Day in My Life | Living in Japan

  • Published on Dec 7, 2017
  • Ever wondered what life in Japan looks like? From waking up in a bed, to journeying to Tokyo on a bullet train and being on Japanese TV, it'll be like you're practically there on this remarkable journey.
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  • Abroad in Japan
    Abroad in Japan  Year ago +1751

    **Notification Squad! WHAT do you eat for breakfast? And WHAT YOUR FAVORIT COLOR?!**
    After 5 years I finally caved in and made a “Day in my life video”; from waking up and having a shower, to riding a bullet train and being on Japanese TV. Discover my greatest weakness, what I eat for breakfast every morning, and how awkward and bizarre Japanese award shows are. And most importantly, let's unravel WHAT'S IN THE BOX.

    • alex carter
      alex carter 20 days ago

      Oh, what do I like to eat for b'fast? Scrambled eggs with chopped up green onions in, and furikake sprinkled on top. And coffee. Color: I like blue.

    • Turbocharger
      Turbocharger 26 days ago

      thats sick man 😂

    • Mystery Character
      Mystery Character 2 months ago


    • C. Huseyin
      C. Huseyin 3 months ago

      Abroad in Japan I love Korean breakfast rice eggs and seaweed 😂

    • jastin kamarudin
      jastin kamarudin 3 months ago

      nasi lemak and red haha lol

  • XxSovietAssassinXx
    XxSovietAssassinXx 11 hours ago

    Hi! So my family and I just arrived in Japan and had booked a rent a car to use for the next 8 days. Upon arrival we found out that you need an international license to rent a car and couldn’t rent it. So now we’re in a bit of a predicament because we were relying on the car to do all of our excursions. After some google searches it seems that we are not able to buy a JR Pass once in Japan. Do you have any suggestions on the cheapest and best way to go about this? Thanks, I’ve been a huge fan of your videos!

  • maisie bozian
    maisie bozian 3 days ago

    I wanna bang you so bad. (❤ω❤)

  • petterroea
    petterroea 4 days ago


  • Flying Patato
    Flying Patato 5 days ago

    That cat pillow at the back looks like Hitler.....

  • TellyToby 710
    TellyToby 710 5 days ago

    - - You don't have to be an important person to Not like or disapprove of nasty low-Class speaking. - No one should say the word F#@ck......or any nasty word..-it makes you look ugly immediately !...unless of course you are VERY upset about something i understand...a rare time...most people do swear then. - But NOT on an every day every other word type basis. \ - - i t doesn't matter how many people are watching or how big your fan-base's QUALiTY of people watching also...not quantity. - -to be of the BiG reasons i adore you so much is that you DO NOT swear\Cuss AT ALL really....and i fell in love with that....very nice \classy\sweet......charming ! > Please stay this way ! ../- i have unsubscribed from a few people because of this reason...many do !...-But i feel you really don't swear THAT much right ? -hope not...ti's ugly ...\ and you'r too cute to ruin your image like that !! - - -Cheers !! ....from your dedicated viewer...... -Toby.

  • Terror
    Terror 6 days ago

    14:53 sounds like he said Jake paul lol.

  • MarkBTW
    MarkBTW 6 days ago

    I hate to break it to you, but that breakfast is vastly worse for you than bacon, sausage, eggs, etc. You're eating a ton of carbs devoid of nutrients instead of things like eggs, full of healthy fats and nutrients. Don't buy into the dietary guideline bullshit or fear mongering about LDL/saturated fat, it has been debunked. If you want to be healthy you should make sure your eggs are pasture raised, that your sausage and bacon is responsibly sourced, etc. Maybe get some liver, bone marrow, etc. It's not a surprise that oatmeal isn't palatable on its own, our bodies aren't stupid. We're wired for survival.

  • Sodokachi
    Sodokachi 7 days ago

    'sick' meaning cool is an american thing. we never use it to mean vomit so it never had that negative connotation :P

  • Caesium Caesium
    Caesium Caesium 8 days ago +1

    You didn't tell us what your favorit colour is

  • Liz Crane
    Liz Crane 8 days ago

    It's been over a year since this video was made, but I went to Japan last month and there were still crowds of people playing Pokemon GO

  • Daniel Rey
    Daniel Rey 8 days ago

    You're hand writing is atrocious because you're using the wrong hand. I'm teasing, you're videos are awesome and you're hilarious.

  • LegendaryDesu
    LegendaryDesu 8 days ago

    Wait what... I'm confused.. you wrote Left to Right? But Japanese is read Right to left?

  • Atharva Mahajan
    Atharva Mahajan 8 days ago

    Weird question, but are there gyms in Japan?

  • Toastoffire
    Toastoffire 10 days ago +2

    I like how "you could be an important person" can be an inspirational statement, but in this case its quite the opposite.

