Joe Rogan Experience #1283 - Russell Brand

  • Published on Apr 20, 2019
  • Russell Brand is an English comedian, actor, radio host, author, and activist. His new book “Mentors” is available now, and his podcast called “Under The Skin” is available on Luminary.

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  • Travis Trice
    Travis Trice 13 hours ago

    Anyone else pause the video to go watch the elk hunt? 😅👌

  • victoria doney
    victoria doney Day ago

    Don’t forget there are monsters
    No empathy

  • kelvin dominguez

    the sandscript grid.

  • victoria doney
    victoria doney Day ago

    Russell have you tried meditative practicing cello or harp
    Listening deeply stoping the words
    I do love watching you journey🥰
    Yes you are doing it!!
    Going toward the Godhead. Joy !

  • olivergeorgecartledge

    WHO WANTS TO BE ON A PODAST? I am looking for smart opinionated people who want to join me on an online daily podcast. Will be streamed on RUclip, Soundcloud, iTunes, my website, Instagram, Twitter, Facebook - all online platforms. Please email me for more details: [email protected] Requirements: you must have a social media following above 5000.

  • Blueberry Pancakes

    the irony of human beings, is the more we try to connect to eachother &ourselves through devices created (i.e. phones, AI etc.) the more diluted/shallow the interactions become (e.g. texting). Grown human beings think they're "evolving" through thoughts/intellectual debate, they miss that they're just trying to escape witnessing themselves & keep seeking external validation just like those teenage boys. That escape process (through technology, addictions, and listening to circular arguments of borrowed ideas that have long ago lost their meaning through 'broken telephone') is what creates disconnection, isolation, loneliness (as opposed to solitude), political agendas, superiority complexes, self centered narcissism, and ultimately wars... that won't affect you until it's you being bombed and hauled off to concentration camps in China, Canada, Germany, whereever. People are the same, the illness is focusing on the external material world which is all made of forms thqt will change and crumble and trying to find ourselves through it, rather than simply looking inward.

  • Corey Crane
    Corey Crane 2 days ago

    " when i find my self in times of trouble" somebody whoever that may be " comes to me speaking words of wisdom... Let it be!!!! stop analyzing and just live! the concept of this conversation wants to analyze this just that but are we not still analyzing the analyziers?

  • Angelica Luce
    Angelica Luce 2 days ago

    1:52:44 - 1:55:47 - check this out - go to the bathroom BEFORE you watch it.

  • Raja Rita
    Raja Rita 2 days ago

    Interesting how Joe Rogan goes from Penrose to Brand, brilliant host

  • hellowhatup
    hellowhatup 2 days ago

    price of burgers could stay low if executives took less $ or if economy stopped the growth-or-bust mentality
    conspiracy theory: Trump is the greatest showman who ever lived, he uprooted establishment politics, and he shined a light on the hypocritical, corrupt inner-workings of the nation's elite, whether consciously or not.

  • SublimeMelancholy
    SublimeMelancholy 3 days ago

    The best thing is the ability to maintain your own opinion, thought process and convictions despite what these 2 say and not take is a the truth. Stop praising people. Do your own research and search!

  • subt1e
    subt1e 3 days ago

    shhhhh... ^

  • Stormedbyhippies C
    Stormedbyhippies C 3 days ago

    John wick por favor

  • Faustino Bravo
    Faustino Bravo 3 days ago

    I would watch all of russell brands podcast show if he had one but if Charles Manson and George Harrison had a baby it would look like rus

    • Simba Draven
      Simba Draven 3 days ago

      Russell has a podcast called Under The Skin.

  • hellowhatup
    hellowhatup 3 days ago

    woo russel major key @2:12:00 who is benefiting from the current system

  • Peter Marshall
    Peter Marshall 3 days ago

    I've reached psychedelic states with meditation just need a yogi that you can connect with

    • SublimeMelancholy
      SublimeMelancholy 3 days ago

      Peter Marshall connect with Jesus before its too late for you

  • hellowhatup
    hellowhatup 3 days ago

    you could pay someone on fiver to filter out or summarize the comments b/c it's actually helpful input and there Are positive people

  • hellowhatup
    hellowhatup 3 days ago

    I've been mainlining jRE for the past week and I am loving it, thank you!!!!!!

  • Ram Mul
    Ram Mul 3 days ago

    Someone has been playing horizon zero Dawn

  • Buddy_Weiser
    Buddy_Weiser 4 days ago +2

    This is fantastic! 👌 love how deep and in depth the conversations go not everyone has that part of the brain

    • Simba Draven
      Simba Draven 3 days ago

      I absolutely observe the same thing in many people. It baffles me, confuses me and frustrates me because im soo much so wired that way that it shocks me and confuses me when someone shows themselves to not think critically or philosophically. To not think outside the box, outside the established and widely accepted and popular school of thought. I must say that it frustrates me because i feel like theres a barricade in our communicative possibilities.

  • Jerry Knuckles
    Jerry Knuckles 5 days ago

    I saw another comment suggesting Carlos mencia on the show. Get on it joe! Get that checkbook out and make it happen! I command you!

