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Cat Eye & Vampy Lips | Fall Makeup Tutorial

  • Published on Sep 12, 2015
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    Here is my first fall video! I've created a new cate eye makeup tutorial with a vampy lip look! I hope you love this new tutorial. Let me know which other fall makeup tutorials & looks you'd like to see below!
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    Comment "pumpkin spice latte" if you're reading this!
    Hi loves! I'm Jaclyn Hill (jaclynhill1) and here is another makeup tutorial! This is my first fall makeup tutorial which is why this is very exciting! I will teach you how-to do a cat-eye and how to do winged liner. Also I'm so excited to show you how to do this vampy vamp vamp lip look! Thumbs up for more vampy looks!
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    Watching in 2019💕

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    Sherry Corless 6 months ago

    Girl- you are so good at makeup! I love watching your videos, please make more content.... MORE PLEASE!

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    Gracen & Jacob 8 months ago

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    Elizabeth Gregory 9 months ago

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    Mikaela L. Hunter 9 months ago

    Please recreate this look with techniques you use today!!

  • Betty Gonzalez
    Betty Gonzalez 9 months ago

    Love this ❤

  • Lain
    Lain 10 months ago

    i’m reminiscing

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    Alondra Michel Year ago

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    karissa swick Year ago

    I miss this Jaclyn :(
    this could totally be my shit but this is the Jaclyn i can relate to... She seems like she genuinely cares.. Now i feel like she has let the hate make her clam up, which super sucks. But Thank you Jaclyn for teaching me how to do make up! I will forever be grateful and i hope you find your zin again

  • Mycolorfulroom
    Mycolorfulroom Year ago

    This look is wonderful! Its perfect to fall.

  • Xjzm x3
    Xjzm x3 Year ago

    Re-creating this look with your palette 😩😩😭😭😭❤️❤️❤️ love love 💕💕

  • Lizett olguin
    Lizett olguin Year ago

    I just saw you on Snapchat then came to RUclip and went back 2 years lmao. You're so beautiful and I'm so glad I've been here for such a long time to see you grow. I'm living for this look 😍

  • _ Makeupbysiaa
    _ Makeupbysiaa Year ago

    The video that made me fall in LOVE with makeup and find my career ... 💕

  • Natalie Castro
    Natalie Castro Year ago

    I loved the video and your personality is amazing! Then I found out your name is Jaclyn and I about died as that's what my first daughter's name is gonna be lol just spelled different

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    Sissy Peterson Year ago

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  • Falcon Munroe
    Falcon Munroe Year ago

    2 years later and you have products in sephora! This is the first video I watched of you, this is the video I discovered you and you've come such a long way and I love you so much! ♥️

  • Alishia Smith
    Alishia Smith Year ago

    I wish you were still this dedicated to your channel. I really miss you on here.

  • Leslie Potter
    Leslie Potter Year ago

    Thank you for your loyalty Jaclyn 😍. We all really love you and enjoy your videos so very much. All my love and respect for you Jaclyn, sincerely Micala 😍👄💋

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    Heather Johnson Year ago

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    Tia Edmonds 2 years ago

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  • Julianna G.
    Julianna G. 2 years ago +1

    can u make a sonia kashuk eye on neutral makeup tutorial please

  • Lacutie Lama
    Lacutie Lama 2 years ago

    Please add Russian subtitles

  • David Keeling
    David Keeling 2 years ago

    My name is David and I'm only 12 years old. Subscribe to big sistier Brianna clute, she's my bigger sister and she does cool makeup, she used my iPhone and lots of things to make her first video. She posted her first video today and I watched it and I was so proud that she is bigger sister beacuse it's cool I think. she could be a superstar famous person I want lots of people to see her beacuse I think she would luv that. This would be the best birthday present ever and if lots of people started watching her videos I could tell her it was all beacuse of me. I'm even commenting on makeup videos just so all u beautiful girls can see this comment. Is it weird that I call u beautiful? My sister thinks that youtubers like you are really beautiful

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      Arnavi Sutaria 2 years ago

      Because she promised to her subscribers that she would not be traveling the whole moth of September and she would be dedicated to just RUclip. I feel so much more love from her by her from her sharing that story. That is why.

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    INFINITY GIRL 2 years ago


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