Binance: Stop-Limit Orders Explained, Stop-Limit vs. Stop-Loss difference

  • Опубликовано: 14 дек 2017
  • To Trade on Binance exchange:
    Binance recently added the Stop-Limit order functionality for all cryptocurrency markets, enabling traders to set two stop-limits at any time in a single trading pair. This video breaks down and explains the nature of the Stop-Limit order (similar to a "Stop-Loss") and the advantages of using it when trading. Bittrex and other exchanges have similar order types, which may be named differently - "Conditional Order" - but serve the same purpose in trading cryptocurrency.
    → Binance article on Stop-Limits:
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  • dbcrypto
    dbcrypto  2 месяца назад +3

    💰 Trade on Binance exchange:
    Stop-Limit/Loss orders are always good practice when purchasing highly volatile coins/tokens

    • Michael
      Michael 7 дней назад

      dbcrypto 1NY8h4xGxrewXZbEqhVVPUHQp58rYSg2pz Please help me out

    • OKK85
      OKK85 23 дня назад +1

      A stop limit order is more beneficial than a normal limit order in the sense that if you have set a normal limit order to early and the coin price reached your limit price after several hours it might not go through or be executed because many other orders have been placed in the order book since the time you have placed the order, i hope this is clear...

    • Winznut
      Winznut 26 дней назад

      I asked myself the same question. What is the benefit over a normal limit order? Why should I care, at what time my order is placed? Edit: Nevermind, got the answer in the comments below. ;)

    • Lai Yaj
      Lai Yaj 26 дней назад +1

      I don't understand the point of a stop-limit order. In your example why don't you just put a limit sell order at 7500 satoshis. What value does having a stop at 7000 satoshis??

  • Eclipse Gaming
    Eclipse Gaming 20 часов назад

    So why is the stop part necessary at all? Cant you just set the limit order straight away . If you were buying at .00005500 it doesn't need to wait until .00006000 is to execute that, you could just place that on the books off the bat. Obviously if your limit order executes and you guy it at .00005000 then the .00006000 was reached. It seems like a wholly uneccessary step to me.

    • Eclipse Gaming
      Eclipse Gaming 20 часов назад

      Also are Stop losses on Binance? Or is that just another name for a Stop Sell Limit?

  • Count The Coins
    Count The Coins День назад

    If they did not reserve my funds for the sell orders i could see the smart in this like: if price reach this sell (like crashing hard) and if price reach this sell (like mooning hard)... but the way this works makes no sense to me, i cant at all see the benefits of this.

  • Navid Davani
    Navid Davani День назад

    if I bought at $50 and want to minimize the loss, I would just a put a stop loss $45. I understand this perfectly. but somebody please tell me how it is different from stop-limit order?!!
    in stop limit, the stop first triggers it (for example, at $47) and then sells at limit order, $45. they both limit the loss by selling at $45, right?
    I am getting so confused how stop-limit can be any better than stop loss!

  • Steven Lane
    Steven Lane День назад

    Love the content of this vid but that music SUX man.

  • Vasile Pintilie
    Vasile Pintilie 2 дня назад


  • Silver Jaguar
    Silver Jaguar 2 дня назад

    I have a question I have 0.99 EOS on binance worth $9.50 but binance will only let me sell 1 is there any way I can sell it or do I just lose the 9.50... can anyone help

