YUNGBLUD - Medication (Official Video)

  • Published on Jul 17, 2018
    Music video by YUNGBLUD performing Medication. © 2018 Locomotion Recordings Limited, under exclusive license to Geffen Records
    #YUNGBLUD #Medication #Vevo

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  • bruno lima
    bruno lima 13 hours ago

    Doing lt Stealthy

  • seraphine malfoy
    seraphine malfoy 15 hours ago +1

    producer: This video has to be calm.
    Dom: Take my ADHD pills, cause im not gonna take them.

  • pheonix _
    pheonix _ 16 hours ago


  • Wesley Thomason
    Wesley Thomason Day ago

    this feels like another version of paper planes lol

  • Emily Gus
    Emily Gus Day ago

    He reminds me of a young Gerard Way going through a mental breakdown

  • Lily Sims
    Lily Sims Day ago

    Me : im not that crazy your just fine
    Yungblood: *hold my pink socks*

  • Jamey Hofstee
    Jamey Hofstee Day ago

    This reminds me of *we happy few*

  • Pascal Hohmann
    Pascal Hohmann Day ago

    dude is that @maxmoefoe ?

  • Mackenzie Yanetsko
    Mackenzie Yanetsko Day ago +1

    yungblud singing about his adhd meds for three minutes and 12 seconds

  • bruno lima
    bruno lima Day ago

    Che voce!

  • Karma W.
    Karma W. Day ago

    Yungblud makes temper tantrum music for kids with ADHD

  • Lovely Bunny
    Lovely Bunny Day ago

    The mah mah is like a gun shot
    Sounds fuckin siick

  • Softball 04
    Softball 04 2 days ago +5

    Who else is on a binge after watching parents

    Who else loves Parents

  • Best Barbers
    Best Barbers 2 days ago

    Oloff - Haciendo lt sigilo

  • Cheekie_Chops
    Cheekie_Chops 2 days ago

    ive been on ritalin before, it didn't help me, it endorsed my suicidal thoughts and made my anxiety worse, i was dizzy and i wanted to die, it honestly sucks, i wish i wasn't myself sometimes, i wish didn't i have anxiety and ADHD. i can relate to yungblud alot.

  • catarina silva
    catarina silva 2 days ago

    todo bommmmm

  • oh, look a týpek
    oh, look a týpek 2 days ago

    A normal song combined with a bag full of edginess.

  • TSM_ Guud
    TSM_ Guud 2 days ago


  • The Joker
    The Joker 3 days ago

    So, to me, the video is kind of saying that pills are a lie. Doctors tell you these things that are wrong with you, and give you these things that are supposed to help you see the world in a better light. But the pills only paint the world in a certain light, so you won’t see the world you used to see. They make you forget about your problems in life. It paints over things like family problems, bullying, abuse, ect. So, moral of the story, pills are white lies.
    That’s how I see it, anyway.

  • smol activist
    smol activist 3 days ago

    why the moms makeup so damn ratchet tho

  • Keeta Mits
    Keeta Mits 3 days ago

    Honey I’d so get high with you😘😘

  • Raul Serra Ferrer
    Raul Serra Ferrer 3 days ago +1

    Ele parece o coringa para os gringos joker

  • Olaf Żabiński
    Olaf Żabiński 3 days ago

    adderall be like...

  • sleepy ash
    sleepy ash 3 days ago

    This is my favorite song by him 🖤

  • The Kingdom of Cat
    The Kingdom of Cat 3 days ago

    *Me* : I'm so crazy
    *YUNGBLUB* : Doctor says...
    *Me* : Nevermind

  • Elena Gilbert
    Elena Gilbert 3 days ago

    The type of music he makes isn't generally my type. But I still find listening to his songs quite refreshing. So many good artists in the industry and yet all they sing about is love , broken hearts and sex. I like how he picks the most unique topics to write songs about

  • Jiminie oppa
    Jiminie oppa 3 days ago

    stop with the noone comments
    noone: wants to read the same comment over and over so shut up

  • Jiminie oppa
    Jiminie oppa 3 days ago

    I had to pause cause I realised I haven't taken my medication in days lol

  • casinogiant
    casinogiant 3 days ago

    Anyone else think he says "Ma ma ma Masterbation!!!"?

