The World of Jake Paul


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  • shane
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    Part 6 up NOW!видео.html

    • Whitney Wynne
      Whitney Wynne День назад

      +Fahim 20135 ch

    • Jessalin Evans
      Jessalin Evans 6 дней назад

      shane you have no idea how u have changed my life you are truly the best thing and one of the only things that is bringing me out of depression.. thank you.

    • girl of random
      girl of random 8 дней назад

      +Rodney Woods o

  • Kimberly Equestrian
    Kimberly Equestrian 10 часов назад

    The real question is, how did Andrew stay so quiet during the crazy cart ride lol😂 I was expecting him to crack up with nervousness

  • Kimberly Equestrian
    Kimberly Equestrian 10 часов назад

    31:59 he is on to "Katie the producer" in this frame. I understand why she jumped in, because they got him to a comfortable point where they can really start talking. I bet she couldn't help herself from wanting to explore and ask questions. But Oof, he must have been like "why is this producer so involved" lol.

  • Alex Voxel
    Alex Voxel 11 часов назад

    Nick seems a good person, or he is just a good manipulator xD

  • Gabbyb133
    Gabbyb133 14 часов назад

    the mind of jake paul > making a murderer

  • JR 9606
    JR 9606 18 часов назад

    Jake needs to act this way in videos

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    Glennlikeaboss1 20 часов назад

    Shane, stop the beer drinking please.

  • Liberty Blue
    Liberty Blue 22 часа назад

    What everyone I feel should keep in mind is that we're discussing a 21 yr old KID. I understand ur an adult at 18, but as someone who grew up fast, by my own doing, I had my first 3 kids (I have 4) before my 26th bday, I also understand that 21 is still very young. He was what, 17 when he started YT?? He went from 0 to 90 in 3 seconds flat. This is a young, small-town kid who made it big, in my opinion, way too rapidly. But I guess that's just the world today. We just have to keep this in mind.
    Like I mentioned on my previous comment, my oldest daughter is 20. She's also a mom herself, engaged to her high school sweetheart. She too grew up fast, and like myself, has handled it well and actually better than me and her father.
    Jake reminds me of my first ex, my oldest 2 kids' father. He had a very strict, hard-line father, and a mild mannered mother (a sweetheart, I love that woman). His father was actually mentally AND physically abusive. Now I'm from late GenX bordering the start of the Millennial gen, (child in 80's, teen in 90's) so there's a generational gap, but the stories are the same.
    My ex was a crazy adrenaline junkie also. He was an all-star hockey and lacrosse player. But, like with Jake, his father was his coach (lacrosse mostly). I'm also Canadian (southern Ontario). When my ex was offered a scholarship to some big US university for lacrosse, which is a huge deal for us Canucks, he immediately turned it down. Although he loved the sport, but his father had made it intolerable and he hated playing. His father would single him out in front the rest of his team and embarrass him by yelling at him about everything he did wrong.
    He was also the yngst brother of 2 boys, although his older brother is a completely different person and has many mental health problems, his father favoured his brother. Like when his brother flunked out of college and lied to his parents and blew his money. They ended up bailing him out like 4X in total! But when my ex asked to just borrow money, it was always "No".
    He was the top hockey and lacrosse player next to a few others, but his father only picked on him. For punishment he'd make him throw the ball against a wall for like hours to practice aim and speed. He had the same outward personna as Jake, acted tough and like he didn't give a shit, but deep down was a hurting little boy. When he was a young child, like 6, he hurt himself really bad and his mom was comforting him. His dad came along and told her not to "coddle" him bc he was a young man, not a baby. He was never allowed to grow up as a kid and experience life like the avg person does. We all have our issues, just some worse than others. He broke his arm in 3 places during a lacrosse game, after being cross-checked from behind into the boards. He couldn't even straighten his arm, and his father told him to "stop being a pussy" and MADE him finish the game. His father didn't even take him to the hospital til the next day when his entire arm swelled up.
    My ex is still an ass and jerk, more so twds me, but even to our kids (he's married w/ another son whom he favours, but my kids have huge support and love from a large family). But they're 20 & 16, and my son really doesn't want much to do with him anymore. We split up right after he was born due to compulsive cheating and money issues. My father has been a strong father figure, and so has my husband since we dated and got serious almost 9 yrs ago now. When I had to return to college as a single mom of 3, my amazing parents allowed us to move back in with them and have played a huge strong roll their whole lives, so we are very blessed in that sense.
    I see the insecurities in Jake, as a mom, and from my education and life experience. Maybe some will say it's how this series was done, but I'm good at seperating facts from emotions and reading behaviour. I think so far he's probably a good person, he just hasn't had the greatest life. And again, keep in mind he is still a kid. The human brain doesn't fully develop until age 25. The part that does reasoning, logic, consequences of actions etc. From my own personal life, it wasn't until after age 25 when life and things around me, what I needed to be doing with my life and so on, all started to click. From my late teens to mid 20's, I was still very naïve, and as an empathetic and caring, loving person, I many times got myself into heartbreaking situations.
    Just as an example of how much Jake reminds me of my ex, who was a huge prankster and thank the Lord above YT wasn't around in the mid-late 90's, he and his friends found a bbq in someone's front lawn. It was homemade out of a barrel, and on 4 wheels. They pushed it down this hill in the middle of this small town after they left the bar hammered. They'd lay metal bars down over railroad tracks to get the bars over the road to stop traffic, to go down. It's a way of getting some form of positive attention, from some form of audience, bc their fathers were so hard on them, even abusive. For my ex it was friends and ppl around, for Jake, it's millions of ppl worldwide thx to technology. Now it's a matter of Jake can and/or will reflect on this experience. I truly hope he does and changes for the better, especially since he does have a young child audience and has a responsibility to be a good role model. So far, not so much, but there's hope for the future.
    On to the next video....