  • Phil
    Phil 3 дня назад

    Thanks for the vid. What I want to know is this:- I'll just make up some numbers to help illustrate what I mean.
    Let's say I have 1 BTC (I wish :-) available on some exchange to buy other coins with. If 'XYZ' coin is currently trading around 2000 satoshi each, and I place a 'normal' limit buy order for 10,000 of 'XYX'coin at 1000 Satoshi each, making the order cost equate to 0.1 BTC, then my available BTC to place other orders is reduced by that 0.1 BTC, leaving me now 0.9 BTC available for other orders.
    If I were to place a stop limit order to buy 'XYZ' coin at 1000 Sat. with a stop of say 1,200, does that mean that 0.1 BTC mentioned earlier REMAINS available UNTIL the XYZ price falls to 1,200, and is then deducted from my available BTC ?
    I could, of course, just 'do the experiment', but I'm sure someone here can tell me.
    Also, as I'm sure many others have, I have had orders 'on the books' for some time, and when the price is reached, the order is not executed, as I presume orders are filled in the time order in which they were placed, and there were orders placed earlier than mine filling, and then the price changes 'in the wrong direction' before my order is executed. If your stop is reached on Monday, but your limit is not reached until Wednesday, will your order complete before or after a 'normal' limit order placed by someone else on Tuesday?
    I hope I got it out of my head & onto the screen clearly enough for others to 'get' what I'm talking about :-)
    Many thanks, in advance, for any illuminating answers on this...

  • Estella Havisham
    Estella Havisham 3 дня назад

    ah... so that's what it's for. thank you so much. i'm learning new things eveyday.

    • dbcrypto
      dbcrypto  3 дня назад

      You're welcome, good luck

  • Nathan Henson
    Nathan Henson 3 дня назад

    so there is no stop loss in binance only stop limit? they are different right?

    • Nathan Henson
      Nathan Henson 3 дня назад

      make sense i use it in bittrex

    • dbcrypto
      dbcrypto  3 дня назад +1

      Put the stop and limit really close, serves essentially the same purpose

  • Jay K
    Jay K 3 дня назад +1

    3:22 to jump to stop limit order

  • Taran Hughes
    Taran Hughes 4 дня назад

    Thanks for the explanation

    • dbcrypto
      dbcrypto  3 дня назад

      You're welcome, good luck

  • Serfederic Cellona
    Serfederic Cellona 4 дня назад

    That was clear! Thanks!

    • dbcrypto
      dbcrypto  4 дня назад

      Thank you, and good luck

  • Patrick McConnell
    Patrick McConnell 5 дней назад

    What is the advantage of a stop-limit vs just a regular limit?

    • dbcrypto
      dbcrypto  3 дня назад

      Nah no worries, good luck man

    • Patrick McConnell
      Patrick McConnell 4 дня назад

      Wow... I did not notice that!! Thanks for the heads up!!

    • dbcrypto
      dbcrypto  4 дня назад

      If you put a limit below market price, it will fill at market price (best available price), if you want to prevent a loss you can put a stop-limit below market price and prevent a loss but if it never reaches your stop price then you won't sell

    • Patrick McConnell
      Patrick McConnell 4 дня назад

      Sorry to be a noob, but isn't that what a limit order does compared to a market order?

    • dbcrypto
      dbcrypto  4 дня назад

      When you want to place an order below market price

  • Liberty Bear Curve
    Liberty Bear Curve 5 дней назад

    this was extremely helpful. you made these limit orders simple to understand. I've been trying to figure it out for over a week and it's cost me a fair bit of money in the meantime. just wish it didn't take me so long to find this video. thanks for the help, i just subbed to your channel, keep it coming!

    • dbcrypto
      dbcrypto  4 дня назад

      Thanks so much, glad this helped you. Good luck!

  • jp
    jp 5 дней назад

    Thank you. Very well put together for a beginner like me. Look forward to your other videos

