13 Ways Poor People Waste Money But Rich Don't

  • Published on Apr 19, 2019
  • It seems like rich people can get anything and everything they want, considering all that money they have! But then why don't they drop bills left and right buying things that poorer people take loans to get? Well, the purchases that wealthy people tend to avoid might actually shock you!
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    Junk Food 1:46
    Overpriced Homes 2:33
    Fancy Toys for Kids 3:15
    Personal coaches 3:44
    Fortune-tellers, mystics, and psychics 4:23
    Trendy Interior Designs at Exorbitant Prices 5:23
    Additional Education for Their Kids 6:09
    Video Games and TV Channels 6:53
    Luxury Brands 7:18
    Things That Won't Last 7:55
    Latest Versions of Popular Gadgets 8:22
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    - Rumor has it that the Sultan of Brunei, Hassanal Bolkiah, spends $19,000 on his haircut. Even if that’s true, most rich people don't share this approach to grooming.
    - Only 8% of wealthy people have more than one bank card. At the same time, 77% of low-income earners carry numerous credit cards in their wallets.
    - Despite popular myths, rich people don't eat lobsters and ribeye steaks every day. But at the same time, they try to steer clear of junk food.
    - Even though almost any millionaire can afford a spacious house in a trendy neighborhood, they still search for good deals!
    - Most wealthy people try to stay reasonable and avoid pampering their children. They opt for high-quality and long-lasting toys as well as for something simple.
    - Most life coaches target low-income people who aren't at the height of their careers. A lot of people have an inherent belief in miracles, and for them, it's all too easy to think that there is a magic pill which can change their life for the better.
    - Since logical thinking and an analytical mind are some of the most important qualities for achieving success and becoming rich, it's no wonder that millionaires don't visit psychics and fortune-tellers.
    - New trends in interior design regularly appear in stores, and some people rush after fashionable home items, not wanting to fall behind in modern style. Interestingly, most of these customers are average income earners.
    - Most wealthy people know that too much of everything won't make you financially successful. And excess tutoring won't turn you into a skillful entrepreneur.
    - Obviously, the rich and powerful can afford clothes created by any fashion designer, but do they buy up all the latest collections? Nope!
    - All wealthy people realize that the cheapest item isn't always the most profitable. When buying something, you need to consider how the price tag today compares with the thing's worth over time.
    - Interestingly, millionaires aren't gadget-crazed. They can easily use old phone and laptop models as long as they work well. Besides, even if they do buy expensive state-of-the-art gadgets, that's most likely not because they feel the need to follow the trend.
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    BRIGHT SIDE  9 months ago +121

    Hey there BrightSiders! If you could have a personal coach, which goal would you set?

    • UX_Ninjaaa
      UX_Ninjaaa 4 months ago

      The only personal coach you need is a good mentor during your education.

    • Content In Motion Channel
      Content In Motion Channel 5 months ago

      BRIGHT SIDE you'll not find a millionaire watching your video

    • Baby Baby
      Baby Baby 7 months ago

      It will be much better if there’s no background music to distract the content

    • subhani #
      subhani # 8 months ago

      Actor,and then live as many lives i want....

    • Simo Lina
      Simo Lina 8 months ago +2

      increase my spirituality

  • AsaAsa Almirol
    AsaAsa Almirol 17 minutes ago

    Now I know why I have a lot of money.... Frugality...

  • Saleem Saifi
    Saleem Saifi Day ago

    she has a cheap phone by chance.. but her dress may be more expensive than 5 iphones

  • Saleem Saifi
    Saleem Saifi Day ago

    if rich don't waste money then who buys 5Million dollar bugatti?

  • david king
    david king 2 days ago

    Ты знаешь кто Я , Я китайца

  • david king
    david king 2 days ago

    I am pretty sure I will be very rich and successful 🤙🤙🤙

  • david king
    david king 2 days ago

    Beware about scammer girls loooool . Always

  • david king
    david king 2 days ago

    Have rich mindset ,Have rich habits and have rich friends who love u support u . Then u will be very happy and creative . This is called social circle ♥️🤑

  • Watch For Sure
    Watch For Sure 2 days ago

    Yeah i always felt the same way. Some average earners look richer than actually rich people. That's because they want to look rich. When they buy cars and houses and own gadgets, naturally anybody would think they are rich. We never know how much loan, EMIs they have on their head. But rich people are rich exactly because they don't spend money. Nowhere. They never show they are rich, only their success is enough to show this.

  • Akankshita Pujari
    Akankshita Pujari 4 days ago

    Welcome to Indian lifestyle... We have been following these for generations 😆

  • Gerr Gerring
    Gerr Gerring 6 days ago

    Rich peoples' money came from the labour of others, exploitation of the environment and speculation of the future profitability of either. Rich people are parasites, not wealth creators. They're wealth takers, they deploy accumulated capital to exploit money from the work of others. No one ever got rich just by working hard, or at all.

