Binance: Stop-Limit Orders Explained, Stop-Limit vs. Stop-Loss difference


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      Yes but you can't have your cake and eat it !!
      You put on a stop loss order and go to bed , feeling comfortable , but next morning to your horror while you was sleeping the stock went up 16% and then crashed to your stop loss order.
      So you missed out on 16% profit lol

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      I have been going through your feed. I find it very interesting. I own a blog that's basically about all things crypto! I would love to share your videos there with proper acknowledgements and reference. What d you think?

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    This is so educational.
    thank thank you very much.
    I can now set my stop limit, you've done a great 👍 job.
    my wallet:

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    But if if set a sell order as follow for a coin say BTT:
    Stop: 0.0006000
    Limit: 0.0006500
    And once the price goes down to 0.0006000 and then it goes down and down and my limit order at 0.0006500 will not execute. Has happened to me many times. How can we save us from loss in that scenario?

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    Lost about $1,000 yesterday because I didn't watch this video and understand how to place a stop loss order. Cheers for the info.

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      Thanks Andrew, sorry to hear about the trade. All the best

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    So there is no way to put a stop loss on a order on binance?

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    Hi got the following error msg on binance: Order failed:The price cannot be lower than 1 any help?

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    you confused people with setting the stop LOSS price higher than the current price was ha ha.. you should set stop loss at 6000 ,limit 5900

    • dbcrypto
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      The video is about stop-limit not stop-loss

  • Dondy
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    Could someone please tell me if it's possible when having a position open, that it's possible to simultaneously have a stop loss active BENEATH the market price to avoid big losses, and a stop limit ABOVE the market to make sure you cash in your winnings? When I do this on Bitmex it's easy as a pizza pie, but when trying this on Binance I can only do one of the two?? After I filled in a stop loss for example, when I try to fill in a stop limit, I can only fill in "0" of my coins... in other words it doesnt work... can someone help me with this? :D

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      I want to know this as well and also how can you put a stop loss on binance? stop loss and stop limit are 2 different things.

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    i use apps like robinhood and webull, they implemented a spread to prevent overdraft. it gets in the way of profit big time when trying to take profit with a stop limit and never wants to exicute. how do i calculate what the spread is and how much to set my limits in order to take profit and still exicute.

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    The funny thing is that i just read the stop losses in a memes then immediately i search it how it works. Thanks for that memes

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    Had to stop watching, music making me nuts , why the music ?

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    bad video

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    well explained

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      Thanks Sean

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    Great video

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    and does cancelling the Sell Stop-Limit or Buy StopLimit incur a fee? 2nd question, does the 0.1% of Binance fee for each Entry and each Exit , does that 0.1% affect how much money i put in for the trade? or is it 0.1% of the profit i made. I dont get this

  • megyn Kelly1
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    dammit! i dont understand the part when you say Wake up and dont have to worry about losing all your position. you can Set a stop limit . That is what you said that part i dont understand. Does that refers to the BUY part of the stop-limit OR the Sell part of the Stop-limit. Which one! we are confused! Because i have a trouble losing all my stocks and dont know how the Sell stop-limit works! your video dont explain it in depth.

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    great video - but please lose the music... so distracting. thnx

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    while selling, can Stop price could be better than Limit price, or in that case it will get executed once it touches the Limit Price only?

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    thanks bro! but 1 more question...using stop limit or limit order on binance, woult it automatically execute your buy/sell orders even if you're offline?

    • tonia cuestas
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      thanks! got it now

    • gajetto keibu
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      yes it does. similar to when you order something on amazon.. once ordered it should be delivered or executed even when you're offline

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    I found the music quite nice

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      Thanks mate

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    I wish could trade multiple stop limits with one piece of funds would be awesome, I believe there's a bot that can do this

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    All Ive read was the message below your screen so Ive decided to.. 3N8muwRBvr4BdF9zCCQZtFJgsyoRSdTsvb =)

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    I still don't understand why your stop limit order can sell for higher than your set limit price. What order price is actually put in the book?

