Nikolas Cruz's Brother Confronts Him After Parkland School Shooting | USA TODAY

  • Published on Aug 9, 2018
  • Newly released video shows Zachary Cruz telling his brother Nikolas Cruz "this is not you" after the deadly shooting at Marjory Stoneman Douglas High.
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    Nikolas Cruz's Brother Confronts Him After Parkland School Shooting | USA TODAY
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Comments • 28 093

  • KING_ BILLZ-_-
    KING_ BILLZ-_- 3 hours ago

    That’s why think before acting

  • Antonio MSA
    Antonio MSA 6 hours ago

    Send me a reply to make you change your mind on why and why not he should get locked up

  • lisah
    lisah 8 hours ago

    yall gotta understand that someones mental health DOES contribute to their actions . he did something really wrong but at the end of the day you cant blame him thoroughly. he wasnt right in the head and he didnt feel any type of love or comfort or that anyone was there for him before it happened. you dont know what he really was going through. he should be punished for his actions but he also needs care. and you know what ? I'm glad he did something about it even if its wrong. hate all you want but if I got bullied every single day and had no friends at school that made it worse for me and life at home was worse I'd do something too ( I'm not ) . I would hate every single person . it taught them a lesson . how many people have to die to get the point ? everyone takes things differently

  • Shumaila Shahzadi
    Shumaila Shahzadi 9 hours ago

    i hooe he dies

  • Myka Smith
    Myka Smith 12 hours ago

    You know this is actually a social experiment....there were a group of scientists that studied an experiment on love and social status and what would happen if we were deprived from they took a gorilla from its family and they kept it in a room with no widows...just walls and a door obviously the glass on the door was covered but, on the door was an open slot, almost like those things on prison doors to slide in the trays of food, so that was a way to give the gorilla food. All the gorilla had in the room was a stuffed animal. The scientists wanted to figure out how long before the baby gorilla would break or go crazy from the lack of affection or interaction. They studied the behavior of the gorilla for i think a whole 2 months. The gorilla was so lonely and sad that it tried to communicate with the stuffed animal but it's stuffed so it can't communicate back to you, so the gorilla sat there for days on end going crazy in this empty room and trying to communicate with the stuffed animal. The gorilla even cried. The final week came and the gorilla was just curled up, head to its knees depressed....sad....and gave up trying to communicate with anything possible it literally just sat there just staring down or just staring at the wall until it died because of heart break from the lack of interaction and love. It's sad. I look back on this research and i see nikolas being that gorilla.

  • Adventurous 101
    Adventurous 101 14 hours ago +1

    Emma bullied him too

    ROCKHEAD PODCAST 15 hours ago

    his brother is fake

  • tammy guest
    tammy guest 16 hours ago


  • Trash Doctor
    Trash Doctor 17 hours ago

    Tbh I personally think that this is entirely nikolas’s fault. The school didn’t protect him when they should’ve, his mother dies, his brother tormented him, he was constantly bullied at school and the teachers didn’t help it still wasn’t right for him to shoot up a school and kill 17 people but none of this would’ve ever happened if the school actually helped him

  • ella 09
    ella 09 19 hours ago

    Root in hell.

  • E&k Gang
    E&k Gang Day ago

    “this isn’t who you are”... hmmm well actually it is or it wouldn’t have been done

  • salem aidy
    salem aidy Day ago

    their mom is dead and he doesnt live with him, he's saying I know I always made it seem like I didn't like you but I love you I think he is a very bad older brother even with all this the whole thing with him his talk and everything seemed fake ASF, he know his brother is lonely and is getting bullied yet he thinks a DM on IG is enough, he should've visited him at least or something I think he is part of the reason, I actually feel bad for this killer kid watch all the videos he's confused he just needs love and guidance

  • KiNg_ KoTh
    KiNg_ KoTh Day ago

    I feel No simpathy for a man that see's reason in murder, especially to children RIP

  • astor vocynis
    astor vocynis Day ago

    These kids are abused by their classmates. Yes it is abuse. Bullying is a term used to downplay abuse at school. The students that drove him to this are disgusting excuses for human beings. Some are resting in hell.

