10 Animated Movie Villains Who Were Actually Right

  • Опубликовано: 23 сен 2017
  • When you really think about it, Syndrome really did have a point in The Incredibles. 10 Animated Movie Villains Who Were Actually Right! Subscribe to our channel: goo.gl/ho3Hg6
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    Animated villains are great. They give conflict for our heroes and watching their ludicrous plans out before us is always a treat. But what if those villains we always thought were evil were actually more in the right than we thought? Many villains are actually misunderstood and chastised by society, resulting in characters who can get a bit extreme. Take Hades for example, from Hercules. He ended up getting a really lame job despite him being a god. Everyone else gets to live on Olympus but Hades lives out his life in the underworld with the dead. Poor guy. Lotso from Toy Story 3 was just looking out for the other toys while Sid in the first film had no idea he was inflicting any harm. To him, the toys were just plastic. Plus his upbringing was definitely questionable. Syndrome from the Incredibles just wanted everyone to have superpowers after being shut down by the lead character while Maleficent just wanted to be included. Gaston from Beauty and the Beast actually just wanted to marry Belle and when she was taken, brought a mob together to get her back. Sure, he was a giant tool, but at least he wasn’t holding a girl against her will and throwing violent tantrums. Hook from Peter Pan was totally in the right if you think about it too, as he lost his hand to the boy who steals children from their home and brings them to Neverland. Ursula was exiled in the Little Mermaid and went full angry mode when her pet eels died. Understandable.
    Script by: Sean Gallagher
    Voice Over by: Ryan George
    Edited by: Rey Gueits
    Shere Khan | 0:34
    Sid | 1:41
    Ursula | 2:46
    The Hyenas | 3:50
    Hook | 4:50
    Maleficent | 5:51
    Hades | 6:55
    Syndrome | 8:00
    Lotso | 9:00
    Gaston | 10:02
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  • Screen Rant
    Screen Rant  8 месяцев назад +265

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    • Unfamiliar Gamer
      Unfamiliar Gamer 29 дней назад

      You love yourself

    • W Samuel Smith Smith
      W Samuel Smith Smith Месяц назад

      Darth Vader because he wanted to save padma because he loved her and Coulter palatinate lied to him driving he evil.

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    • WolfenMoony
      WolfenMoony 2 месяца назад +2

      But it is known that Ursula wanted to kill Ariel's father, who is actually her brother. And also her other brothers to be the queen of the sea. It's in the book.

  • Elkayra8
    Elkayra8 6 часов назад

    yeah... a lot of problems with that list... first of, you just listed their motives and not their actions. every villains have a motive, or a reason that seem right to them, i mean nobody's evil for evil's sake! hey Hitler only wanted to make a better world with a pure race and also where nobody will be abused like he was. that doesn't make WW2 right! i agree with Ursula tough. if you listen to her song she said she was banished by Triton because of the king's pride. yeah she did some bad things but what do you think happen when you don't pay the witch! Gaston's still the king of douchery, hey locked up Belle and then get the mob to go on rampage. he locked her up after the Beast let her go and was using manipulation to force Belle into a wedding she don't want! okay the Beast did kidnap her father, but he never try to freaking rape Belle and try to at least make her at ease. in my opinion a golden cage is better than a dusty basement.

  • Garrett Ord
    Garrett Ord 7 часов назад

    The logic given for Maleficent here is not compelling at all. Failing to invite someone to your party doesn't justify any retribution, certainly not murdering your children.

  • Good King Moggle Mog XII
    Good King Moggle Mog XII 9 часов назад

    There is actually a movie that portrays Maleficent as both the greatest hero and villain.

  • Dank Vadee
    Dank Vadee 9 часов назад

    Dr. Octopus did it because osborn stole everything he ever created, so he wanted to get revenge. He did try and kill osborn, but the connections to the arms and his mindwere messing up his brain, so I guess the real villan is stupidity, since osborn stole from octavier and octavier didn't develop the arms correctly

    • Dank Vadee
      Dank Vadee 9 часов назад

      At least in spiderman ps4

  • TheViral Gopnik
    TheViral Gopnik 13 часов назад

    🐔🏃‍♂️=Chicken Run

  • oksanasdad
    oksanasdad 13 часов назад

    So, the jist of your list is "if you've had a rough life it is perfectly acceptable to turn in to do horrible things'... check.