  • Michael Chavez
    Michael Chavez 5 days ago +1

    Get Ed Sheeran on the show!

  • Bow Hunter68
    Bow Hunter68 5 days ago +1

    Russel's podcast is brilliant as well. Never realized how well spoken and intelligent he was.

    • Tyler Bergquist
      Tyler Bergquist 5 days ago

      Me too. Really makes me think how many other people I’ve misjudged based on one conversation. Maybe they had a bad day or maybe I was having one.

  • connor hendry
    connor hendry 6 days ago

    'delightful, never seen that before'
    'ahh, my brain'

  • M M
    M M 6 days ago +2

    I always find myself drawn to Russell Brand apart from him acting but when he's being himself...he is fascinating.

  • neely bean
    neely bean 6 days ago

    Russell is high key goals.

  • overage gamer
    overage gamer 6 days ago

    I’d love to see Obama n (believe it or not) Tom Cruise.
    Also but he would probably not do it Angus Young

  • Robert Mills
    Robert Mills 6 days ago

    Just so happens the commercial that droped on the dmt part commercial, never mind ! Alex Jones shit !

  • Robert Mills
    Robert Mills 6 days ago

    Corner store beer coversations

  • Robert Mills
    Robert Mills 6 days ago

    Example of normal guys in extra ordinary events that are plain and simple down to earth the rest of u grab a pencil ,fuck sake

  • Seth
    Seth 6 days ago

    absolute dons

  • David Summer
    David Summer 7 days ago +1

    People Joe needs to get face to face...George Church, Jesus, Bill Clinton, Tim Cook, Kobe, Pat Flynn, Steve Kerr, Rich Paul, Gronk, Mayim Bialik, Fidel Castro (impress me), James Franco, Ashley Judd. Dolph, Ron Jeremy, and George Bush (you pick).

  • Tirdad Vakhshoori
    Tirdad Vakhshoori 7 days ago

    Russel brand talks a lot , but most of what he says is weird.

  • The Plank!
    The Plank! 7 days ago

    Isnt the sexualization of a childs cloths all in the persons mind that's thinking it? Cant you just look at a child and NOT sexualize them? What can a child wear that will make YOU feel comfortable creep? Makes no sense to me

  • Gareth Newell
    Gareth Newell 7 days ago


  • Earthworm Jim
    Earthworm Jim 8 days ago

    Slavery never ended. The mentality of people 100 years ago are still the exact same as they have always been. Since the way it was done was no longer accepted, only a different way to do it was created. We are all slaves. Period.

  • Simeon Jankovic
    Simeon Jankovic 8 days ago

    Joe. bro.... It's not just the pursuit of material things us common folk work normal jobs for, it's survival man... the reality is you have to be really good at something in the creative sphere to be able to feed your family, let alone become successful. In a purely statistical sense when you compare the amount of creatives out there, most people just don't have that spark or unique thing to offer versus the best in the game and how much the market returns. We work for corporations to survive, like cavemen hunted to survive... this is just the concrete jungle...

  • Dealspeed
    Dealspeed 8 days ago

    I used to really dislike Russell Brand but my opinion is changing quickly, I should have never disliked him to begin with, it was nothing more then a prejudice because he is so much different then myself with views and beliefs so much different then my own, It was close minded and stupid and he's been a big help in changing my understanding.

  • Cheyenne Pearson
    Cheyenne Pearson 8 days ago


  • Cheyenne Pearson
    Cheyenne Pearson 8 days ago

    Hey daddy

  • Kole Skalabiter
    Kole Skalabiter 9 days ago

    He gets an A++ on Monologuing

  • Troy Beeby
    Troy Beeby 9 days ago

    mind + blown

  • Steven Osborne
    Steven Osborne 9 days ago

    Man Russell brand is a Mac the way he talks and capture your attention is amazing but whats good about him is that his not telling you to go pick up an gun or to take this drug he is using his talent and charm to try and make you think as a higher person maybe its just me but as im watching this and Brand goes on one of those rants im watching Joe trying to keep up with his words and try to understand Brand now just imagen if Joe was just a person that's not trying to find his individual self and not trying to have someone think and tell him how he should feel

  • karen willison
    karen willison 9 days ago

    Appreciate this discussion! Great job guys. Thing is in the poorest communities and regions government programs are enabling by allwing the excessive breeding to continue. More kids you have the more money guaranteed to maintain the parents on the dole. A firm child limit of one or 2 children mandatory. to initiate breaking the cycle. Reality. Throw more money is governments mode, keep them out of site out of mind, don't want to deal with them. No more taxing we the middle class to throw more money to fund this breeding.

  • Jake White
    Jake White 10 days ago

    Joe needs to learn more about nutrition and understand that all meat is bad for humans. great podcast though. not sure why people are so obsessed with trying to debunk a diet when its sole purpose is to help the planet and us humans?

  • Mister Man
    Mister Man 10 days ago +1

    Now devote three hours of your life to focusing on someone else who is not yourself or someone you know personally; formulate an opinion of them; absorb their biographical data; imagine what they’d be like to hangout with. Your newest Imaginary Playmate.