  • Gerr Gerring
    Gerr Gerring 6 days ago

    Lowbrow Meritocracy Myth propaganda from halfwits. Don't be fooled by this dishonest and infantile trash.

  • Tb Tb
    Tb Tb 7 days ago

    Most boring people ever!

  • Pari Star
    Pari Star 10 days ago

    This video is actually good.

  • rahidul khan
    rahidul khan 10 days ago

    People can buy expensive products its means he is reach

  • Andreea Ristea
    Andreea Ristea 15 days ago

    Great ideas! i am not rich but all try to do most of these things daily.

  • Nior Jay
    Nior Jay 18 days ago

    I got a rich mind...

  • Arunpreet Singh
    Arunpreet Singh 18 days ago

    I agree with you 100% 👍👍😎😎

  • The international passion

    Please help me😭😭😭😭my faimily are in very poor dengerus situation.i love my faimily.please I urgent want money help 😭😭😭😭😭

  • Lakshman Raju
    Lakshman Raju 20 days ago


  • S Anderson
    S Anderson 20 days ago

    Eat the rich

  • Sir Chip
    Sir Chip 20 days ago

    I never invest on Expensive shoes because they are the ones that are easy to be broken and torn apart........ i am happy with my white rubber shoes wory 159pesos. Waterproof and can be partnered woth almost all dresses..😊

  • Nathanael Caine
    Nathanael Caine 21 day ago

    I NEVER buy the latest phone. Until 2 or 3 years ago, my phone was not even a smartphone.
    Seeing as I was only ever using my phone to call with, it seemed rather pointless to waste money on it.
    At the moment I still have my Samsung Galaxy S8. Which has broken two times, but luckily that was covered by the store's insurance. After the second time I spent 10£ on a protective lid, and it has protected it well thus far. (I also avoid Apple products. My ex worked in customer service, and was always complaining about the weird, impossible, and re-occurring problems that Apple products inevetably gets. Problems with IPhones topped their list of daily work, and was often very expencive to fix.)
    While I really could need to curb some of my spending-habits, almost all my impulse buys are books or audiobooks. Or helpful apps. (Although I must admit I have been known to spend a bit much on in-game purchases on various games. lol)
    And unless I have acquired a recent interest in a sub-culture fashion style (we all have our hobbies), I much prefer high-quality clothes. I do buy a lot of my clothes when they are on sale, but I also know how to tell high quality from low quality, and tend to go for classic brand names such as Ralph Lauren and Brooks Brothers. In which stores you are pretty much guaranteed high quality, and as such any sales is a good thing.
    I also know how to patch up my clothes should they rip, and I make a point to have a good, inexpensive tailor on my contact list. Often they can repair broken clothes for less than it cost to buy new ones, and making them alter your clothes to fit better helps my overall appearance. (This goes double for sub-culture style clothes, as cheaper clothes often are mass-produced with a bad fit.)

  • Nathanael Caine
    Nathanael Caine 21 day ago

    I would disagree, just a little bit, with the psychic research... Because I am HIGHLY analytical, and I still like the thought that there truly may be something more than just the physical world.
    That being said, I am also an eternal skeptic (even to whether reality is real. According to scientists, it is not nearly as solid as it seems at least.)
    Magic and tarot card readings (especially if you read them yourself) DO work. And CAN predict the future.
    However, whether this is because of supernatural forces, or simply caused by the amazing properties of the placebo effect and my own skills and knowledge, and self-knowledge, remains unknown.
    Personally, I believe that those whom dismiss something as impossible are every bit as delusional as those whom believe in everything.
    The real truth is that you can never be 100% certain about anything. Unless it has been proven to the point of being a law of nature. And even the laws of nature requires higher education to fully understand.
    Dismissing magic because it only works under certain circumstances is similar to dismiss gravity just because it only works on certain planets. Who knows what underlying principles that may govern how it works?
    The most honest answer to any question is; "This is what I believe, and it's supported by that evidence. So it seems very likely I am right, but I won't rule out the possibility of being wrong."

  • John Schroeder
    John Schroeder 22 days ago

    I have so many ways to save money. I ride a bike instead of driving. I buy most essentials at family dollar or dollar tree , Wal-Mart sometimes. I buy Wal-Mart equate body wash instead of name brand , vo5 shampoo and conditioner for $0.78 each. I don't use ride share. I stay away from takeout because it's too expensive and a waste of money. I keep the same clothes for atleast 12 years. I pick up change whenever possible. I don't need the latest or greatest gadgets. I have a generic LG smartphone from metro pcs from joining them. I don't have credit cards or kids they just drain your wallet and soul.

  • Matilda Maher
    Matilda Maher 24 days ago

    There’s a saying, early to bed, early to rise, makes a human healthy, wealthy and wise. Avoid buy now, pay later. I’ve never done it. And most important pick a wise partner. My hubby is caring and wise with money too, that’s why we only have home loan to pay off.

  • Vicky Gamit
    Vicky Gamit 25 days ago

    Do Rich people watch RUclip?