  • Teguh Prabowo
    Teguh Prabowo 11 days ago

    Who could have thought that I could find the finest life quotes in this channel, from a grumpy looking British comedian. Well done Chris

  • dussin cook
    dussin cook 13 days ago

    Do you do any tours ?! Imma be in Tokyo for a month it’ll be my first time!

  • Edward Willim
    Edward Willim 13 days ago

    I thought British people predominantly drink tea instead of coffee

  • Leonardo Lazzari
    Leonardo Lazzari 14 days ago

    Omg! Dead at minute 2:30 😂😂😂

  • This Guy
    This Guy 14 days ago +2

    I imagined the alarm at the intro as being Natsuki and/or Ryatoro waking you up with playing a marimba, would've been a funny bit yelling ohayou gozaimasu!

  • Inwikz
    Inwikz 14 days ago +1

    mitten: *what yor fAvUrIt CoLoR*
    me: ...
    doctor: *inwikz died due to suffocation. Cachinnation occured*

  • nick kinsella
    nick kinsella 18 days ago

    Best part was the camera spinning and then his friend saying “and me” lmao!

  • Ishika Shanai
    Ishika Shanai 19 days ago

    As a Canadian, I lost it at the "yEeeeEEEaaAAh, Canadian culture" bit because its so true. When I make oatmeal, I literally dump that much maple syrup in it for it to taste good. xD.

  • SaulidSnake
    SaulidSnake 20 days ago

    Multiple steam irons disliked this video

  • alex carter
    alex carter 20 days ago

    Win! I managed to get onto German TV in the 90s.
    German TV in the 90s: Wow, the American TV series "Cannon" is really good, let's play it 3X a day!"
    I doubt anyone was watching.

  • alex carter
    alex carter 20 days ago

    Read up on the low-carb diet ..... starches and sugars put fat on you, meat/eggs/fish/green veggies are great for losing weight. You're better off with a couple of eggs and some kippers in the morning or something, the black coffee's spot on, but sugar/starch have a high glycemic index and stimulate insulin production, and that makes your body store fat. The lectures by Jason Fung on here are good and there are many others.

  • John Conway
    John Conway 20 days ago

    Hey, man. For what it's worth I thought you did real well on stage. Congrats.

  • sharmaine lim
    sharmaine lim 21 day ago +1

    You are so dedicated to your dream, it inspires me so much! I'm moving to australia next month!

  • Ihinosen Oaikhenan
    Ihinosen Oaikhenan 21 day ago +3

    0:18 I don't think ur camera needed a shower too
    Helpful video though

  • leo chavez
    leo chavez 22 days ago

    “The North Korean missile really shocked me” I don’t know why but I broke out laughing after that

  • Naahdude
    Naahdude 23 days ago

    That mouth thing is pretty normal when ur not used to things like being on a show, nervous! Dont worry about it! Very late congratz on the prize u got!

  • Ari Porter
    Ari Porter 24 days ago

    Fellow leftie

  • Ivik Daorana
    Ivik Daorana 28 days ago

    You are so lucky. Now I seen a left handed who write so well. Most of left handed are not good at writing. Like me

  • artie niederhoffer
    artie niederhoffer 29 days ago

    why do you only ever say "whilst" instead of "while"?

  • Kopn
    Kopn Month ago

    8:15 that baggage tho

  • Jurassics
    Jurassics Month ago +1

    I think you are much better at presenting than you think you are. I understand that you might not enjoy being in front of the camera, but you are good at it. The feeling that I get when I watch your videos, and I watch your videos every day, is that you genuinely are speaking to me and that you are honest. Many videos I see is "look at me, look at me" but your videos are "let me show you the weird and wonderful of Japan as I see it". Chris様お疲れ様でした

  • Lynda Kopy
    Lynda Kopy Month ago

    You are so hot

  • Looney Mar
    Looney Mar Month ago

    uh, now I won't be able to excuse myself from learning kanji writing because Im lefthanded anymore :(

    Oh, wait, I can still say "Fuck it, Im too lazy"

  • Jamie Snow
    Jamie Snow Month ago

    Ryatoro is bae 😂

  • Rebbekkah Jewel
    Rebbekkah Jewel Month ago +1

    8:46 runner disrespects the "pedestrian crosswalk standard etiquette"

  • Rebbekkah Jewel
    Rebbekkah Jewel Month ago

    im falling inlove with this channel

  • Fae Heart
    Fae Heart Month ago +1

    Just discovered you, fantastic content! ❤️

  • Envy ʕ•̫͡•ʕ•̫͡•ʔ

    You just got to love the

  • Behrnahrd
    Behrnahrd Month ago

    Trading bacon for carbs is not a good idea to lose weight.

