My Thoughts on Sports

"Meh" James says.
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Автор Aesthetic_ Lemon ( назад)
The end made me die "GO SMASH YOUR GIRLFRIEND! Aw I'm sorry..." 😂😂😂

Автор Otaku 58 ( назад)
I can watch gaming videos all day, but sports are boring.

Автор Drake 6666 ( назад)
AAAAAA , i saw your face finally , wanna kiss u on the lips so hard ❤

Автор Fluffkin _ ( назад)

Автор Ben Chauvin ( назад)
or you were just talking about the pilgrims I miss understood that

Автор Ben Chauvin ( назад)
you didn't know about thanksgiving until you went to england

Автор Rachel Judd ( назад)
I find the intro very ifensiv because I'm British

Автор Theballisticemrald ( назад)
Why u so a fence if to us British I like your vids so please don't be afensve

Автор Kaitlyn Keiffer ( назад)

Автор Razzy Arts ( назад)
I'm always the last one to be picked but am the first person to get smashed in the face.

Автор Gabriela Covill ( назад)
We do not speak like that love you

Автор moneymaker Is epic ( назад)
yo dude ime fuckin english and i dont fuckin talk like that shit and also you can go fuck urself u fuckin pussy dick head

Автор Nancy Bunny ( назад)
I got kikked in the facebwith a ball by another girl.

Автор Rk.Daking ( назад)

Автор Alison Kay Anderson ( назад)
hey i live in scotland but i cant be mad at you sempi :D

Автор Kyle Cherry ( назад)
"I scored a homerun WOOHHHH"

Автор Brooklynn Fisher ( назад)
i watch all of your videos

Автор Master Minibootska ( назад)
Was it just me or was tracer standing with them

Автор Jamie Fanning ( назад)

Автор Quartzy Descalsota ( назад)
And scooter

Автор Quartzy Descalsota ( назад)
In my opinion watching sports on tv and in the court is boring cause I'd rather watch my cousins play video games and play with them

Автор Aj Blog ( назад)
7:38 the same thing happened to me but a girl got the ball on my arm and then a boy did it in the face and I hate Soccer

Автор johanna alpas ( назад)
u know overwatch

Автор Lance Lee ( назад)
The green sports fan number is 69 just saying

Автор Happy Rose111 ( назад)
shouldnt teachers be paid the most? because without them most jobs wouldnt be possible and no on would work them

Автор Average Gamer ( назад)
theodd1isout is revealed!

Автор Brushtail Wolf ( назад)
6:04 oh you meane the 5 ton carpets walking around yeah i have one of those it gets pretty hot in those things :P i dont even know why i do it.... for fun i guess

Автор Freshtale Sans ( назад)

Автор Virtual Bluejay ( назад)

Автор Sol ( назад)
6:09 What is the link of that sloth that you used in the video...?

Автор Sonny and Thom Games ( назад)

Автор GoodPostureMan ( назад)

Автор Diamond Raccoon ( назад)

Автор Chibi Miyuna ( назад)
"He always talked about Heather-"
Me: ... Chandler, Duke, or Mcnamara?

Автор Dark_moon89 ( назад)
I HATE sports except for video games *•^•*

Автор Tomboy Brenda ( назад)
I'm a girl that plays video games and I play football and basketball but I don't watch it I just play it, it is boring to watch but I love playing

Автор John doe ( назад)
physical activitys friends pft just play pokemon

Автор YoM8Mary :3 ( назад)

Автор dragonfiretm ( назад)
do taekwondo its not to hard im a black belt

Автор Shirley Rikky ( назад)
not a home run a touch down

Автор Yer Merm ( назад)
I'm usually the first picked even though I'm a nerd idk why but yeah 😐

Автор Wolfwolf25300 ( назад)

Автор Marisol Bernal ( назад)
In football:
Me:I won!yah!

Автор Lauren Vickery ( назад)
I agree athletes are over payed the should give that money to teachers do you know how under payed they are

Автор Majestic Penguin ( назад)
*Notice me Senpai!*

Автор Dragon Destroyer ( назад)

Автор xDoge ( назад)
Lel captainspooklez

Автор Lisa Carbone ( назад)
I hate sports

Автор XxCryingCreeperGamingxX ( назад)
Why did I see tracer?

Автор Akemi Sakakihara ( назад)

Автор Finny Makes Animations ( назад)
Wow, it's not like I copied this video...

Автор ALFONSO Deltoro ( назад)
i play football

Автор Ritz Reyes ( назад)
dude when you play sports it's harder to play. plus one time I was in 🏀 it's hard to get the ball or just this messaqge

Автор Dust Bullet ( назад)
the only sports I like are Baseball and hockey

Автор IntoTheWoods ( назад)
Whos watching in 2017?

Автор Sheryl Haggard ( назад)
+theodd1sout growing up does not suck

Автор peter peter ( назад)
I am a football fan (real football) and watching an important game (Champions league) Its awesome to be excited for it

Автор Orry Cookie ( назад)
Fhihdfhfrtjj help me I'm getting jhuguftfyfyhj

Автор train channel ( назад)
don't have on England, I'm sure you don't have bluebells in Arizona.

