My Thoughts on Sports

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  • Wolfey_ Wolf
    Wolfey_ Wolf 24 минуты назад +1

    7:31 *TRACER!!*

  • Wolfey_ Wolf
    Wolfey_ Wolf 28 минут назад +1

    2:49 - 3:04 *SO TRUE*

  • andrea kruk
    andrea kruk 40 минут назад

    I love sports

    LEGO FURY/ CEMETRO FILMS 55 минут назад

    One time I was goalie and took a nap 😐

  • William Harvey
    William Harvey Час назад +1

    Most of the video is about video games

  • Cute Power
    Cute Power Час назад

    Soccer is my favorite sport and I kinda hate football

  • # A Team
    # A Team Час назад

    James you are my second best youtuber cuz you like CAPTAINSPARKLEZ

  • Twin Power Network
    Twin Power Network Час назад

    When I went to the baseball came, for some reason, the ball got bigger and bigger, and then it hit me

  • darknemesis11
    darknemesis11 Час назад

    I love playing soccer

  • WallopBoy Gaming
    WallopBoy Gaming Час назад +1

    I remember saving a goal with my butt

  • Aidan Urquhart
    Aidan Urquhart Час назад

    I scored a home run Whuuu!

  • Damian Cordon
    Damian Cordon 2 часа назад +1

    Home run hahahahahahah scoring a basket

  • Mexican_Koala_58
    Mexican_Koala_58 3 часа назад

    And smash your girlfriend lol James why

  • Hey It's Kiara
    Hey It's Kiara 3 часа назад

    Yeah, reminds me of the hockey game I watched last night. Toronto VS Montreal. 6 to 0. SO BORING

  • Nightcore Galaxy
    Nightcore Galaxy 3 часа назад

    Notions me sample lol

  • Bailey Mcelroy
    Bailey Mcelroy 3 часа назад

    Oh and my family doesn't go easy on me

  • Cheyenne Brett
    Cheyenne Brett 4 часа назад

    I like soccer

  • Victoria Pozos
    Victoria Pozos 5 часов назад

    In 1 grade I was walking by my self and same older kids playing soccer hits me with the ball to and I fell and had to go home

  • gaming girl
    gaming girl 5 часов назад

    The only competitive sport I play is seeing who can watch most YouTube videos in one day

  • Mega Faggot
    Mega Faggot 5 часов назад

    I'm English so the start deeply offended me

  • Roblox Markiplier
    Roblox Markiplier 5 часов назад +1

    2:50 MARKIPLIER AND PEWDIEPIE MY FAVOURITE PEOPLE (besides odd 1s out...sure ill go with that).

  • Sally Bradley
    Sally Bradley 6 часов назад

    Umm all of that country is not england only bottom part is england scotland is the rest

  • Sally Bradley
    Sally Bradley 6 часов назад

    Im scottish but no english people talk like that

  • Emobunny girl
    Emobunny girl 7 часов назад

    We are on 2017 James is in the 3017 😂😂

  • Spooky skeleton Clique
    Spooky skeleton Clique 7 часов назад

    Ok I'm done.

  • I don't Have a name
    I don't Have a name 7 часов назад

    In grade 1-6 we always missed gym because we had 1 teacher and instead we just did math or science. And gym was everybody’s favourite

  • Sebastian Blanco
    Sebastian Blanco 8 часов назад

    Home run in football

  • 號SPK嘛 Yt
    號SPK嘛 Yt 8 часов назад

    Badminton... IS THE BEST! xD

  • Athena Pichardo
    Athena Pichardo 8 часов назад

    0:06 lol gid save the Queen...

  • the tango fizz gamer
    the tango fizz gamer 8 часов назад

    I find that offensive

  • christina pisciotta
    christina pisciotta 8 часов назад


  • Bob John
    Bob John 9 часов назад

    He said he scored a home run when he was playing football it’s touchdown James it’s fricking touchdown

  • Weird Gamers With an S
    Weird Gamers With an S 9 часов назад

    ok i hate sports but i hate football the most

  • Trinh nguyen
    Trinh nguyen 9 часов назад

    Speaking of minecraft do any of you guys know stampycat a really famous YouTuber

  • Prying Wheel5655
    Prying Wheel5655 9 часов назад

    I freaking fought the ball I actually caught it I booked it a crossed the field AND I MADE IT I MADE A HOME RUN WHOAAAAHHHHHHHHH. Just look at that carefully

  • Luka Stanic
    Luka Stanic 10 часов назад

    What if you could buy a loot box in sports that gives you an advantage

  • dibsmcg
    dibsmcg 10 часов назад

    You are a sexes

  • dibsmcg
    dibsmcg 10 часов назад

    Fine YOU are a BITCH

  • lightning gamer
    lightning gamer 10 часов назад +1

    Try popularmmos

  • Diamond_DasherPlayz
    Diamond_DasherPlayz 10 часов назад

    english people do not talk like that

  • Last Juggernaugt
    Last Juggernaugt 10 часов назад

    U know sports leagues change the rules in the off season right?