  • amal assamani
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    youre getting fat in year by year :(

  • maicie edge
    maicie edge День назад

    Shane:how old were you when u split up I won’t put it in
    And he put it in 😂 I support wat ur doing Shane

  • ria k
    ria k День назад

    I have my physics exam tomorrow and here I am watching this 47 minutes long documentary about jake Paul

  • Amber Lynn
    Amber Lynn День назад

    Jake may seem normal in real life but he’s so different and immature in his videos . I would watch his channel buts he’s annoys the hell out of me

  • Katie Harbinson
    Katie Harbinson День назад

    “Jake, where we are?”

  • SirSmilingPhantom
    SirSmilingPhantom День назад

    Why is Shane feeding him answers in his questions?

  • AbBy CoOl
    AbBy CoOl День назад

    Wait the funk bris were on the set of everyday bro

  • Brittany Butter
    Brittany Butter День назад

    Shane's looking like a kid from make a wish

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  • Nope.
    Nope. День назад

    Jake: I feel like people that were leaving team 10 are using us.

  • StarVlogs s
    StarVlogs s День назад

    who else thinks that shane died after his last episode with Jake Paul????

  • taylor smith
    taylor smith День назад

    42:35 omg 😂 jake where we are

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  • Mary Wilson
    Mary Wilson День назад

    shane not trying to cause any harm y r u not recording anymore

  • Allen Mcginnis
    Allen Mcginnis День назад

    that clap XD

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  • #Doglover Suppop
    #Doglover Suppop День назад

    Y’all I feel Andrew needs more credit 👏👏👏👏👏

  • DIYs with Tess
    DIYs with Tess День назад

    Can we just appreciate the editing

  • Allison Dobre
    Allison Dobre 2 дня назад

    OMG Jake is not a sociopath

  • HarleeTheDonutQueen Queen
    HarleeTheDonutQueen Queen 2 дня назад

    Did anyone see a tattoo on jake!?

  • Merxy 89
    Merxy 89 2 дня назад

    41:39...My heart sank. He seemed so drained yet scared/vulnerable

  • Tewa Canterbury
    Tewa Canterbury 2 дня назад

    Who the hell gave this therapist a license?! What a fraudulent so called "medical professional"

  • Merxy 89
    Merxy 89 2 дня назад

    Erika is highkey looking like a 40 year old woman

  • Drumminggoat 11
    Drumminggoat 11 2 дня назад

    Jake really out here living a GTA life

  • Texting Girl
    Texting Girl 2 дня назад

    Wow Shane dawson drinking water never seen before

  • HeY HumAn
    HeY HumAn 2 дня назад

    why in the world is jake the cutetest person on the internet in this video

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  • Just BellaTba
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    These series deserve a show.

  • Simone Dunbar
    Simone Dunbar 2 дня назад

    Didn’t Jake Paul start Team 10 to help up and coming help build a platform for themselves so they can do it themselves

  • Aria Gacha YT
    Aria Gacha YT 2 дня назад

    Dr.Shane to the rescue!

  • Wiip
    Wiip 2 дня назад

    My parentes got devorst wen i was 2 years old.

  • Jaidyn Here
    Jaidyn Here 2 дня назад

    *uneligable screaming in gay*

  • But Is It Dodie Yellow Tho?
    But Is It Dodie Yellow Tho? 2 дня назад

    Dear Lord, is Shane calling _Ferris Bueler_ a sociopath?!