  • Nomadic Inferno
    Nomadic Inferno 13 часов назад

    the emojis meant chicken run. Too easy.

  • Drili Lali
    Drili Lali 15 часов назад

    I'm the type who loves villains but I don't think this list is right because their reasons are understandable don't actually justify the turn of their actions. Except for Hook tho... He was a frickin cinnamon roll while Peter was a lil asshole constantly cheating on girls and harassing Hook for the fun of it.

  • Heaven Crystal
    Heaven Crystal 15 часов назад +2

    If that counts: there is a character of a serie of Disney
    (Spoiler alarm!)

    Varian of the tangled series: I mean come on! He is only a KID, who wanted to save everyone (and didn't ignore the problem) and lost everything (his dad, whom he wanted to make proud) because of that. And without help and outed as a criminal, he tried everything to get it back... And he has two awsome songs!!! "Ready as i'll ever be" is so good. I hope he comes back in vol.2, not only in a vision!

  • Bird watching, 🐤🐦🕊️🦅🦆🦉🐔🦃

    Sher khan and hyenas

  • travis mcivor
    travis mcivor 17 часов назад

    Hook killed his own men. Even in the Disney version Hook shoots one of his singing pirates. Hook was not a great guy lol.

  • aaron koen
    aaron koen 20 часов назад

    Syndrome commited murder sooooo..........

  • Michelle Sørensen
    Michelle Sørensen День назад

    Nobody is evil by nature! take Scar for instance, he was an outcast and yet his brother expect him to be at the pride rock as his son got born? the son who took his place as the next king after mufasa? i dont say its right that his motivation for killing simba is right, but i also don't say what mufasa is a saint either

  • Flamewing
    Flamewing День назад

    the only one i disagree with is lotso.

  • H34dz
    H34dz День назад

    This video was silly lol

  • Anne P.
    Anne P. День назад

    There's a reason humans wreak havoc on tigers and other predators. It's because they are incredibly dangerous to us.

  • Amanda Nordstrom
    Amanda Nordstrom День назад

    I don't think you actually watched Beauty and the Beast. Gaston didn't start a mob to rescue Belle - she had already returned to the village. He started a mob to go kill the beast because he realised she liked the beast, and he was jealous. Next time, actually watch the movie first, please.

  • Chuck Norris
    Chuck Norris День назад

    1:35 Boy said hey like in auto tune 😏

  • Dragondiana8
    Dragondiana8 День назад

    Sry but... only because they have reasons for their cautions but just because of that they aren't right. To have a reason is okay. But a reason is never an apology. AND their methods to get their goals AREN'T legit! To kill other superheores, to destroy toys ect. There are always other ways!! And BECAUSE of that, they are aren't right!
    This is such a crap!

  • Dylan randles The best
    Dylan randles The best День назад

    I think that lady in incredible 2 wasn’t that bad she wanted to help people she thought superheroes made people weak so she was trying to make people tougher and fight for them selves by getting rid of superheroes plus can you blame her she and her brother lost both parents

  • xBoiko
    xBoiko День назад

    I agree that Mr. Incredible was wrong to reject the help of a boy, but Buddy went to far. Also, his plan was indeed evil, he knew what he was doing. He actually says in the film that now everyone can be super and when everyone is super, no one will be.

  • תומר הויברגר
    תומר הויברגר День назад

    Bowser is the good guy! (Watch game theory)

  • Ben Thompson
    Ben Thompson 2 дня назад

    "Was Syndrome's plan really all that bad?" His plan was to kill anyone who didn't need what he was selling. He sold superpowers and he killed anyone who already had them form any source other than himself.

  • Ben Thompson
    Ben Thompson 2 дня назад

    "Syndrome ... his outfit screamed villain" ¿Why? because it was monochrome? Like Batman's costume?

  • Ben Thompson
    Ben Thompson 2 дня назад

    Syndrome was charismatic? Can you give me an example? I can't think of any.

  • Ben Thompson
    Ben Thompson 2 дня назад

    Maleficent kill someone because she didn't get invited to a party. She is a villain. There is no getting around it.

  • Ben Thompson
    Ben Thompson 2 дня назад

    "Ursula ... probably justified" If I misbehaved because my 2 pet eels died, nobody would call me justified.

