Rie Makes A Cat-Shaped Cream Puff For Niki

  • Published on Dec 21, 2018
  • "So this is me as a dessert?!"
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  • Rie McClenny
    Rie McClenny 7 months ago +11409

    Thank you guys so much for watching :)
    Subscribe to my new channel, I'll be posting videos here next year!

  • Danjuro Kinomoto
    Danjuro Kinomoto 13 hours ago

    Instead of Adult Flavor, maybe it could be... a Mature-like flavor

  • nightbot
    nightbot Day ago

    wake the frick up
    is this the same niki from the "36 questions women have for men "?
    i dont need sleep i need answers

  • Aadya Labh
    Aadya Labh 2 days ago +1

    Culinary Institute of America is the REAL CIA y’all! The kitchen is where it’s at 😂

  • Kiochu- Gacha
    Kiochu- Gacha 2 days ago

    Omg yum

  • moufaq Moonlight wish

    What's a macaron + i. 👍 if u know😊

  • PurpLukie
    PurpLukie 4 days ago +1



  • ali G
    ali G 4 days ago

    I love her accent and voice... I’m like so relaxed right now

  • Sofía Alayón
    Sofía Alayón 5 days ago

    them: goose berry
    me, a colombian: uchuva

    CLASSICK ! 5 days ago

    They finally used Rie in the title of her video 😤😤😤

  • Llama Fam
    Llama Fam 5 days ago +1

    Me and my mum are allergic to cats, but here is the thing I still want a cat

  • Sad Spork
    Sad Spork 6 days ago

    This is so wholesome and cute I love this (sorry I’m basic but I have to say something)

  • Mileny Melendez
    Mileny Melendez 6 days ago

    8:10 the reason the dog toy sounds like a peorson screaming or dying there is a reason why the dogs go after it its like they are saving the peorson but when it actually happens the dog will know whats happening

  • Angel grace
    Angel grace 6 days ago

    Rie is a macaroon: *PERFECT*

  • I Am Randomness
    I Am Randomness 7 days ago

    Rie: crack eggs on a flat surface or the shell will get in
    Me: I can't cuz otherwise the shell will get in but I suck so don't take my word

  • Rasmus Bjersander
    Rasmus Bjersander 7 days ago

    Studied culinary during High school but it was more aimed towards dietary and healthcare weird combo but was interesting.

  • jeffery1
    jeffery1 8 days ago

    Y am I doing this to myself it’s 4:03 am😕

  • cooler_than _you
    cooler_than _you 8 days ago

    Brandy: tastes like taxes

  • Pusheen and Nutella
    Pusheen and Nutella 8 days ago +2

    Rie is literally the cutest person ever

  • Léo Salvan
    Léo Salvan 9 days ago

    I think "adult taste" would make more sense.

  • Yannick Coombe
    Yannick Coombe 10 days ago

    I always thought Chuox Pastery was spelt shooe pastrey until i watched this vid lolololol

  • Nouman ali
    Nouman ali 10 days ago


  • Nouman ali
    Nouman ali 10 days ago


  • Nouman ali
    Nouman ali 10 days ago

    I live love you and your accent ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️

  • Mirka Fuentes
    Mirka Fuentes 11 days ago

    i love that they both had their forks and looked at each other knowing they had to eat it with their hands 😂

  • ptrxva
    ptrxva 11 days ago

    protect rie at all costs

  • Fantastic Devices
    Fantastic Devices 12 days ago

    'Adult flavor' Haha 😅😅😅😅🤣🤣😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂

  • Allisondoes tuff
    Allisondoes tuff 13 days ago +1

    Rie’s English *kills* me 🤣

  • Brooklyn Pearson
    Brooklyn Pearson 14 days ago

    That tea cup is prettier than me

  • Sister Squad 2.0
    Sister Squad 2.0 15 days ago +3

    Rei: *adds unsalted butter*

    Also rei: *adds salt into unsalted butter*

    Unsalted butter: “Am I a Joke to you?”

