10 Animated Movie Villains Who Were Actually Right

  • Опубликовано: 23 сен 2017
  • When you really think about it, Syndrome really did have a point in The Incredibles. 10 Animated Movie Villains Who Were Actually Right! Subscribe to our channel: goo.gl/ho3Hg6
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    Animated villains are great. They give conflict for our heroes and watching their ludicrous plans out before us is always a treat. But what if those villains we always thought were evil were actually more in the right than we thought? Many villains are actually misunderstood and chastised by society, resulting in characters who can get a bit extreme. Take Hades for example, from Hercules. He ended up getting a really lame job despite him being a god. Everyone else gets to live on Olympus but Hades lives out his life in the underworld with the dead. Poor guy. Lotso from Toy Story 3 was just looking out for the other toys while Sid in the first film had no idea he was inflicting any harm. To him, the toys were just plastic. Plus his upbringing was definitely questionable. Syndrome from the Incredibles just wanted everyone to have superpowers after being shut down by the lead character while Maleficent just wanted to be included. Gaston from Beauty and the Beast actually just wanted to marry Belle and when she was taken, brought a mob together to get her back. Sure, he was a giant tool, but at least he wasn’t holding a girl against her will and throwing violent tantrums. Hook from Peter Pan was totally in the right if you think about it too, as he lost his hand to the boy who steals children from their home and brings them to Neverland. Ursula was exiled in the Little Mermaid and went full angry mode when her pet eels died. Understandable.
    Script by: Sean Gallagher
    Voice Over by: Ryan George
    Edited by: Rey Gueits
    Shere Khan | 0:34
    Sid | 1:41
    Ursula | 2:46
    The Hyenas | 3:50
    Hook | 4:50
    Maleficent | 5:51
    Hades | 6:55
    Syndrome | 8:00
    Lotso | 9:00
    Gaston | 10:02
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    • WolfenMoony
      WolfenMoony День назад +1

      But it is known that Ursula wanted to kill Ariel's father, who is actually her brother. And also her other brothers to be the queen of the sea. It's in the book.

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      The emoji's meant chicken run, it's a classic film in my family. By the way I love your videos they're just so cool! Very interesting too.

    • atlas gaming
      atlas gaming 14 дней назад

      Screen Rant you need to remake this list but include newer movies like infinity war thanos would get 1st I bet

    • Jean-Luc Martel
      Jean-Luc Martel 15 дней назад

      Do Gundam/Anime Villian!

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    Space chicken

  • Drschnarch
    Drschnarch 5 часов назад

    First of all: Great video.
    Second: These villains were not "right" (neither would I consider the heroes or anyone else), but they had reasons due to their environment or traumatic events in the past.
    Third: I agree with 8/10, except for Ursula (being sent away instead of imprisoning can also be seen as some kind of mercy) and Gaston (he is just arrogant and narcistic and resolves as last resort into manipulating other people into doing his work once he sees no other way to achieve only his personal desires).

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    Lotso's explanation could also be used for HITLER. Be careful...

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    The Red Jaguar 20 часов назад

    The kid didn’t replace lotzo the parents did and if anyone should be the real villain it’s the baby he didn’t get replaced

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    Now make a video about why the Paul brothers aren't the ass holes we see them as

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    1:34 Gay

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  • bubblequt
    bubblequt День назад

    From what I know, there are canon books explaining some of these villian's backstories. I believe there's one on Maleficent, Captain Hook, Ursula, and the Evil Queen.
    I only have the one on Maleficent, but yeah, there's actual books explaining everything.

  • Zachary Wahrheit
    Zachary Wahrheit День назад

    It's 'Chicken Little" :P

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    #1: Thanos from Fortnite

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    Emojis equals Chicken Run.

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  • Big Fat Cat
    Big Fat Cat 2 дня назад

    Sid wasn’t evil. He didn’t KNOW the toys were alive. He didn’t KNOW he was hurting them.

  • Dakota Dugger
    Dakota Dugger 2 дня назад

    Okay hold up... I was kinda with you up till about Hades not that I agreed but they were somewhat reasonable arguments... but yeah I have to call BS from there on. Sure Yes Syndrome did wanna give everyone gadgets to be like supers, but literally killing actual supers to pretend to be one... NO he wasn't right he was a sadistic ass. And Lotso lost his damn mind, wasn't sympathetic wasn't right, he just lost it when he got replaced. Gaston are you freaking kidding me?! No Gaston was an egotistical narcissist, he didn't fight to save the girl he wanted to marry he went to kill the beast after imprisoning Belle and her father, did you even watch the movie?! Disliked for sure.

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  • Lethal Pigeon
    Lethal Pigeon 2 дня назад

    A villian that tries to do what he believes is best? That'ss not called being "actually right", that's called a decently written villian.