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      yeah this did not make sense to me either

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    William Feijoo 5 месяцев назад

    you didnt specify what the limit is at the end when you were showing how to do a stop limit order. does it have to be set for a stop limit?

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    Hayden Lyon 5 месяцев назад

    can i set a take profit and stop loss at the same time?

  • Eternally Conscious
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    if you're putting a stop at 7000 and a limit at 7500 why not just put a normal sell order at 7500? I don't see the significance of the stop at 7000?

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    So a sell limit order is the same as a stop-loss order?

  • mogtrader8
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    What is a buy to cover STOP LIMIT order. Can you give an example? Thanks

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    Thanks! Helped me a lot!

  • Ilias Trichopoulos
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    Thanks for the explanation! I still find it hard to understand how a stop-limit is different from a limit order.
    Say I bought bitcoin at 6000$ and I want to sell at a higher price. I see that there is a resistance level at 6500$.
    Setting a limit order at 6500$ will immediately get executed once the price reaches 6500$.
    Setting a stop limit order with stop at 6300$ and limit to 6500$, will end up to the same result if the price hits 6500$ (since it has to reach 6300$ first).
    Setting a stop limit order with stop at 6500$ and limit to 6600$, will give more profit, but this goes against my plan of selling at 6500$ and it would have been the same as if I set a limit order to 6600$.
    The only benefit of using stop-limit instead of limit that I see, is that your funds don't get "locked", until the price hits the stop. Is that the only benefit of using stop-limit instead of limit? Cheers!

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    Ok now i get it - Once the price reach the 'stop' price, then put an order at 'limit' price. Thanks!

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    by far the best video I've ever seen...real talk...on these limit, stop limits in binance... My BTC addy is --> 12cAVEoyTkUrhF181bh5Mpgpu3wZ77xAcS

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    Can't watch. Really annoying loud music compared to the narrative.
    Shame as I think you have good content to offer. Change this and I'll come back. Thanks

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      Changed a long time ago, thanks for the comment

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    very informative

  • ayman alfred
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    thank you a lot great explanation 1NGPqP3ymfXS4Ukvidatsm9kDnex6sxxjF

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    You skipped over how to enter a stop loss. Like seriously, go back and look, total waste of my time. Clickbait lol

    • dbcrypto
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      You literally can't do a stop-loss on Binance... cheers

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    Thanks for tge straight forward explaination and use examples

  • Ryan Olsen
    Ryan Olsen 6 месяцев назад

    theres also a funtion that you overlooked for stop-limit , there is STOP_LOSS, STOP_LOSS_LIMIT, TAKE_PROFIT_LIMIT. TAKE_PROFIT,
    on the buy side , can be used as TAKE_PROFIT_LIMIT, TAKE_PROFIT, STOP_LOSS_LIMIT, they all have vastly different usages. or which will post a market trade up to your stop and will buy all the volume untill either you buy all the volume up to your limit price or you run out of trade volume. or it can be used as a stop-limit which posts your limit order as the price crosses the stop, the second type is visible on the books when it crosses back and forth on the stop.
    say the price was market $450 , your stop-limit buy is $450 and your limit is $460. if your trade is large enough, it will buy the price all the way up to $460. then post the remainder as a limit order at $460
    the sell stop-limit does 3 functions aswell. STOP_LOSS, and TAKE_PROFIT_LIMIT and STOP_LOSS_LIMIT, a stop-loss order posts a market trade to sell the entire volume of your trade. stop loss limit will only sell the volume of your trade that is above your limit. or post the order before it reaches your limit.
    this could protect incase there is small volume on the books and a large order might sell several % lower then where you wanted to.
    these features aren't a noticeable option on the gui they are activated based on if your limit is above or below your stop.
    or if your stop and limit is above or below market price. fairly nice of binance to make it fully functional :) and automated for the gui
    the api has no instructions for this and i had to literally test combinations to realise how these functions worked.
    luckily the gui automatically does that switch for you or you could accidentally make a trade when you don't want to. (like bittrex does)
    the api actually has seperate order types for these functions though, so they are real features.
    the readme for stop-limit on binance suggest at these features but you have to read between the lines to understand that there example uses a take-proffit-limit order. which does something similar to this example. $450 buy stop-limit with $460 limit . which will buy all the way up to $460 if you're a baller posting a buy wall at $460. then not pay any more unless the price comes back down.
    for most people trading with less than $100k , you wont really notice why stoplimits are usefull.
    when your trades are over 20k or more. its literally impossible to buy your order on the price you want you will just post a buy wall and the market will just go up as people dont want to try to buy your entire wall. but the stop limit will basically set a trap that once you triggered its too late, you just sold at the bottom and couldn't bank on the 10% gain the coin just did.
    that is SPECIFICALLY why you are supposed to trade with small trades because you never know what traps are set. your sell will trigger them... but.. sell me your coins at a discount pls :D
    this is what happens when you see the charts go directly up 10% or more in less than a few seconds.
    the bullruns that are 10's of minutes or an hour are bots buying up and not the same phenomenon.

