GTA Online Best Vehicle Discounts (5th December 2019) - GTA 5 Weekly Car Sales Guide #15

  • Published on Dec 5, 2019
  • GTA Online best vehicle discounts for 5th December 2019, plus details of any new cars added to the game and changes to the Casino lucky wheel podium vehicle and premium race.
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Comments • 222

  • Broughy1322
    Broughy1322  Month ago +9

    *Various Info & Links*
    My Twitch Channel:
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    • Ice Wolf
      Ice Wolf Month ago

      un mog exactly

    • un mog
      un mog Month ago

      Save your money but buy that Omnis!

    • Ice Wolf
      Ice Wolf Month ago +1

      Broughy1322 thanks bro, I love the omnis never had it but have drove friends, and it’s so much fun and the customization is so cool I love it 100% would recommend

  • night fiera
    night fiera 21 day ago

    I can’t believe I missed out on this Itali GTO sale :(

  • Velle
    Velle Month ago +1

    I have twitch prime and received 250k but I don’t see any discounts

  • Marcelo Caraveo
    Marcelo Caraveo Month ago

    Someone help I linked my social club and my twitch prime, i received 250k bonus for it so I know it worked but I don’t see the discount. Is this because I just linked it after the rewards were made available?? I contacted rockstar but I fear they won’t respond in time

    • Artful Lonewolf
      Artful Lonewolf Month ago

      Same problem here no discounts on the Itali or Schlagen, well at least we still get bonus cash from buying a shark card, all ready for tomorrow

    • Marcelo Caraveo
      Marcelo Caraveo Month ago +1

      Kylo022 no looks like I’ll be missing out

    • Kylo022
      Kylo022 Month ago

      Did you get this resolved? Got same issue

  • Anon archist
    Anon archist Month ago

    i have my twitch prime linked to my social club and im not seeing this sale

    • Anon archist
      Anon archist Month ago

      so i just finished talking to rockstar. they have no idea what the problem is, they tried to blame prime, who made the very valid argument that they are not the game developer and have no control over the game. rockstars only "solution" is to go into your twitch prime account, disconnect your social club account, then go into your social club account, and unlink your twitch prime account, then relink your twitch prime account, and in 7-10 days try and see if that solved anything. so at best it looks like we're shit out of luck for any twitch prime benefits for the DLC, and we have no guarantee we will ever get our benefits back.

    • Skyler Walker
      Skyler Walker Month ago

      Anon archist same here idk

  • Sound Quakes
    Sound Quakes Month ago

    Wait I bought a muscle car and it let me buy the level 4 engine even tho I’m not a high enough level does the car stay a level 4 engine

  • El Rey Del Dinero
    El Rey Del Dinero Month ago

    I got twitch prime but no discount!!! any answer?

    • Marcelo Caraveo
      Marcelo Caraveo Month ago

      El Rey Del Dinero I have the same problem. Did you figure it out?

  • Erick Machuca
    Erick Machuca Month ago

    I'm going to buy bugati and skyline already bought maclaren f1

  • _ BeanBoi _
    _ BeanBoi _ Month ago

    I didn’t get half of these discounts

  • agentroadkill
    agentroadkill Month ago

    They aren't on sale anymore. The italio gto

  • Price gaming
    Price gaming Month ago

    The Gto is normal price for me

    • Broughy1322
      Broughy1322  Month ago

      As I said, it's for Twitch Prime members only.

  • Nugget
    Nugget Month ago

    I get omnis for free

  • LShelby
    LShelby Month ago +1

    Damn! Your praise for the Omnis was so convincing, I bought a second one. Kappa

  • caibonesjones jones

    I really dont play gta anymore I just play Forza now XD

  • 1974Teebone
    1974Teebone Month ago

    Itali GTO at 400k is Black Friday level bargain. Too bad I already own one 😁

  • RSC
    RSC Month ago +1

    The gto isnt on sale??

  • MsuccessfulM
    MsuccessfulM Month ago +1

    Can you buy discount cars and sell for higher price? Is the trade in price decreased when you sell since its discounted?

    • Broughy1322
      Broughy1322  Month ago

      No you can’t. You sell for half whatever you bought it for.

  • skexal
    skexal Month ago

    What’s better for racing pariah or itali GTO?? Someone help pls

    • Broughy1322
      Broughy1322  Month ago

      Fastest Sports Cars (AHF Retesting) - GTA 5 Best Fully Upgraded Cars Lap Time Countdown

  • Outlaw Of The West
    Outlaw Of The West Month ago

    I get the omnis for free

  • Marshall Read
    Marshall Read Month ago +1

    The Elegy Retro Custom and Hotring Sabre can appear in Transform races, so they are worth getting if you play those.

  • Chris
    Chris Month ago

    Hotring Sabre is the only vehicle usable in Hotring races, so by default that makes it a must-buy if you play those races.

  • Elijah Edwards
    Elijah Edwards Month ago

    The discounts not there anymore

  • loridergmc91
    loridergmc91 Month ago +1

    I just bought the Itali GTO at full price a few days ago. Had to sell another super to afford it. Ugh.

  • RetroGamerKevin
    RetroGamerKevin Month ago

    I expected something else on the podium as the podium vehicle (deluxo), but... I don't think that'll ever happen

  • Jayden Your Friend
    Jayden Your Friend Month ago +2

    The Itali Gto isn’t on Sale and the Amg ?

    • Jayden Your Friend
      Jayden Your Friend Month ago


    • Shawn Carson
      Shawn Carson Month ago +1

      Jayden Your Friend They’re Twitch Prime exclusive discounts. If you don’t have Twitch Prime, you don’t get the discounts.

  • ZX Spectrum
    ZX Spectrum Month ago

    Love the Omnis ive bought it twice one for road and one in rally trim haha!