  • Aditya Hazarika
    Aditya Hazarika Month ago

    The sound of shower water hitting camera itched my ears. Lol!!

  • Regenarc Canis
    Regenarc Canis Month ago +1

    Pokémon go is a waste of time

  • Taylor Standen
    Taylor Standen Month ago

    I think I can speak for most of your audience when I say that we appreciate your brutal honesty! Keep up the great work. :)

  • Josh Stead
    Josh Stead Month ago

    I always thought there was absolutely no talking on trains, is that a misconception?

  • Yao Mung
    Yao Mung Month ago

    so....they got a guy who spoke fluent japanese to speak English with translator...hmmm

    gaijins gon gaijin

  • kleptic
    kleptic Month ago

    that coffee thing is so cool.

  • joke pi
    joke pi Month ago

    Timer done huh I thought it would alarm or something~
    That train they know somehow what it feels like when there's no train coming because it left early or when it's my experience though I never know when the train is coming to begin with in the first place I don't think it usually comes on time or at an exact time lol~ que sera sera~
    It's nice to see that even mid age people finds time to play P.GO ~
    Apart from the window view I find the love hotel video far more interesting haha~
    That award ...the only thing I could read was the Chara の lol~ but it sure looks face the clock thing... something you display on the desk or shelf~
    The number of 📷 s are

  • Slem mey
    Slem mey Month ago

    I just wanted to know how british accent sound in japanesse, 3 videos later and you still haven't said a word of japanesse!
    OMG! You just said an entire sentence in japanesse THANK GOD.

  • itz naki
    itz naki Month ago

    7:36 mans really looked like he was getting the good old double knuckle shuffle tho

  • Kristian Thomsen
    Kristian Thomsen Month ago

    Here’s your coffee
    *your lordship*

  • Matt Takahashi
    Matt Takahashi Month ago

    Chris, big fan of your channel. Currently in Japan right now for the first time and wanted to say thank you for all of the great videos that helped my wife and I get ready for our trip. Just watched this one for the first time and noticed a Nomatic travel bag possibly being used. Is that correct? Love their stuff. Tried to fit 2.5 weeks worth of stuff into mine for this trip, but realized it would weigh 50 pounds and be too much to travel with. Anyway, keep up the great work. Thanks for everything!

  • Ms.Nomy's & friends

    Amazing i ❤ japan banzaii😊

  • Karolina Lisiewska
    Karolina Lisiewska Month ago

    Is there anyway we could meet you up somewhere in Tokyo in the upcoming 3-4 days? I like your videos very much, I came to Tokyo on Saturday, seen some stuff, been to Kioto, but it would be fun to drink sake with you :D Let me know, you fat-sushieating bastard :p :* From Poland with love! 😘

    GEEK VOLTAGE Month ago

    That f*cking iron has been looking at me

  • Ken
    Ken Month ago

    as a Japanese, I find oatmeal edible when you add egg, green onion, and a bit of soy sauce or dashi. Maybe put nori (海苔)and umeboshi (梅干し) on top. Occasionally add natto (納豆) even. Basically a typical Japanese porridge, except using oats instead of rice.

  • Walied Hasan
    Walied Hasan Month ago

    didnt know that ur left handed

  • DaFierceDragon
    DaFierceDragon Month ago

    Didn't know you were lefthanded

  • Fara Shikor
    Fara Shikor Month ago

    Guys stop reading the comment go sleep 🛏 🤗🤗🤗😛

  • Edzter
    Edzter Month ago

    meanwhile, a day in my life = wake up, go to work, come home, play video games, sleep, rinse and repeat

  • TimeLine
    TimeLine Month ago

    8:15 where did your owner go little trolley?

  • Jasmin Renard
    Jasmin Renard Month ago

    I am an important person

  • Hunter dngngksn
    Hunter dngngksn Month ago +1

    Chris are you a fan of the comedian Stewart Lee at all? sometimes the way you execute jokes remind me of him massively.

    SoSa SoSTRONK Month ago

    ayyy my brotha is left handed!

  • XSportSeeker
    XSportSeeker Month ago

    If there was ever to be the complete opposite of clickbait, this video would obviously be the example. xD

  • Pixel Crocante
    Pixel Crocante Month ago

    You are a nice guy, Kiristero Aborodo - San ! HAHA

  • Femina Ex Machina
    Femina Ex Machina 2 months ago

    You're hilarious, relatable, and interesting! That's why you have so many viewers and subscribers!
    I can only imagine how self-conscious you feel with that many people watching your videos, but you keep being authentically yourself which is naturally funny! You're relatable by showing us your personal quirks, not trying to make yourself look perfect, and showing that you make mistakes like we all do. Also, for us who are interested in Japan, your videos are informative.
    It's awesome you got an award and were on TV! Please feel comfortable being yourself, Chris! 🙂

  • Carrie Kishel
    Carrie Kishel 2 months ago

    0:11 Default iPhone Ringtone As Alarm. O o O

  • Alejandro Nuñez
    Alejandro Nuñez 2 months ago

    His pillow cat still looks like a cat Hitler

  • Enchance
    Enchance 2 months ago

    I'm from the Philippines. How's the wifi in Sendai? Would love to visit sometime.

