What's inside a Giant Wasp Nest?

Ever wondered what's inside a Wasp Nest? We cut this GIANT one in half!! Crazy!

We bought it on Ebay and it is huge! Kind of gross honestly but Awesome at the same time!

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Автор Master Crafter ( назад)
Ooooooohhh... so that's where the beez put there honey:|

Автор Lucy Heart ( назад)
I'm terrified of wasps cuz I'm allergic 😰😭

Автор Sean Wright ( назад)
I am

Автор 인간불량 ( назад)
아이들이 비위가 많이 약한것 같네요...

Автор Yolanda Serrano ( назад)
How do they get in there

Автор Endergamer Wassup ( назад)
I've seen bigger

Автор Jack Guerin ( назад)
whats inside a mega nerf gun

Автор Chantae Wukawitz ( назад)

Автор Gerald Swain ( назад)
Thought it was a huge elephant's Turd!!!.

Автор Jeremiah Logsdon ( назад)
this is from the Betsy Devos approved home school curriculum.

Автор 지아 06 ( назад)
어우.. ㄱㅎ

Автор led ben ( назад)
It looks like cardboard, guys. You cray?! >:)

Автор RC Mania2 Marshy ( назад)

Автор #pussy Squad ( назад)
0:51 Thats what she said.

Автор giltchypixel ( назад)
I feel your pain Lincoln I'm allergic

Автор Joshua Crisanto ( назад)
Am scared of them cause I am alegect to them

Автор iBlurrr ' ( назад)
2:00 Sounds like chips

Автор The Evil Potato ( назад)
Your channel can help scientists

Автор Dkk Kdl ( назад)
Christmas came early.

Автор Julie Salt ( назад)
I am totally freeked of wasps!

Автор Koen Moulton ( назад)

Автор Ytzel FerreiraSanchez ( назад)
I seen one in a house

Автор Kandice Walker ( назад)
What's inside a bee hive

Автор Clayton Gardiner ( назад)
Don't worry Lincoln I got stung by 11 wasps/yellow jackets, it's not fun bro

Автор Inflamedsun ( назад)
I was expecting a bunch of wasps to fly out

Автор Kamari Harless ( назад)
what is inside a bee hive

Автор Slawomir Swiatek ( назад)
i am scared

Автор Aaron Call ( назад)
I HATE wasps!

Автор 3D Masters ( назад)
You should have freaked em out!

Автор Hershey Kisser ( назад)
Kai is my name

Автор Dragon Gamer ( назад)
Is that kid lincons brother

Автор George04RO. ( назад)

Автор Sistet PUG ( назад)
What is inside a car

Автор linda evangelista ( назад)
maybe there's wasp in a wasp nest

Автор Maritza Garzon ( назад)
im scard of wasp

Автор jed macanley ( назад)
i am

Автор gigaandrew ( назад)
I want to know what's inside What's Insides? private videos.

Автор Skull Tranquil ( назад)
Wow this was posted on my birthday.

Автор Julia Varela ( назад)
Yes im scared

Автор tim babcock ( назад)
it looks almost like a bee nest inside

Автор najma Jafri ( назад)

Автор Bode Gaming ( назад)
I have a wasp nest in my house and we put a butterfly that was dead on it and I am from Wisconsin

Автор Kaelynn Steward ( назад)

Автор lilija b ( назад)
Thank you for doing this so I don't have to

Автор Bts Big Bang ( назад)

Автор maxi lahorca ( назад)
que maraca el niño

what's inside a earthquake

Автор Pokémon fan ( назад)
dan said​ ' hopefully bees don't come flying out of a wasps nest'??? i say ' what???'

