• Published on Apr 20, 2019
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Comments • 11 892

  • Kyle Ramage
    Kyle Ramage 42 minutes ago

    So that makes it 7

  • Kyle Ramage
    Kyle Ramage 43 minutes ago

    Remember fresh is in click

  • Fish kid 1234
    Fish kid 1234 2 hours ago


  • Mohammad Kidwai
    Mohammad Kidwai 2 hours ago +1

    Cray I also have asthma. So yay I’m a bad way

  • Mohammad Kidwai
    Mohammad Kidwai 2 hours ago +1

    Guys,anyone recognize that lufu had no comments? Lufu just because you didn’t get any comment doesn’t mean your a bad youtuber, lufu your the best!

  • FPC Clan
    FPC Clan 4 hours ago

    Loser fruit is thicc as helllllll

  • NarakunoHana100
    NarakunoHana100 4 hours ago

    Elliott: "I'm petite."
    Cray: *W H E E Z E*

  • abi flatt
    abi flatt 17 hours ago

    There was none for lufu

  • 0_04445 RB
    0_04445 RB 18 hours ago +1

    I am watching this a lazerbeam just uploaded oof #yeet

  • Emily Campbell
    Emily Campbell 21 hour ago


  • James Pittman
    James Pittman 23 hours ago

    Why does cray have a mustache and lanan doesn't

  • C Dibb82
    C Dibb82 Day ago +1


  • C Dibb82
    C Dibb82 Day ago

    Loser fruit is the most normal person there

  • The Random Gamer

    3:13 pause it................FUUUUUUU

  • Ryan Toevs
    Ryan Toevs Day ago

    OMG did you see Marcus's face a 4:56 he wanted to kill cray so bad

  • spy1kl345 fortnite

    thought Elliot was a thiccky boi with 5 times the cs

  • tanner hunt
    tanner hunt Day ago

    Like for pt 2

    Is Lazer dating fruity

    HITEY Day ago

    Lannan: on his phone
    Lufu: sitting and waiting
    Elliot: looking like a tortoise
    Cray: sweating with the chain

  • Tammy Martin
    Tammy Martin 2 days ago +1

    The sweetist is looserfruit😁😁

  • Kev Kevin
    Kev Kevin 2 days ago


  • Kev Kevin
    Kev Kevin 2 days ago

    Lannan keep thinking that he'is a girl be he is actually not

  • Beniboy The fortnite beast

    Lannan if you put me in a video in fortnite and epic friend me you are a bloody legend

  • kelven taylor
    kelven taylor 2 days ago

    me F*** **** and **** or ****

  • kelven taylor
    kelven taylor 2 days ago

    why is laarbeam in that group he dosint belong there he is toxic like bzza who tha F*** are them people

  • kelven taylor
    kelven taylor 2 days ago

    my life sucks

  • kelven taylor
    kelven taylor 2 days ago


  • kelven taylor
    kelven taylor 2 days ago


  • kelven taylor
    kelven taylor 2 days ago

    it is bad like loserfruit
    hey loser fruit is a loser get it beacuse it has loser in it name
    is she a fruit

  • kelven taylor
    kelven taylor 2 days ago

    f*** my life

  • kelven taylor
    kelven taylor 2 days ago

    that is m question

  • kelven taylor
    kelven taylor 2 days ago

    why is it that lazarbeam is the only one that prity much swears in that group

  • Juan Perez
    Juan Perez 2 days ago

    Bring back lufu pranks

  • FyreDiamond 612
    FyreDiamond 612 3 days ago

    8:18 I have ashma

  • Samer Elamin
    Samer Elamin 3 days ago

    Why is Lachlan not in click

  • SirTheGHOST
    SirTheGHOST 3 days ago

    Marcus's shirt is brilliant

  • Ludia Majiwa
    Ludia Majiwa 3 days ago

    Actually to think about it where is Lachlan?

