The Beygency - Saturday Night Live

A man learns what happens to people who don't like Beyonce.

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Автор HeWhoChills ( назад)
It would've been epic to see Justin Timberlake & Jimmy Fallon do a surprise appearance on this kit.

Автор amy ryans ( назад)
I don't like beyonce either except for a few songs

Автор cap'n Bubblepant ( назад)
if this were a show i would Watch it

Автор Dedition ( назад)
Sad thing is, since coming to America, I realised some fans actually take her this seriously. Beyoncé is a song away from having her own religion. Lol.

Автор Stealth Attack ( назад)
HAHAHAHAHA brilliant :)

Автор Matt C ( назад)
This is sorta true to life. Her fans are douchebags, lol

Автор gjaddajg ( назад)
Beyonce supports a violent, racist hate group built on lies and misinformation. So yeah, not a fan.

Автор Tru Davies ( назад)
Fuck Beyonce !

Автор AngelAmyJ ( назад)
Poland talk? ale beka

Автор Razumny Gerstein ( назад)
What movie is the a parody of?

Автор Vanessa 7 ( назад)
Guys this is no shit,It's actually BeyHive😂😂

Автор Kent Hefele ( назад)
Awful trailer, gave away the entire plot

Автор Lucy Ella Grace ( назад)
this legitimately gave me chills

Автор Laughuntilyoucry Cryuntilyoulaugh ( назад)
This was hilarious. It looked more interesting than most movie trailers.

Автор vamsi chevvuri ( назад)
beyonce will die laughing after seeing this

Автор hello ( назад)
I like Beyonce's voice and dancing, but not her music that much.

*gets dismembered by beygency*

Автор Mister Whispers ( назад)
The bit with Jack Bauer killed me 'We don't have a lot of time' ...

Автор Will H ( назад)
This video accurately describes the BeyHive

Автор A. Charles Ross AKA Phantom Lock Creates ( назад)
I died when Jack and Chloe showed up!

Автор Bring Me The Game ( назад)
Looks like im not the only one that doesn't like beyonce huh?

Автор Bring Me The Game ( назад)

Автор Tian ( назад)
oh my god this is brilliant i love it

Автор vogueless nyla ( назад)

Автор Andrew Mark ( назад)
We need one for Adele now too...

Автор f0p12 ( назад)
10/10 would watch

Автор YaYa Man ( назад)
I haven't liked a whole Beyonce album since .... 2004. She is so overrated.

There I said it.

Автор CrazyCow500 ( назад)
"Carrie, whats he talking about?" lol

Автор kokam2 ( назад)
lmmfao OMG... 😂😂😂

Автор Parker Nelson ( назад)
This just proves how crazy the Behive is. I'm not a fan but this is hilarious.😂

Автор 52superdude ( назад)
if people keep feeding her Ego then this is gonna be the outcome lmao.

Автор Quinn Sacalis ( назад)
Someone needs to make this with this exact casting!

Автор Zaltarical ( назад)
I would watch SHIT out of this

Автор Rukia Cross ( назад)
this is legit what happens

Автор GenieLogic ( назад)
"How long have you been here?"
Since Destiny's Child

Автор momof2 ( назад)
which movie r they parodied?

Автор Jkeaira Loveaira ( назад)
Is it me or does SNL have the best movie trailers to fake movies!!

Автор Hooligan Girl ( назад)
still funny !

Автор Jaye Maelle ( назад)
*"Rihanna #1"* LOL

Автор Byrdman King ( назад)
One of SNL's best sketches LMAO

Автор Fallen But Saved ( назад)
Pretty much how it goes, this is pretty damn accurate. And beyonce is not the only one of them that sucks

Автор truth BEHOLD ( назад)
It's scary how accurate it is

Автор stan smith ( назад)
This pretty much sums up Beyonce fans after the 2017 Grammys. I don't care what they say, Adele is the far better singer and she deserved every award that she won. I hear knocking at my door now so I guess I have to disappear too.

Автор anais950 ( назад)
I don't care but SNL have the best beyonce theme skits.

Автор Xochi Gonzalez-fritz ( назад)
I Don't Really Don't Like That B

Автор comicahmet ( назад)
the quality of cinematography and filmmaking in this skit is too high

Автор Titania Evil ( назад)
I DONT LIKE HER EITHER.... no voice at all and i don't find her pretty at all she is weak for staying with a man whom she has said is a bad person.

Автор HollySnickerz ( назад)
I feel like this comments section is for "Not a huge fan of Beyoncé" anonymous.

Автор Bubarim Almeida ( назад)
Black mirror reference in the end

Автор ThatOne Brit ( назад)
But like... I would actually watch this.. someone make this please

Автор dahliah mermaids ( назад)
this is literally beyhive.

Автор ulllaaaklara ( назад)
I wanna see that movie!

Автор VALTOYBOB! ( назад)
one of the best SNL videos

Автор Henning Gu ( назад)
Oh! That's the same concept as the SNL Korea sketch about Twice!