  • Cape Cards
    Cape Cards Month ago

    Well I got the car.

  • Dee Dee
    Dee Dee Month ago

    Sucks that the gto is only discounted for twitch prime

  • Tobi Bowen
    Tobi Bowen Month ago

    We don't have the same discounts as you. Any suggestions on why and what we could do? We even restarted the game

  • soccerball 34567
    soccerball 34567 Month ago

    Did they update something bc the Omnis is free for me

  • Unknown M
    Unknown M Month ago +2

    YESSS Thanks for making this vid u deserve more subs 🙂

  • Darkhawk743 Gaming
    Darkhawk743 Gaming Month ago

    Wait, hold on, How come I get the omnis for free?

  • Pasaman Barat Gamers


  • Nickvilla20
    Nickvilla20 Month ago +1

    Didn’t think you thought much of the Omnis really

  • David Pomerantz
    David Pomerantz Month ago +2

    The nothing mk3 is amazing

  • Holy Toledo
    Holy Toledo Month ago +4

    As always great info. I very much enjoy your content. Anytime I have a question on what’s the better car for me to own in GTA I go to you. Great accurate info. Anyone looking for great GTA Car information on what’s the best or what might be good for races ect.... Then look this guy up. Keep up the great work

  • Dalton Lopez
    Dalton Lopez Month ago

    Who else get the omnis free

  • Shizzney
    Shizzney Month ago +1

    Thanks for your work

  • UltRraRageous
    UltRraRageous Month ago +1

    GB200 was my first sort of high end expensive purchase.
    And I loved it, and I'm definitely going to be buying it again

  • Emilija Sirvydaite
    Emilija Sirvydaite Month ago +1

    I freaking won the vehicle and dint get it. FUN

  • M. K.
    M. K. Month ago

    Those twitch bargains though, never liked the bumpiness of the itali gto but thats tempting.

  • Connor Wright
    Connor Wright Month ago

    Hey this is the last time you’ll make one of these discount videos in your 20s

  • cmdrmeldoc59
    cmdrmeldoc59 Month ago +1

    Broughy isn’t biased towards the Omnis guys! Scripted Broughy confirmed it, and as we all know, Scripted Broughy is the only source of factual information and truth! So he’s totally not biased at all, guys!

    • Saru2191
      Saru2191 Month ago

      How dare you bamboozle me, sir.

    • cmdrmeldoc59
      cmdrmeldoc59 Month ago

      Saru2191 as long as my heavy sarcasm didn’t woosh past your head :)

    • Saru2191
      Saru2191 Month ago

      The guy's only stating his opinion. Stop whining over nothing.

  • JNC
    JNC Month ago +1

    Theyre making it REAL hard to save my money

    • Aquaphobic
      Aquaphobic Month ago +1

      JNC yeah its a tactic, give people event weeks to pile up cash with double rewards, then bait it out with some discounts right before dlc

  • Boppe swe
    Boppe swe Month ago

    You asscrack, the schlagen GT is still $1.300.000

    • DamianR
      DamianR Month ago +3

      It's the twitch prime sale you noob.

  • Astafurillauh Habibi

    Excuse me whilst I grind to get the itali gto ✋

  • Hypergon -
    Hypergon - Month ago

    I will buy omnis
    But s80rr is my favourite car in the game so I’ll save up for it

  • Josh Parrish
    Josh Parrish Month ago

    I think I’ll be getting the Hotring Saber, since the Hotring Series exists

    • Jamie Rhodes
      Jamie Rhodes Month ago

      @Josh Parrish fair enough i just don't like the hotring series 😂

    • Josh Parrish
      Josh Parrish Month ago

      Better than being stuck in a stock one when Hotring races are paying out 2x or 3x $

    • Jamie Rhodes
      Jamie Rhodes Month ago


  • Officer Zarius
    Officer Zarius Month ago

    At last, I can finally buy the Benz and Ferrari! But seriously, which one should I get and why?

  • Barry O'Sullivan
    Barry O'Sullivan Month ago +2

    I feel that if Broughy did these in a studio, it would be like when Audis on old Top Gear would randomly cut across for marketing, only this time it would be the Omnis (Which is really a Quattro, so still Audi)

  • TurqoiseGravy7
    TurqoiseGravy7 Month ago

    No double money shit?

    • TurqoiseGravy7
      TurqoiseGravy7 Month ago

      @DiNmiTe i just checked, 2x money racing. Thats it. Ok nice chatting im going to kill myself now

    • DiNmiTe
      DiNmiTe Month ago

      @TurqoiseGravy7 nope there are other videos that give you double money events

    • TurqoiseGravy7
      TurqoiseGravy7 Month ago

      @DiNmiTe yea but it would litteraly take 15 seconds to say what they are but that doesn't matter i guess, do you know what the 2x money stuff is?

    • DiNmiTe
      DiNmiTe Month ago

      his focus is on vehicles and racing

  • Cathal
    Cathal Month ago +2

    Yayaya the omnis ive always wanted it

  • Episky
    Episky Month ago


  • Hot Britain
    Hot Britain Month ago

    Why is my omnis free

  • Maxwell Ban
    Maxwell Ban Month ago

    No double money opportunities?

  • jari nieminen
    jari nieminen Month ago

    NOOOOO Worst car on 4 wheels

  • slow not slow
    slow not slow Month ago

    I get the omniss for free

  • Angry Gamer 2
    Angry Gamer 2 Month ago +1

    love your video Broughy1322
    keep up the good work friend

  • Trevor Reno
    Trevor Reno Month ago

    he sounds like jacksepticeye

  • falloutnvspartan117
    falloutnvspartan117 Month ago +1

    I really dislike the omnis cause i have terrible driving experience with it and i find it to expansive even i have 250 mill now