Reacting to "Drawn to the Bitter"

  • Published on Oct 3, 2019
  • Today we react to one of now personol favorite AndyBTTF animations
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  • Blazingfury101_Z
    Blazingfury101_Z 3 days ago

    Your expression is awesome lol 😂

  • BISANTE Movch
    BISANTE Movch 4 days ago

    Fake emotions?

  • neo 225
    neo 225 5 days ago

    Im 11

  • Aidan Gorman
    Aidan Gorman 19 days ago

    It the bite of 83

  • it's midnight playz
    it's midnight playz 21 day ago +3

    Is it just me or did anyone realize the back of the car said car 😂🤣 😂

  • Old Sport
    Old Sport 24 days ago +4

    Imagine showing him doom

  • the girl fox
    the girl fox 25 days ago +2

    The one with the blue nail is calledthe my two best friends the Golden one have family but the black and wonderland in the doctor a paper sky

  • the girl fox
    the girl fox 25 days ago +2

    My new music teacher and second grade said kids like the eighth of 7seven could watch this

  • Marlene Lopes
    Marlene Lopes 27 days ago

    Fuck you

  • それを終わらせなさい。

    yo m8, check out "ULTIMATE FRIGHT" by Macabre_Void!!!!! please like or comment this too to get him to watch it!

  • Dorota Karczewska
    Dorota Karczewska Month ago

    im dont scaret

  • Samuel Haskett
    Samuel Haskett Month ago +1

    i like the reaction but can you do me a favor and STOP PUTTING YOURSELF IN THE THUMBNAIL

    • JGCrafter
      JGCrafter  Month ago

      uh....Putting myself in the thumbnail of a reaction because it's not the same video. Why that sounds ridiculous

  • scpnerd6666
    scpnerd6666 Month ago


  • scpnerd6666
    scpnerd6666 Month ago +2

    im 9 I watch this and I drew glitchtrap and BRUH ITS NO SCARY >:3 well or im the spawn of the devil

  • Selmi Calderon
    Selmi Calderon Month ago +4

    Dude I'm 10 I watch this like a hundred times and I love it

  • cuphead plush animations

    what he did was sweet

  • Toxiczone2016
    Toxiczone2016 Month ago +3

    When a RUclipr has 666 likes and I mess it up by adding one..

    • Toxiczone2016
      Toxiczone2016 Month ago

      @Kael Coates , oh I didn't mean it to be offensive. I'll take off my like.

    • Kael Coates
      Kael Coates Month ago +1


  • ArielRandomPlayer
    ArielRandomPlayer Month ago +1

    its not the bite of 87 its of 83

  • The Random One
    The Random One Month ago +1

    3:01 Not to be nitpicky, but it's Ash *503* .

    • JGCrafter
      JGCrafter  Month ago

      @The Random One No problemo

    • The Random One
      The Random One Month ago

      @JGCrafter Thanks for replying to my comment :)

    • JGCrafter
      JGCrafter  Month ago

      Yeah I know I got the numbers mixed up

  • Ani Nimplong
    Ani Nimplong Month ago +2

    Drawn to the bitter i love the song and i m a kid

  • jaroslav krivak
    jaroslav krivak Month ago +1


  • ёл пуп
    ёл пуп Month ago

    ??? От вани -- ёла мой конар по ангриски??.!!!!

  • xxx the BEST fnaf GAMER EVER 444

    No it's mike

  • John Paul Gaming Gamers


  • Goofy Family Fun TV
    Goofy Family Fun TV Month ago +4

    yea its willam afton and henry henry is who you play as in the games.

  • Error Playz
    Error Playz Month ago +10

    Welcome to JGCrafter getting a heart attack episode 10 Trillion XD

  • Red Crystal Gacha lover!

    I love this video I also just Subbed to you!!!!!

  • Allison Haynes
    Allison Haynes Month ago +2

    It's the bite of 83' actually and the kid from the bites dad is not William afton but actually henery

  • ßeebsy the Inkling
    ßeebsy the Inkling Month ago +4

    Why’d you get so surprised when the kids were murdered?
    Not to be _that_ girl, but it’s FNAF.

  • Rockstar Fredy Gamer
    Rockstar Fredy Gamer 2 months ago +1


  • Robert Sumolang
    Robert Sumolang 2 months ago +1

    did you just say f****g

    • it's midnight playz
      it's midnight playz 21 day ago

      @ßeebsy the Inkling I thought he said flipping thx for letting me know he says freaking instead

    • ßeebsy the Inkling
      ßeebsy the Inkling Month ago

      He said Fricking

    • JGCrafter
      JGCrafter  2 months ago

      Uh...No I've never said that (ever) it's like a forbidden word that I would never say

  • steven alemany
    steven alemany 2 months ago +5

    the singers is not like that is a edit called something like medal sap start

  • stickman animations
    stickman animations 2 months ago +3

    You deserve an animator salute!

  • SnxwBerryz
    SnxwBerryz 2 months ago +1

    under 10? when I was 5 I was watching this fnaf stuff

  • Visusfang927
    Visusfang927 2 months ago +5

    I’m 7

  • Dub And Kings Vids
    Dub And Kings Vids 2 months ago +1

    I'm 8 and I'm not terrified.

