[NCT/지성/해찬] 지성&해찬 춤선 (JISUNG & HAECHAN dance)

  • Published on Aug 1, 2019
  • 해찬이랑 지성이 은근 춤선 다르고 각자 개성이 확 튄다고 생각하기 때문에 웅앵... 은 걍 하는 말이고 그냥 제 드림 최애 둘을 붙여봤습니다
    내 만족용 영상 ...
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  • Le5 H
    Le5 H  Month ago +268

    어디에 발작버튼 눌린건지 모르겠지만~ㅋㅋㅋ 마음에 안 드시면 굳이 댓글 남기지 말고 뒤로가기 누르시고~ 본인 좋아하시는 멤 붙여서 영상 만들면 되겠죠? 알아서 덕질합시다 굳이 찾아와서 이상한 댓글 싸지르지 마시구 제발~ㅋㅋㅋ
    해찬 - ruclip.com/video/grAAMkUX_L0/video.html
    지성 - ruclip.com/video/_EPZALBP2Co/video.html
    원본영상도 많이많이 봐주세용

  • Kpop_till You_drop
    Kpop_till You_drop 3 hours ago

    Is it bad that I just kept on focusing on Jisung's legs? Like no offense them bois can dance but jeez those legs are long and I want those boots right now😂😂

  • minhoism edits
    minhoism edits 12 hours ago

    OH MY GOD OH MY GOD THEY SLUT DROPPED i am sobbing right now

  • bluexx standay6
    bluexx standay6 16 hours ago

    l e g s

  • wmsx d
    wmsx d 17 hours ago +1

    지성 이렇게 잘출줄이야.. 갠직캠? 첨보는데 메댄은 차원이 다르구나

  • Claire Br
    Claire Br 22 hours ago

    Actually Jisung’s style is not soo powerful but it’s more popping style of you watch carefully. I love his dancing tho and Haechan is an amazing dancer as well!!❤️❤️ * TALENTED KINGS*

  • Alinda afriliantil1ndot

    editnny keliat bngt

    JAY EM DIAZ Day ago

    I didn't know NCT Dream could be this graceful ,smooth at the same time powerful. I just notice Haenan because of this 'Boom' dance move. I am loyal to Taeyong & Doyong now , I'm seeing Haenan dance moves!❤❤❤

  • dia lu
    dia lu Day ago

    지성이 춤 잘 춘다고 들었는데 이 노래는 해찬이 훨씬 부드럽게 잘 추넹ㅋㅋㅋ

  • 연화
    연화 Day ago

    처음에 지렸다

  • dhini merliani
    dhini merliani Day ago

    Haechann 😍😍😍

  • 張惠俐
    張惠俐 2 days ago

    jisung is amazing🤩🤩

  • Yi
    Yi 2 days ago

    ♥지성♥괜히 스엠 애들이 아니라니깐❤

  • anp4nman
    anp4nman 3 days ago

    in conclusion, haechan dance like salsa.

  • Jennie
    Jennie 3 days ago

    I think my bias is Jisung (I’m new) 😊💜

  • Adellé B
    Adellé B 3 days ago

    oh when did haechan get so HOT

  • Aean
    Aean 3 days ago

    I feel so attacked kskdkdsk

  • 낭
     4 days ago


  • Hanna Andrea Capisnon
    Hanna Andrea Capisnon 5 days ago +1

    Haechan is dope 💕💖😘

  • hannah
    hannah 6 days ago +3

    the way haechans body moves🥰

  • JillyLou82 E
    JillyLou82 E 6 days ago +1

    Just wow.

  • 와릿
    와릿 6 days ago


  • Gesy Haumahu
    Gesy Haumahu 8 days ago +3

    I really like the way haechan dances and her eyes look sexy😍😍

  • Spritemint 93
    Spritemint 93 8 days ago +3

    Main dancer and main vocalist. Yessss.

  • cristina navarro
    cristina navarro 8 days ago

    Estoy me recuerda cuando bailaron move juntos 😍😍

  • Jayann Galorio
    Jayann Galorio 8 days ago +2

    Jisung 😍

  • Maki Harukawa
    Maki Harukawa 8 days ago +4

    Jisung fixing his hair in the end is just-
    .. and the look he gives us-.. Baby boy is growing up, I realize that everytime I watch him dance🥰😍🤧

  • Magda NReis
    Magda NReis 9 days ago +3

    Omg heachan why you so sexy😣

  • monika singh
    monika singh 9 days ago +4

    Both have different styles but all that matters is that they r so talented in dance ❤❤❤❤👍🏻

  • Stan Talented Groups

    Is this official video? Where the other members?