  • Anna Coia
    Anna Coia 10 часов назад

    I am from England and this is a stupid video. Listen, we know what thanksgiving is and we know about the American culture. We probably having a better understanding of your culture than you have of us. It is pure pigheadedness and its actually racist with those stereotypes you dickhead. So shove your racist comments up your ass and go fuck yourself.

  • jeffy Jeffy
    jeffy Jeffy 10 часов назад

    I wach tayber tapl and defib

  • MechaMetro
    MechaMetro 11 часов назад

    I only play football and watch football other sports I cannot play and or watch. I mean I could play soccer a little bit but it's not really that interesting to me. I hope to one day be an NFL player. Oh and by the way James seems football isn't just the same thing over and over again. Anything could happen just like those video game videos that you watch.

  • Shyam Patel
    Shyam Patel 12 часов назад

    Nice home run

  • CatLover
    CatLover 12 часов назад

    I don't get why everyone thinks we , as a British person, speak like that. I'm confused beside I only know 5 people who like tea, and I'm not one of them. Can someone tell me why that's a stereotypical British person

  • Jacob Rasmussen
    Jacob Rasmussen 12 часов назад

    I like how how he did not got a touchdown because he ran the way the ball came

  • DAventadorGamer44
    DAventadorGamer44 12 часов назад

    I like sports, especially playing them... But not watching them :P

  • Flukytrack3310
    Flukytrack3310 12 часов назад

    Odd knows what overwatch is? I️ saw Tracer

  • Leah Yazan
    Leah Yazan 13 часов назад

    The same thing happened to me. I was playing soccer and the ball hit me in the face and I did a backflip and landed on my back. And then when in was playing kickball (I was in 2 grade) a 5th grader either kicked or threw the ball at my face and I had to sit out the rest of the game with a ice pack. After that I quit soccer and hate kickball.

  • Shawna Seago
    Shawna Seago 13 часов назад

    James it's touchdown not home run not Google not basket sorry it says Google I'll fix that attendance at school

  • Matt Wyllie06 YT
    Matt Wyllie06 YT 14 часов назад

    0:00 it's not just England that call football football its Wales Scotland Northern Ireland republic of Ireland Italy Spain France Holland Germany South America ext plus in England is not posh it's more like this is england

  • Sara Naumoska
    Sara Naumoska 14 часов назад

    1:48 look at his arm

  • Alfie bartlett
    Alfie bartlett 15 часов назад +1

    I'm from England but idc

  • theSollundForYou
    theSollundForYou 17 часов назад

    People get paid what people are willing to pay

  • TheSportsKid 24
    TheSportsKid 24 17 часов назад

    I mean touchdown

  • TheSportsKid 24
    TheSportsKid 24 17 часов назад

    It's a try

  • TheSportsKid 24
    TheSportsKid 24 17 часов назад

    Really I'm English and your making fun of my country

    It's fine I don't care

  • JohnMeizerZ1 JMeizer
    JohnMeizerZ1 JMeizer 17 часов назад

    Thanks for using the stereotypical version of the British! Twat

  • PhoenixGamer10 | Gaming
    PhoenixGamer10 | Gaming 17 часов назад

    I’m English...

  • Syl Mootosamy
    Syl Mootosamy 18 часов назад

    I'm British and what was that

  • A.J studios
    A.J studios 19 часов назад

    Homerun? Basket? What's next goal?

  • Karen Marshall
    Karen Marshall 20 часов назад

    Football is kicking a black and white ball soccer is not a game WHO FOUND YOUR COUNTRY AND GAVE YOU A LANGUAGE SO SAY IT RIGHT PLUS I am not angry at you james

  • RedBeryl 81
    RedBeryl 81 21 час назад

    Because its the most Socially acceptable

  • Iver Grønningsæter Remme
    Iver Grønningsæter Remme 22 часа назад

    2:54 thats exactly how my dad is

  • Tac Cat240
    Tac Cat240 22 часа назад

    Mexico and almost all other countries call it football. Pretty much only America calls it Soccor.

