Wooden Pistons: will it work or not?


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  • ikke 123
    ikke 123 2 hours ago

    It's a russian thing

  • Cumulus Vapes
    Cumulus Vapes Day ago

    Factory lada rebuild kit

  • Maja Henriksen
    Maja Henriksen 2 days ago

    meet the flintstones

  • yanik ivanov
    yanik ivanov 7 days ago

    I would take it to car dealer and tell them o it doesn't really start maybe needs little engine repair. Can you please check that car please

  • john hershey
    john hershey 11 days ago

    Love the USSR

  • Robert Bairt
    Robert Bairt 12 days ago

    If wood would work, China would sell them🤑 Kool effort non the less Konrad's.🤓 Try Ceramic coating pistons?🤔

  • Nicole Willis
    Nicole Willis 12 days ago

    Wood swells and cotracks with water cold and heat never wood work

  • Richard Cabral
    Richard Cabral 13 days ago

    Need more than 20 octane

  • Richard Cabral
    Richard Cabral 13 days ago


  • Richard Cabral
    Richard Cabral 13 days ago

    Omg. Too much wodka

  • Richard Cabral
    Richard Cabral 13 days ago

    I suppose it’s hard wood

  • Richard Cabral
    Richard Cabral 13 days ago

    Lmao I love it. Go boys!!!! Omg.

  • signorpippistrello
    signorpippistrello 13 days ago

    With that understanding of basic physics....: how can this guy even WALK?

  • Rab Malt
    Rab Malt 14 days ago

    Strong battery

  • Ник ник
    Ник ник 14 days ago

    лысый,че за хуйню устроил?

  • Francisco
    Francisco 15 days ago

    Borat's Lada Dealership.

  • rapturekevin
    rapturekevin 18 days ago

    The problem is those cheap pine pistons. I put the expensive mahogany ones in my car and it runs great.

  • D R
    D R 19 days ago

    Only in Russia. Next up: using Vodka for oil.

  • LL122001
    LL122001 20 days ago

    wonder if it would have ran longer with a metal plate on top

    • david B
      david B 19 days ago

      Not sure why he didn’t put it on

  • Ed Jackowski
    Ed Jackowski 20 days ago

    Switch back to metal

  • Paul O'Connor
    Paul O'Connor 20 days ago

    Try "jarrah" it's Australian and the hardest wood in the known universe

  • Paul O'Connor
    Paul O'Connor 20 days ago

    It's Piston Growth ! Hahahahaha

  • Paul O'Connor
    Paul O'Connor 20 days ago

    Did you make sure the arrow is facing to the front ?! ;)

  • Mike Becket
    Mike Becket 20 days ago

    It's called stupid dumb asses but that's what they do and build in Russia and you freeks worry about Russia .?????!!!!!!

  • muffntheB
    muffntheB 20 days ago

    this makes absolutely no sense, anybody who knows anything about motors, wich this guy obviously does, would know that this is exactly what would happen. no need to try it. its obvious. so WHY???

  • jeff wolf
    jeff wolf 21 day ago

    I love the burning wood coming through the carburetor holes when you finally got that thing running it's amazing that you can get it going in the first place I didn't think you were going to. Congratulations

  • Greg Bailey
    Greg Bailey 21 day ago

    I didnt think they had tweakers in Russia

  • Mini Dragger
    Mini Dragger 22 days ago

    You guys should know wood pistons require a wood head gasket.

  • Thomas Broude
    Thomas Broude 22 days ago

    The answer is no. Duh

  • reifukaiyukikaze
    reifukaiyukikaze 22 days ago

    Next...wooden bulb

  • Eric Smith
    Eric Smith 23 days ago

    Slather the tops with JB Weld to repair

  • Sestrel Bethesda
    Sestrel Bethesda 23 days ago

    Love it! Well done Crazy Ivan’s!
    Hope the garage business picks up !

  • Richard Cunningham
    Richard Cunningham 24 days ago

    High voltage type discharge of pressure and heat

  • Tomas de Torquemada
    Tomas de Torquemada 26 days ago

    You have way too much free time .

  • Jeremy Steele
    Jeremy Steele 26 days ago

    lmao!!! meth yeah yeah......

  • Merk Waliams
    Merk Waliams 27 days ago

    Phut at 1311 says it all really put your tinfoil back on have another think lol

  • Merk Waliams
    Merk Waliams 27 days ago

    Moronic what a waste of time a donkey could tell you the answer tighten you're tin foil hat mate next project try ICECREAM LOL

    • Dunda
      Dunda 25 days ago

      Ever heard of grammar.

  • greenspiraldragon
    greenspiraldragon 27 days ago +2

    Coat them with high temp epoxy and they should work.

  • Bruce Simpson
    Bruce Simpson 28 days ago

    Makes sense. So you are in Siberia and you broke a piston. You cant buy one so you cut down a tree and you whittle the tree down to the size of a piston, etc. You stick it in the engine and give it a try. Might make it around the block.

