Different DNA Results for Triplets Using At-Home Tests?

‘Inside Edition’ investigative journalist Lisa Guerrero conducted an in-depth investigation into at-home DNA testing using identical triplets Erica, Nicole and Jaclyn. Check out the interesting results of the DNA makeup.

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Автор Kristian G ( назад)
Thumbs up if you want to fuck Nicole but only if you have a big dick

Автор ANNTARD101 ( назад)
So basically they all white

Автор Raeyn Pendre ( назад)
OMFG! 3 Gigi Gorgeous tf!

Автор Carol.Andr ( назад)
gigi that you ahah??

Автор Ania D ( назад)
They're not 100% identical... I don't think any twin is lol Even the Olsen twins who are impossible to tell apart have very tiny minor discrepancies in their features. It makes complete sense that there would be discrepancies in their genetics even if they're identical because the DNA from their parents was still split in different ways even if it was split evenly. This isn't really all that astounding.

Автор Veronica aaa ( назад)
Shut your ignorant fucking asses if you don't know shit about what you're talking about, they're all slightly different due to the fact that every child gets different genetic combinations from their parents, not because it's aaall made up. And by the way, they all had different numbers but with the same results, therefore, even by using your logic, it's not that bad, it's still pretty accurate even though it's not precise, and, it can get there with time.

Автор Reema Wanwari ( назад)
dumb blondes😝😁

Автор pluvia13 ( назад)
well.. the whole discussion would be obsolete if they ACTUALLY DID INVITE a geneticist XD

Автор Antonio Cox ( назад)
wow if what I'm reading in the comments section about DNA always being different-even in identicals this doctor in the video is an idiot and doesn't know shit. I'd be so embarrassed if I were him😝😝

Автор Gina Janelle ( назад)
they remind me of GIGI

Автор Promise Smithee ( назад)
So basically they're white. Why does Jacklin always have fuller and lighter hair

Автор Aimee Miami ( назад)
That colour of pink clashes with their faces.

Автор venomusdrake 288 ( назад)
they look like fake not pretty barbies. Btw this test is stupid, you can take it anywhere. Why they have diffrent percents? Duh, it's called genetics.

Автор cryforthemoon ( назад)
I think the one girl has more because the egg split once, and then one of the halves split once to create the other two sisters.

Автор armondo22 ( назад)
not identical beside the hair and body structure

Автор Chaymaee Berhili ( назад)

Автор Hans Bjorgman ( назад)

Автор Jermaine Benson ( назад)
they dont even look alike

Автор Jay D ( назад)
They pretty

Автор the no talker ( назад)
What if I said I am 10% human?

Автор D Alexandria ( назад)
This can't be accurate

Автор Fanny Annie ( назад)
Of course they're genetic percentages aren't 100% identical because these triplets aren't clones! Only 'clones' are 100% genetically identical!

Автор LINDA TOOMER ( назад)

Автор DragonScar Games ( назад)
i find it funny how they are triplets but yet not all the same descent of DNA.

Автор V Paranna ( назад)
They look really tan and unnatural

Автор cynthia reynolds ( назад)
Are one of those triplets married to Dr. Phil's son? Plus this shows how bogus these ancestral DNA tests are.

Автор PatronSaintOfTroll ( назад)
They look bizarre. Probably used to be much prettier.

Автор CALLWILLIE100 ( назад)
the one on the right look Different and better looking to me

Автор Angel wood ( назад)
I have three things to say: plastic surgeries? sorry but they look like they have had stuff done. love the dresses (I know there the same😂) and they all look like Gigi georgous

Автор Tgore2 ( назад)
I see that these at home test are pretty accurate, you just don't have to take the percentages to the extreme. The regions will be right but like who cares about the percentages

Автор Anna Otarola ( назад)
this is funny they look like mannequins

Автор maria brown ( назад)
so 100% white 😂

Автор Christ's Soldier ( назад)
This isn't all that absurd at all. I mean, it's new to me, but not far fetched. It's not a big surprise for our ancestral line to have members from different parts of the world, especially over the centuries. Each person doesn't inherit the exact same types and ratio of genes from the ancestors, even in the womb. That's what this test shows you. I'm not saying that these tests are accurate, but it's cool to always learn new concepts.

Автор Otpez ( назад)
My results Peruvian/Chilean parents.
Native American:50%
Iberian Peninsula:13%
Great Britain:8%
European Jewish:2%
Europe West:<1%
Africa North:4%
Asia Central:<1%
Middle East:2%

Автор rachaelmariegizmo ( назад)
the middle one is fuuugly

Автор iCharm1 ( назад)
Some of it may be due to epigenetics.

Автор htlwtnsw htlwtnsw ( назад)
If you look closely they are all different looking !

Автор Idileey Idil ( назад)
and this is the reason why I don't trust the DNA thing, only white people are almost as 'pure' as it can get. and blacks are always 30% European 10% Asian or whatever and the rest African. and then they wanna make me believe we all mixed. bitch mixed how? some percentage German and some percentage Irish or British isn't necessarily mixed like blacks are practically dark skinned whites with their 40% or more European DNA!

Автор Maria Callous ( назад)
like dog breeds...shepards and weeners.  All dogs but the differences are profound.  Like Horses, mules, jackasses etc.  yuk.  The palominos here have jutting jaws which indicates Norway.  Jutland.  Big Brother isn't getting my DNA map.

Автор crisco batter ( назад)
It might be just me but they don't look identical...