  • taleladar
    taleladar 2 дня назад

    Disagree with the Ursula one. If she forced Ariel to sign the contract, then it wouldn't be valid. This magic power is what protected her from Triton's wrath and would let her hold Ariel indefinitely. And that was the whole point of the contract: to trade Ariel for all the power in the kingdom. Then she even interfered with what little time Ariel had to ensure she wouldn't get a kiss, even going so far as magically charming the prince!
    Hyenas: maybe there's a reason why they were banished. The whole kingdom was a desolate wasteland after just a few short years of them getting what they want! I'd blame them.
    Well, don't exactly agree with other ones, but I guess I'd just just be nitpicking.

  • Directionally Challenged
    Directionally Challenged 2 дня назад +1

    I don't think your point on malephocent is a good one... I mean cursing the kings daughter because you didn't get invited? Maybe they didn't invite her because she's an evil witch... there's a lot of backstory we don't have on that one. But she really seems like the petty one here.

  • MariaDBorrego B
    MariaDBorrego B 2 дня назад

    I'm a big big big big big b8g fannnnnnnn

  • SinHurr
    SinHurr 2 дня назад

    Syndrome is super, super wrong. His whole philosophy boils down to "When everyone is special, nobody is." Well guess what?
    My. Hero. Academia. The best will still rise to the top, no matter who has what powers, or even if they have none.

  • Cory PowerCat
    Cory PowerCat 2 дня назад

    I love the Maleficient movie.

  • E Pumkin Pump
    E Pumkin Pump 2 дня назад

    Mother Gothel

  • Fire puppies
    Fire puppies 2 дня назад

    Gaston wasn't violent... Right...

  • nubi plays
    nubi plays 2 дня назад

    yeah buut there must be a content

  • LillyTheLonelySock
    LillyTheLonelySock 2 дня назад

    How is Gaston NOT abusive? He doesn't take no for an answer from Belle and tries to blackmail her into marrying him. He does not start the mob to rescue Belle as she was already released. Instead he starts the mob because the beast was his competition and it wounded his pride to be publicly rejected by Belle twice. It's true that the beast has certain traits in common with Gaston, but these negative qualities changed when he learned what love is. This is one of many issues I had with this video, but for me it is the biggest.

  • Animaestro T.V.
    Animaestro T.V. 2 дня назад

    Not being as bad as you think is not the same as being right

  • Thunder UP
    Thunder UP 2 дня назад

    chicken run

  • Sarah McConnaughey
    Sarah McConnaughey 2 дня назад

    Thrawn from Star Wars & Star Wars Rebels.

  • JackHM06
    JackHM06 3 дня назад

    the emoji thing in the beginning was actually easy this time.. its chicken run

  • Legend Rising
    Legend Rising 3 дня назад

    chicken run

  • Steven Doolittle
    Steven Doolittle 4 дня назад

    Sometimes good or at least alright people do bad things when pinned into tight circumstances. That doesn't make their motives right or justified, it's just what they do for survival. Many of the villains on this list (though definitely not all of them) don't get the excuses the video attempts to give them.

  • Mimikyu
    Mimikyu 4 дня назад

    as mush as i hate to admit it i relate to lotso

  • tomoya okazaki
    tomoya okazaki 4 дня назад

    Well one that i could think of wouldve been Dr.Facilier from Princess and the Frog. Sure he was dark and evil and he had the dark magic and wanted to own the town. But thats only because he used to be Royalty but after his parents died, nobody ever perceived him as a Royal. His past wasnt ENTIRELY explained but its still one of those things that he had a reason for doing the things he did. And in his case, Its that he used to be royal but every bit of royalty ignored him as such so he quickly. So he wants to own the town so someone can finally see him as someone worthy to be called Royalty

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  • Kayley theonewithnopowers
    Kayley theonewithnopowers 5 дней назад

    I always support Captain Hook. Peter is evil and a swinger.

  • EPW
    EPW 5 дней назад

    Now I wanna go watch half those movies again

  • Kyouko Unovi
    Kyouko Unovi 6 дней назад

    Rarely does a video like this have so much wrong I actually have no idea where to even start. Did little more than explain their motives and even the strawmen that were made to exaggerate them were arguments that fell entirely flat immediately.