  • Tanner Altizer
    Tanner Altizer 28 days ago

    Can I get one of those pistons

  • Combat Meerkat
    Combat Meerkat 28 days ago

    what about a rotary?

  • christian The man The Protector Aka Loki

    dude can I come visit? I love you bastards.

  • djshotokan
    djshotokan 29 days ago +1


  • Peter F.
    Peter F. 29 days ago +1

    the wooden pistons weighed less or more than the metal ones.. the issue I think was of timing, but Im not a mechanic, taking it to a mechanic and saying it wouldn't start would have been great haha

  • The AJ Kid
    The AJ Kid Month ago

    Subtitles woulda been fine... This dudes voice is Sooooo fuckin far from the guys, and louder than the video. Great shit, Annoying as fuck.

  • Milspec Machine
    Milspec Machine Month ago +3

    One of the most Absolutely Fun, Knowledgeable channels on RUclip !! I Love This Channel thank you for sharing all of your knowledge and experiments with us.....

    MR GHOSTER Month ago

    For the slots for the rings could you first line them with steel and put the rings over the metal? this would stop the rings sinking into the wooden grooves?

    MR GHOSTER Month ago

    A friend of mine in the 1970's bought an old Cadi . The V8 had 7 working cylinders the 8th one was blcked of woth a Mahoany piston wedge in the cylined and the crank are removed. what I could never understand was to do that in thew first place would it not have been better just to repace the proper parta anyway! lol! who knows how people think? by the way the car worked fine even if a bit under powered!

  • john kruschke
    john kruschke Month ago

    the wooden piston idea isn't totally a waste, if you are unable to get a new set of metal pistons, in a remote area, you could use the wooden piston you have in your hands, and cut an oil control ring grove into it...then, use the wooden piston to make a sand mold, to pour aluminum into, from old soda cans...then clean it up, with a sander, or a lathe, so the piston is a good size...if you make all the pistons a similar weight, it should run for a long time...very ingenious thing you have done...wooden pistons are good for making a mold, to make home-made aluminum pistons...i saw a video of a person who melted aluminum cans in a trash barrel, with a simple metal pitcher...it worked, he did not pour the aluminum into a piston mold though, he merely poured it into a bar...like you see gold in the movies...i would love to see a home-made set of "beer-can aluminum pistons" running in this car...i wonder how well it wold work??...best wishes, john kruschke--

  • Mark Lowe
    Mark Lowe Month ago

    I love this experiment.

  • Daman Yocum
    Daman Yocum Month ago

    The Russians always have a way with doing anything with wood

  • Mark Lowe
    Mark Lowe Month ago

    It through a log

  • Mark Lowe
    Mark Lowe Month ago

    Engine oil maple syrup

    • Bobby Taylor
      Bobby Taylor Month ago

      +Mark Lowe oh.. Lol no i suppose not

    • Mark Lowe
      Mark Lowe Month ago

      +Bobby Taylor Yes, but with wooden pistons?

    • Bobby Taylor
      Bobby Taylor Month ago

      Already been done

  • James McCullough
    James McCullough Month ago

    Ceramic coat the pistons?

  • TIMEtoRIDE900
    TIMEtoRIDE900 Month ago

    How can you have a Redneck without Sunshine ??

  • Stoffeangel
    Stoffeangel Month ago

    should have burned the wood all japanese way to seal to wood so it would not swell up with liquid and the rings or other factors would not change that early before even firing it up. wich could have also applyed a smooth clean surface with oil against the wall.

  • Tech 86
    Tech 86 Month ago

    You should try to soak the road in epoxy and then try it.. it makes the wood supper hard

  • # Guiltless
    # Guiltless Month ago

    No compression equals no go.😂

  • Robin Heilimann
    Robin Heilimann Month ago

    I say mill out the top of the pistons and insert and epoxy a round disc of steel to the top of each.

  • Mido Gamal
    Mido Gamal Month ago

    You can put a matal plate on the top of each one.

  • Nathan  Spalink
    Nathan Spalink Month ago

    Try a 2 stroke maybe?

  • Trey Braswell
    Trey Braswell Month ago

    Cap it with then sheet of steel

  • Rovid Bouski
    Rovid Bouski Month ago

    Вместо того, чтобы с зерном, попробуйте резки поршни через зерно

  • mike mcdaniel
    mike mcdaniel Month ago

    You have to use hickory , idiots !!!

  • You Tube
    You Tube Month ago

    Silly Russians ! Everyone knows that gummie bears make better pistons then wood! Duhhh!

  • James B
    James B Month ago

    No shit. I could have told you the explosion from a spark would instantaneously destroy a wooden piston.

  • Dieznuts
    Dieznuts Month ago

    This is great

  • Dario Impini
    Dario Impini Month ago

    What about some potatoes? Surely they'll survive longer?