  • Chrnan6710
    Chrnan6710 2 months ago

    10:11 His dialect is similar to yours, I can tell he's learned a lot from you!

  • Nel A
    Nel A 2 months ago

    He cute! Did enjoy this video and mannn “important” or not stay you and be true to that. Not everyone can handle the truth and that’s a personal problem!

  • The Infamous Horeldo
    The Infamous Horeldo 2 months ago

    The worst one is "weak" being used as a direct replacement for strong. You make a sound argument and get "weak" in response.... ugh

  • Conservative N'at
    Conservative N'at 2 months ago

    How did you not grab that chilled can of Pocari Sweat???

  • Blake Taylor
    Blake Taylor 2 months ago

    What's happening at 7:36? Ummmm.. a train job?

  • Brains McGee
    Brains McGee 2 months ago

    As the islamification of japan progresses, these attitudes will have to change.
    Pork is already outlawed in numerous muslim communities in the UK, so shall it be with Japan.

  • Ansel Mountain
    Ansel Mountain 2 months ago

    a v-blogger who cant even search in his phone or laptop through the net for how ironing machine works ?!!! are you serious?!!!

  • Bard gold
    Bard gold 2 months ago

    Lol. I thought it was just me that hated that expression sick because I'm much older than you.

  • Kevon Bryan
    Kevon Bryan 2 months ago

    yeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee canadian culture

  • Madara_
    Madara_ 2 months ago

    15:54 that voice sounded so much like an anime character, I love Japan

  • lynchr1000
    lynchr1000 2 months ago

    Why did you go to the awards dressed like a scruff bag?

  • PampersNorway
    PampersNorway 2 months ago

    Nice shoes.
    And why the does Ryotaro look so natural in that suit with his laptop? (his shoes were horrible in that combination thou)
    Edit:.... i bothered to activated my brain for like a secound.... he prob wear suits and works on his laptop a lot at work.

  • Nataly Napaea
    Nataly Napaea 2 months ago

    HAHAHAH YESSSS i love those! I've had many stationary items and other stuff from the asian stationary store that also say weird stuff that makes no sense!! YESSSS

  • M A
    M A 2 months ago

    This is my first time watching you and I didn't find anything wrong with any of the behavior, I love your authenticity and totally agree... if people don't like you being yourself, fuck it. If you're not having fun making your vids then why do it?! Got me to subscribe. XOXO

  • Clorox Bleach jr.
    Clorox Bleach jr. 2 months ago

    Is it true to live in Japan your family member has to sacrifice themselves

    I don’t believe it because that’s what my friend told me

  • Kay Tse
    Kay Tse 2 months ago

    Don’t!!! Stop swearing!! It’s what makes you different from the rest and also it makes me laugh! Mostly in the most inappropriate places like the train and everyone looks at me like some sort of alien weirdo because NO one is allowed to smile on the train 😑

  • Michaela Bennetch
    Michaela Bennetch 2 months ago

    Question: what program do you use to edit videos?

  • Fayde
    Fayde 2 months ago

    anyone know what watch Ryotaro is wearing at 9:59?

  • khalid khan
    khalid khan 2 months ago

    please count calories. that oatmeal is approximately 500 calories with all that syrup . which is equal to two fried eggs + portion of baked beans +1 toast + 1 small sausage . just count calories and you can even eat what you want.

  • SuperSaiyaNinja23
    SuperSaiyaNinja23 2 months ago

    Thank you for making these vlogs, truly. It's like tuning in for a well put together anime episode!

  • Complation
    Complation 2 months ago

    this video was sick

  • April Li
    April Li 2 months ago

    You’re hilarious 😂

  • うちはクラウディア

    Your friend is really cute :)

  • Poltak Yaser
    Poltak Yaser 2 months ago +1

    Honestly, I am glad to see you streaming about Japan here forth, but I just got scary to going there now , you just don't live like in Japan, I couldn't feels the atmoshpere of Japan, even England 😂😂😂

    幻像VINCITIVE 2 months ago

    The first 5 seconds of the video gave me anxiety

  • I'm Iron Man
    I'm Iron Man 2 months ago

    Eggs and sausage are good breakfast but don't add toast because it's the carbs that makes you fat

  • Pofurg
    Pofurg 2 months ago

    its tough for oatmeal to help you when you drench it in maple syrup