Unicorn Store | Official Trailer [HD] | Netflix

  • Published on Mar 22, 2019
  • A woman named Kit receives a mysterious invitation that would fulfill her childhood dreams. Directed by and starring Brie Larson. Watch Unicorn Store April 5 on Netflix!
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    Unicorn Store | Official Trailer [HD] | Netflix
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Comments • 6 294

  • Prxncess Regina
    Prxncess Regina 2 days ago +1

    JoJo Siwa in 10 years time.

  • Bhoomika Ghosh
    Bhoomika Ghosh 4 days ago +1

    Agnes should visit this place

  • Bára
    Bára 5 days ago

    Am I the only one who actually loved the movie? 🦄

  • Lella N
    Lella N 7 days ago

    Well doesn't this just look awful 😃

  • Thanos the Mad TITAN
    Thanos the Mad TITAN 8 days ago +1

    Isn't Brie supposed to film Captain Marvel 2 ?!

  • Robert Ogura
    Robert Ogura 10 days ago +1

    Written and directed by a toxic feminist .
    Brie is garbage.

  • tom quigley
    tom quigley 11 days ago

    I have a giant catfish pillow like the one on her couch about 6 feet from me haha.

  • Lulu Maha
    Lulu Maha 12 days ago +1

    This bitch voice is fuking annoying

  • Zoe Bella
    Zoe Bella 14 days ago +1

    Hehe brie larson's boyfriend made the music XD
    unicorn store is funny cant spoil it srry :)

  • Hira Khan
    Hira Khan 14 days ago

    There are a lot of people in the world like that. Feeling sorry for them. God bless u people.

    LAY-Z JOY 16 days ago

    "Everybody needs magic in their life even if they're grown ups " ..... I like it.

  • Fast doggo
    Fast doggo 17 days ago

    She still can’t carry a show smh

  • guadalupe ayala
    guadalupe ayala 19 days ago

    thanos using the gem of reality, to eliminate its main threat.

  • bob hernandez
    bob hernandez 21 day ago

    Maybe I'm overthinking but I think the unicorn was a metaphor for spiritual awakening. And kit is someone highly intuitive who simply cant fit in with the control matrix of 3D society.

  • Shadow Kawii
    Shadow Kawii 21 day ago

    I'm probably am the only one that liked this movie. It was cheesy af, but cute. Tbh I feel like people didn't see the hidden meaning behind it.

  • Aufa K-Live
    Aufa K-Live 21 day ago

    List Of Marvel Pararell Universe ( So Far )
    1. Thor & Valkyrie As MIB Agents
    2. T'challa As Police Officer
    3. Captain Marvel Is On Quest To Get Unicorn
    4. Dr Strange Is Discovering Electricity ( Feat Spiderman )
    5. Peter Quill Figthing His Alternative Future Self On Lego
    6. Peter Quill & Peter Parker ( Spiderman ) Became Brothers
    7. Captain America Is Young Captain Marvel Uncle
    Tell Me Is Something Missing

  • xd CryptiŽe
    xd CryptiŽe 23 days ago +1

    Nick Fury coming from the dark. Atlease there is some lights.

  • Ethan Gaming
    Ethan Gaming 24 days ago

    Oh wow she is captain marvel

  • Connor Nicholas
    Connor Nicholas 25 days ago +1

    I didn't really like her in Captain Marvel, but this looks like something I'd watch.

  • bts in in my blood,sweat and tears

    I asked my mom for a unicorn, she hit me with a stone 😖

  • Dreadrat
    Dreadrat 26 days ago

    i think you missed April fools day there Brie

  • Bruteforce Dj
    Bruteforce Dj 29 days ago

    This is hot garbage

  • Elvis Guerra
    Elvis Guerra Month ago

    Seems that she makes to everybody look stupid just to she looks good.

  • Artie Rupinen
    Artie Rupinen Month ago

    Fuck this movie and Fuck you Brie Larson! :D

  • Candace Tyndall
    Candace Tyndall Month ago


  • Thamindu kavinda
    Thamindu kavinda Month ago +2

    I love brie Larson and became a fan since 21 jump street

  • Chef Craig Orrell
    Chef Craig Orrell Month ago

    Where is Thanos when you need him? Holy hell, this is a steamy pile of unicorn crap!

  • Kinshiro
    Kinshiro Month ago +1

    Who tf would make this shit?
    **Directed by Brie Larson**
    Oh for fuck's sake!

  • ajaxfilms
    ajaxfilms Month ago

    The kinda idea you get when you are high and say to your stoned friends "we should make a movie about it", but even as the words are leaving your lips you know it's a stupid idea.

  • Rafdor
    Rafdor Month ago +1

    I actually liked it 🦄 🎊

  • Venom
    Venom Month ago +7

    And Rotten Tomatoes gave it 64% rating!😂😂

  • Kevin Singleton
    Kevin Singleton Month ago +3

    Such a crap movie, from start to finish this movie sucks and you’ll want your life back.

  • Renée Vlogt
    Renée Vlogt Month ago


  • Grace Morrison
    Grace Morrison Month ago

    I feel like the reason why a lot of people don’t like this movie is because they went into it taking it too seriously... it’s like a whimsical surrealist art comedy film, and I feel like people went in with the mindset that it was supposed to be deeper than Larson ever intended.

    • K Guin
      K Guin Month ago

      i agree. what also would've been helpful (AKA a huge legup) is a clear statement about kitt being autistic. loads of the *childish* & unbothered quirks she has are normal traits for people with ASD. especially women with ASD.

  • jeremy smith
    jeremy smith Month ago

    I disliked this on netflix awhile back and i check again and it says thumbs up lol it was awful and devoid of any life.