Автор eduardo c eroles ( назад)
😈hey your ugly 😢
👕 👗

Автор eduardo c eroles ( назад)
☺your pretty. 😁thank you
👕 👗
👖 👢

this took me 2 minute's ☺😀

Автор eduardo c eroles ( назад)
whats inside of dead queen bee

Автор LRL ( назад)
Disgusting?? Dude that nest is literally a natural beauty! It is so amazing! Lol :)

Автор Squiddyy Jonezz ( назад)
gg for those who have trypophobia HAHAHAHSHS

Автор Sofia In the middle ( назад)

Автор tyler zahurones ( назад)
0:48 over reaction

Автор Nour Takrouri ( назад)
*Whats inside of a wasp hive*

Me: Wasps..

Автор makeupbymariela ( назад)
I can't look a this anymore , my body is having this tickling sensation and it's horrible

Автор Milopawpatrol Granados ( назад)
I am

Автор Ethan Flack ( назад)
I ame

Автор Fabricio Ruiz ( назад)

Автор Derriona Johnson ( назад)
how does he not get catfished

Автор Avery Edwards ( назад)
What's inside a wasp's nest? A wasp.

Автор bballplayer231000 ( назад)
This is the whitest video I've ever seen

Автор 윤서영 ( назад)
호우! 개신기

Автор Luis Da ( назад)
¿Son estadounidenses?

Автор Jerry Hunter ( назад)
they talk to much

Автор RadioKitten Chan:3 ( назад)

Автор RadioKitten Chan:3 ( назад)

Автор Johnathan Gunter ( назад)
i got stung by a wosp

Автор Timberjack 195 ( назад)
Who else is hear from Instagram

Автор *Hey Loser* ( назад)
what's inside my poosy?

Автор Kieran Hodkiewicz ( назад)
That was... ...my eBay wasp nest

Автор Xbox gamer ( назад)
I had my hand in a wasp nest

Автор TheShow541 ( назад)
He sounds like Ryan Reynolds

Автор Ruth Ortega ( назад)
What's inside an empty wasp nest? NOTHING obviously

Автор Coolio aj ( назад)
who else noticed the box had a heinz logo on it XD

Автор Amanda Gomez ( назад)
would be funny if a whole bunch of wasp just came out of there after they cut it

Автор Adriana Rodriguez ( назад)
i am afraid of wasp too so join are club

Автор Ginny Slone ( назад)
I feel your pane link

Автор Benjamin-carmine CGO ( назад)
cuando eres un gringo todo pendejo, diciendo palabras d asombro alo Pendejoo , laike x mas gringos pendejos como estos tres ..

Автор Jugger Nugget ( назад)
0:50 thats what she said xD

Автор Kari Yagami ( назад)
we had a wasp nest in our home once
this video gave me so much chills

Автор 이다은 ( назад)

Автор Haziem Daniel ( назад)
it look like poop

Автор Halley The Blue Love Bird ( назад)
Boys: Gross!!
Me((I'm a girl)):COOL!! 0w0

Автор BunggaKaDay Bungga ( назад)
plz. dont die

Автор Kaleem Yusuf ( назад)
can you check out whats in side a real wasp

Автор 500b subscribers with nø videos challenge ( назад)
wasps 😂

Автор Korponso Korponso ( назад)
I got stung by 30 bees 🐝

Автор Sky Watcher ( назад)

Автор joseph tyler ( назад)
So scared of a wasps nest 😥😥😥😥😥😥😥

Автор Patrick Dizon ( назад)
The Bee Movie came on Cartoon Network when I was watching this

Автор iker gonza ( назад)

Автор Leticia Saavedra ( назад)
licon your not the only one

Автор Lea V ( назад)
If I see anything like a bee or wasp or something I scream like a little girl and run away 10000000000000 miles per hour XD

Автор Simon Petkov ( назад)
over reacting

Автор Liam Kane ( назад)
this triggers my trypophobia

Автор 공혜숙 ( назад)
와우 ! 구독자가441만명이시라니 정말대단하세요!

Автор Carly ( назад)
Love how the kids didn't need gloves. What's a wasp's nest made of? Wasp spit and mud? That's what grosses me out about eating honey. It's bee spit. Quite a coold game to play with the kiddos though. Seeing what's inside of stuff. Coolest Dad ever.

Автор End boss Gamer ( назад)
You can,t bye a

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