  • Kerri Baxter
    Kerri Baxter 6 дней назад

    I am going to say BS on Gaston not being violent and abusive!
    If for hypothetical sake Belle did marry Gaston, he would have put an end to her reading! Her being actually able to do much, except 'raise strapping young lads'. Who is to say he wouldn't force her into anything, I mean I am not going to forget that scene where he barges into her home and tries to force his way into kissing her.

  • Kay Olive
    Kay Olive 6 дней назад

    lmao the whole "open-minded" stuff doesn't necessarily apply because each film has a backstory to why the protagonists responded to the villains the way they did in the first place. It was just their motives, and we all know the villains had hard lives to. Its story telling. But they're also called villains for a reason.

  • IHopegood
    IHopegood 6 дней назад

    Scar from the Lion King.

  • Josh Hollis
    Josh Hollis 6 дней назад

    y does syndrome look like dagger

  • Tyler Whitney
    Tyler Whitney 6 дней назад

    chicken little :)

  • SonicFighter 09
    SonicFighter 09 7 дней назад

    Aren't most villains right?

  • Jackson Brown
    Jackson Brown 7 дней назад

    Wow it's been so long since I seen the Disney movies I just don't know anymore lol

  • pnqg pnqg
    pnqg pnqg 7 дней назад

    Wasn't Tempest Shadow right?

  • Kristian Emil Kjærgaard
    Kristian Emil Kjærgaard 7 дней назад

    Darth Vader. Obi-Wan was a prick, and you all know it

  • Snake Studios 2015!
    Snake Studios 2015! 7 дней назад

    chicken run. i watched it

  • Furno_ 9
    Furno_ 9 7 дней назад

    Erik killmonger was in the right

  • Mia N
    Mia N 8 дней назад

    Chicken run!! Like if you agree

  • Robert Smith II
    Robert Smith II 8 дней назад +1

    Gaston didn't know how to take NO for an answer. He was trying to force Belle to marry him. All the other girls would have said YES so he could have been with any of them instead of forcing himself on one that wasn't interested in him.

  • OneWheeledCar raCdeleehWenO
    OneWheeledCar raCdeleehWenO 8 дней назад

    THe wheel for the huge ship in wall-e

  • Kareem Wahied
    Kareem Wahied 8 дней назад

    You forgot Stinky Pete

  • RJJ_THE_GOOFS One and only
    RJJ_THE_GOOFS One and only 8 дней назад

    +screen rant it was cybertron/and all Decepticons onthe classic transformers because they where trying to get home

  • Hylian Flower
    Hylian Flower 8 дней назад

    how do u not include that the beast tried to make peace with gaston, telling him to go, sparing his life, and even belle saying "GO AWAY GASTON, HES NOT DANGEROUS" and then he fuggin shot the beast after the beast spared him??

  • unemployed_gamer
    unemployed_gamer 8 дней назад

    Didn't captain hook shoot one of his crew in cold blood?

  • Lil Sid Convoy
    Lil Sid Convoy 8 дней назад

    Sid was lit

  • Trick Shot Kings
    Trick Shot Kings 8 дней назад

    chicken run

  • Tavaras Riddle
    Tavaras Riddle 9 дней назад

    Shere Khan is the only one that might be justified in his actions BUT he is trying to kill a boy so nevermind. Everyone is just plain evil even if they weren't at first (Syndrome, Gaston, etc.). Its what you do that makes ya evil

  • Scott Nelson
    Scott Nelson 9 дней назад

    I can understand why Syndrome wanted to kill all super heroes. Mr Incredible said to him "fly home Buddy I work alone". He wanted to help Mr Incredible when he was a mid.

  • cleft turnip
    cleft turnip 9 дней назад


  • Abby Nelson
    Abby Nelson 9 дней назад

    I get most of things yah Nd the villains went through some violent things buh it’s the bad things that they did in the movie that makes us think of them is bad not to mention we don’t rly think ab what makes them do these things

  • Giselle Enid
    Giselle Enid 10 дней назад

    Of course Gaston was abusive... what a bad judgment you have, Mister! 😂
    The least villians for me were Hades (he's hilarious af) and Ursula, who's intentions in the real version of the story was to help Ariel.

