Nikolas Cruz's Brother Confronts Him After Parkland School Shooting | USA TODAY

  • Published on Aug 9, 2018
  • Newly released video shows Zachary Cruz telling his brother Nikolas Cruz "this is not you" after the deadly shooting at Marjory Stoneman Douglas High.
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    Nikolas Cruz's Brother Confronts Him After Parkland School Shooting | USA TODAY
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Comments • 29 657

  • Mari Gutierrez
    Mari Gutierrez 2 hours ago

    I’ve been through a lot in my life , I’ve been bullied too ! I’ve felt alone af , tried killing my self a few times but never in my mind did I think of harming those who were causing me damage . There’s no excuse for what he did , he could of been the better person and let all the hurt make him stronger , but everyone is different I guess . I feel bad for those kids he killed , everyone says because he was bullied but how does that make sense when he randomly killed people . Bullied kids never go after those who bully them ! Makes me think it’s just an excuse to justify the horrible acts they commit !

  • Aiden Fisher
    Aiden Fisher 3 hours ago

    See I feel bad because he was so sad and broken, but he could of took a different route.

  • duckingtheradar
    duckingtheradar 6 hours ago

    It’s all about him. All his tears, all the comments from his brother, all of his own comments, etc. No talking about the victims. No remorse for the victims. Douchebag. All these shooters are selfish, pussy, douchebags.

  • Sam Smile
    Sam Smile 8 hours ago

    I can feel Cruz , I have been on the edge where it almost led me to gun practice. I can feel his pain. Fortunately, today I don’t feel the monster inside me anymore.

  • That Guy
    That Guy 9 hours ago

    Something isn't right here. I'm not a conspiracy theorist in any real sense, but what people is Cruz talking about? Why won't he elaborate?

  • Joshua Lagrimas
    Joshua Lagrimas 15 hours ago +1

    The answer to solving violence and crime is the presence of love, I'm the same age as him (Nikolas Cruz) and was born 3 days before my birthday in the same year. and I've been a bully victim like him to the point where I brought a weapon to school to potentially commit a murder. and that was back in my elementary days. I felt his suffering, where everyone resents you and discards you. It's not Ok to spread hate as it is a catalyst to crimes and conflict. I feel sorry for Cruz. I really am.

  • Kevin Frenyea
    Kevin Frenyea 16 hours ago

    He didn't do it

    LGD STUDIOS 22 hours ago

    There's nothing that justifies somebody doing this but obviously he had a lot of problems in his life but all the way around he was the weak one look at his brother he has to go through all of this now and he's still not breaking everybody struggling has to be strong and stick together cuz it only makes you a stronger person in the end

  • Gaby T
    Gaby T 22 hours ago

    This conversation with his brother was long overdue. We don’t know what their relationship was prior to this but he probably needed this love and support from his brother before hand. It sucks because as we grow older we live in our own world worried about ourselves and this child having been through what he has in his past had no one looking after him or helping him out. There is absolutely no excuses for what he did because he took the lives of innocent people but that goes to show that we should ask our family and friends more often how they are doing and really be there for each other, all of this could’ve been prevented. RIP to those that past away 🙏🏼

  • Ana Abu-Rus
    Ana Abu-Rus Day ago

    Its okay to have sympathy for Nicolas AND all the innocent who died. You don’t have to pick sides. Its just a shitty situation and let it be that.

  • Mr Leroy 42
    Mr Leroy 42 Day ago +1

    Everyone who said that you feel bad for him think about the 17 people that he killed in a school. Think about their families. All that and you feel bad for him?? That’s disgusting. Just cause life is hard it doesn’t mean that you should go out and kill innocent people. 17 lives. 17 people who could have changed the world gone just like that. I don’t feel bad a single bit for this guy.

    • Yin
      Yin Hour ago

      It's not disgusting to empathise with people, not even the worst people--it's human nature. The boy went through a lot of hardship and you're naive if you think you would never consider lashing out if you were in his position.
      Nobody is saying what he did is justified. But it is valuable to try and see things from the perspective of the perpetrator, and to attempt to understand what drove them to commit the crime. That way we can make progress towards preventing another horrible shooting.

