... He's delusional

  • Sohaib
    Sohaib 2 months ago

    Anyone wanting Chernobyl

  • wino0000006
    wino0000006 2 months ago

    3.6 Roentgens - not great, not terrible.

  • aleksander suur
    aleksander suur 2 months ago

    To the very best of my understanding, nuclear is the only way the world can stop burning fossil fuels. And it can be done properly and safely with existing reactor designs. Frankly the world needs to start building a whole lot more reactors in a hurry. Transportation is about to switch almost entirely to electric over next decade or two which will easily double electricity demand.