    the terminology is actually very funny and the reason why people don't do well at trading or cannot understand why these 2 orders are named the names they are or what they are used for..
    a STOP-LOSS order is an order you would place if btc hit $10K and you wanted to sell everything. not for when something lost 20% and you want to panic sell, you actually can't even use the order to do that despite what you might think. the traditional stop loss most people know is used in margin trading only as we are not on margin we are basically trading in the position a margin exchange would be in so these terms are reversed. because margin exchanges do that it actually gives them the advantage and makes margin trading very very difficult not to mention the margin exchange is hiding close to half of the profits from the movement then stopping you out stealing your money.......... dont beleive that? if a coin goes up to $8000btc from $7000 you sell , rebuy at $7000 lower. , guess how much proffit that ? a shit ton.... nearly 30% of both sides of your trade.
    margin if you were short, stopped out before btc his $8000 then the exchange just holds onto the real money you gave them in the trade. if it goes down. no loss its not there money it can loose all it wants with no risk to them . if it goes up . they win your proffits and your trade size.
    because we are in the margin exchanges position, we also gain some the advantages they took. meaning. if you think trading cyrpto is risky or you need to be intelligent. you're actually over thinking it. in the last 2 weeks, you could have made a 20% mistake and still cleared 15% , in last winter you could make up to 60% mistakes every 2 months and still clear 110%
    a TAKE-PROFFIT , is buying at the bottom.
    if those names sounds reversed to you, good luck staying proffitable, took me a while to understand how much traditional margin exchanges were actually profitable and why they can leverage/loan 10000% without a credit check and not go bankrupt, because its impossible to loose when you aren't trading margin.... just time lost. unless you physical intervene and buy at a loss.

    selling everything at the bottom isn't even an order type. nor a common practice in trading, yet the majority still sell a the bottom.

    this is directly from there api example
    // When the stop is reached, a stop order becomes a market order
    // Note: You must also pass one of these type parameters:
    let type = "STOP_LOSS";
    let quantity = 1;
    let price = 0.069;
    let stopPrice = 0.068;
    binance.sell("ETHBTC", quantity, price, {stopPrice: stopPrice, type: type});

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    Funds are safu

  • Sam Raimi
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    your explanation of stop loss is terrible, a stop loss is supposed to stop you from losing, hence the name! - it does not sell at the market price as you state, in your example you should have set your "limit" slightly lower than your "stop" so that your sell actually goes off and protects you from further loss, you have it higher which negates the point of a stop loss, if the price is dropping it's hardly going to bounce back up just so your sell can go through, it purpose is to minimize losses not wait until the prices goes back up to sell!

    • Igor Juric
      Igor Juric 3 месяца назад

      exactly, that's on point. you want to keep pace with the movement and be one step ahead (or back for that matter) - either in green or red.