    • dbcrypto
      dbcrypto  4 дня назад

      Awesome to hear, thanks JP

  • Anthony G Parker
    Anthony G Parker 6 дней назад

    Great video - thanks. 16ui4KLp9KJQtfvSyzyrR5bMmPDouZKdXR

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      dbcrypto  4 дня назад

      Thanks Anthony, good luck mate

  • Roger Bitihinda
    Roger Bitihinda 6 дней назад

    Cool vid, great explanation

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      dbcrypto  4 дня назад

      Thanks Roger, good luck mate

  • Robert Haynes
    Robert Haynes 6 дней назад

    your confusing

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      dbcrypto  4 дня назад

      You're getting your grammar mixed up there, Robert

  • drowe910
    drowe910 6 дней назад

    well done sir, you have my sub

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      dbcrypto  4 дня назад

      Thank you my good man, enjoy your day

  • Andy Raman
    Andy Raman 8 дней назад

    Hi thanks for the video.. 1 doubt stop loss can it be placed on Binance

    • dbcrypto
      dbcrypto  4 дня назад +1

      You're welcome, good luck

  • Mohd Noor Azman Yahya
    Mohd Noor Azman Yahya 8 дней назад

    i have doubt and still not find any answer below the comments..let say i bought coin X for price 100 sat, then i want to sale it @ 200 sat, assuming the current TA and trend it should be going up so i set stop@200 limit@300...then for whatever reason the price reached @299 and eventually falling back below 100 sat...since the price didnt reaching limit@300, so my order is not the question is here, is my sale still fill at stop price 200?

  • Frigioiu Alexandru
    Frigioiu Alexandru 9 дней назад

    Really a good explanation, Thank you man!

    • dbcrypto
      dbcrypto  4 дня назад

      Thanks, Frigioiu

  • Ken S
    Ken S 10 дней назад

    So for stop limit order, technically both stop price and limit price can be the same price? I am a HODLer but trying to do better than the market.

    • dbcrypto
      dbcrypto  4 дня назад

      I don't think they can literally be the same, but you can make them a single satoshi different to achieve basically the same result... If you are thinking longer term and holding, then just hold mate... don't worry about this type of stuff, you'll most likely do better holding than over-trading

  • Bjarni J
    Bjarni J 10 дней назад

    Why not just place the order as a limit order at 7500 sat? I mean that inferres that the price has already climbed to 7000 sat anyways? I don't understand why you would want to wait till the price reaches X to put in the order. Just put in the order and if the price reaches whatever you are selling at, it will sell at that price?

    • dbcrypto
      dbcrypto  4 дня назад

      It was just an example to explain the theory of the order, this is most useful for selling at a price below the current market price... cheers

  • Volker Dorsch
    Volker Dorsch 12 дней назад

    why the music?

    • dbcrypto
      dbcrypto  4 дня назад

      To cut out the silence between words and overall dullness of commentary-type videos... I like it

  • Anthony Usoro
    Anthony Usoro 12 дней назад

    Great explaination to stop limit orders...thank you

    • dbcrypto
      dbcrypto  4 дня назад

      Thanks Anthony, good luck mate

  • sam
    sam 13 дней назад

    Had a question on how to setup a sell price against etherum. So I had bought LSK for 0.027 ETH value when the Eth Value was
    1200$ & LSK value was 23$ on the same time., Now I want to put up a sell order when LSK reached 30$ . So should I be putting 0.040 as ETH value . I am getting confused in this because ETH value has now decreased to 800$ and if I setup a sell value of 0.039ETH , wont the ETH value fluctuation cause me loss? If I want to sell at 30$ of LSK , what is thevalue of Eth that i need to put considering the ETH value keeps changing as well? Could you suggest?

    • dbcrypto
      dbcrypto  4 дня назад

      Just the nature of cryptocurrency, if the price of ETH or BTC or whatever market you are selling in changes, then the dollar value will be different...

  • The GearSet
    The GearSet 13 дней назад

    Thanks man! So it's just basically setting sell "parameters"?

    SANGEETH KC 15 дней назад

    1000th Like From Me.
    Great Info. Thanks.

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    esckhandar 15 дней назад

    great video! for the backfgground track can't get to find, could you be a bit more precise please? thanks a lot!!

    • dbcrypto
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      Search for his Twitter profile instead, apologies if it was not clear

  • Frenki Set
    Frenki Set 16 дней назад

    Thanks for great explanation.
    Btc Address: 12w2GEeqo5Ef7EPzQEsV2ydpByFZhLRHAX

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  • Naomi Shepherd
    Naomi Shepherd 16 дней назад

    I wish I would have found this video weeks ago. Unfortunately I have watched hours of other videos that made it so confusing. Appreciate you explaining it clearly. Also just some other feedback - that background music was distracting. But overall thank goodness for this video !!