  • Gen Zen
    Gen Zen 15 days ago

    “It’s purrfect “ love rie 😭♥️

  • Anamika Acharjee
    Anamika Acharjee 16 days ago

    Ria is really adorable

  • Cotton Candy
    Cotton Candy 17 days ago

    Gooseberry = ceplukan???😅

  • Jiahua Liu
    Jiahua Liu 17 days ago +2

    “Cat like personality” while Niki stands there and watch like a cat 😂

  • Alan Zavala
    Alan Zavala 17 days ago

    I love Rie’s laugh

  • Sienna Rose
    Sienna Rose 18 days ago

    THIS MADE ME SO FRICKING HUNGRY😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂❤❤❤❤❤❤😔😔😔

  • Cress The fox
    Cress The fox 18 days ago

    I Loved ARTIST

  • Tsaiyana Smith
    Tsaiyana Smith 19 days ago

    How did she draw the perfect circle in one shot??

  • Nica Mendoza
    Nica Mendoza 19 days ago

    My question is, how can Rie draw a circle so precise? Amazing 😍

  • Jessica Enriquez
    Jessica Enriquez 20 days ago

    Looks like something you’d get at Disneyland! I love Rie

  • Sister Cream Puff
    Sister Cream Puff 20 days ago

    Thx buster

  • Madison Shute
    Madison Shute 21 day ago

    What was the measurement of the flour it was blurry can someone help me

  • Jorge Mario Estopace

    Rie: (Makes a cute fancy dessert)
    Also Rie: *How do you eat it?*

  • zellinwonderland
    zellinwonderland 21 day ago

    Rie is sooo sooo cute

  • nel
    nel 21 day ago +2

    rie: *cuts pastry*
    me: *gasps*
    rie: did you just gasp?
    me: *gasps more*

  • Kayla De Freitas
    Kayla De Freitas 21 day ago

    You should make a pastel de natas

  • Shannon Ang
    Shannon Ang 21 day ago

    adult flavour???? lol i think she meant to say adult feel

  • Gacha Glory life
    Gacha Glory life 21 day ago

    Ria always makes things for her friend like for niki and alix

  • Jee Boy Pasayon
    Jee Boy Pasayon 23 days ago

    Rie is so sweet and cute while making dessert ☺️☺️. Love your dessert ms. Rie💕💕

  • Neamhdhlisteanach
    Neamhdhlisteanach 23 days ago

    15:27 who watches Emmymadeinjapan?

  • Bang Channie
    Bang Channie 24 days ago


  • Jack Patterson
    Jack Patterson 25 days ago

    We used to grow gooseberries in our garden 😋

  • Muneera Rahman
    Muneera Rahman 25 days ago

    Gooseberries are usually very popular in the southern part of India , which is where i live.

  • nevaeh Martinez
    nevaeh Martinez 27 days ago

    I love how Rie can talk and bake meanwhile i need it to be completely silent

  • Anna anna
    Anna anna 27 days ago

    大人の味。。。。 yea.... really translate being "adult flavor" and try to other language so funny too like "rasa dewasa" omg so funny

  • Leah Scicluna
    Leah Scicluna 27 days ago +1

    Niki: *ohhhhh*
    Rie: *yaaaaa*

  • An Diệp
    An Diệp 28 days ago

    Am I the only one who wants a Tasty-Bon Appetit collab?

  • coloradowild1
    coloradowild1 28 days ago

    And cats talk by there tails

  • alecs ._.
    alecs ._. 28 days ago

    what abt alix?

  • L m
    L m 29 days ago +1

    Rie's accent is so cool and cute

  • thu truong
    thu truong Month ago

    if u guys want to see a cool video click here #HomemadeVs.BoxedChocolateCake and like

  • x910246
    x910246 Month ago +3

    itadakimas is what you say before a meal in japan
    (it's like thhe cheers before you drink wine) - nnot 'foreign language' in the subs XD

  • ZOZOE 1
    ZOZOE 1 Month ago

    The cat puffed pastry is so cute! I would want to eat the right up!