  • Milton Torres
    Milton Torres Day ago

    DAmn man as muchest I hate what he did I hope he find God in his life and find forgiveness..... enough with the killing and hate

  • Jaime Duke
    Jaime Duke Day ago

    For a moment I started to feel sorry for this kid then I remembered he's not crying for the kids he just killed he's crying for his self. I was bullied I came from a family that showed love by balling up a fist and hitting or sexually abusing me and I've never shot anyone or even pulled one on anyone. You have to find the strength in yourself love yourself no matter what!!!!

  • A_Bouncy_Tiger
    A_Bouncy_Tiger Day ago

    7:10 God is good

  • Eve Gurrola
    Eve Gurrola Day ago

    I wish I could’ve been his friend

  • Trevor Price
    Trevor Price Day ago

    This is very emotional. But as emotional as I am getting. I’m not forgetting he gunned down 17 unarmed children. Children. They don’t get to hear “I love you” from their siblings. They’re gone. Im channeling my sympathy towards the 17 and the rest involved in this. Rest In Peace.

  • DrengenesYT ASC
    DrengenesYT ASC Day ago +1

    I no he killed 17 people and that was wrong but he was bullied at school he just needs a hug and a i love you

  • Turbo Brony
    Turbo Brony Day ago

    This was really touching man. Even though he murdered them kids, this visitation really hit the heart

  • Oscar Robles
    Oscar Robles 2 days ago

    "I didnt want to look weak?"......really?well you look like a weak minded coward who proved to no one how tuff and strong he never can pretend to not be weak but why not be true to yourself and other showing those you care and love for patience and understanding and your vulnerability takes strength and courage far more than "not looking weak" sad....

  • Dorshane Thomas
    Dorshane Thomas 2 days ago

    Everything start at school if you teach your kids to be respectful and kind people like this would not exist . Your child can be nice around you at home and go to school and be a terrible person and you never know . If you can’t take care of yourself don’t have any children at all . I hate bully’s and bullying is what cause this kid to commit such a awful crime .

  • booley B
    booley B 2 days ago

    His brother seems like he being sarcastic

  • Aalia Asim
    Aalia Asim 2 days ago

    Nothing could ever excuse the fact that he shot so many people - but knowing that he was bullied every single day though... eventually he's going to snap. I think if this guy just had some love in his life, someone to care about him, it would have made a huge difference. This shooting never would have happened. He's not a sadist, he's not fascinated with death, he's just a bullied teen who made the wrong decision after snapping. This is why bullying should be taken seriously. You have to take into account that these are teenagers. Their brains have not fully developed yet. They have a varied response as to how to fight off a situation where they are constantly being bullied and hurt. It's sad.

  • cloudzinmyize
    cloudzinmyize 3 days ago

    Bullying needs to STOP ! He was bullied all the time and had enough. Maybe if his peers were kind to him in highschool , then this wouldn't have happened. Jeremey's spoken by Pearl Jam is about this very thing. My condolences to the victims, but not to the individuals who were bullying him. His own brother bullied him as well. Maybe instead of focusing on guns , we focus on kids who need help, and prevent this shit from happening .

  • shanel wash
    shanel wash 4 days ago

    I met this young man last year and hes being loved and is very happy.

  • Spotify Premium
    Spotify Premium 4 days ago

    Bullying... This is awfull! I cant talk about situations ive never been trough so i dont know what mindset he was in to do this but humans really are jerks to one another and its not only this kids fault. The ppl who were bullying him should b held responable too! Being kind is so gratifying and makes u and everyone around happy! Be kind ppl!

  • Tearitloose Tearitloose

    Mental health and the wellbeing of young people needs to be addressed in a different light... hell.. it needs to be addressed.

  • Robert Ryan
    Robert Ryan 4 days ago

    I cant understand how his brother can sit there and talk normally and talk about Instagram, I could care less at this was my brother or my father or just a friend if you just killed over a dozen innocent people I would smash your fucken teeth in

  • Matowix
    Matowix 4 days ago +3

    The brother bullied him as a child and he feels guilty now

  • merchant joker
    merchant joker 5 days ago

    Either way I hope that kid kills him self for what he did

  • merchant joker
    merchant joker 5 days ago

    Any one els notice how Cruz isn’t a white last name

  • Secunda
    Secunda 5 days ago

    As sorry as I feel for him, he's going to have to repay for the rest of his life for the 17 lives (innocent or not), times the family members affected he stole. And its usually never enough.

  • Eyob W
    Eyob W 5 days ago

    If only he told him before the incident

  • Dianna
    Dianna 5 days ago

    I watched a video of one of the cops body cams. I have never seen cops that terrified before.