  • Metallic Hound
    Metallic Hound Day ago

    All some one ever really needs is love

  • RubbishDork
    RubbishDork Day ago

    Sometimes i feel bad,because he was broken,some says he's guilty

  • Blank Pocket
    Blank Pocket Day ago

    You a clown if you feel bad for him

  • Dora uehejahshx
    Dora uehejahshx 2 days ago +3

    i wanna give him a hug but he scares the crap outta me

  • Dora uehejahshx
    Dora uehejahshx 2 days ago +3

    i feel bad for him at first but i just get so pissed. i can’t even describe how badly i want to yell at him rn

  • Kiko Jones Frank
    Kiko Jones Frank 2 days ago

    I grow up and my parents never tell me I LOVE YOU
    And now I can’t stop telling my parents
    To my wife and my kids the same
    Never stop telling your kids that you love them
    And hug them to
    People need love and talk about Jesus Christ
    Because you grow up with fear of God
    Only God is love
    Talk to the kids about HAVEN n HELL
    Jesus Christ is the way

  • DarK VeX
    DarK VeX 2 days ago

    one question , why did he kill those kids 😢

  • Left the building Ritz

    I don’t feel sorry for him , he could have chose to talk to someone instead of killing people who had their whole lives ahead of them .

  • Gacha Shadow UwU
    Gacha Shadow UwU 3 days ago +1

    I feel bad but what he did wasn’t right, he deserves it

  • Anchopoof
    Anchopoof 3 days ago

    This why you don't disclude people

  • michael lazo
    michael lazo 3 days ago

    This is sad but he deserves nothing but death at this point yea he was bullied yea he was going through tough times but so many others have and are still going through the same shit he went through and took a different path this kid needs go and anyone who doesn’t agree just think of all of the young lives he cut short all of the people and families he destroyed

  • C Meister
    C Meister 3 days ago

    human trash.

    that's all there is to it, no matter how bad it gets, you have 0 authority to do something like this.
    I have no sympathy for killers.

  • Danilo Ledesma
    Danilo Ledesma 3 days ago +2

    Restinpeace to all kids "Nicolas Cruz" God forgives you💕

    • DarK VeX
      DarK VeX 2 days ago

      Nope he won't. This Man will go to Hell .

  • Cody Story
    Cody Story 3 days ago

    Yes you are right, no question about it, you are a failure

  • Lauren Ferrell
    Lauren Ferrell 3 days ago +1

    Wow this is heartbreaking. His brother is an ANGEL... I'm speechless. I am praying for them!!!

  • Gianni Bleya
    Gianni Bleya 4 days ago +2

    Who acts in rage will pay the consequences later, also who acts because his next few years of life will be hard won't get the chance to have a nice life after more years

  • Gianni Bleya
    Gianni Bleya 4 days ago +4

    Dude had Autism man, it's unbelievable how mad you can get with it, especially when things go really bad... You really can't blame that guy, he had absolutely nothing to lose, when everyone hates you you hate them as well

  • EAD TV
    EAD TV 4 days ago +8

    this is what the joker movie is trying to say. Sometimes society makes monsters

  • Neha K.
    Neha K. 4 days ago +1

    Wait I actually cried... Why did I cry...

  • Faudzee Mokhtar
    Faudzee Mokhtar 4 days ago +1

    the country for weapons manufacturers also manufacturing the most terror act.

  • AR IA NA
    AR IA NA 5 days ago

    he should’ve just killed himself tbh what waste of space!

  • Mark /Carr
    Mark /Carr 5 days ago

    Listen, being sad in your life is hard but listen, I’m just a freshman but listen, I’m gonna say this, Ive never had a relationship, not really any friends, yet I say this your confidence is not your weakness, it’s your ally it will always be inside your soul and heart forever it will always make you beautiful, if you wanna be a leader in your life, you will be the most beautiful person. If you got suicidal problems, get a helpline or go out with nature, literally nature is the key to everything go connect to your higher self don’t let someone talk you out of something. Signed, Some random white kid.

  • Earl Martin
    Earl Martin 5 days ago +2

    He bought up God constantly. This is family regardless of what they do family is family. Unconditional love. I'm praying for the souls shot down before their time but I also pray for the broken soul that shot them

  • Perfect Pudding
    Perfect Pudding 5 days ago

    Yeah, how is his brother literally a black dude? HOW IS HIS BROTHER A BLACK DUDE? This is such a hoax, Cruz is such a fuckin patsy. All this staged bullshit makes me sick.

    6CARFACE 6CARFACE 6 days ago

    Everybody falling for this sad white boy shit man please school shooter my ass get his gay ass smashed on

  • NYRangers0623
    NYRangers0623 6 days ago +1

    I understand that what he did is horrible but when he started crying I felt so bad for him. He’s so mentally damaged.