    • dbcrypto
      dbcrypto  4 дня назад

      Thanks Naomi, I've gotten heaps of feedback on the volume so it's much lower in my newer videos... glad this helped, wish you all the best

  • Christopher
    Christopher 16 дней назад

    Thank you for taking the time to make this tutorial, brother. As you know, there are a metric sh*t ton of videos out there on cryptos and trading now, but yours was well-thought and clearly explained. All the best.

    • dbcrypto
      dbcrypto  4 дня назад

      Thanks mate, appreciate the kind words - good luck

  • Lotso Turnbull
    Lotso Turnbull 16 дней назад

    Thanks for the great tutorial.

    • dbcrypto
      dbcrypto  4 дня назад

      Thanks, Lotso - good luck

  • Blake Johnson
    Blake Johnson 19 дней назад

    His voice and explanation is soothing compared to all the noise currently in the crypto youtube space. Keep at it man! 10/10

    • dbcrypto
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      Thanks Blake, all the best

  • Jonas Kupferschmid
    Jonas Kupferschmid 20 дней назад

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  • Adnan Younus
    Adnan Younus 21 день назад

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  • Breed Xander
    Breed Xander 22 дня назад

    Amazing video, finally learned how to use it, thank you!

    • dbcrypto
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      You're welcome

  • Nirjhor Chakraborty
    Nirjhor Chakraborty 23 дня назад

    Hi, this video helped quite a bit. Could you also explain how the quantity to buy/sell affects when a limit order is executed?
    BTC address:

    • Nirjhor Chakraborty
      Nirjhor Chakraborty 21 день назад

      Ok. And if partially filled does that still leave the limit order as “open” until another seller with another 5ETH comes along?
      Also, are orders executed when there is an exact price match or is there some tolerance? I.e. do buyer and seller have to want exactly 0.1BTC or might a bid of 0.0999 and an ask of 0.101 be considered “close enough” to execute?

    • dbcrypto
      dbcrypto  21 день назад

      It will just be partially filled, yes

    • Nirjhor Chakraborty
      Nirjhor Chakraborty 22 дня назад

      dbcrypto let’s say I placed a buy limit order at 0.1BTC for 10ETH, and there comes along a seller willing to sell 5 ETH at 0.1BTC. Will my order be partially fulfilled? I.e. would I get 5ETH @0.1BTC? Or do price and quantity both have to be exact matches? I.e. for my order to be fulfilled do I need to wait for a seller selling exactly 10ETH @0.1BTC?

    • dbcrypto
      dbcrypto  22 дня назад

      Hi mate, thanks. Not sure what you mean, quantity is quantity.. there isn't much to it

  • cryptocurrency report
    cryptocurrency report 23 дня назад

    great video bro thanks

  • TheCryptoGold
    TheCryptoGold 23 дня назад +1

    Good video. You taught me precisely what I wanted to know. Thank you.

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      Thanks mate, all the best

  • xo9o
    xo9o 24 дня назад

    I figured out my previous problem, but I do have one more question for you, how much BNB do you have to buy to get the discount?

    • TheCryptoGold
      TheCryptoGold 23 дня назад

      I have about 100 bucks worth of BNB. Is having it on Binance all that's required for them to automatically transact with lower fees, or do I have to do anything to activate it? Thank you.

    • dbcrypto
      dbcrypto  23 дня назад

      Just enough to cover the fees, so not a lot at all

  • Rovie Christian Archival
    Rovie Christian Archival 24 дня назад

    thanks for the tutorial sir it really helped me a lot.
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      You're welcome, glad it helped. Noted your address, cheers

  • xo9o
    xo9o 25 дней назад

    Hi thanks for the video. I do have a question. no matter what price I put in one of the boxes, I get an error that says please input correct price. the satoshi number is correct. for example I am trying to do a test to sell my coin. the price is at .98, I put in the stop box .95, and .93 in the limit box, and 100% in the amount box, yet it keeps telling me that error message. I get the same message when I do the opposite in the buy boxes. any ideas?