  • blossomchan19
    blossomchan19 Month ago

    i love how creative she is, im quite sad when she got rejected at the presentation, her idea was really original, bright and has a deep meaning! i know it's a vacuum cleaner lol, but the way she represent it is way more meaningful than just sucking dirt. but the people are more rather choose "attention bait" from the people that doesn't have any original idea and creativeness to persuade other people to buy it in a inappropiate way.
    this is from my thoughts lol sorry for the bad english

  • Yamesh Burtony
    Yamesh Burtony Month ago

    Wjo came here from the teletubies meme?

  • kishan gautam
    kishan gautam Month ago +1

    I have a very good intuition that is is gonna be bad😑😑

  • gay fucks tryna do jungcock

    this is what fury and captain marvel were doing in infinity war

  • CarameloGames
    CarameloGames Month ago +1

    I just saw this movie and it was very beautiful and inspirational!

  • Jim Halpert
    Jim Halpert Month ago +1

    I really enjoyed this film. I don’t think it’s one of the better films on Netflix, but it was enjoyable. Yes, Kit needs to grow up and get a job. She is selfish and whiny, but I like the message that it might be hinting at. I think it’s good to be childish and weird. Sometimes life becomes boring and bland, and we should add a little happiness and even glitter in our lives. When we grow up, we lose that part of our imagination and childish wonder. It’s important to be able to grow up, but also keep that side to us. I do believe Kit is trying her best to grow, and by giving up the unicorn for someone else who needs it more, we can truly see she has grown up. She fails, yes, but failure is something we all have to face. Over all, I think this is an alright message about facing the real world, growing up, remembering to be silly, and selflessness. Sorry for ranting, just an opinion.

  • Tan Newton
    Tan Newton Month ago +1

    Watched it and like it. Seriously, if I was an actor, I would beg Brie Larson to let me become a part of her next movie project. Considering that it was her directing debut, I think she did a pretty good job.

  • Jerilyn Cruz
    Jerilyn Cruz Month ago +1

    Just finished watching this and it's good. It was really good. I cried 😭

  • sereen meray
    sereen meray Month ago +1

    The best movie I have ever watch 🌈🎨♥️🦄✨

    SHASYA SEPTIANI 03 Month ago +3

    Carol and nick furry🤣

  • Maikey Sanger
    Maikey Sanger Month ago +7

    Man i feel bad for her so many angry people. I think she did good in the movie room and captain marvel. This looks good too.
    Brie: *exist*
    other marvel fans: tHaNoS sHoUlD hAvE sNaPpEd HeR fRoM eXiStAnCe

  • Carson CarCar
    Carson CarCar Month ago +1

    No comment

  • blueasscarson
    blueasscarson Month ago +1

    i like the movie tbh

  • Александр Евстюшкин

    Don't watch it after Capitan marvel!
    Don't make my mistake

  • Sara N
    Sara N Month ago +1

    This movie has a great message, but it seems that most people are too shallow to get it 🙄🤔🤔

  • Andrew White
    Andrew White Month ago

    Brie Lawson is kinda of funny here😃

  • Raguleader
    Raguleader Month ago +2

    Just watched this move. Loved it, but I can see why not everyone was into it.

  • Shayne Te Riini
    Shayne Te Riini Month ago

    You guy's know it's a trip that Unicorn's are real 😲🦄 (they exist in Heaven(

  • hovard p.lovecraft
    hovard p.lovecraft Month ago

    yikes... looks bad

  • Ainz Ooal Gown
    Ainz Ooal Gown Month ago


  • Mvwdqdefita SfefryttTOY Eejejeiieeoeooeeo9jej393

    All ready seen this movie

  • Azvega Syahrilla
    Azvega Syahrilla Month ago +1


  • Katherine and Nazneen

    I dont like a lil of unicornstore

  • mobil oyun
    mobil oyun Month ago

    For you captain marvel❤

  • Alex Brownwood
    Alex Brownwood Month ago +1

    Why does everyone hate this it honestly looks pretty good

  • R3peater
    R3peater Month ago +8

    I only watched this movie because my wife brie larson is in it 😅

  • Dmanpoke 88
    Dmanpoke 88 Month ago +4

    I just wanna know what the hell is on Samuel L Jackson's head! That what's I really wanna know!

  • NightCore Love
    NightCore Love Month ago

    I kind of like this trailer not going to lie hahaha xD I'll watch it

  • Dennis 29
    Dennis 29 Month ago

    I felt asleep like 4 times, but I still see more than 40k likes. How can that be?

  • camila leon
    camila leon 2 months ago

    Do you think Kit is in the autism spectrum?

  • 49arsenal
    49arsenal 2 months ago +1

    The movie it's about closure, growing up and becoming adult realising some things aren't real yeah it's a more than a little bit dorky but it's a comedy what did you expect it's a surreal story with surreal things you don't expected to be accurate or less glittery it's a movie. Yeah you hate Brie Larson and so do I because of her statements and the way he interpreted a superhero but if you hate the movie it better be because of some parts of it that maybe weren't ok but apparently we are all experts in critique here. And yeah I saw more expressions in her interpretation in this movie than in the Marvel ones. More charismatic if you want

  • Random Cow
    Random Cow 2 months ago +2

    Brie Larson?

  • DeeZaar
    DeeZaar 2 months ago

    fiuuuuuu! seems to be a piece of sh1t..

  • zein mady
    zein mady 2 months ago

    I feel like Sam L Jackson knows how shitty this movie will be and is just here for support cuz he is a legend

  • Daeduluus
    Daeduluus 2 months ago +1

    LMAO wow Netflix is really scraping the bottom haha