  • Kaitlyn Johnson
    Kaitlyn Johnson 4 days ago

    HE is so hot that i am sad their are no other guys like him were i am from but that is what makes him the best

  • Yeeyeekayla _
    Yeeyeekayla _ 4 days ago

    This is my first song I listened to from him 🤗

  • Tracy Morgan
    Tracy Morgan 4 days ago

    Why is he so talented!!!!! And hot..

  • saide turkmen
    saide turkmen 4 days ago

  • Loony Jack
    Loony Jack 4 days ago

    When he takes his medication everything's great but when it wears off its not... I remember watching this when it first came out lol

  • Star Wolf
    Star Wolf 4 days ago

    my friend gave me this song

  • killjoy arts
    killjoy arts 4 days ago

    Can I just say listening to yungblud has really helped me to feel okay I went through a phase of hating life and yungblud has really helped THANK YOU YUNGBLUD

  • Diogo
    Diogo 4 days ago

    Damn the music videos are so interesting but I can't like the music for some reason

  • Stormey Earl
    Stormey Earl 4 days ago

    Is it me or is he fuckin hot????

  • smartie broks
    smartie broks 5 days ago

    owhay idday iway otnay indfay histay oonersay?!?! iway ovelay itway!

  • Natalie Riach
    Natalie Riach 5 days ago

    the funny thing is that he's actually a huge marshmallow

  • Cripto Punk
    Cripto Punk 5 days ago


  • get scared_ at my chemical_disco

    "a mistake in the painting of my family"
    Too relatable...

  • Amy Turner
    Amy Turner 5 days ago

    The way he says "love" 😍

  • Star Fam
    Star Fam 5 days ago

    I made it 9 sec into the vid before this crap made me wanna rip my ears and eyes out

  • anet jicinska
    anet jicinska 5 days ago


  • bruno lima
    bruno lima 5 days ago

    Pretty cool 

    SAY SAY 5 days ago

    he looks like Wednesday's brother. I love it

  • Silence
    Silence 6 days ago +1

    Why instead of motivation I hear masturbation....

  • Faith Patrie
    Faith Patrie 6 days ago +1

    I think YUNGBLUD cute (not as a crush tho)

  • Liron Weirdo
    Liron Weirdo 6 days ago +1

    That aco Taco moment when you can’t cuss in from it your parents so you always say fook and then laugh to yourself because you’re actually referencing Yungblud

  • Angel Kisses
    Angel Kisses 6 days ago

    I wish it worked like this

  • Friendlyaffordable Movers

    I feel like he got his idea partcially from "Fran Bow". This just reminds me of it.

  • wiltedcherrytree
    wiltedcherrytree 7 days ago +1

    those things i dont take

  • Saranicegirla
    Saranicegirla 7 days ago +3

    When he said I’m blank I though he said I’m black

  • Park Jimin
    Park Jimin 7 days ago

    My mum heard me listing to this and she said “ so you are a goth” I couldn’t stop laughing 😂 😂 😂

  • lolev
    lolev 8 days ago +1

    I’ve really wanted to love this guy but I just keep on getting r/im14andthisisdeep vibes from him during every video I just can’t and I’m pretty sure it’s only me lmao
    Also it’s like almost disturbing at times?

  • Veronica Mumm
    Veronica Mumm 8 days ago

    no soul

  • Nataa naat
    Nataa naat 8 days ago

    🎶 My medication

  • bruno lima
    bruno lima 8 days ago

    vende em farmácia?

  • squelletes s'habillent en noir

    Ending it all so I thought I would binge watch some of Dom's Videos, Love you Dom keep doing the things you love 💖