  • Baku Baku
    Baku Baku 10 days ago +5

    Russell is an fantastic conversationalist. The respect, eye contact, name use, on topic stories, speaking from experience, manners...

  • Dirty Unicorn
    Dirty Unicorn 10 days ago

    yay another russel brand podcast!!!!!!!!!!

  • Kate S
    Kate S 10 days ago

    Love Joe Rogan and love Russell Brand. This is such a great discussion.

  • Pia’s Life Adventures

    Thank you for having an open conversation on diverse topics; that even if people don't agree, you can have a civil conversation and agree to disagree. I also love that your podcasts are quite long. It gives a good amount of time to really dig deep into the depths of whatever the topic happens to be. I also love Russel Brand's mind. Thanks for having him on the show.

  • David Brewster
    David Brewster 11 days ago

    Fantastic, Russell ...... so aware !

  • Tanner Key
    Tanner Key 12 days ago

    Would like to see Alex Grey on here

  • Marcell Peterson
    Marcell Peterson 13 days ago

    I was a toxic teenager when I was by myself. I remember getting my ass kicked by 3 other teens driving around looking for trouble but I instigated the whole situation. Maybe that still counts as a group of teens whether they're on your side or not.

  • Marcell Peterson
    Marcell Peterson 13 days ago

    Literary fellatio 🤣🤣🤣

  • flugplatz21
    flugplatz21 14 days ago

    Do not look for the letter "T" in Russell's vocabulary. It does not exist.

  • david hickey
    david hickey 14 days ago +13

    Would love to see Jim Carey on this podcast

  • t0ypuddl3
    t0ypuddl3 15 days ago +1

    “Whattit is, is..” Never a truer statement. Right out the gates: diamond 💎🤣😎

  • josephgrumet
    josephgrumet 15 days ago

    Russell Brand used to be uh all over the place to have achieved so much a list wife Katy perry fame fortune etc to step back and see the forest through the trees is rare and downright revolutionary!!! An inspiration really on how to live and what really matters in life! Makes me wanna be a better man! Joe is cool as hell too...

  • Me Innit
    Me Innit 16 days ago

    Chris Dangerfield grew his hair a bit...

  • brandon9689
    brandon9689 16 days ago

    Wow this has been a great episode

  • Nakadu
    Nakadu 16 days ago +1

    the "if everyone" argument doesn't work....i mean if everyone ate a banana a day their wouldn't be enough bananas

  • Nakadu
    Nakadu 16 days ago

    6:52 countries were.."established before we were born without our consent"...simple but great observation - we need to deal with things as they are, not as we think they should be.

  • Kristian Sangari
    Kristian Sangari 16 days ago

    Russell is brilliant

  • Mr. Yellowstrat
    Mr. Yellowstrat 18 days ago +2

    "I love having a daughter, I adore her" - Russel Brand except that accent makes "a daughter" and "adore her" the exact same sound 🇬🇧💂

  • bmguninc
    bmguninc 18 days ago

    ☝ of the few sit downs that both me & ma dukes can listen 2

  • chilly dog
    chilly dog 18 days ago

    youtube keeps signing me out when i watch the Alex jones episode.?????? Anyone else have this issue? The comment section will not load.

  • Jane Davidson
    Jane Davidson 19 days ago +3

    I have only been dabbling in meditation for under a year. Found it really helps me deal with my bipolar. Listening to guided meditation on RUclip I have achieved this state of consciousness where I am at peace with the universe,felt overwhelming love and my duty to spread it as far and wide as I can. Folk talk about their ‘come to god’ moment that’s how best to describe it and all without any drug whatsoever !

  • paulk1076
    paulk1076 19 days ago

    Damn! I thought I would be laughing watching these guys talked... until I realize that I’m learning! This is deep!

  • Brush Brush
    Brush Brush 19 days ago

    Russel Brand is the most hypocritical scum bag out there, using and abusing women making out he is a saint. I would love to kick the fuck out of this prick ...

  • SublimingMule63
    SublimingMule63 20 days ago

    "Only eat the ass holes"- Joe Rogan

  • Ryan Hatzenbeller
    Ryan Hatzenbeller 20 days ago

    58:43 We call it the Standard American Diet. S.A.D...

  • Tom S
    Tom S 20 days ago

    Joes blatantly wrong about the studies used in what the health.

  • JayJay ChaDoy
    JayJay ChaDoy 20 days ago

    Two comedians just talkin'. What a privilege to listen to. Thanks!

  • Lewis Smart
    Lewis Smart 21 day ago +2

    The types of socialism that failed weren't even socialism and all the things Joe likes about capitalism are just things he likes about markets. We don't need our markets to revolve around capital. Government policies and laws maintain the status of capital, and socialism doesn't need to mean high taxes and giant government. Basic misunderstandings about these things really obstruct the conversation about it all...

  • Mike Urban
    Mike Urban 21 day ago +1

    Take a shot every time joe says “ rigid ideology “