• Published on May 16, 2018
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    When I have the option to have something straight or curly... I guess it depends on what you're talking about. If you're a fan of curly fries, then curly mozzarella sticks should only make sense. I'm actually really impressed that this is even possible. You'll have to watch to find out how we did this!
    Deep Fryer:
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  • HellthyJunkFood
    HellthyJunkFood  Year ago +282

    Already talking to new recruits. We need a solid clan, join if you’re worthy!

    • league invader
      league invader 2 months ago

      HellthyJunkFood jake all the way

    • A.T Toons
      A.T Toons 5 months ago

      HellthyJunkFood l love your now my mom things I am a chef

    • A Kaho
      A Kaho 8 months ago

      Hey healthy junk food
      I am 10 years old and I was wondering if you can make a Taki Pizza

    • Christopher Bui
      Christopher Bui 8 months ago

      HellthyJunkFood what song did you use in the intro

    • Captain Uncle
      Captain Uncle 9 months ago

      I shall be the mighty & moody loyal knight in your army your Majesties

  • Ronabelle Loñoza
    Ronabelle Loñoza 10 days ago

    Vote: jp

  • Tafale Aukuso
    Tafale Aukuso 11 days ago

    😘😘😘😙😙😙GIANT HUNGRY JACKS BURGER!!!😘😘😘😙😙😙

    NFSRAVI 15 days ago +1

    5:38 That face when you realize that in the vote the total percentage is 98% and you think yourself as the god in mathematics.

  • tomtik101
    tomtik101 19 days ago

    Mozzarella Funnel cake?

  • Queen. Mya
    Queen. Mya 20 days ago +1

    Perms make your hair straight NOT curlyTriiiIiiIIiIIIGGGGGRRrRD

  • Chinior Sotelo
    Chinior Sotelo 23 days ago

    ohhh his catholic,good thing

  • joseph tomaszewski
    joseph tomaszewski Month ago

    If u cant see it in the oil then lift it out and check

  • Jo The Black Wolf
    Jo The Black Wolf Month ago

    How many brothers does Julia have?

    YATHAH POUND Month ago

    He's a little guy 😂😂 an asian joke. Gooood one

  • anya_234 R
    anya_234 R Month ago

    Jakes first challenge and he won im impressed

  • Marlon Quinteros
    Marlon Quinteros Month ago

    3:55 I thought that was a pig

  • Dylan Gaming_YT
    Dylan Gaming_YT Month ago +1

    80% Jake Goolia
    8% JPers
    10% JuliaGoos

    2% Julia’s Scream

  • KamikoInu
    KamikoInu Month ago

    I need curly mozzarella sticks in my life!

  • JustAnAnimatingAsian Animates

    Make a small cakes

  • ImPerfectlyTwitta
    ImPerfectlyTwitta 2 months ago

    The bigger one turned out the best

  • Uncle Crabby
    Uncle Crabby 2 months ago +1

    0:11 0:56

  • Dragon Slayer
    Dragon Slayer 2 months ago +1

    I don't know why but I think the curly mozzarella in the thumbnail looks like a stack of onion rings

  • Julianna Martinez
    Julianna Martinez 3 months ago

    I’m sorry jp u suck I call jake as a replacement

  • Shifttube
    Shifttube 3 months ago

    PLz tell me yall give some of the left over food yall fuck up to a soup kitchenor homeless outside you appartment

  • Tara Hatcher
    Tara Hatcher 3 months ago

    At 3:58 the curly fries looked like my hair lol

  • Kalinna Vyacheslavovna
    Kalinna Vyacheslavovna 3 months ago

    make a video without making the crazy crackhead eyes....

  • Super Moosie
    Super Moosie 3 months ago

    Finally you realized that real mozarella got nothing in common with those weird looking so called mozarella sticks. 😂

  • Oh yeah yeah Litty Comittee

    Who wants to hassle the hoff?