Автор BearryHungry ( назад)
wow I'm shocked I actually found this funny

Автор Hemaima Proctor ( назад)
*shudder* there was so many bee emojis

Автор GenieLogic ( назад)
Listen...Beyonce has a great voice but....-Compared to her older stuff- I DONT LIKE LEMONADE! *goes into a bomb shelter and puts on body armor*

Автор Jeremy Miles ( назад)
She's wack!

Автор Kevy Nova ( назад)
Who is Beyoncé?

Автор Lars Fjelde ( назад)
Fuck Beyoncé, I fucking HATE HER!!!!!!
She's turned into a cuckold American Paparazzi eating bitch. Fuck you, Queen Beyotch! Hope you're reading this...Beyotch!!!!!!!!

Автор Lenny H.W ( назад)
Do this 🙋🏻🙆🏻🙋🏻🙆🏻

Автор cruzzo260 ( назад)
Why they fired Taran? he's so funny...

Автор Kratos the Spartan ( назад)
Beyoncé sucks ass she's the worst

Автор Aubrey Graham ( назад)
Where's that group dance from?

Автор Filthy Dank ( назад)
this is the longest and most delayed "trailer" I've ever seen 😂😂

Автор Otaku Chris ( назад)
i would literally spend my money to see that movie😂😂

Автор Austin King ( назад)
I'd watch it.

Автор Maja V ( назад)
I would watch this

Автор Edan Khan ( назад)
2:57 "I love Beyonce! I still listen to Baby Boy!" can't breathe. need air

Автор khadidja ferdebouh ( назад)

Автор Melony M ( назад)
"He turned against his country and its queen"

Автор Tiffany Zhang ( назад)
OMG the actor from Hacksaw Ridge!!!! Much love Andrew Garfield :D

Автор lauren shankle ( назад)
This will probably happen too 😂

Автор shydreamguy wantsaboyfriend ( назад)
Scott Baio said he's Sue anybody who says he's an Idiot .
He's an Idiot .

Автор iSAIDWUT iSAID ( назад)
imagine if that was true...what would happen to us that don't like her.

Автор katyperryslaysurfav ( назад)
i was hoping that beyonce would appear in this video. this is hillarious

Автор Forgione Productions 2 ( назад)
this is low key really good lol

Автор Anton Chigurh ( назад)
I love how they give the land whale a normal boyfriend.

Автор The Gaming Dalek ( назад)
You know that lady at the end who said she didn't dance she was dancing when she said it LOL!!!

Автор The Gaming Dalek ( назад)
Why would a bunch of people just come if you said you didn't like a song? Really I don't like that song either. So weird.

Автор Carlos Medina ( назад)
I want to see this

Автор Armando E ( назад)
Beyonce is a good singer and a good performer I guess but that's just it.

Автор LevyGaming ( назад)
Everyone knows lord is Queen b!

Автор Random Guy ( назад)
To all those people who are say "I'm not a fan". I wasn't one either. But then I saw ONE of her performances and heard a couple of her songs. She's a drug, I'm telling you. And I'm a rock and metal fan. She's my guilty pleasure

Автор Random Guy ( назад)
"Thou shalt not talk down about Beyonce, or thou shall lose their neck"
- Beyonce 6:23

Автор Elizabeth Butler ( назад)
Still one of the best thing's SNL done in the last 10 years

Автор compass696 ( назад)
tbf beyonce fans are mostly females so shouldn't there be more females chasing him lol.

Автор ULOSE ( назад)
WHAT budget did they have at snl lol

Автор Joseph Zammito ( назад)
I'd watch this movie

Автор Gewgulkan Suhckitt ( назад)
This video exaggerates of course for effect, but there's an element of truth in this. There are people out there that love Beyonce so much that they get angry and upset when anybody besides Beyonce wins a music award that Beyonce conceivably could have been eligible for.

I like some of Beyonce's stuff. She's talented. She has some good songs. She can sing. She can dance. But I don't view her as a female Elvis.

Hold on a minute. Someone's pounding on my door. I'll be right ba . . .

Автор Raj Miah ( назад)
I love how they made this video so accurate

Автор Tracey Sparquelles ( назад)
Psh. The Beyhive isn't this mild. They literally come for your family. And they're delusional.

Автор Pope ( назад)
She is so overrated

Автор LogicXx ( назад)
thats some crazy shit

Автор emaciatedunicorn ( назад)
I'm in the beygency. talk shit, get hit

Автор Summer Wade ( назад)
what if bey seen this 😂😂

Автор coolerjtv ( назад)
Kate McKinnon was in this for maybe five seconds and she was STILL my favorite part

Автор Emely ( назад)
I really dont trust people who don't like beyonce though lol

Автор Sarbpriay Jamwal ( назад)
Is it me or we all feel same fr bey she is the beat

Автор Sinatra ( назад)
They should make more movies like this

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