  • theReDaNnImAtOr Xd
    theReDaNnImAtOr Xd Month ago +1

    So this was supposed to be a splash of funny
    Somebody just came by my doorstep and said somebody might have broken into my truck
    Where my lacrosse stick was
    Oh god

    DAVID ANDERSON Month ago

    Rie: In Japanese its 'Otona no Aji | 大人の味' means 'Adult Flavour'

  • MrTargenor
    MrTargenor Month ago


  • liadanducky
    liadanducky Month ago

    Lol berries and cream! 😂

  • xSAVANTx_ Kylie
    xSAVANTx_ Kylie Month ago

    I HAVE the biggest sweet tooth

  • theywantmyaa 305
    theywantmyaa 305 Month ago

    Her laugh is so cute

  • Kiara Yun Lee
    Kiara Yun Lee Month ago


  • _trxci.a 3005
    _trxci.a 3005 Month ago +1

    "I mean, who would you think is a macaron though?"

    Rie: "...myself??"

  • twice bby
    twice bby Month ago

    we all need a Rie in our life :(

  • sparky gacha plays GACHA

    Omg I wish I was niki!!

  • Atrax Robustus
    Atrax Robustus Month ago

    how the FUCK is rie so. fucking. cute. is it humanly possible?? is she real???

  • Sabino Papagna
    Sabino Papagna Month ago

    In the south of Italy we have a pretty similar dessert called “zeppola”, it’s traditionally eaten for father’s day (St Joseph day), the shape depends on the region, in mine it has a donut shape like Rie’s cat without the ears!

  • Dev Vipul Mansing
    Dev Vipul Mansing Month ago +1


  • Chance Devine
    Chance Devine Month ago

    I can see niki can be very shady ......

  • Tingtoah Jenai
    Tingtoah Jenai Month ago

    Does anyone else think they were very awkward??

  • Bogs Timbol
    Bogs Timbol Month ago

    I love you rie ❤️

  • Michael Chang
    Michael Chang Month ago

    Rie is the only reason I subscribed. To this day I regret nothing.

  • Nowylover!
    Nowylover! Month ago

    Nikki is a mood

  • Norah Simon
    Norah Simon Month ago

    The dog toy thing rie said, was very very true. One time when I was watching into my friends house, her dog killed a rabbit, and it made a squeaking sound, and we asked if it was her dog toy because it sounded just like one, but her dad said no, she just killed her rabbit.

  • Zach Yates
    Zach Yates Month ago

    I feel like tasty are getting smarter... "Rie" GENIUS! 2 MILLION VIEWS ATLEAST!

  • Onkar jeet
    Onkar jeet Month ago +1

    Now i am hungry and i don’t even know how to cook!!😭😭😭

  • Don Q
    Don Q Month ago

    Does anyone else think Rie is hot?

  • Juliana Sandes
    Juliana Sandes Month ago +4

    Rie: *existis*
    Me: amazing, beautiful, pure art

  • deadwispp
    deadwispp Month ago

    rie is so sweet and wholesome “i make desserts because they are a gift to the person you dont make dessert for yourself”

  • Taindakia
    Taindakia Month ago

    I want to make this. :O

  • sad cherry
    sad cherry Month ago

    rie is so pure what even isjfkskdkwkdk

  • SweetWolfi3 Gaming
    SweetWolfi3 Gaming Month ago +1

    actually... i think this is the first time rie said bad words.... and i kinda hate it...

    edit but that does not mean i hate her

  • Doris Tjitarso
    Doris Tjitarso Month ago +1

    You know the drill

    But do you know the geiger?

  • anna wei
    anna wei Month ago


  • Zest 91210
    Zest 91210 Month ago

    Rie dear , could you show us how to make Sour Dough Bread Thanks

  • Zest 91210
    Zest 91210 Month ago

    Yeah that's my favorite too...

  • ayman hailu
    ayman hailu Month ago


    AMERIE ARACENA Month ago +3

    You guys should do a video about doing expensive desserts with cheap products and I won’t need any credit
    Like if u agree

  • duck smuck
    duck smuck Month ago

    this for some reason reminds me of cooking with my mom like Ries the mom and Nikki is me

  • MakeMyDay Foodie
    MakeMyDay Foodie Month ago

    I love you RIE! wish I could meet you in person. You're so beatiful

  • Sea Oceana
    Sea Oceana Month ago

    'I bought this shirt 10 years ago and only wore it once.'