  • abbi3 Dabbi3
    abbi3 Dabbi3 5 days ago

    Hurt people Hurt people. Too little too late. RIP to all the victims.

  • King
    King 5 days ago +3

    It’s sad ☹️ in every way he got neglected and bullied
    And he did horrible horrible thing murdering so many innocent people
    Feel sorry for other families
    Sad sad ☹️

  • Marlene Ehler
    Marlene Ehler 5 days ago +4

    Brother said your not right in the head. Yah think. Brother is admirable. N he says try to find God. Wow.

    • Marlene Ehler
      Marlene Ehler 10 hours ago

      Yeah but brother admitted he wasn’t the best big brother n yes kid had a rough time in school no role models but shooting up a school isn’t the answer he planned it out he wanted fame he got it. He’ll get plenty brotherly love in FLA state president or death penalty

    • __
      __ 13 hours ago

      But the brother bullied him too..he just is saying sorry to feel less guilty..he is just as responsible for this..

  • butternuttt
    butternuttt 5 days ago

    this is heartbreaking and absolutely sad

  • Thomas Burne
    Thomas Burne 5 days ago

    Sorry but there's no fcking excuse for killing 17 people. People go through shit all the time, some worse than him.

  • Ace Trilla
    Ace Trilla 5 days ago

    I mean he did really bad stuff but I kinda feel bad for him like he is mental:(

  • Rachel Kessler
    Rachel Kessler 5 days ago +1

    Wow. He is an amazing brother.

    • Jackson Kay
      Jackson Kay 2 days ago

      Rachel Kessler I hope that’s sarcasm, he bullied the hell out of him and was even told that he made him want to kill himself. What an absolute dog.

  • LunarKingdom
    LunarKingdom 6 days ago

    He lost his mom and other family members. He only had his bother left that loved him. Sadly he got bullied at school and thought his brother didn't love him. He develop a voice in his head for coping. Sadly the bullies kept bullying him and the voice turned evil. Soon he lost control acting out of sadness and rage killing 17 kids.
    (Poor Cruz only if someone helped him in his time in need)

  • Kelvin Veizaga
    Kelvin Veizaga 6 days ago

    Damn bruh imagine if this man had a squad, OOF MEGA KILLSTREAK

    • LKMN
      LKMN 6 days ago

      You got the red nose already?

  • Kaihun Lu
    Kaihun Lu 6 days ago +3

    That brother was so cool headed, strong, understanding, that guy could be the new president anytime.

  • Sicarii Uncovered
    Sicarii Uncovered 6 days ago

    Oh poor sociopath baby. This beast needs to be put to death. No sympathy here for this crying dog.

  • Jeff
    Jeff 6 days ago

    WWJD 🙏🏼

  • Yoni Ortiz
    Yoni Ortiz 6 days ago +1

    I can tell Cruz regrets everything he’s done but no matter the fact what he’s done is done he now has to pay the price

  • Yusuf Pekin
    Yusuf Pekin 6 days ago

    you dont get born as a Killer. People Make you a Killer. You can clearly See how he regrets his Action and how this could have been prevented with some professional help.

  • Truth Betold
    Truth Betold 6 days ago +1

    His brother is talking to him like he stole a car and didn’t kill 17 people

  • The Alfonso Nation
    The Alfonso Nation 6 days ago +10

    24 hours too late. This story is heartbreaking on both ends.

    SOLAI THE GREAT 6 days ago +9

    I know what he did is horrible and unforgivable but my heart still hurts for him. He was so broken.

    • Melissa Wright
      Melissa Wright 4 days ago

      @SOLAI THE GREAT I agree

      SOLAI THE GREAT 4 days ago

      @Melissa Wright so sad for everyone involved. The way he cried when his brother told him he loved him and hugged him. That's all he wanted. Was to feel loved.

    • Melissa Wright
      Melissa Wright 5 days ago +2

      I agree. Glad someone else felt that way. He did an unforgivable horrendous thing. And should be held accountable but needs mental help. He is so broken and damaged and he didn't get that way by himself. All the kids said he was bullied and tormented for his life. He was failed. A broken little kid

  • Icarus Alchemist
    Icarus Alchemist 6 days ago +2

    He was victim of mind control just like James Holmes.

  • Анелия
    Анелия 6 days ago

    The thing we all should learn from this is no matter who we are, where we were born, what did we do we need LOVE

  • mouse mickey
    mouse mickey 7 days ago +1

    you say you got a demon he says .