    • dbcrypto
      dbcrypto  24 дня назад

      Unless you made a typo, you need to switch stop and limit price... to sell on the way up, your stop needs to be the LOWER of the two prices, limit is the price you want to sell at. Cheers

    • xo9o
      xo9o 24 дня назад

      to give you a better idea of my problem, I want to sell my 52 AST coins, the current price is 1.25. I entered into the Stop box.00011650 which is 1.34, in the limit box I entered .00011942 which is 1.37, and I entered max which is 52. so if I understand this correctly, when the price rises up to 1.34 my order will sell at 1.37. when I click sell AST I get an error message that says please input correct price and it highlights my stop box.

    • dbcrypto
      dbcrypto  24 дня назад

      Maybe your order is too small, or you don't have funds in that token... not sure.. need more information

  • Philip Bigonesse
    Philip Bigonesse 26 дней назад +1


  • b o r e d
    b o r e d 26 дней назад

    So a 'Stop Loss' is essentially just the same as a "Limit order'? The order will execute at market price once the trigger is reached?

    • dbcrypto
      dbcrypto  24 дня назад +1

      Limit will fill at your limit price not market, limit may be touched and not fully filled if you have a big order

  • Dakotah Chmiel
    Dakotah Chmiel 27 дней назад

    Nice Aussie accent and great choice of background music. Subscribed. BTC: 17pmzHAx8kRMrRCQYMDGf24RBiTrotQWbt

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      Thank you, noted your address and cheers for the kind words

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    nicko pereyra 27 дней назад

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  • Ad Utens
    Ad Utens 28 дней назад

    Couldt nog follow, due to the music...

    • dbcrypto
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      Sorry to hear

  • Skill Collector
    Skill Collector 29 дней назад

    How is this functionally different than a limit order?
    Say price is now 600 sats. You set a stop-limit sell. "If the last price rises to or above 700 sats place a limit order to sell at 750 sats."
    How is this different than setting a limit-sell at 750 sats? I see no difference.

    • Skill Collector
      Skill Collector 28 дней назад

      Thank you sir, that makes perfect sense. For others who are having trouble with this concept here is how I think about it now.
      Market order - accept an order that is closest to market price
      Limit order - propose an order that can be accepted at any time
      Stop-limit - wait for a market price before proposing an order that can be accepted at any time
      The stop-limit is useful if the price is 1000 sats and you want to buy if the price rises to 1200 sats. In other words, you're waiting for the market to prove that it's going to rise before you buy.

    • dbcrypto
      dbcrypto  29 дней назад

      Largely agree in that context, flip it to a sell to prevent a loss with your sale price below market price... then the benefit should make sense

  • John E
    John E 29 дней назад

    Get rid of the music and talk way slower!

    • dbcrypto
      dbcrypto  29 дней назад

      Cheers, have gotten heaps of feedback on this

  • Amulek Yu
    Amulek Yu Месяц назад

    hi there, can you please explain why I can't set 2 stop limit at the same time to protect my trade. For example, if I only want oto aim for small % trade profit, I purchase a coin at $1.00 and I set a sell stop limit at $0.90, I understand the principle the price reach 0.90 and my order will be fill, so I won't worry loss too much, but how come I can NOT set another limit sell order at $1.2 to sell when price go up?

    • dbcrypto
      dbcrypto  29 дней назад

      Think of your coins as tangible.. they can't be in two places at once.. 1 coin can only be in 1 order

  • Paul Shay
    Paul Shay Месяц назад

    dbcrypto- is there a way to do a trailing stop loss on binance? or any other crypto exchange?

    • dbcrypto
      dbcrypto  29 дней назад

      Not that I'm aware of

    • David Cairns
      David Cairns Месяц назад

      I'm pretty sure thats what I am looking for. I want to set multiple safety nets as a price rises. I think you would have to keep watch the price rather than 'set and forget'.

  • Socal Sean
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      I don't know to be honest, I don't think I've changed anything from default!