  • Mike Schmidt Afton Fazbear

    The bite of 84

    • Sandra Oliver
      Sandra Oliver Month ago

      @Samuel Haskett 87 i fony care it os 8u to me so shut the fuck up cause has he ever benn proven that he isvtight has Scott said matpat is right no..?! So shut up dipshithead

    • Samuel Haskett
      Samuel Haskett Month ago

      @Sandra Oliver it's 83 game theory found out

    • Sandra Oliver
      Sandra Oliver Month ago

      @Samuel Haskett 87 dummy!

    • Samuel Haskett
      Samuel Haskett Month ago

      @Sandra Oliver its 83

    • Sandra Oliver
      Sandra Oliver Month ago


  • Grimistine
    Grimistine 2 months ago +2

    Love how hes like, OH MY GOSH THEY DIED?! WHAT?1 Yet we know what will happen and he knew it was gonna happen

  • Eifelwolle
    Eifelwolle 2 months ago

    *william kills his son also the son who killed michael afton*

  • FancyClock
    FancyClock 2 months ago +9

    You should react to “it’s me” Animation by alumio, look it up it’s pretty cool! I like ur vids btw

  • Fuzbear entertainment
    Fuzbear entertainment 2 months ago +2

    Bro great vid bro 👌

  • Doki Doki MC
    Doki Doki MC 2 months ago +3


  • Gaming With Joshua
    Gaming With Joshua 2 months ago +1

    I subbed

  • Silvia Arienti
    Silvia Arienti 2 months ago +9

    3:37 that's Charlie (the protagonist of the books). If you know the books' story you know why William looks at her and it zooms (if you don't know the story I'll tell you)

    • Silvia Arienti
      Silvia Arienti Month ago

      every time its a different suit so maybe he thinks it will go better that time

    • Leelee Brown
      Leelee Brown Month ago

      @Silvia Arienti y does purple guy keep getting in the springtrap suit if he knows he's gonna get springlocked?

    • Silvia Arienti
      Silvia Arienti Month ago

      It was never stated anywhere

    • Josh Horton
      Josh Horton Month ago

      @Silvia Arienti Charlie's mom died and so did Sammy.

    • Silvia Arienti
      Silvia Arienti 2 months ago +1

      Remeber: the games and books are the same universe (also this is a very brief summary)
      The entire FNaF series is set in Hurricane, Utah. Basically William killed Charlie when she was a child and then half her soul went into the Puppet. So then her parents divorce and the wife takes the remaing brother Sammy (possibly Phone Dude from FNaF 3 and the "Indie Developer" from Help Wanted) with her. Then Charlie's father Henry (the Cassette Man from Pizzeria Simulator and possibly Phone Guy) made 4 robots simulating 4 stages of life and managed to put the other half of her soul in a doll which he would then put into the robot and switch body when enought years pass. However after William kills the kids Henry kills himself so William takes the 4th unfinished robot and creates Baby, which then kills his daughter Elizabeth. Henry however survived but still faked his death. Charlie then moves away from the city and goes to live with her aunt. In the first book (The Silver Eyes, set 2 years after FNaF 1) Charlie returns and togher with a group of friends enters the pizzeria and they encouter William. At the end of the book Charlie punches William while he's in the Spring Bonnie suit causng him the get springlocked a second time (the first time was the FNaF 3 minigame and afterwards its shown he has scars all over his body). In the next book (The Twisted Ones, 1 year after the first book) the Twisted animatronics start killing people so Charlie returns again to the city. At the end of that book Charlie fights Springtrap but gets killed by Twisted Freddy. In the 3rd book (The Fourth Closet, I think around 1 year after the second book [I haven't read this one yet]) Baby (reassambled after being ejected from Ennard) is disguised as Charlie and she tries to kill her friends. At the end William (now out of the Springtrap suit) gets burned and Baby gets stabbed by Charlie (she wasn't actually dead) but she survives. The whole new pizzeria burns down but Baby escapes (becoming Scrap Baby) and William enters the suit again (becoming the FNaF 3 version of Springtrap). In the end Charlie goes to see her own tomb (the one far away on the hill in the lorekeeper ending of Pizzeria Simulator) before leaving Hurricane.
      If you're confused about the timeline its:
      FNaF 4 (1983), Sister Location (1985), FNaF 2 (1987), FNaF 1 (1993), The Silver Eyes (1995), The Twisted Ones (1996), The Fourth Closet (around 1997 [I think]), FNaF 3 (2023), Pizzeria Simulator (2023), Help Wanted (around 2024)

  • Shadow Bryan Productions
    Shadow Bryan Productions 2 months ago +12

    BEST REACTION VIDEO 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂 4:36 is my favorite part where you just HSJSKKSKSKSD

  • BryceFireMiner
    BryceFireMiner 2 months ago +4

    2:53 yes it was

  • Dragor Gamer
    Dragor Gamer 2 months ago +25

    Im "Drawn to the bitter" by this reaction ;)

  • Angie Playz
    Angie Playz 2 months ago +16

    Josiah: The Bite of '87?
    Me: Correction- The Bite of '83

  • SkylarPro_FANDOMS
    SkylarPro_FANDOMS 2 months ago +3


  • ML_ animation
    ML_ animation 2 months ago +4


  • NF89!
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  • Crystal Williams
    Crystal Williams 2 months ago +6

    Awesome first person to talk