  • Curtis Ngo
    Curtis Ngo 23 часа назад

    "smash your girlfriend" lol my favorite part

  • Marco Sanchez
    Marco Sanchez 23 часа назад

    1 58 a home run

  • Matea Garcia
    Matea Garcia День назад

    I Love football🏈😁 but do not like soccer👺😈😒😒😒😒

  • Jpawesomeface Marando
    Jpawesomeface Marando День назад

    0:57 the player on James team kicks it right to the defender 😂

  • Emily Wengertsman
    Emily Wengertsman День назад

    I play soccer football basketball and baseball

  • Melody Shipp
    Melody Shipp День назад

    Ha! I'm a eleven year old girl and I got three soccer balls to the face and one basketball to the head so there.

  • IcyTryhqrd is Life Beast
    IcyTryhqrd is Life Beast День назад

    Pause at 4:03 its a meme.

  • IcyTryhqrd is Life Beast
    IcyTryhqrd is Life Beast День назад

    But England is a city...

  • Cecil Mclean
    Cecil Mclean День назад

    Man I can rea late to James when I scored six baskets against a D2 basketball player . Then start thinking was he going easy

  • Creeper Craft
    Creeper Craft День назад

    7:36 thx for adding tracer to the vid! :D

  • Its Jackie Perez
    Its Jackie Perez День назад

    SOCCER!!!! (I'm not that good but I'll rate myself a 8 😑😑 )

  • Brendan Legault
    Brendan Legault День назад

    I usually am last picked.
    I'm sad now

  • Kamek the All star
    Kamek the All star День назад

    your friend could just be excited

  • Danielle Essmong
    Danielle Essmong День назад

    1:41 wrong sport he said "Home Run!"

  • CraZy Taco
    CraZy Taco День назад

    Eyyy i was the green team playing soccer when I was 7

  • BlueDataGirl
    BlueDataGirl День назад

    M-mo-mom- MORMON!!!!11!!11!!!
    oh brother James, don't foORgEt TO say GRACE!1!1!!1/
    HGGMHMF... "grace"

  • The everything Channel
    The everything Channel День назад

    your soooooooooo right

  • Genevieve Smith
    Genevieve Smith День назад

    is he actually sexist because i wont watch another video if he is

  • natalie rose
    natalie rose День назад

    Hey I'm from England

  • Shannon Law
    Shannon Law День назад

    And aren't you wearing a captinsparkles shirt

  • Shannon Law
    Shannon Law День назад

    Dude it's called a touchdown not a home run or basket

  • fangedcupid 02
    fangedcupid 02 День назад


  • IrelleventRae
    IrelleventRae День назад

    You probably lost like 27173773 followers cuz of the English bit.... I DON'T SAY PIP PIP 😂😂

  • Gurkirtan Singh
    Gurkirtan Singh День назад

    I’m like you

  • Melon Muncha
    Melon Muncha День назад

    I remember when i played soccer when i was 5 and all the other kids where like 8-10 and the problem with that is...8-10 YEAR OLDS HAVE LONGER LEGS! And i remember running as hard as my physical body could go and remember just chacing down anyone and think that once i caught up i would just tackle them to the ground and start narrling at there legs and then being like the all star of the team and go to Chuck E cheese..yeah that didnt happen i usually just kinda ran the wrong way half the time...

  • elizabel
    elizabel День назад

    Or you have some other 3rd opinion

  • Some Random person
    Some Random person День назад

    When I played soccer the first time I was goalkeeper I fractured my finger and the second time I was goalkeeper I bent the same little pinky finger backwards

  • Vitaliy Hrytsenko
    Vitaliy Hrytsenko День назад

    tracer is there :)

  • Matthew Matson
    Matthew Matson День назад

    I was about to order three or four but I think that’s for my shoot was a bit crapySeriously really got two calls that were sold for ternal my life so that was the worst time of my life I didn’t even like it at all

  • Manuel Reyes
    Manuel Reyes День назад

    England is my city

  • Matthew Matson
    Matthew Matson День назад

    Are you still playing soccer at the Y am I hated it but Elyse I like to do and because you get all the snacks like someone get someone takes like you take turns to take a snack there and it was my turn to times the first time I brought some goldfish second time I brought like these little Spotify things that were homemade your nails that much

  • Addictedsquid
    Addictedsquid День назад

    Why you be mean to us brits

  • AndrewPlayz64
    AndrewPlayz64 День назад

    lol over watch xD