  • TheTacoGod23
    TheTacoGod23 10 дней назад

    Changes story to fit their narrative

  • NM AT
    NM AT 10 дней назад

    Humans are kind and evil isn't real. Tell that to the "Millennial Couple Bikes Through ISIS Territory to Prove ‘Humans Are Kind’ and Gets Killed" People aren't evil just "misunderstood" Yeah right

  • Mew kid 5709
    Mew kid 5709 10 дней назад


  • Darius Raphael
    Darius Raphael 10 дней назад

    Good spin on so called bad guys fyi great vid

  • Anthyrion
    Anthyrion 11 дней назад

    Um, actually... Hyenas aren't not so much scavengers. Yes, they feed on dead animals but they are really good hunters and often more successful then lions.

  • skychaser99 and skyburst99
    skychaser99 and skyburst99 11 дней назад

    I though hades was mephilese

  • Emily Backscheider
    Emily Backscheider 11 дней назад

    What makes a hero or a villain is how they choose to respond to their circumstances. There's a difference between getting angry at injustice and deciding that they are excused from any wrongdoing simply because their situation is messed up. Two wrongs don't make a right. Sure, we might understand these villains better after learning their motivations, but that doesn't justify their actions, I'm sorry.

  • umngyr
    umngyr 11 дней назад

    "if you had super powers, you'd be in trouble in the first 10 minutes." well now we know your general view of the moral integrity of humanity, don't we. No, i would in fact not, because i'm an adult. And not an asshole.

  • Blasta 231
    Blasta 231 12 дней назад

    I see a lot of your points here, and you're right in almost all of them. I can't feel sympathy for Ursula, Maleficent, and Syndrome though, reason being is because they overreacted to each of their situations.

  • Paolo
    Paolo 12 дней назад

    What makes a person good or a villain, is how they respond to bad situations. A good person has a positive response whilst a villain responds negatively to a bad situation. It is flawed to use prior bad circumstances as a justification for evil.

  • Kuri Chan
    Kuri Chan 12 дней назад

    Say what you will but Cruella, Ursula & Maleficent are sum bad bitches.
    Oh, Pain is the best villian with a motive ;3

  • Why Do You Care About My Name? xD
    Why Do You Care About My Name? xD 12 дней назад

    The Beast didn't kill Gaston on purpose. He accidentally knocked Gaston over when he stabbed the Beast. Not violent? He was very violent. In the live action movie he tried to kill Maurice (Belle's father). He totally is violent.

  • Why Do You Care About My Name? xD
    Why Do You Care About My Name? xD 12 дней назад

    Gaston didn't die on purpose. He stabbed the Beast andthe Beast was in pain and knocked him over.

  • OpinionsGetYouBanned
    OpinionsGetYouBanned 12 дней назад

    blaming there upbringing isn't proving them right.

  • porky11
    porky11 12 дней назад

    It's normal, that villains have good reasons for being villains, at least in good stories. If it's a standard good-vs-evil, it may be kind of boring. But it also may be nice if the movie didn't let you empathize with the "good guys" that much, as some movies do, that I really like.

  • Ennardthu 5th
    Ennardthu 5th 12 дней назад


  • Myne33
    Myne33 13 дней назад

    definitely agree with syndrome

  • Aaron Hyde
    Aaron Hyde 13 дней назад

    6:28 is Minecraft

  • D.I.Y Elanor :P
    D.I.Y Elanor :P 13 дней назад

    For the Perter Pan one, Peter pan, in the book, killed the lost boys after they got too old

  • Darius watt
    Darius watt 13 дней назад

    Thanos was right

  • Kamal Johnson
    Kamal Johnson 13 дней назад

    is screen rant really going to argue a human placed in lotso's situation wouldn't react the same or similarly?!

  • SecondsOfKass I Make Randomness
    SecondsOfKass I Make Randomness 13 дней назад

    Chicken Run

  • Foxtrot815 Jr
    Foxtrot815 Jr 13 дней назад

    pause 5:10 and there are no face its look fun

  • Monis Khan
    Monis Khan 13 дней назад

    In that sense you'd think ISIS is right cause they just wanna spread their religion..

  • KBJones TheThing
    KBJones TheThing 14 дней назад

    🐥🏃 CHICKEN RUN!!!!

  • Thenightfuryjammer Laila07474
    Thenightfuryjammer Laila07474 15 дней назад

    I was so sad because I love the hyenas from The Lion King but I didn't want them to be "evil" and after watching this I'm like "Woo!"