  • SirBlue
    SirBlue 3 days ago +1

    2:14 look at lannens hand placement and movement..

  • Rufus Knightley
    Rufus Knightley 3 days ago

    in the morning your vids get me started your all the best

  • Toasted Mallow nugget

    Poor lazarbeam there weren’t really any comments about him

  • Omi2k Sub pls
    Omi2k Sub pls 3 days ago

    My brothers disabled so I’m depressed

  • Elijah Twitchell
    Elijah Twitchell 3 days ago

    Cray is actually ripped tho

  • Rirey Servig
    Rirey Servig 4 days ago

    Why do bazza’s ears look like they give off wifi connection

  • William Pearson
    William Pearson 4 days ago

    Did anyone notice X-rays pit stains in the intro

  • marc robson
    marc robson 4 days ago

    I feel bad for lufu because she got no turn but every one loves her

  • Jartay
    Jartay 4 days ago +1

    Hello Bazz we would like to talk to you about taking up the post of the next Mark Zuckerburg 8:52

  • Shaban Mohammad
    Shaban Mohammad 4 days ago

    More more more more more more plsssssss plssss plsssss plsssss

  • Callum Field
    Callum Field 4 days ago

    Why has nobody noticed Cray’s ugly ass chain lol

  • Sebastian Bue
    Sebastian Bue 4 days ago

    Oh yeah... Where is Lachlan actually?

  • Garry Ingram
    Garry Ingram 4 days ago +1

    Eliot is good at presenting shit

  • Garry Ingram
    Garry Ingram 4 days ago +1

    He is my favourite because he is the best at being weird lannet

  • Fourse
    Fourse 4 days ago

    Click with misfits video, I need it
    Zuckles and lannan would be hilarious

  • Redninja Yt
    Redninja Yt 4 days ago


  • Logan Rasmussen
    Logan Rasmussen 4 days ago

    is it just me or is_______dummy thiccc

  • miguelito773
    miguelito773 4 days ago

    Whos the thickest person I say mulseck marcus laser beam cray n bazzagazza I don't know about lossfruit I don't stare at thwm that my friend

  • William Robb
    William Robb 5 days ago

    Old musey is the best!”!!!!

  • Pierce Daniel
    Pierce Daniel 5 days ago +1

    Someone's gonna watch this and actually think Lachlan died. lmao

  • Meester Coffee
    Meester Coffee 5 days ago

    Lufu just sat there waiting,,,,,,,,

    Feels bad

  • john sykes
    john sykes 5 days ago

    Muselk is better than Lennon at fortnite

  • Ozgur Eroglu
    Ozgur Eroglu 6 days ago

    Are you the only RUclipr are you

  • Ozgur Eroglu
    Ozgur Eroglu 6 days ago

    Laser all your friends are assholes

  • Alexander Bowles
    Alexander Bowles 6 days ago

    So i thought Click was a person channel not a group

  • Maxy Clarky
    Maxy Clarky 6 days ago +2

    How many times Elliot got chosen

  • 0 videos with 9 subs

    I kinda really want to see fresh join CLICK and kinda Lachlan to.

  • Froyo Time
    Froyo Time 6 days ago +1

    There was nothing for loserfruit

  • King87645 King87645
    King87645 King87645 7 days ago

    Tell lachy to come

  • colm lynn
    colm lynn 7 days ago

    lannan is extra tHiCc

  • Xekwo
    Xekwo 7 days ago

    Is Lachlan a member of click

    • Scrap
      Scrap 7 days ago

      Xekwo no

  • Archie McIntyre
    Archie McIntyre 7 days ago +3

    I think if Elliot was drunk in Paris he would try and climb the Eiffel Tower 😂

  • BluAravena
    BluAravena 7 days ago

    No one knows who Ferris Bueller is? That's it; Unsubed.

