Armie Daddy Shamed!

  • Published on Jul 30, 2019
  • Actor Armie Hammer is being daddy shamed and R. Kelly's girlfriends want their own Hollywood careers.
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  • Joshua Lowe
    Joshua Lowe 7 days ago

    This society is SO screwed up, next time we could even see parents allowing their children sucking their PRIVATE PARTS!!!😷😷

  • Yolisa Gqamlana
    Yolisa Gqamlana 19 days ago

    Nasty 😝😝😝

  • Daud Rotama
    Daud Rotama 22 days ago

    His "foot fetish on fleek" hashtag is really what made it worse. However, I think a lot of people in this comment section have crossed the border by saying that Armie is a pedo or whatever.

  • Vicki Jones
    Vicki Jones 22 days ago

    the baby don't know better he should have stopped him.....the baby is not a puppy he should not let even the puppy lick his disgusting toes

  • F P
    F P 25 days ago

    This is not appropriate behavior period, call children and family services, investigation needs to be done asap.

  • pearl sky
    pearl sky 28 days ago

    It’s beyond horrible 😡

  • Nicolas
    Nicolas 29 days ago

    I wonder what else he does to his son when they alone...

  • kim Gah
    kim Gah 29 days ago

    I say he touches that baby

  • Marlene Yabele
    Marlene Yabele Month ago

    Why is everyone shocked white people are born taught paedophilia

  • Candice Jones
    Candice Jones Month ago

    Wait 7 mins could see if it was mistake at first i laughed until i saw 7mins that is sick perverted weirdo enjoyed the feeling!

  • Bridgette Mezlini
    Bridgette Mezlini Month ago

    I feel bad for that poor baby! My son will be 2 next month and I know children put their mouths on everything but that’s a way to get really sick. Our feet are far too germy for babies to handle. It was his son’s health he should have thought about. That is disgusting, the baby doesn’t know better but the dad does. If he gets sick it is that fathers fault😡

  • T Cook
    T Cook Month ago

    Wendy is too dang ghetto for me....using the chicken wing parts as forks😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂💀

    ENFÅON Month ago

    I would shamelessly suck Armie Hammer's toes all day.

  • FrenChe' Marron
    FrenChe' Marron Month ago

    She’s not vegan anymore?

  • M
    M Month ago

    He should be shamed. Total
    Scumbag moment.

  • Theresa Tanner
    Theresa Tanner Month ago

    Ok, I can't even stand when my dog tries to lick my foot. Not only is this totally weird, it is plain nasty

  • Mthobisi Vincent Sikhakhane


  • Anika Joy
    Anika Joy Month ago

    Robert sending his girls to make the bread now 😖😂

  • Anika Joy
    Anika Joy Month ago

    Dude.. He captioned it # footfetishonfleek thats so gross

  • Veira Donovan
    Veira Donovan Month ago

    This is nasty and inappropriate! My son has tried/attempted to put his mouth on my feet or his dad’s, but we always pull him away! Our son is a one year old.

  • amazongirl13
    amazongirl13 Month ago

    lol people are tripping over the mans feet and yeah posting it is and was debate-ably stupid and cringy maybe. But I mean how many of you nasty people thought it was so cute as your child sucked your fingers knowing full well you just scratched your butts or picked your noses. Or who knows what else, if his feet were clean and his child was playing who cares its his father and it was innocent enough for him to make the only mistake of trying to share it on social media, because you know what maybe it was to funny and he wanted to share the innocent laugh.

    Maybe hes a proud father with his own foot fetish and he sees his child following in his footsteps pun intended. Albeit misguided with that hashtag included, he shouldn't be dragged for it just a father having some silly fun maybe.

    JDANTT Month ago

    I would suck his toes for 10 mins

  • Shannan
    Shannan Month ago

    Kids do crazy stuff. My son used to go around biting everybody in the house toes. We had to start wearing socks. I don't see the problem
    He should not have posted it tho
    I bet his wife was mortified🤣🤣🤣

  • Where is Waldo
    Where is Waldo Month ago

    I’ll suck your toes Armie

  • Nita Pita
    Nita Pita Month ago

    This is so disturbing

    ELLA WARD Month ago

    My 2 year old son sometimes tries to suck me and his dads toe but we do not let him. That was kinda gross though

  • VA
    VA Month ago

    I have a feeling this isn’t the worst thing he’s done to his son 😢

  • MM R
    MM R Month ago

    Did he wash his feet? Sanitize his toes?? Hmmmm

  • MM R
    MM R Month ago

    I might suck his DING DONG but not his toes. CREEPY

  • Carol h
    Carol h Month ago

    You compared it to pushing your cuticals on your fingernails being pushed back like its sexy. No moral compass anywhere. I'm embarrassed for you especially bringing Marvin gayeinto it. We are talkinking about children. I'm disgusted. How dare you endorse this behavior.