  • Me Me
    Me Me 6 days ago +1

    Why did you not tell me when i was alive?

  • zσяsε
    zσяsε 7 days ago +101

    i feel bad for him bc he was so broken, but at the same time i don’t bc he could’ve chose a different way to face what he was going through

    • Joshua Lagrimas
      Joshua Lagrimas 15 hours ago +1

      well, that's a thought process for most bully-victims. it counts as an entity as well. a bully that embodies the school, embodies the victims inner hatred to that establishment and everyone living in it.

      LGD STUDIOS 21 hour ago +1

      It really sucks that people bully you until the time comes where you break down and you bring a gun to school and blast he obviously had different reasons why he was broken but bullies don't help

    • Daniel
      Daniel Day ago +1

      Don’t feel bad. He’s a monster

  • Bobby Biskins
    Bobby Biskins 7 days ago

    low-key this seems like not a real/genuine interaction between two brothers

  • alondra Gonzalez
    alondra Gonzalez 7 days ago

    I kinda feel bad but he shouldn't have done that in the first place

  • James Desroches
    James Desroches 7 days ago

    I feel bad for the brother not the shooter tho.

  • Beauty Scattered
    Beauty Scattered 7 days ago +5

    Brother is doing some brother talk.. too late. Seems some of these things were to be said earlier and weren't.
    P.s. brother Zac sounds very casual. Insinuating casual attitude throwing words of care.

  • Beauty
    Beauty 7 days ago

    Very sad oh my god i think he never felt love 😔

  • George Karypidis
    George Karypidis 7 days ago +1

    Imagine all those parents, sisters, brothers watching people in the comments feeling sorry for this guy.... We making murderersfamous and we keep justifying them, no words for the victims but praise and sadness for the murderers...

  • Fusion Drizzle
    Fusion Drizzle 8 days ago

    Im crying this is a touching video😓😫

  • Lazar Yanya
    Lazar Yanya 8 days ago

    There is no excuse for what he did period. If he killed the people who actually were in his life and made it hell, then I could understand him lashing back. He'd be protecting the rest of us from those people. That's not what he did. He is evil and will hold a high position in hell. Defending him now is wrong, using him to disarm law abiding citizens is wrong, distorting reality is wrong.

  • Clem Time Bitch 2
    Clem Time Bitch 2 8 days ago +1

    If I was his brother I would’ve beat him up

  • Clem Time Bitch 2
    Clem Time Bitch 2 8 days ago

    If I was his brother I would’ve beat him up

  • Sept
    Sept 8 days ago +1

    Hopefully he dies in hell

  • SkatingProductions1
    SkatingProductions1 8 days ago +1

    I feel bad for his brother he continues to go through shit and pays for his brothers horrible crimes. Parents died and his brother does this. Hope he can find peace

  • litzy
    litzy 8 days ago +27

    the brother had to leave florida because the people there thought he’s like nikolas and would steady target’s sad that his brother ruined his rep for him and that lead him to leave florida completely.

  • Link Master
    Link Master 8 days ago

    That's so sad😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭

  • Dallah Bills
    Dallah Bills 8 days ago

    His brother is a good guy

  • Aniyah Dear
    Aniyah Dear 9 days ago

    tbh i kinda feel bad for Nicholas (i spelled his name wrong ) But i still hate him for killing those innocent ppl 😤 But nicholas have been through alot and he probably just wanted his brother

  • gaввy elιzaвeтн
    gaввy elιzaвeтн 9 days ago +1

    I genially feel sorry for him. I myself have mental illnesses (not as bad as him) and I know how it just completely ruins your and others lives.
    He was broken as a child and nobody tried helping him until everyone thought he was crazy. He's not crazy, he's ill and needs help.

  • And Then
    And Then 9 days ago

    You guys romanticize broken kids so much that you’re willing to excuse murder just because of it.

  • tristan vaughn
    tristan vaughn 9 days ago

    Should have shot him seventeen times

  • Cherie Johnson
    Cherie Johnson 9 days ago +1

    You should have been there when he needed you but now you rejected him. I'm not surprised he did what he did, I don't condone it at all but mental illness is a horrible defeat illness that most of us can recognize with. now you tell him that you love him now you tell him that you're there for him now you tell him there's life ahead now you tell him you love him were you a dollar short a day late

  • rainbowsdan s
    rainbowsdan s 9 days ago

    am i supposed to feel bad?