HAZBIN HOTEL- "A Cautionary Tale" -(CLIP)-

  • Published on Feb 15, 2019
  • Vaggie weaves a dark and scurvy tale of “the Radio Demon” that Angel didn’t ask for.
    Special thanks to Xander Mobus and Amin Elgarch for screams!
    Please consider supporting the show on Patreon or by buying a bit of merch, proceeds go to the project budget and help make this possible!
    MERCH AVAILABLE: sharkrobot.com/collections/hazbin-hotel
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    TWITTER: twitter.com/HazbinHotel
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  • Soulock
    Soulock 55 minutes ago

    "Strawberry pimp" is now my new title.

  • Dinger McGee
    Dinger McGee Hour ago

    When is this damn show coming out already

  • OWO marmalade
    OWO marmalade Hour ago

    *it's a cautionary tale of fear and lust and pride. in actual events where people died*

  • jasperhex
    jasperhex 2 hours ago

    mean girls the musical?-

  • BurntToasts Roast
    BurntToasts Roast 8 hours ago +1

    *An evil computer has appeared!*

  • vix thesnarky
    vix thesnarky 10 hours ago

    So a lil mythological fact. The Deer also known as the Stag, that is Alastor animal. Has gone through several religious iterations as "the horned one, pan in some pagan circles" Saturn the god of war. And lastly Satan. Ironically enough The tv series Hannibal used this metaphor for a cannibal Satan allegory. Which happens to be the story of Alastor if I recall A murder, murder cannibal. What delicious coincidental archetypal synchronicity.

  • Lily Trasler
    Lily Trasler 18 hours ago

    This basically sums up everyone's reaction to Alastor.
    Hazbin Hotel: constantly tells us how dangerous and powerful Alastor is, and how u should never mess with him
    Us: Awww, strawberry death bby!UWU

  • Ailencier Lestrian

    When are we getting more? When is this show happening?

  • Reaptakya
    Reaptakya Day ago

    Wish we could have some classes for Vivienne medrano on skillshare

  • Lani Maningas
    Lani Maningas Day ago

    Dang can't wait for this to be completed and daaaaangg he animations have gotten goooooooooooood

  • Lemon Candy
    Lemon Candy Day ago

    This need a traduction dude

  • Adolf Hitler
    Adolf Hitler 2 days ago

    If i dont appear in hell nein nein nein nein

  • Panthera
    Panthera 2 days ago

    Brace yourselves, the shippers are coming.

  • The Random Retard
    The Random Retard 2 days ago

    How come we haven’t seen satan yet

  • Abbi Thomason
    Abbi Thomason 3 days ago +1

    1:04 look closely the floor glitched😂 i just noticed that

    I love this btw❤️

  • Wayverlee Soulsong
    Wayverlee Soulsong 3 days ago

    Can anyone hear what Alastor is saying?
    It’s really hard to hear knowing it’s only one sec or so
    I could hear the word “Entertainment”

    EVERYTHING 3 days ago

    Ого наши сабы + название :)

  • Chara Cipher
    Chara Cipher 3 days ago

    Strawberry Pimp, indeed! ~~ 🥰🥰😏😏😏

  • Mehmet Ceylan
    Mehmet Ceylan 3 days ago

    When does the next chapter come?

  • ThatDisneyMouse Alyssa

    Oml plea s ecome out soon

  • Dexter Nexus
    Dexter Nexus 3 days ago

    A strawberry pimp?!

  • Logan Brooks
    Logan Brooks 3 days ago


    • ThatDisneyMouse Alyssa
      ThatDisneyMouse Alyssa 3 days ago

      +Logan Brooks I'm pretty sure.. Unless I'm wrong. You do get paid for views I'm pretty sure

    • Logan Brooks
      Logan Brooks 3 days ago

      +ThatDisneyMouse Alyssa you sure? even monetization from ads shouldn't be able to pay for this level of planned animation and plot this series seems to have, although the merchandise being sold might be enough

    • ThatDisneyMouse Alyssa
      ThatDisneyMouse Alyssa 3 days ago

      +Logan Brooks Yes, It's gonna be free. I'm sure she gets her money from the views she gets

    • Logan Brooks
      Logan Brooks 3 days ago

      +ThatDisneyMouse Alyssa really? is it going to be free? because youtube premium usually puts trailers out for paid series to bring in more people

    • ThatDisneyMouse Alyssa
      ThatDisneyMouse Alyssa 3 days ago

      RUclip I'm pretty sure

  • Anthony KELPLAR
    Anthony KELPLAR 4 days ago +1

    Man he looks like Nightmare King Grimm's Brother or Cousin

  • PandaPan
    PandaPan 4 days ago +1

    The animation has improved so so so much.
    Tweeting plus frame by frame is great.

  • Rylista Cunnet
    Rylista Cunnet 4 days ago +1

    0:45- I don’t know whether I’m crazy or not, but the demon on the left kinda looks like Omnitraxis from SVTFOE, and he died in the series finale SOOOOOOOOOOOOO...........