  • Angus Stone
    Angus Stone 7 days ago

    ha iam your biggest fan and i realy want lazerbeams pc beacause its funny and thanks for reading it you gyse are the best

  • xX Alobe Xx CRAP
    xX Alobe Xx CRAP 7 days ago

    Amagine [email protected]?!&& drunk!

  • Sydney Oden
    Sydney Oden 7 days ago +4

    lannan’s surrender flag joke was hilarious and im sad no one laughed HAHAHA

  • Ethan Donahoe
    Ethan Donahoe 7 days ago

    lovin marcus’ shirt

  • Daisy Parsons
    Daisy Parsons 8 days ago +1

    we love you lufu even though you turn didn’t come :(

  • Ultra Taco
    Ultra Taco 8 days ago

    why is lazar slapping something with his phone

    SLR RUSHED 8 days ago

    I have asthma

  • Phantom Gaming
    Phantom Gaming 8 days ago

    The video is 10:01 long 🤦‍♂️

  • Exploding Pixels
    Exploding Pixels 8 days ago

    loserfuit i love only loserfruit only loserfriut i dont like the other really

  • lollypop Pp
    lollypop Pp 8 days ago +1

    Yall should do a click dodgeball Mach

  • Canaan Richters
    Canaan Richters 8 days ago

    3:13 lufu dosen't need shots

  • Isa Marron
    Isa Marron 8 days ago

    Rip lufu

  • Heath Alberts
    Heath Alberts 8 days ago

    Cray called fruity thiccc

  • Santiago Taylor
    Santiago Taylor 8 days ago

    Just realized cray is jacked

  • iamasock
    iamasock 8 days ago +1

    the first thing i saw was crays pit stains

  • Mew2Master `
    Mew2Master ` 8 days ago +1

    You guys drunk with the Misfits. Just imagine Lazarbeam and SwaggerSouls together in the same room.

    • Cluster
      Cluster 6 days ago

      Welll that sucks

  • Pink Tablet
    Pink Tablet 8 days ago

    Is fresh in click

  • Alex Basilico
    Alex Basilico 8 days ago +1

    Is Lachlan in the Click?

  • The Gaming Toad123
    The Gaming Toad123 8 days ago

    They should collab with misfits

  • Ognjen GiGo
    Ognjen GiGo 9 days ago

    4:20 i can see fresh

  • Mahnaz Asghar
    Mahnaz Asghar 9 days ago

    RUclip must be come yeettube

  • GG God
    GG God 9 days ago

    Did Lachlan die?

  • Jason Rainforth
    Jason Rainforth 9 days ago

    Not to being grammar police, but your title should have been "Who's that comment about?" not "Whose that comment about?"


  • Aimee_43 _Willow
    Aimee_43 _Willow 9 days ago

    Yall I have two questions
    1. Why does Lannon not live w them
    2. Where is fresh?

    • Aimee_43 _Willow
      Aimee_43 _Willow 7 days ago

      Scrap ahhh ok thank you

    • Scrap
      Scrap 7 days ago +1

      Aimee_43 _Willow I have two answers
      1. He didn’t want to live in the click house
      2. Fresh isn’t in click but is one of there friends

  • emmahenleydavies01
    emmahenleydavies01 9 days ago +1

    I’d want to see a drunk lannan or Muselk do a really hard death run map

  • chickenbiscuits bruh
    chickenbiscuits bruh 9 days ago +4

    who else got rlly annoyed by the fact that lufu didn’t get a comment about her xd i feel bad lololol

  • Dominic Moir
    Dominic Moir 9 days ago

    Lannan is the best YT

  • Eggplant Hayden
    Eggplant Hayden 9 days ago

    I love cray

  • Shylushes art
    Shylushes art 9 days ago

    Why no loserfruit ones!?!?!

  • Mighty Wolf
    Mighty Wolf 9 days ago


  • Mighty Wolf
    Mighty Wolf 9 days ago

    Seen almost all their videos and not one of them has a thousand or over a thousand dislikes