  • Carol h
    Carol h Month ago

    This is disgusting, I loved Wendy but acting like it's cutesy is as bad as allowing it, its child abuse. Whether the grown man who obvioulsly has no moral compass . Or the fact that Wendy giggled and endorsed this behavior. Toes peel and sweat the filth and scurv we deal with daily. That was horrible. Take yourselves on the Steve wilco or dr.Oz, Or dr.phil show it ,and gain some knowledge. I'm am mortified and imbarassed for all of you. 7 minutes and more. I would never let you near my children. You all need a lesson in child rearing

  • SailorMask
    SailorMask Month ago +1

    I’m already weirded out by the kid putting his dads toes in his mouth but the hashtag makes me so grossed out. Your kid shouldn’t be tagged in a fetish 🤢🤮

  • LittleMiss2100
    LittleMiss2100 Month ago +1

    Military children go through a lot of abuse based on stories I had heard from these victims. A lot of sexual abuse, physical abuse and selling of children to those in power in and out of the military. From what I see this man is advertising his son for sale. That footage would turn on many who have sick desires towards children and who are in that world. These demonic people put the truth right in front of your eyes and laugh in your face with it. Over 7 mins! He advertising this boy. So sad.

  • Asia S M
    Asia S M Month ago

    It’s not sexual so calm down people but it’s not a nice thing to post and he should’ve put his feet down as soon as he noticed due to the bacteria 🦠

  • Sachkico A
    Sachkico A Month ago

    Smh,that's nasty

  • AD NYC
    AD NYC Month ago

    It would break my heart if R.Kelly went to prison for life

  • Margie
    Margie Month ago

    Shaming nothing! He _needed_ shaming!

  • Andrea Brantley
    Andrea Brantley Month ago +1

    🚫That video with the kid is horrible and disgusting!!! (Who ever doesn't think there's something wrong with that, There's something wrong with them!) It was nasty, disrespectful, and it looks like a crime!🤮👎🏼

  • Lilly Clervoyant
    Lilly Clervoyant Month ago

    Is this some kind of sick fetish!!!! Eeeeew just nasty!!!!

  • Jenny BK
    Jenny BK Month ago

    Yes I know all about the chicken bone fork wig off sauce all up in my face 😂

  • Christina Cupil
    Christina Cupil Month ago

    Gross and inappropriate 😳 like why 🤯🤯 and all the ppl making this about race 🤦‍♀️ you truly are unbelievable..we should be more concerned about the child in the video and if his role model is mentally stable... but go ahead let your ugly out its all anyone does these days 🤷‍♀️🤷‍♀️

  • Levon Hardy
    Levon Hardy Month ago

    monique lowstupid?

  • Mscutiepatootie13
    Mscutiepatootie13 Month ago

    This is disgusting. This is when you teach your child what not to do 🤦🏻‍♀️. I couldn’t even watch.

  • Kecia Johnson
    Kecia Johnson Month ago +1

    of course they white!!!!!!

  • Miranda Summerset
    Miranda Summerset Month ago

    Ewww 😦totally grosses me out lol

  • Aries April
    Aries April Month ago

    Nasty bastard, cps!!

  • Thomas McNeilly
    Thomas McNeilly Month ago

    Puts a new perspective on Call Me By Your Name.
    Seriously though that was disgusting. How can someone be so dumb.

  • canela rosas
    canela rosas Month ago

    It's not that big of a deal. The world makes such a huge deal out of nothing... It's his child. It's an extension of himself. As long as it's not sexual I'm ok with it

  • Phozisa Nqadolo
    Phozisa Nqadolo Month ago

    Enjoy meat eating Wendy

  • Aisha Perez
    Aisha Perez Month ago

    That's gross. I think pedo vibes is too far but it's just gross 😫 feet are so dirty!

  • Lola Mignon
    Lola Mignon Month ago


  • Anna Michelle Lim
    Anna Michelle Lim Month ago


  • Jillian Worrell
    Jillian Worrell Month ago +2

    That’s NOT CUTE

  • Taty Yehayis
    Taty Yehayis Month ago +1

    He is mentally sick, and stupid THIS IS CHILD ABUSE 7minutes. 👎👎👎👎👎👎👎👎👎👎👎👎👎👎👎👎👎👎

  • mia hazel
    mia hazel Month ago

    I pray it wasn’t sexual either way it’s nasty. But let it been a black person DCF would have been at the door now questioning.

  • James Scott
    James Scott Month ago +1

    It was sexual! Periodt!!!!

  • goldy blood
    goldy blood Month ago

    Not funny or cool

  • Banana Rotten
    Banana Rotten Month ago

    Fucking perverts

  • Josephine Vulelija
    Josephine Vulelija Month ago

    Come on guys... It was a harmless joke 😊 and daddy was alone doing stupid stuff with the kids... Get over it!

  • MsAchampion
    MsAchampion Month ago

    Wendy and I have a lot in common! How we roast our own self and other people as well 😂😂😉👀! Lol