  • bunny :u
    bunny :u 4 days ago +1

    At this moment I was thinking that the most powerful demon in hell was hello kitty

  • Harley Quinn
    Harley Quinn 4 days ago

    And.. When next?

  • Harley Quinn
    Harley Quinn 4 days ago

    Very thanks for polish

  • Tigro
    Tigro 4 days ago

    “He looks like a strawberry PIMP” 🍓

  • Tigro
    Tigro 4 days ago

    Man, Vaggy is a dependable gf isn’t she?

  • José Manuel Morgado Román

    1:04 - 1:05 anymore saw the glitch?

  • Lazzari Snow
    Lazzari Snow 5 days ago

    When will the full thing come out!!

  • BlueAppleTea
    BlueAppleTea 5 days ago

    Vaggie: we need you to find the difference between this picture and this picture
    **shows angledust picture of most powerful demon in hell and picture of strawberry pimp**
    Angledust: they're the same picture

  • uncaged gaming
    uncaged gaming 6 days ago

    Plz do

  • uncaged gaming
    uncaged gaming 6 days ago

    They have to make this a show on Netflix

  • Miss Story
    Miss Story 6 days ago

    0:54 Hey look, Husk! Were they intentionally blocking him from showing but having him peek out enough so it doesn't seem too out of left field?

  • Marvelineous -
    Marvelineous - 6 days ago

    when is hazbin hotel coming out
    when is hazbin hotel coming out
    when is hazbin hotel coming out

  • MistyTheMuffinWuffle

    can I just say
    that I love Alaster

  • Aeona F.
    Aeona F. 6 days ago

    The animation in the beginning looks different. Dont get me wrong its awesome but it looks different

  • Black Water Entertainment-OFFICIAL

    where does this show air?

  • TOTAL Foc
    TOTAL Foc 7 days ago +1

    Radio demon is like romania mass-media

  • FreeFallingUp13
    FreeFallingUp13 7 days ago

    Daria Cohen animated this? Man, collaborations between my favorite animators is AWESOME!

  • Heather Rose
    Heather Rose 7 days ago +1

    What’s the deal with the animation??

  • daniel moreno
    daniel moreno 7 days ago

    Doom slater is on the way to slay these demon thots

  • YouTube Noob
    YouTube Noob 7 days ago

    This is animated so much more than shows today that it I have to get to all this movement

  • TheDisarminghinkle
    TheDisarminghinkle 8 days ago

    Can we please get that soundtrack at the end?

  • NightMare Moon
    NightMare Moon 8 days ago

    i love ending music

  • Nolmart Maridor Gimeno

    Is the title a reference to Mean Girls the Musical? Is it like Biggest Blame Fool being from the Seussical?

  • Aradia Mendoza
    Aradia Mendoza 8 days ago

    Alastor me da miedo pero sigo pensando que es un papasito bien pinche sicopata😑

  • Mathew Major
    Mathew Major 9 days ago

    Do we have a date where this is gonna be released yet?

  • noodle z
    noodle z 9 days ago +1

    Dude I never expected this to go big. But it did and I’m proUd *starts to tear up*

  • Drenix WarriorKnight
    Drenix WarriorKnight 9 days ago +3

    Do you think Alastor is going to be able to break the 4th wall?

  • Jefrem Perez
    Jefrem Perez 10 days ago

    Me dio un poco de verguenza ajena los subtitulos en español......

  • Vlad Black
    Vlad Black 10 days ago

    Really want a button of Alistair

  • Rebekah Adams
    Rebekah Adams 11 days ago

    Can't wait :)

  • ComboBreaker
    ComboBreaker 12 days ago

    is it me or does the animation feel off on this one?

  • minxes69
    minxes69 12 days ago

    Anyone notice the really different animation style I prefer the other version

  • Danny Fox
    Danny Fox 12 days ago

    I miss zoophobia.

  • hosanna tedla
    hosanna tedla 12 days ago

    Angel to vaggie: ok ya but his he into anal?

  • Sean Mason
    Sean Mason 12 days ago

    Hey, I was just wondering if you’d be releasing this animation on video. I would love to purchase a copy.

  • Atownic Pepperoni
    Atownic Pepperoni 13 days ago

    You done ?

  • giveitapearl
    giveitapearl 13 days ago

    Please do yourself a favor and read this thread

    • Malus Rising
      Malus Rising 5 days ago

      the screenshots in it are fake. Vivzie is tired of explaining it, but those screenshots are faked and edited, plus she's apologized in the past for her actions that she did as a TEENAGER.

    • Kleki
      Kleki 13 days ago

      i like the art but hate the person

  • Playlist For you
    Playlist For you 13 days ago

    It’s been a whole two month

  • Mocha_
    Mocha_ 13 days ago

    Yeah he’s my strawberry pimp XD jkjk

  • Suit
    Suit 14 days ago +1

    I must
    Charlie: No one died.