Автор Addicted Fox ( назад)
I am English I hate u

Автор Mooie Cat ( назад)
I hate when people say "you don't have to try to win it's just a game guys we are supposed to have fun" I don't know why but it's really really annoying it's like their saying "DONT WIN, YOU SUCK" that's what it's like XD

Автор Darren Parry ( назад)
Some inglish people hoo can get insolted 😤🙍😖😭 but I love your videos so I do not cear😁🙅😃

Автор Derp - lantern ( назад)
James you were lucky you accently got hit while I was being hit on PURPOSE like when I was going to throw the trash I heard one say *hit him* and when I turned and it hit my stomach really hard I nearly cried and said *I'm fine* then went home or when one time I got kick hard sooooo hard then I fell I was bleeding in my arm I still have the scar then again and again and after I had enough at age 10 I hated soccer that why I will never play soccer so I'll get revenge but around middle School he's as tall as a adult
that's why I hate sports

-but not baseball

Автор Gray Gilbert ( назад)
I pick on the grass to

Автор Justin Suttill ( назад)
He kinda sounds like captinsparklez

Автор jacob cherry ( назад)
We don't all say God saved the queen

There was a king once

Автор Salty The Sniper ( назад)
kinda insulted how all these dumbass americans think brits are posh

Автор Tiger Lili ( назад)
3rd opinion

Автор ChaiChoii ( назад)
Iam from Manchester (England)

Автор Kori -Fox ( назад)
"Follow your dreams.." I'm dying...

Автор Wolf_girl Dead_princess ( назад)
the beging made me laugth so much and i am british

Автор Love of art 65279 ( назад)
.......I'm British........
😐😑😐I have never said blimey once in my entire life

Автор freya faithfull ( назад)
When we were playing English football I was the tenth to be chosen and every time the coaches would give us a price of how much we cost each team

Автор DiamondDasher ( назад)
0-12 LOL

Автор Logan Gamingtube ( назад)
James has the same idea as me in sports

Автор ill diy ( назад)
my mom and dad do not let me win we are all for one I have never win when my parents play with me

Автор careybowden ( назад)
You racist person

Автор HeadlessTheHeadcrab ( назад)
Don't you mean a mild graboid? That's a Tremors joke, if you don't get it.

Автор Liffy Productions ( назад)
The only sport I actually like to watch is basketball because it's dramatic sometimes. But with the, "change things up in basketball." There is a really funny version of basketball and the puppybowl for football.

Автор William Frazer ( назад)
a football went straight at my belly full blast I'm only 10

Автор Kyel Warlock66 ( назад)
in the uk we call socer rugby

Автор Charliehawkscreech ( назад)
"Talking about how popular gaming youtubers always change things up" ...quietly waiting for northernlion to upload his 3646th video of binding of isaac

Автор Fast Game Reviews ( назад)
Completely accurate representation of Britain there

Автор ErinOcelotl :3 ( назад)
wait sorry but...

Isn't american 'football' the same as 'rugby'? so why do Americans call it FOOTball if you don't use your feet? I mean i get it if you call what we call 'football' 'soccer' because that makes more sense. but i don't understand about american 'football'... i don't want to sound ignorant but i don't see why we can't call football or soccer the same thing.

Автор X RAIN GAMER ( назад)

Автор redgojira gammer ( назад)
this remind that i suck at everythings my friend never pass me a chance

Автор Azec 5425 ( назад)
I know furries are weird.. But drawing comics and calling random people you never even met before SPRINKLES!!
*heavy breathing*

Автор Honufa F ( назад)
0:09 bogey not bugger

Автор hoje6590 hoje6590 ( назад)
lolyou made a  kid comment bad

Автор pinakabudlayngapangalan ngamapaminsaranko ( назад)
ayyyyyyyyy I found an airbud fan , I'm one....

Автор TheGreatPlayer3 Plays Channel ( назад)
I am soo single I don't have a girlfriend or close friends or BFF and no special someone, I have at least 2/3/1/0 friends

Автор Harry Potter Lover Gryffindor ( назад)
"notice me senpi" ~ James 2016 😂😂

Автор I Fight BEARS ( назад)
James u won't die alone you've got Jaiden #shipJAMDEN 😫😫😫😫😍😍💯💯💯

Автор Cookie The bunny bendys boyfreind ( назад)
I know theres thanksgiveing im not dumb

Автор That Random dude ( назад)
The whole U.K. Calls soccer football and also I'm not English I'm Scottish but I know England doesn't suck

Автор Sophia Florentino ( назад)
So true i feel bored watching sports except if a family members is playing or im playing :)

Автор Zayumm Dawwwg ( назад)
*Plays Football* "I got a homerun."

Автор Infinitygirl8 ( назад)
Forth or third ta-last? huh? weird.

Автор NightKnightMike ( назад)
3:08 This is eerily similar to my moment where say I play video games and my sister says why you playing this?! Your doing nothing but stare at a screen! and proceeds to watch Walking Dead and I was like (Looks left and right) I was like "FEMALE DOG!" You get my drift.

Автор IntentusIgnis ( назад)
The only sports I'm interested in watching is ice skating because the ice skaters look magestic. 😂

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