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    Jonathan Gray 2 дня назад

    sorry late but chicken Little

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    "He cheats on Hera like everyday" ive never heard such a true phrase abour a character in my life

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    Chicken run lol... Was pretty obvious

  • Israel Hernandez
    Israel Hernandez 2 дня назад

    Ok syndrome tried to kill me incredible and his kids

  • Alexis Matthews
    Alexis Matthews 2 дня назад

    Yea but i do remember syndrome saying something close to "and with everyone super...no one will be".I took that as if he could control or kill everyone.

  • Norm
    Norm 2 дня назад

    Um.... So did the person who wrote the script for this Forget about all those poor unfortunate souls who couldn't pay the price and were living as creepy seaweed outside Ursula's door?

  • MrJRoberts0113
    MrJRoberts0113 2 дня назад

    Dude, Syndrome literally MURDERED ever Super he could find. Villain.
    Maleficent may have had a history of doing evil before Sleepy Beauty started, we don't know.

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    The Emoji Movie is Chicken Run

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    Maleficent looks like thor s sister/hela. Dose anyone else she that?

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    Not necessarily right, but more like justified

    DEFALT 2 дня назад

    I was actually cheering for hook so.....yeah...maybe i just watch movies different

  • home less
    home less 2 дня назад

    maleficent was actually the fairy of the forest and a human cut her wings off and she turned against humans, she came to the castle and cursed the kings baby. you saying she was evil was simply cause she wasnt invited to that party is incorrect.

  • Reality & Animations
    Reality & Animations 2 дня назад

    This movie Emoji was easy this time it is Chicken Run my favorite movie

  • Shadae Smith
    Shadae Smith 2 дня назад

    In one of the toys story movies, when woody was accidentally put in a yard sale, the prospector wasn’t that much of a bad guy. The prospector was just tryin to survive and not be thrown away due to the fact that the museum wanted all the toys from woody’s round up.

  • Twinklesmelyros
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    Hades wins (Hades is my fave villain)

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    WHERE'S SCAR!!!!

  • LadyDeirdre
    LadyDeirdre 2 дня назад

    Um... Maleficent explicitly describes herself as "the Mistress of All Evil," and later says "now shall you deal with me, o prince, and all the powers of Hell!" She was obviously aware of learning of the event by her own means, and how could the royal couple send an invitation to the Forbidden Mountain?

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    "Syndrome meant well"

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  • Nicco Gador
    Nicco Gador 3 дня назад

    Syndrome wasnt rejected because he didnt have superpowers.. Mr. Incredibles wanted him to go coz he works alone. Syndrome only assumed that his rejection was due to his lack of superpowers, but i dont think that's the case..

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    GASTON ISNT VIOLENT OR ABUSIVE???????????????????!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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      Godeliva Chikass I swear these people don't even watch the freaking movie

  • Jason Bennett
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    Spotted Hyenas are not scavengers.

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    Question Time!
    Was the Bengal Tiger on the brink of extinction in 1967?

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    What about Scar from the Lion King!?

  • Rahul TRM
    Rahul TRM 3 дня назад

    I think Syndrome DOES have a power,he has the Power Of Super Intelligence,I mean if you were a child,would you be able to make rocket boots? Probably not,he needs a better superhero role in Incredibles 3 even though he died,there should be a twist where he lives and becomes a superhero,keep in mind that when he was a boy it was in the 1960's!

  • _ _
    _ _ 3 дня назад

    didnt syndrome kill a bunch of super heroes tho...?

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    Plus pan kills kids

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    6:41 So, like the tragic massacre shootings you see nowadays?

  • Zan Amon
    Zan Amon 4 дня назад

    The title for this vid should be ''why they become evil'' and not top villians who were right...... I think you are talking only about that they were misunderstood and evrybody disliked them...... So its a nice video just title is wrong.

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    Number one...

  • Stephsaguudefan
    Stephsaguudefan 4 дня назад

    One. In Peter Pan, I thought the crocodile took Hook's hand. Two. Syndrome may have had a somewhat generous idea, but he literally killed dozens of superheroes in the process just because he was once rejected by one. Three. Sentient is pronounced "sent-shent" NOT "sen-tee-ent"

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    With Maleficent, you're saying that because she was excluded from a party, it's the fault of the people hosting the party that her reaction was to go completely nuts and curse their daughter? We as a society are supposed to learn from this? Not that it's wrong to take a mild offense and use it as an excuse to ruin people's lives, but rather it's justified to have your life ruined if you mildly offend someone?
    How accurately this warped opinion reflects modern society is terrifying.

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    Reasonable motives, extreme methods. That's what most of this list boils down to.

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    A more accurate title "How 10 Disney Villians became Bad"

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  • david leca
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    In regarding maleficent its even worse if you consider fairy politics, and monarchs play favorites all the time nothing to do with fair, this was just a poor decision.
    Invite both light and dark fairies then no dramas no offence occured and your child is treasured by both.

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    @7:19 Bill?

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