  • xSierraMeow 12x
    xSierraMeow 12x 3 дня назад

    Jake sounds like he’s high

  • First Last
    First Last 3 дня назад +1

    Who’s the girl at 30:15

  • Grant Turner
    Grant Turner 3 дня назад +2

    I HATE "vlog" Jake Paul, but this version, the "real" Jake Paul, I actually like, like I enjoyed watching this, it was fun. The vlogs Jake puts out are just over the top and insane and it's too much for me. It's not real. This is "real", and I like it.

  • Braeleigh Hendrix
    Braeleigh Hendrix 3 дня назад

    not to be mean or anything but if Shane thinks Jake is a sociopath why did the therapist have a book called psychopath whisperer?

  • 羅士
    羅士 3 дня назад

    Jake paul doesn't even know what is team 10 turning to, that's sad

  • Cocosnow
    Cocosnow 3 дня назад

    I live in Ohio :3

  • Yaoi Chan
    Yaoi Chan 3 дня назад

    Who else feels awkward there?
    Omg ME!😅

  • Marcus Madden
    Marcus Madden 3 дня назад

    I want a compilation of Shane opening other people's refrigerators

  • Static buzz
    Static buzz 3 дня назад

    Jake is trash but u are not

    NUNNA URBIZNEZ 3 дня назад +1

    Jake seems really unhappy but he needs YT for income. He doesn't know how to make his way without it. I feel sorry for him because he will never be happy until he does something for himself instead of others.

  • VandaIeyes
    VandaIeyes 3 дня назад

    Shane. Kill yourself you fat, ugly fuck

  • Blaziken Mask
    Blaziken Mask 3 дня назад

    Shane is literally obsessing over jake lol how many times has he been flirting with him

  • Alexandra De Leon
    Alexandra De Leon 3 дня назад +1

    Is jakes Paul’s house bigger than Jeffrey stars or Jeffrey stars house is bigger than jakes?

  • mart wolf
    mart wolf 3 дня назад +1

    Why is he so sad and scared

  • hannah galabo
    hannah galabo 4 дня назад

    The song from this vid is such a vibe

  • Skylar Matley
    Skylar Matley 4 дня назад

    jake: send it!

  • Miranda Elaine
    Miranda Elaine 4 дня назад

    I think Jake Paul is a man child who never got the chance to grow up like a normal person. I get a worse vibe from Logan...

  • Saima Muddassar
    Saima Muddassar 4 дня назад

    "No, they like you." Ouch man. I felt that

  • DrCube84
    DrCube84 4 дня назад

    So dramatic and boring in the beginning

  • Emily Trumble
    Emily Trumble 4 дня назад

    Why dose he keep saying like

  • Corgi Butt
    Corgi Butt 4 дня назад

    Shane’s at 19mill been on RUclip for eight years
    Nah that doesn’t sound right

  • Freya B
    Freya B 4 дня назад

    the music tho😍 love the end at the end... cant stop binge watching. i havent even touched netflix

  • Lizbit Smith
    Lizbit Smith 5 дней назад

    I’m so done with this therapist. Why is she there? Who is she? We don’t want a creepy conspiracy theory or diagnosis. Go away.

  • Allison Wensel
    Allison Wensel 5 дней назад

    take a shit every time Jake says "like"

  • Juicy French Fry
    Juicy French Fry 5 дней назад

    Anthony’s dog Anthony’s Song nudge nudge #billyjoel #jpisirrelavent

  • Savage_lamas
    Savage_lamas 5 дней назад

    omg rn now I am drinking ma pure leaf tea and he is all like thats the tea shook (not sponsored )

  • Kim'Ann Raymond
    Kim'Ann Raymond 5 дней назад

    Lol the therapist could be one for all we know!😂😂😂 this shit got me second guessing everything and everyone I know!😩😂😄😋🙃

  • all around me are familiar faces
    all around me are familiar faces 5 дней назад

    After the break up anyone??
    Now hearing Jake say Ericka is the best thing that has ever happened to him is funny and sad

  • Da Fuq
    Da Fuq 5 дней назад

    Who know the title of the music the end of the video 47:07

  • roseboy 20_01
    roseboy 20_01 5 дней назад +2

    God, the first thing I said to myself when watching this was "don't feel sorry for him", and now I literally want to follow him I'm such a weak person

  • Elis Sugahara
    Elis Sugahara 5 дней назад

    Wtf kkkk He's actually a kid with a hard past

  • Leah Yazan
    Leah Yazan 5 дней назад

    Let’s just put it out there that Shane has more subscribers than jake Paul. Love you Shane

  • mrs. titls
    mrs. titls 5 дней назад

    In the thumbnail ...and i quate.."*shook*"

  • Hannah Watterson
    Hannah Watterson 5 дней назад

    shane you’re doing great hunny keep it up!