Автор Shameon Onyou ( назад)
wtf this clickbait shit

Автор NotSoSeriousYaz ( назад)
the one on the far right is so pretty

Автор Cc ( назад)
Potentially beautiful women making themselves look trashy with fake tan, pounds of make up and too much Botox.

Автор yarelly G ( назад)
"You all are wonderful but..." their reaction lol 1:56

Автор Somebody Piano ( назад)
I wonder if you do the test twice, will you get different results each time? Probably.

Автор Natalie ( назад)
They look so fake and plastic!! Gross!

Автор London Johnson ( назад)
Ugly & plastic cat x3

Автор Chara Wells ( назад)
White people are weird as fuck

Автор kennedymeow ( назад)
They're so pretty. Good genetics!

Автор Jezabel-in-Hell ( назад)
Why a show called "The Doctors" would have on someone from Inside Edition to talk about DNA tests, instead of, hmmm....idk...a geneticist, is beyond me. So ridiculous.

Автор Raya Bliss ( назад)
The way she said Latina. white as f

Автор Hemant Jagrup ( назад)
I have a long hair fetish

Автор David Levesque ( назад)
I'm saying it says DNA results shouldn't be trusted yet and like was said its for entertainment. I'm not saying murderers should be set free. but really, that much difference in identical triplets. I'm Cantonese, I'm Mandarin, I'm Taiwan-on-me..But we're all triplets. lol.

Автор Wind Raven ( назад)
2 of them look identical and the other one with the blonder hair looks different in the face.

Автор Ali Mohammond ( назад)
well why didn't she tell us what she wanted to find out , about home test and doctors test, she was allowed to say, notice how she change the subject at the end! money home test scams!

Автор Ali Mohammond ( назад)
home test are a money scam!

Автор Ali Mohammond ( назад)
maybe there false test, for company to make more money, how can triplets from same parents be of differt % race! big scammar home remady test!

Автор beatlesluver101 ( назад)
I'm surprised no one brought up who they were (although I don't think they're that famous). Whichever triplet is Erica is Dr. Phil's daughter-in-law.

Автор Nonhlanhla M ( назад)
That's why you shouldn't believe the DNA tests, they are one DNA that split into three...

Автор Alana Kelly ( назад)
Their not the same person yeah they look alike but some could of got more of it

Автор Ocean lights ( назад)
I wonder if they ever had plastic surgery ?

Автор MultiAlthani ( назад)
still 100% blonde baby

Автор HalloMoose ( назад)
they all probably 100% share the same plastic surgeon

Автор minzy maey ( назад)
are americans that stupid to go get dna tests hello dumb ass ya'll orginate from Europe bunch of ignorant skanks jeez 😂

Автор Inmywordz ( назад)
100% same plastic surgeons

Автор Stine Skauge ( назад)
They are seeing where their ancestors come from, and ofc they have the same! All siblings would have the same ancestors as long as they have the same parents!
This is bullshit

Автор AA BB ( назад)
Just like Jewish-owned American media.. these DNA companies are owned by Ashkenazi Jews.

Автор Kat B ( назад)
The ethnicity ESTIMATES are just that - estimates. They should have looked at the total shared centimorgans, NOT the ethnicities. That would prove or disprove that they are identical triplets vs. fraternal.

Автор Sunlit_Solange ( назад)
I can't believe the number of people on here discounting DNA tests and screenings simply because they don't understand natural genetic variance. Identical twins does not mean identical DNA. In fact, identical DNA is impossible.

Автор Velta Moriya ( назад)
The tests are inaccurate. The DNA of the triplets aren't varying. That's my take away! LMAO.

Автор Alejandra Salazar ( назад)
I feel like the test is not reliable... the differences are to big considering that they are triplets

Автор EARTH ONE ( назад)
*What's with their bizarre hairdos, all straight, flat, super long and like Spaniel dog ears flapped over both shoulders? Very strange.*

Автор James Cruz ( назад)
I don't get this lol. Wouldn't they all have the same DNA? Like their genetic make up would be so identical to each other so the results would've been the same. Just goes to show people are paying money for a load of bullshit.

Автор FluffyMonsterPony ( назад)
what they are european?!?! i thought they were native americans... lol mericans are stupid af

Автор Grace Ntihinyuka ( назад)
Identical triplets? Wow. They all look different as hell to me. Maybe identical pre surgery.....

Автор Magical Cat ( назад)
pause at 1:04

Автор Manifesting Moni ( назад)
the middle one looks different.

Автор Nini De coss ( назад)
Theyree soo prettyy

Автор VxNx ( назад)
I can confirm that they're all 100% plastic.

Автор tadgh k ( назад)
Why do they look like an older Gigi gorgeous 😂😂

Автор Miracle Harris ( назад)
All of them looks like Gigi Gorgeous I swear😂😍✨

Автор Deborah Adeyemi ( назад)
That just shows at home DNA tests are a load of bullshit

Автор henry andrason the boss ( назад)
As long as you are 100% human its all fine lol 😂😋😂😂😋😂😂😂😃😃😃😃

Автор Your Bae ( назад)
Don't you guys see? Botox just makes even the same age same face triplets look different like 39, 35 and 28 year old siblings with different ages. I love Nicole, she is the prettiest one, her face looks more settled and natural. and I hope they stop ruining their faces.

Автор Radiokitten ( назад)
I thought they were pregnant?? Lol maybe they already had their babies

Автор tueskaye ( назад)
i love them! 😍

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