    • dbcrypto
      dbcrypto  6 месяцев назад

      Completely disagree... You're telling me I'm wrong about a stop-loss and you are explaining how I'm wrong while talking about a stop-limit... not even the same order, do some Googling then feel free to respond again. I'm simply explaining the order type, I agree if you want to use stop-limit to prevent a significant loss, put your limit below your stop, common sense.

  • Pim P
    Pim P 6 месяцев назад

    for example if i want to buy coins for 10$ each and take profit of 0,20$ each (autosell for 10,20$) but if it comes below 9,50$ i wanna auto sell. how do i do this at the same time?

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  • David Abolarin
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    Thanks for the explanation...Could you explain how leverage works on binance especially for a new trader like me? 1JycSiDbkv2UFVpjtBDvhae6jpGfJiafqq

  • Half Man Half Cat
    Half Man Half Cat 7 месяцев назад

    It would be great if you could set it so that with a sell of a certain number of tokens/coins, you could set it to either sell at a specified price if it goes up to secure profits, &, with the same tokens also have stop loss at a certain price if it goes down to minimise losses.
    For example, if I have 100 BAT, and the current price of BAT is 0.00004000, and i'd be happy to sell if it reached 0.00005000 to secure profits, but if it dropped to 0.00003800 then i'd want to sell to cut potential losses. However it seems like I can't put the same 100 BAT tokens in an order that would fulfil both possibilities, only one or the other.
    Does this (if it makes sense) exist on any binance? And if not do you know any exchanges where it does?

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    I don't understand why people fail to explain what a stop, a limit, and a stop-limit is. This is what happens when you learn to trade without studying the fundamentals, that you don't know how to explain it. I am sorry, but after watching all your video, I can tell that you are still confused on the difference between a stop loss and a stop-limit.

    • dbcrypto
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      I'm not at all

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    Thank you so much dude, I was struggling to understand this whole concept and thanks to your video it quickly became easy, very good video

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    Great video, explained it the Stop-Limit/Stop-Loss functionalities pretty well. Very helpful

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    So this is how we prevent the loss of money?

    • dbcrypto
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      You can set a SL to prevent large losses

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    Excellent clip thanks for the help mate

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      You're welcome, all the best

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    Perfectly explained. Thank you very much.

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      Thanks Christopher

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    bad explanation

    • dbcrypto
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      No problems, I think you are getting confused with the terminology... at 5:30 I begin talking about stop-LOSS which is different to stop-LIMIT... when I am talking about stop-losses, there is no 'limit' at all... because a stop-loss involves selling at MARKET price when a stop is reached... hope that clarifies things, stop-limit and stop-loss are not the same

    • MMABeijing
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      5:30, I would actually venture to say that your explanation is not unclear but inaccurate and misleading.When you want to protect your investment and decide to use a SL sell you should have your limit price lower than your stop price. For a SL buy that's reverse. I don't understand how you set your stop sell at 6000 and your limit at 7500.
      did I miss anything?
      thank you

    • dbcrypto
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      how? Happy to clarify whatever is not clear

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    Explanation of stop limit order starts at 3:13. You're welcome.

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    Thanks, good tips.

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    Very interesting video which I have to study again. I understand the stop loss to mean you are losing on a trade and want to reduce your loss. Can I use a stop limit or two stop limits to set a price at which I want to make a profit, say five per cent and 10 per cent, or 10 per cent and 1x. And could this be done without incurring a loss? Apologies if its covered and I need to watch the video which I will do. Hallam in always sunny Barbados.

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    I still don't get it.

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      Message me on Twitter

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    How do you prevent losses in case of a flash crash?

    • Marvin Agustin
      Marvin Agustin 8 месяцев назад

      Thank you. Probably it's the other way for a flash boom in case of buying.

    • dbcrypto
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      Set a stop-limit to sell in case of a dump in price

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    background music is so annoying. disliked it because of background music. no music would of been better

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      Yeah, thanks Ray...

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    WTF so there is no stop-loss order on Binance, only stop-limit order, use-less

    • dbcrypto
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      If you understand the difference you will see they are essentially the same

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    Thanks for making that understandable. Others were so confusing.