  • Kiara Naicker
    Kiara Naicker 5 дней назад

    Mouse trap guy though

  • peter selie
    peter selie 5 дней назад

    Shane i hope you read this i am rewatching to serie again and i think i know what jake has its called aspaerge it is a kind of autisme where you take thinks and understand some things not lik everyone does. And people with this syndrome don't know there own strength en don't know how to react to things.

  • Fernando Francisco
    Fernando Francisco 5 дней назад is really sucks being a little brother and the youngest of the family...

  • Isha Saravanan
    Isha Saravanan 6 дней назад

    Wouldn't have Jake known that Katie was a therapist from watching the second episode?

  • Sidney Koehler
    Sidney Koehler 6 дней назад


  • Kayleigh Blank
    Kayleigh Blank 6 дней назад

    Shane flipping out during the ATV ride was so funny😂😂😂😂😂😂I was laughing so hard I started to cry

  • Monica Pina
    Monica Pina 6 дней назад

    That off roading portion.... I WANNA GOOOO

  • Ida Wendigo
    Ida Wendigo 6 дней назад

    I think Logan and Greg are the Sociopaths (maybe even psychopaths?) And Jake is more like his mother.
    But his father mentally (maybe even physically) abused him. And Jake thought men act like his father and brother and he became like that too.
    And we know sociopaths are made. Jake was made to be a sociopath, especially by his father (and obviously there is more we don't know).

  • Vanessa H
    Vanessa H 6 дней назад

    He reminds me of a young Dolph Lundgren.

  • Chelsi Chikwata
    Chelsi Chikwata 7 дней назад

    Did anyone else need time to process that Jake and Shane were in the same room?

  • SpydersByte
    SpydersByte 7 дней назад

    never watched either of these 2 and I'm thanking god for that right now. Shane is such a drama queen and Jake is just a rich piece of shit. How either of them got so goddamn popular is beyond me. WHY DO YOU PEOPLE WATCH THESE IDIOTS?

    • SpydersByte
      SpydersByte 7 дней назад

      Christ, Shane talks to KEEMSTAR? FFS I need to get out of here and back to my corner of youtube where no stupid drama happens.

  • East Kill3r
    East Kill3r 7 дней назад

    So this video was butt buddies session.

  • DMND ScareCrow
    DMND ScareCrow 7 дней назад

    Alloeverybody, Imallexx.

  • Linda Saldana
    Linda Saldana 7 дней назад

    Shane: We have so much in common
    Jake: No they like you
    *that's actually sad 😔*

  • Layla Glez
    Layla Glez 7 дней назад

    If those are the only qualifications for a sociopath, then almost everyone around me is a sociopath. The guy is 21--he's still allowed to do childish and stupid shit.

  • ThePupSquad
    ThePupSquad 7 дней назад

    “I’m Andrew!”
    “I’m Jake!”
    Bitch we been knew

  • Leysis Gutierrez
    Leysis Gutierrez 7 дней назад +1

    wtf 25:04

  • Sophie Mather
    Sophie Mather 7 дней назад

    "My dad's a weirdo."
    Your dad's a fucking nonce.

  • Coovu
    Coovu 7 дней назад +21

    Jake needs a break. All of the Fame, money overbearing parents. The guy looks drained asf. I don't think he's a sociopath. But his brother Logan shows Sociopathic tendencies.

  • Dimes
    Dimes 7 дней назад +3

    Wait, Ferris Bueller was a psycopath??? That explains so much, hahaha

    • Rachel Pfohl
      Rachel Pfohl 7 дней назад

      Dimes i thought the exact same thing LOL

  • Angel of Neo
    Angel of Neo 7 дней назад +3

    It’s so funny how Jake and Logan look so much like the default skin 😂

  • Ruby Jacobs
    Ruby Jacobs 7 дней назад +2

    "You know for fun I watch Apple TV"
    Yassssss👏👏👏👏 actually me 😂

  • Gabriel Smith
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    • Linda Saldana
      Linda Saldana 7 дней назад

      A lot of people! He has used some people but they also used him!
      Not siding with him but it's true!!

  • Natasha Hargraves
    Natasha Hargraves 7 дней назад +1

    Shane is a fat mood in this whole vid 😂😂😂 btw just posted my first RUclip vid :))))