    • Mr Dips
      Mr Dips 29 дней назад

      The UI of Binance.. the darker grey skin.. can't see how to change to this on Binance.. is it an API key maybe?

    • dbcrypto
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      Not sure what you mean? Thanks for the kind words, noted your address.. all the best

  • Paul Doughty
    Paul Doughty Месяц назад

    Can you do stop loss on Binance? Doesn’t seem like you can?

    • dbcrypto
      dbcrypto  29 дней назад

      You can structure a stop-loss to achieve just that

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  • camelCased
    camelCased Месяц назад

    Still I'm not sure I understood the reason why I would want to use Stop limit instead of just Limit order.
    For example, if I want to sell for the price at +50% or higher than I bought, I don't really care about the market price at which to sell, I just put the limit order and forget. If the price reaches my value or better or if somebody wants to buy from me directly, the order will be executed. I don't really care what happens to the market price at that point or that somebody will actually buy from me for a price that is lower than the current market price happens to be - I just want to receive +50% more of assets than I spent when buying them, so I get profit even when I sell below market price, no?

    • dbcrypto
      dbcrypto  Месяц назад

      Useful for preventing losses more than realizing gains, thanks

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  • Raymond Santos
    Raymond Santos Месяц назад

    crazy.. this is kind of confusing to be honest. can u give me another easy example so i can really understand limit vs stop limit. please advice more. Thanks!

  • Skyfish187
    Skyfish187 Месяц назад

    What kind of orders can I submit to automate the following scenario?
    Let's say I bought a coin at 0.005 BTC and I want to sell when this sky rockets 500x to 0.03. Five days later the coin hits 0.03. Two things can happen at this point:
    1. The value continues to go higher. I want to wait and let the value climb as high as possible. As soon as the value drops I want to sell for market value.
    2. The value drops. Sell for market value.
    Is there to automate the above scenario via Stop-Limit Stop-Loss orders?

  • Rhys Capon
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    Say the market price is $100
    a. I put a limit price of $98 to sell
    b. I put a Stop loss price of $97 to Sell
    Is there any difference between a and b
    2. What will happen in case of STOP -LIMIT option in binance.
    If I only have STOP price and do not have LIMIT price is that valid.
    Is it not same as LIMIT price where in I buy coins when the STOP price is reached? ins read of just trigger to buy

    • dbcrypto
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      Hi Prashant, I do remember speaking explicitly about the difference between a stop-loss and limit... perhaps listen to the start of the video again my friend. Cheers!

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    • dbcrypto
      dbcrypto  Месяц назад

      Simple for me, I don't care about USD value - I care about BTC value because that's what will make you wealthy in the long-run... cheers

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      Thanks, Sahaj

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    If someone says to you "Set your stop-limit at 7000 sat" is it meant to set the 7k at the stop or limit?
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    Limit: 6700
    Stop: 7300
    Limit: 7000
    thx in advance for all replies

    • dbcrypto
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      Not too sure, set it up however you like it

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    • dbcrypto
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      It's not wrong, you can use the order however you like - to prevent a loss, or to realize a profit... I'm explaining the stop-LIMIT not the stop-LOSS, if I was explaining the stop-loss, then you would be correct

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    • dbcrypto
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      Not explicitly, but you can make a stop-limit function just the same as a stop-loss... how did you lose a lot from a partial fill? Confused

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      Hey Benji, honestly I'm confused at your question...

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    • dbcrypto
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      Short-answer: yes. You can rest easy knowing the worst-case scenario might be a 5% loss

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      Check out my Full Binance Tutorial - start to finish and covers deposits and withdrawals in-depth... thanks and please let me know if you still need help after - cheers Sri, good luck mate

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    Newbie question. If I set a limit order to sell this coin at, for example 0.000500 at 25% of what I own of it, does this mean I can only ever sell the other 75% if this coin if it rises and never gets near the 0.000500 price that was originally set?

    • dbcrypto
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      Just cancel the order and do whatever you want with the full funds... if the order doesn't fill you still have the coins do play around with, thanks.. Bruce? lol

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