    • dbcrypto
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      All the best

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    great explanation - thanks buddy!!

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      Thanks Vaqaas

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    can you give me the music links?
    i am making video of your video :)) ... i mean translating it into another language. and i wanna use your musics background .

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      Information about the artists is in the description Ali

  • Bryan Pham
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    When you buy Alts with stop-limit. Does it only buy once your stop order is reached? Do you lose your money if it never reaches the stop order you placed?

    • dbcrypto
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      You can always cancel the order, you won't lose your money in an order. It won't buy until the stop is reached, yes

  • vittal giri
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    My order got executed without reaching the limit here the screenshot why is so? trigger condition was set at this 0.00000975 btc but it never reached that price and order got placed do you know why?

  • Daisuke Suzuki
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    Thanks mate! Just a follow up question on that -- it seems that once the order is on the market, I lose that balance on my account. Meaning if I used 100% of my balance to buy, I can't seem to place a stop-loss for the same amount. Any thoughts?

    • dbcrypto
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      Can't have the same coins in two different orders at once, I hope that answers the question... feel free to msg me on Twitter to chat

    • Daisuke Suzuki
      Daisuke Suzuki 8 месяцев назад

      Right, so that means I would have to have an equivalent amount in the other currency in the pair, in order to place a stop/loss order?

    • dbcrypto
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      I'm not sure exactly what you mean, but think of your coins as tangible.. once they are in an order, they can't be two places at once

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    turn off ur shit music, we don''t hear ur deep insights, idiot

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    are there any crypto exchanges with advance order types except for stop-limit

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      Not sure what you mean there

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    Love your voice, cut out the music because it is distracting
    Thank you

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      Thanks, yeah I have gotten lots of feedback about the music.. made this video a long time ago, all is fixed in new videos.. thanks

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    Jesus no video explains it clearly and succinctly. Just mumble mumble background music and now stuttering

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      Good luck, wish you all the best

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      dbcrypto how complacent. You can see others in the comments who find your style distracting. Are we all morons or maybe you have poor execution of visual and oratory communication. Anyway found a better video that got to the point in two minutes. Keep stuttering and mumbling your way through life

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      LOL. What don't you understand? Weird how so many other people found this simple and easy to understand, maybe it's your problem?

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    Too Hard to create an active account can't wait until Robinhood get it all together you will lose a lot of customers. Submitted my info twice and still rejected, SMDH ridiculous !

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    In reality it just means half your stops will never get triggered. We need stop loss (market) orders asap.

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    Awesome explanation. How about if I set a limit only the I decided to cancel, is that possible?

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    • dbcrypto
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      Hi mate, you cannot. Imagine your ETH is tangible, you can't put it in two places at once right now, just not possible to have two open orders for the same assets. Cheers

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      Hi, I was just explaining the concept... you can have limit above or below the stop, depends what you want to do with the order...

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      You will see the benefit if you are trying to put a sell order at a price that is below the current market price, hope that makes sense

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    The stop limit will not work on Binance or other C2C exchanges. It might work on ICO and minor altcoins. But as long as BTC is tanking, every other coin goes down with it. So, if your exchange isn't supporting FIAT that's not of much use. Unless you are using Tether, just beware of the possibility of waking up and learning that people are finally aware about Tether's fraudulent claims, they don't have a dollar for every tether and you end up losing everything, not just a percentage.
    The only solution in C2C would be analyzing charts very well, and entering the market only when you know the price might go up, otherwise just keep your Btc, Eth, Xmr, Ltc in your wallet or sell it beforehand and only trade when you know the market isn't tanking. Momentarily go ahead, trade, exchange, invest. All coins are in the accumulation phase: going up and down without really tanking or going to the moon. use Stochastic and Bollinger. Buy low sell high. If the price isn't going up just wait. It's a multi billion dollar business, theoretically you can't lose ANY money, but most do because they panic. I don't believe this entire economy is going to collapse, forever, and ever. If it does we're all fucked :)

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