  • יהודה בן דוד

    כמה כמה עצוב כמה חבל

  • CutieGuy
    CutieGuy 7 days ago

    Cant feel remorse for him, so many obvious signs of distress. Now he is crying because of the punishment for his actions and he is getting what he deserved. "You really messed up this time." doesnt even cover it brother.

  • Iris Friesen
    Iris Friesen 7 days ago +1

    Prison is our mental health system.

  • Sempi5757
    Sempi5757 7 days ago

    Nowadays young kids can be cruel to others. This is society’s big problem along w social media bullying the most vulnerable. This is why we all need to raise this youth knowing you don’t fkn bully each other. I do feel for this guy regardless of what he did.

  • Carey Andrud
    Carey Andrud 7 days ago

    His brother told him a mouth full about turning to God and think on positive things

  • karla alpizar
    karla alpizar 7 days ago

    ME: im toTALLY NOt CRIYNG RIGHT NOW (sobs and hopes god gets him out of there) :( :)

  • MeekBadge
    MeekBadge 7 days ago

    Imagine how different thing would be if be where black or hispanic

    RED MAMBA 7 days ago

    Could have been prevented a thousand different times. Yet no one took the steps to fix the issues in this kids life. This is our reality, yet no one seemed to care when he needed help the most.

  • brody thompson
    brody thompson 7 days ago

    As horrible as the things that Cruz has done are, I still think that he needed help and still does. Maybe if he did get help for mental illness he may not have killed these innocent people. That and we could as a country make it harder for a mentally ill person to buy and AR-15???

  • bad company
    bad company 7 days ago

    You will cry the rest of your days

  • skelki Galatasaray
    skelki Galatasaray 7 days ago +3

    He can be such a "normal" person. Still deserves to be in jail.

  • Alisa .3
    Alisa .3 7 days ago

    Why didn’t he get a death penalty and YNW melly did

  • Lweh G Htoo
    Lweh G Htoo 8 days ago

    He deserves to be in prison forever

  • henk de gein
    henk de gein 8 days ago

    yeah, try to find god... god will find you,don,t u worry about that.

  • Super Lady
    Super Lady 8 days ago +2

    “People think you are a monster”
    You are a monster, you deserve this and all more

    • Ron_Titan
      Ron_Titan 7 days ago

      He was bullied by hundreds of people and wanted to kill himself, he is adopted I'm quite sure and his parents died, it's really taught having everyone hate you although its not acceptable to do that and you just have to make sure your smarter than that and just know someone out there can be your friend he was undereducated and had no role model or never taught to not be like others

  • I love Pigs
    I love Pigs 8 days ago +4

    Doesn’t deserve to stay alive he killed 17 KIDS THAT WANTED A FUTURE

  • Iam Wavvy
    Iam Wavvy 8 days ago +2

    I lost my mom I’m not killing anybody nah he needs to rot

  • Iam Wavvy
    Iam Wavvy 8 days ago

    Nah nah it’s not ok

  • Brandy Frazier
    Brandy Frazier 8 days ago

    Never heard so many “alrights ” in my life but I feel bad for the brother. I will never feel sorry for Nikolas no matter what he went thru in life, there’s no excuse what so ever for what he done.

  • MoonyMew
    MoonyMew 8 days ago

    Damn that conversation was cringe :/

  • Mr Dub Crazy
    Mr Dub Crazy 8 days ago

    Just so you know, most killers are sad, weak losers inside....its the last resort for them to own some feelings of power over others.

  • The Black Quitter
    The Black Quitter 8 days ago +1

    All he needed was his brothers love 🥵

  • Jeremy Miller
    Jeremy Miller 8 days ago +2

    Lmao it doesn't matter what problems you have or are going through.

  • Pigeon Trump
    Pigeon Trump 8 days ago

    I bet he wanted the attention from his brother that didn’t give it to him then and now his brother comes up and says he loves him

  • haywood jablowme
    haywood jablowme 8 days ago

    Not condoning it but I see how it happened

  • Codey Med
    Codey Med 8 days ago

    These people are killing other people but through out the whole shooting they feel really bad, but they ignore it because they know at the end their killing themselves, but when they get arrested they cant, so their stuck with guilt

  • Cameron T
    Cameron T 9 days ago +8

    All these comments are about how he “just needed a hug” stfu, this kid needs lethal injection. Imagine all the hugs the family of 17 dead need right now.