  • MrJAFF1969
    MrJAFF1969 Month ago

    What kind of wood were you using

  • Kelly Penrod
    Kelly Penrod Month ago

    And now we know,
    We actually had this discussion when I was in high school AG Mechanics class once, we never got to try it, but it did make for some
    (lively) discussions!
    That was 45yrs ago, and I'm going to forward this to som of those old class mates to see which one says, I TOLD YOU SO , first!
    Loved the video and subscribed.

  • Cars For Cash
    Cars For Cash Month ago

    So at 3:19 I see something labeled A40, i wonder of that is Russian equivalent of wd-40

  • Great Music Good feel

    Your Idea is entertaining and funny . Thank you

  • dave wolfskehl
    dave wolfskehl Month ago


  • Kengi Hepworth
    Kengi Hepworth Month ago

    In Australia the Holden camira 4cylinder engines were assembled with wooden pistons. True fact. It became apparent when excessive heat caused the bonnets to fade. The wood used was balsa soaked in dingo urine mixed with Tassie devil poo. I knew the bloke who turned the pistons on a lathe. They measured under by a 100th of an inch to account for temperature expansion.

  • fabiosrk
    fabiosrk Month ago


  • uguysrnuts
    uguysrnuts Month ago

    There is a type of wood that was frequently used in machines for bushings and the like and it would probably be a little more functional. 'Lignum Vitae'. It looks like ebony and costs about the same, not to mention being extremely dangerous to work with due to it's toxicity. A sliver often necessitated the amputation of a finger or even a limb. Propellor shafts in ships used lignum vitae in their 'stuffing boxes', which are the bushings/seals which the shaft passes through where it exits the hull. Also, it's an endangered species, so I wouldn't want to waste it on silly experiments like this.

  • Matt's Horsemanship

    Very cool to see this. These guys are cool.

  • Zen Jon
    Zen Jon Month ago +10

    This proves "Red Neck" transcends borders, cultures and races.

  • myname604 .FCKgoogle

    Fasten an aluminum disk to the top, I think the grain of the wood can't handle the pressure and thats why it burns out so fast. If you can keep the wood grain from popping through and cracking then they should stand the heat for a while and eventually swell to fill the bore.
    Before the fasteners come loose anyway.

  • Ralf Häggström
    Ralf Häggström Month ago

    Really funny ideas .............

  • Jim Clarke
    Jim Clarke Month ago

    Wooden work ))

  • Bobby Eskey
    Bobby Eskey Month ago

    I love you crazy Russians your videos are pretty funny keep up the good work from a American friend

  • Lobotomizer
    Lobotomizer Month ago

    the wood is probably soaking up all the oil and gas

  • Lobotomizer
    Lobotomizer Month ago

    yes it will

  • Dennis Schell
    Dennis Schell Month ago

    WTF?!? Hahahahahahahahaha...

  • David Brown
    David Brown Month ago

    Luv people who enjoy recording themselves wasting time so i can sit here and enjoy wasting time.

  • Cody Chickadee
    Cody Chickadee Month ago

    I have found new friends.

  • Rimrock300
    Rimrock300 Month ago

    wow, creative idea, I've never think the two words in same sentence; wooden cylinder )) well, maybe they could worked longer with a metal plate at the top, as mentioned in the video

  • Damon Webster
    Damon Webster Month ago

    Use a different wood

  • Chris Cooper
    Chris Cooper Month ago

    in Russia Hamburgers eats you . 😂🤣

    [ GTA5 GLITCHER ] Month ago

    This was actually awesome to watch and the narrator makes it extra fun, with love from ireland 🇮🇪

  • Gustav Babic
    Gustav Babic Month ago +1

    Okay, now build engine with pistons made out of tempered glass, and with an engine block made of porcelain.

  • Ricardo Mierz
    Ricardo Mierz Month ago

    Wood is porous don't cha knows, causing the compression to seep right trough the pistons.. A top notch mechanic like you should of known that... Those blown holes intop of the pistons were caused by the air fuel mixture acting like a blow torch and finding the weakest point and acessing it into the crankcase causing the dipstick to blow out..
    Well at least you can put it all back together using factory pistons and it will still be all good, but use new motor oil instead of that old restaurant deep fryer cooking oil that you used in the beginning... After all it is a Lada!

  • Harry Canary
    Harry Canary Month ago

    I cannot imagine spending time on this when you could be building a
    bad-ass motorcycle or car engine for real.
    I do salute your imagination and work.

  • Todd Amtmann
    Todd Amtmann Month ago

    Oak is still too soft

  • Todd Amtmann
    Todd Amtmann Month ago

    Opposed to Bossa. Or Pine.

  • Todd Amtmann
    Todd Amtmann Month ago

    He should have used Ebony.

  • FingerAngle
    FingerAngle Month ago

    Try Lignum vitae

  • john johnson
    john johnson Month ago

    you need a harder more dense wood like purple hard, or iron wood. Oak is hard but not dense. if it is purple hard. good luck cutting it wood saw blades don't work well

  • Jean mary Francois
    Jean mary Francois Month ago

    This guy is good