  • Mick St John
    Mick St John 25 days ago

    I agree with most of it, however, what about all the people who leverage their multiple credit cards for gaining all sorts of benefits? I know people who are very wealthy but they still enjoy getting free miles or rewards for using different cards

  • Gajendra Deora
    Gajendra Deora 29 days ago +1

    Works for me certainly i use my money wisely and live a simple life and use them to buy assests .

  • Kimberly
    Kimberly Month ago

    No need for psychics, make your own luck, and you'll know what tomorrow will bring - success!

    JRT 4JUSTICE Month ago +1

    I’ve always wondered why folks will buy new cars almost equal to their annual salary instead of saving for a house or buying a used car. The phenomenon of having the most recent iPhone is so amazing..I have had several house keepers who were brainwashed with this thinking...most use it for its social media purpose of taking pictures and the like instead of actually more productive activities that can economically get them ahead..I still love my my iPhone 6s Plus...

  • Sunil Chowta
    Sunil Chowta Month ago

    Wonderful video. Loved it 😀

  • Lean Ope
    Lean Ope Month ago

    Some people show their wallet full of credit cards to pretend they are wealthy.

  • Esmira Garayeva
    Esmira Garayeva Month ago

    Credit cards are evil. Pay cash.

  • Dr Sandeep Saini
    Dr Sandeep Saini Month ago +1

    Aww! It means my wrist watch is costlier then Bill Gates watch

  • Art Lego
    Art Lego Month ago

    This way to general. These people they talk of are the 1%'er they can afford to shop at wholefoods and load up a wagon of food at one time. I know of well off people and they spend money very easily as well.

  • Luis Of anime
    Luis Of anime Month ago

    My family doesn’t want me to cut my hair on my own.

  • Preeti Gupta
    Preeti Gupta Month ago

    This doesn't apply for india for eg people even earning 5000dollors live in slums while ambani lives in a skyscraper just a few hundred meters away

  • Vincent Ip
    Vincent Ip Month ago

    except warren buffen

  • anonymous sag_apam
    anonymous sag_apam Month ago

    Rich people don't waste money.
    Mukesh Ambani: please!

  • Ben Stepanek
    Ben Stepanek Month ago

    Says that rich people don't eat hamburgers....Then talk Warren Buffett, who eats LOTS of hamburgers!

  • Devil cry172
    Devil cry172 Month ago

    what type of wallet is that @9:14??

  • Leyna Bryner
    Leyna Bryner Month ago

    Coffee! I never spend money on that.

  • Juh
    Juh 2 months ago +1

    Tomorrow it’s Black Friday. Poor people will be waiting at the door before store opens.

  • jijo cmj
    jijo cmj 2 months ago

    May this vdo may be an eye opening for many as i just

  • Stephen Simon
    Stephen Simon 2 months ago

    Warren Buffet buys ham and cheese burgers often

  • Alex 2024
    Alex 2024 2 months ago

    A new smartphone. 😇 I Don't wont to Buy.

  • Asthana.Me
    Asthana.Me 2 months ago

    I work enough to afford a Basic or medium priced Car, but don't even buy a Motorcycle, I go to work at daily on my bicycle , It burn calories, get the body fit, saves money on fuel, it's a sure if you really want to live a great life also these days there are electric bicycles, which can get you to long distances easily. So invest in a bicycle, either electric or usual.

  • Asthana.Me
    Asthana.Me 2 months ago

    Just tell us how do we get the red Ferrari, That would be all for today.

  • Dev Yakthungba
    Dev Yakthungba 2 months ago +2

    If I was rich, trust me I wouldn’t wish a Ferari car, a Mansion to live or travel all the beautiful places 😝

  • Anjali Karmakar
    Anjali Karmakar 2 months ago

    When does Cameron Diaz come?

  • Davis Rwezaula
    Davis Rwezaula 2 months ago

    I like to buy whatever I want cause I'm poor and I like to look good in whatever I do

  • Gurby Dhar
    Gurby Dhar 2 months ago

    I have all the qualities that rich people have except the money @brightside: kindly assist

  • Aswin Kumar
    Aswin Kumar 2 months ago +2

    I thought of buying 30 k phone... Now changed my mind to 10 k or 8 k phone... Thanks a lot...

  • unbothered sis
    unbothered sis 2 months ago

    I just upgraded to an iphone 8 + and it was refurbiahed .. Lol brand new to me. :)

  • Gautama Siddhartha
    Gautama Siddhartha 2 months ago


  • KfreshTV
    KfreshTV 2 months ago

    You can live lavish and STILL be rich lol but bright side isn’t wrong, everything here is subjective regardless. Jay z / Kylie Jenner are PERFECT examples. And their worths continue to rise. Stats never lie.

  • Itsash B
    Itsash B 2 months ago

    Its "sultaan"

  • Bruno Barros
    Bruno Barros 2 months ago

    Dont cut the air in develomp countries trust me i did work in africa

  • Zagraniczniak
    Zagraniczniak 2 months ago

    Buffett not Buffet