  • NoOneYouNeedToKnow
    NoOneYouNeedToKnow 14 days ago

    ok but has anyone realized that charlie's mom is one of the most powerful demons??

    • N J
      N J 12 days ago

      Maybe that's the same case with Lilith maybe she's on another level too?

    • NoOneYouNeedToKnow
      NoOneYouNeedToKnow 12 days ago

      +N J i was thinking the same but maybe he's not there because he's on a whole different level? idk

    • N J
      N J 12 days ago

      Wouldn't Satan be up there too?

  • Nelly Doodlenoodle
    Nelly Doodlenoodle 14 days ago

    I just let off a right banger

  • Daydreamermagicgirl Oliveri


  • Hopper H78
    Hopper H78 14 days ago

    I'm surprised there isnt a video titled:
    "Alastor killing everyone but I put Mr. Blue Sky over it"

    • Hopper H78
      Hopper H78 14 days ago

      Y'know what? I'm gonna do it..

  • NG Galy
    NG Galy 14 days ago


  • NG Galy
    NG Galy 14 days ago


  • WoffyDoggy
    WoffyDoggy 14 days ago +1


  • GarlicPudding
    GarlicPudding 14 days ago +1

    Anyone else notice Vaggie looking more monstrous as she told the story? Her bow became horns right at the end.

  • Kit Kat
    Kit Kat 15 days ago

    Where my pilot?

  • gabe prentiss
    gabe prentiss 15 days ago

    I wanna cosplay as radio demon

  • no u
    no u 15 days ago +1

    the music at the credits reminds me of Star wars Lego backgrounds music lmao

  • Jeryn Dave Lauan
    Jeryn Dave Lauan 15 days ago +1

    1:09 to 2:02 - Harry Potter Theme Song

  • Onyx Blue
    Onyx Blue 15 days ago

    When are the episodes gonna be released? Im excited!

    • N J
      N J 12 days ago

      2019 no date exactly but hazbin hotel will be at momocon so maybe the info will come?

  • slend machine
    slend machine 15 days ago

    still watching many times

  • Sarah Barisas
    Sarah Barisas 15 days ago +2

    I think Angel just found his pimp.

  • 5Ravee5
    5Ravee5 15 days ago

    ....ship them

  • The Green Umbreon
    The Green Umbreon 16 days ago +1

    1:05 “He looks like a strawberry pimp”

    AGERAXIS 16 days ago

    did anyone else notice Husk fighting Alastor in the background during Vaggie's story?

      AGERAXIS 12 days ago

      +N J well, the more you know

    • N J
      N J 12 days ago

      Husk did work for him in the past

  • Edd Cowboy
    Edd Cowboy 16 days ago

    I love Vaggie and her voice

  • Kai
    Kai 16 days ago

    I can't wait for this to come out but I feel like the style in this was more cutesy and I kinda liked how they looked in the other videos than in this video

  • Ashley Garcia
    Ashley Garcia 17 days ago +1

    oh shit wrong thing whoops

  • Kishibe Rohan
    Kishibe Rohan 17 days ago +1

    0:48 Is that fucking Pyrocynical

  • Duchi
    Duchi 17 days ago +1

    *The Animation feeds my eyes*

  • DASSAD_125
    DASSAD_125 17 days ago

    will there be series with a duration of 10 minutes

  • Liberty Walters
    Liberty Walters 17 days ago

    He's already my favorite character.

  • Jake Tucker
    Jake Tucker 18 days ago

    If I was alistor and I heard vaggie say all that I’d be like “flattery will get you nowhere sweetheart, and I’m more of a cherry color good sir...”

  • Fossil
    Fossil 18 days ago

    He disappears for a split second that’s weird

  • Austin Phillips
    Austin Phillips 18 days ago

    What's the song at the end 1:08

  • God Of Telepathy
    God Of Telepathy 19 days ago

    i don't know why, but mr. strawberry pimp looks like a demonic version of one of the beatles.

  • The Purple Potato
    The Purple Potato 19 days ago

    I honestly want a cartoon like this on television, its so well done and I love it!

  • Cole Taylor
    Cole Taylor 19 days ago

    God i cant wait any longer!!!!!!

    • N J
      N J 12 days ago

      Well hazbin hotel will be at Momocon maybe an airdate will be released?

  • Sidney Black
    Sidney Black 19 days ago

    I say he got his powers straight from our electrical systems. That's how he went from human soul to all powerful demonic being.
    I mean. If his name matches his over all power. Energy waves through the spectrum would do it.

  • Stubby Sawnd
    Stubby Sawnd 19 days ago

    “He looks like a strawberry pimp”... oh my god, I’m dead.

  • Sophia Metcalf
    Sophia Metcalf 20 days ago

    "What's the deal with Smiles over there?" I love that line.

  • Creative Catastrophe
    Creative Catastrophe 20 days ago