  • Fong CJ
    Fong CJ 5 months ago

    the cheese looks like a win word

  • Theodore I Teagle Jr
    Theodore I Teagle Jr 5 months ago

    Love the videos. Keep doing y'all thing.

    RULE OF MY OWN 5 months ago

    I am a pro

  • Emily Cheung
    Emily Cheung 5 months ago


  • Mayra Urias
    Mayra Urias 5 months ago +1

    When my fav snacks are 50% of me 0:11

  • Milk Tea
    Milk Tea 5 months ago

    1:17 Mr. Strange is that you

  • Crystal Pepsi
    Crystal Pepsi 6 months ago

    Curly bois

  • Elan Jones
    Elan Jones 6 months ago

    Stuff chicken inside of a hotdog

  • Kimberly Center
    Kimberly Center 6 months ago

    julia r u jewish??

  • Mayonez For Boris
    Mayonez For Boris 6 months ago


  • Shak0x
    Shak0x 6 months ago

    I thought JT would be in here

  • Bret Michaels Fanpage
    Bret Michaels Fanpage 6 months ago


  • 12 INCHA
    12 INCHA 6 months ago

    you haven't spent a single dime , what about pennies JP.

  • X OSG Halo
    X OSG Halo 6 months ago

    This channel always makes me hungry

  • Dustii Killz
    Dustii Killz 6 months ago

    “cause he’s a little guy” lol

  • Parv Saluja
    Parv Saluja 6 months ago +1

    Mother farters you wasted cheese

    ROHIZAT ROHIZAT 7 months ago

    Haha jp you lose

  • Oscar Picazo
    Oscar Picazo 7 months ago

    People just voted for jp for pity

  • Girly Crafts
    Girly Crafts 7 months ago

    You are making me want SONIC

  • More ALV
    More ALV 7 months ago

    he didn't math right it's suposed to be 15.5

  • Saskia Wirtz
    Saskia Wirtz 7 months ago

    Whats number 15?
    Burger King foot lettuce?

  • Kevin and Ming Huang
    Kevin and Ming Huang 7 months ago

    Don’t press read more

    Like my comment for Not listening

    ROHIZAT ROHIZAT 7 months ago

    I love julia big curly mozzarella and I also like jake curly mozzarella

  • Tan Shannon
    Tan Shannon 7 months ago

    What JP mean??????😮😮😮😮😮👍👍👀👀👀👀👀

  • Chistian Garza
    Chistian Garza 8 months ago

    Jp got a smalln

  • Night Sky
    Night Sky 8 months ago


  • Hanna's World
    Hanna's World 8 months ago

    I love that game and I played with David Hastlehoff before

  • Malak Abdelrahman
    Malak Abdelrahman 8 months ago

    Why would someone care if they are curly or not???

  • Happi Nati
    Happi Nati 8 months ago

    Thumbnail looks look like something Vat19 would write 😂

  • epic burst
    epic burst 8 months ago

    that screm tho

  • Viet Girl
    Viet Girl 8 months ago

    You haven't used a dime on the game does that mean you spent a nickel or a penny on the game (I was playing stupid sooooooooooo)

  • Hannah
    Hannah 8 months ago

    Its halloween, can i dress up like u


    Its curly and also a stick? Mu friend is like that she said she's straight straight as a circle😂

  • heather wakefield
    heather wakefield 9 months ago


  • Drishti Ramchandani
    Drishti Ramchandani 9 months ago

    i vote for you girl

  • The Keto Chief
    The Keto Chief 9 months ago

    fresh motz is never the way to go. its like eating wheqing gum with no flavor. the best is aged and what using the curley thing they hade they want dry aged

  • JustJanell
    JustJanell 9 months ago

    Is it just me or... he looks like logan paul

  • Marcus the Great
    Marcus the Great 9 months ago

    but it is p2w

  • Denise Castro
    Denise Castro 9 months ago

    Whoever voted j.p he didn't even do anything

  • Thea Jastia
    Thea Jastia 9 months ago

    What kind of asian is Jp???