    • NO U
      NO U Day ago +1

      Yeah but his bullies also had it coming.

    • Matthew mendi
      Matthew mendi 3 days ago +1

      That's what's up.

  • Madhurima Bardhan
    Madhurima Bardhan 9 days ago


  • latin
    latin 9 days ago +3

    Incredibly good smart brother

  • Toledo Keys
    Toledo Keys 9 days ago

    Weirdos... (A)... (B)... Police were trying to see if his brother was involved... (C) ... Police were incompetent .. just saying that due to the other video of Cocheeze's phone going off every 30 secs...(D) I hope I never have to interact extensively with these types of people.....

  • PinkRoses
    PinkRoses 9 days ago

    17 young people who didn’t deserve to die he took their lives & he wasn’t drunk or doing drugs, he simply was angry & took his anger out on innocent people. I feel so heartbroken for his brother who feels like it’s some how partly his fault. Nothing left but incredible pain these families will carry for the rest of their lives.

    • Rob Gordon
      Rob Gordon 9 days ago

      They didn't deserve to die, but they weren't innocent

  • Kurt Smith
    Kurt Smith 9 days ago

    Maybe you should have told him all this before he started shooting people? Some of the blood is on your hands too.

  • zarriah jackson
    zarriah jackson 9 days ago +1

    That is so sad he has to ask if he can hug your brother

  • Sydney Jervis
    Sydney Jervis 9 days ago +3

    I feel like all he needed was love. He did kill many people and he will pay for it. But it seemed like he never heard the words “I love you” and I felt for him at that moment. He did a terrible thing but he needs love still

    • Adan Walton
      Adan Walton 8 days ago

      Sydney Jervis, yeah your right.

  • tjeon1
    tjeon1 9 days ago +4

    People love to have guns and hate the gun laws
    Until a shooting happens to a loved one

  • Rose Eloge
    Rose Eloge 9 days ago

    We’re are his hands is he smiling 6:09-6:12 he looks like he doesn’t believe zack he looks like he wants to kill him or is it just me

    KING JON 9 days ago

    I believe society is creating monsters like this. I believe before his atrocities it could of been avoided if had more love and encouragement. It's not the bullying that creates the victimizer it's learning how to positively construct the negativity. In the real world there are real bullies like Mgrs, police, and other people in authority. My heart goes out to the victims.

  • Arturo Valdemar
    Arturo Valdemar 9 days ago

    I empathize with that 'lack of love', when I was a kid/teenager I didn't have that, just like this kid. But still, I never took it out on other people that had nothing to do with my own emptiness. You deal with it yourself, you don't go around killing others and then blame it on the ones that didn't love you when you needed it the most. I'm sorry, I find this inexcusable.

  • Marcheal Gideon
    Marcheal Gideon 9 days ago +2

    So basically he became angry at the world and just snapped.

  • Francisco Ortiz
    Francisco Ortiz 9 days ago

    The government did this they brainwashed this poor kid nd mde him do this

  • DonaId Trump
    DonaId Trump 9 days ago +1

    I can relate to Nikolas in that my sister was always mean to me and bullied constantly throughout my childhood.
    She punched me multiple times, hit a metal box over my head, broke my things, kicked me etc and verbally abused me with the aim of making me cry, which must've made her happy or something.
    I wish I could get that talk from her, that she's sorry and loves me, but alas, we're estranged...

  • TheMongolat
    TheMongolat 9 days ago

    Only thing he probably was missing was a good friend.

  • GeorgiaWarBoy81
    GeorgiaWarBoy81 9 days ago +17

    This conversation was a few days to late.

    • JP X
      JP X 5 days ago

      Yeah, they should have had it before the tragedy occurred.

  • Mc J Clooney
    Mc J Clooney 9 days ago +2

    Look how bullying and making other people feel like shit results to! Damn people show everyone love before it’s too late🥺

    • Bob Saget
      Bob Saget 8 days ago

      Mc J Clooney That doesn’t even come close to Condoning his actions. Bullying is not good in any scenario but it’s not excusable for killing 17 people. Never - and this isn’t a direct result of bullying. He was mentally ill, The bullying probably multiplied that leaving him unstable. Thousands of kids and teens are bullied but are not school shooters so no this isn’t how bullying effects the Brain and person.