  • AIA Aidan
    AIA Aidan 10 months ago

    0:11 wtf

  • Bad at Usernames
    Bad at Usernames 10 months ago

    Somehow, Julia's curly mozz look satisfying

  • wertyu werer
    wertyu werer 10 months ago

    Healthyjunkfood make a giant tofu please

  • Hannah Sparrow
    Hannah Sparrow 10 months ago

    i love Julia's excited scream

  • Meiling Gacha
    Meiling Gacha 10 months ago

    6:13 is the thumbnail?! Dang you edited it?

  • Christina _ Productions
    Christina _ Productions 10 months ago

    I love clash royal didn’t know you were a fan

  • Father Rat
    Father Rat 10 months ago +1

    *while ur over there making stuff I’m over here eating Mac n cheese

  • A perfectly normal Internet user

    Number 15: Curly Mozzarella Stick

  • Bruhitsjulia Awesome
    Bruhitsjulia Awesome 10 months ago

    My name is Julia 😂 but I am a Julia goo❤️

  • CubiC
    CubiC 10 months ago

    Number 15: burger king foot lettuce

  • Crazy Cajun
    Crazy Cajun 10 months ago

    Should have started with that mozzarella block frozen bfore spiralizing it would stay together..ok nvm

  • Lee Kelly
    Lee Kelly 10 months ago

    Well fuck me with a rolling pin that hassle back potatoe looks fucking amazing

  • La'Neigha Montez
    La'Neigha Montez 10 months ago

    Please do a unicorn cake and please say my name

  • La'Neigha Montez
    La'Neigha Montez 10 months ago

    You should make a unicorn cake and if you going to make a unicorn cake could you please get a shout-out to me and say my name

  • La'Neigha Montez
    La'Neigha Montez 10 months ago

    You should make a unicorn cake

  • La'Neigha Montez
    La'Neigha Montez 10 months ago

    You should make a unicorn cake

  • Thi Lam
    Thi Lam 10 months ago

    Giant burrito

  • MC loven
    MC loven 10 months ago

    Its invite only

  • shxreo
    shxreo 10 months ago

    julia's brother looks like mini ladd

  • Tricia Demers
    Tricia Demers 10 months ago

    I was eating mozzarella sticks while watching this

  • Ivy Lin
    Ivy Lin 10 months ago


  • Gerald's Gaming
    Gerald's Gaming 10 months ago +1

    #DreamTeam Im Gonna Download It Soon My Name Is ●Gerald● Or @[email protected]

  • Joey J
    Joey J 10 months ago

    New here and LOVE your videos!!! I've watched alot tonight lol

  • Ellei Life
    Ellei Life 10 months ago

    Giant potato chips next pls

  • ash xx
    ash xx 10 months ago

    Who is that

  • Smooky Tooty Gacha
    Smooky Tooty Gacha 11 months ago


  • Karmandi
    Karmandi 11 months ago

    1:28 wait did he just put the cheese in his back pocket?

  • TeRRa .Ne0
    TeRRa .Ne0 11 months ago

    Jullia when u screamed it was kinda odd

  • May May
    May May 11 months ago

    I’ve never had a mozzarella stick.........,,,............. is it good

  • teh_real_plot1111 lol
    teh_real_plot1111 lol 11 months ago

    Jp we have oj for tips lel

  • Stranger.Unixorns 23
    Stranger.Unixorns 23 11 months ago

    Jake looks like Gabe
    I know they are siblings lol

  • Anelo Perez
    Anelo Perez 11 months ago

    The girl reminds me of Holly Marie Combs from Charmed.

  • jonny zhang
    jonny zhang 11 months ago

    Ate you guys a couple

  • Leah Chambers
    Leah Chambers 11 months ago

    Peyos version😂😂

  • Katniss Everdeen
    Katniss Everdeen 11 months ago

    i will never make this but i love this channel

  • Maximus Edwards
    Maximus Edwards 11 months ago