  • Frances Yoo
    Frances Yoo 10 days ago +1

    If this isn't so satisfying to watch

  • Leslie __
    Leslie __ 10 days ago +2

    How the fuck does jisung move like that

  • Milwani Baik
    Milwani Baik 10 days ago +5

    jisung dance : good power popping cause he is main dancer

  • Heather Maroliña
    Heather Maroliña 11 days ago +2

    why the fck is haechan so sexy 😭😭😭

  • angelyn kusniadi
    angelyn kusniadi 11 days ago

    Tolong banget ini JISUNG sm HAECHAN nya :”)

  • Bianka Centurion
    Bianka Centurion 11 days ago +1


  • _김지연
    _김지연 11 days ago +1

    와 이해찬 다리길이 존나 작살나네.....

  • vollipop
    vollipop 11 days ago +4

    jisungs dance is so powerful , haechans dance is so smooth and sexy

  • Ki jadaro
    Ki jadaro 12 days ago

    Haechan : clean, sexy and smooth
    Jisung : strong, powerful, and cool

  • KPop Is life
    KPop Is life 13 days ago +1

    I love watching them dance my eyes kept going back and forth... they have different styles but both are amazing and keep you watching. I love how sharp Jisung’s movements are and how smooth and fluid Haechan’s are... I just love NCT

  • Lovely Xd
    Lovely Xd 13 days ago

    Me watching kpop music and videos and dramas everyday. And day dreaming of when i will have a korean bf hahaha. To bad korea is way far from where i even live at.

  • Alex Gonzales
    Alex Gonzales 13 days ago +2

    They're so presice and they're so efficient when they dance

  • mew :v
    mew :v 14 days ago

    Me encanta este concepto en haechan 7u7

  • June July
    June July 14 days ago

    I don’t know on which member look 😭😭

  • Chicser Ramos
    Chicser Ramos 14 days ago +5

    Haechan's form and style is no joke. Why is his dancing underrated by many??

  • 시준희
    시준희 14 days ago

    해찬아 너무 섹시해...

  • 925lexi
    925lexi 15 days ago +1

    Haechan's experience in NCT 127 definitely matured a lot of aspects of his performance.

    • 925lexi
      925lexi 11 days ago +1

      @Emaa U Never said he wasn't a great performer, I said he's matured a lot in every aspect that it's very eye catching, especially when you can only focus on two dancers.

    • Emaa U
      Emaa U 11 days ago

      Honey he has always been a magnificent performer ever since his first debut in nct127, its just you are noticing him late

  • Shahirasharif Shahirasharif

    Jisung dance was very detailed and pro

  • Rachel Vallery Do
    Rachel Vallery Do 16 days ago

    Idk where to look omg

  • anesya putri83
    anesya putri83 16 days ago +1

    Donghyuck ah 😍😍😍

  • lalrinsangiii _m
    lalrinsangiii _m 16 days ago +1

    Love jisung's boots

  • 난찌루찌루의마라탕이좋아요

    진짜 전나잘한다 .... 케이팝의 미래 그 자체다 얘들아

  • qtsaira
    qtsaira 17 days ago

    my biases 😌

  • 재채기
    재채기 17 days ago

    와 이 둘 붙어서 추는걸 젤 ㅇ보고싶었는데 감사합니다 👏👏

  • 생크림싫다니까
    생크림싫다니까 17 days ago +3

    해찬.. 상체 뭐야..??.?.??.?.?.?.? 하 해찬 너 때문에 매일 당황스러워.. 왜 냐고..? 붐 활동 끝났는데 입덕할거같아서 슬프기 때문이야...해찬..눈물광광

  • hs
    hs 18 days ago +2

    와 역시 지성이는 각도나 힘이 진짜 대단한거 같아요ㄷㄷ 역시 댄스 담당!

  • Aria Aveegres
    Aria Aveegres 20 days ago +5

    Haechan dance skills are very impressive! Like he must be in dance line 💖👍

  • WANNABLE __For life
    WANNABLE __For life 21 day ago +1

    Haechans pants give me cowboy vibes 🤠🤠🤠 yee yee

  • 애오
    애오 22 days ago +2

    해찬이는 상체도 잘 쓰지만 하체를 더 잘 쓰는거 같음... 더 정확하고 깔끔하게 잘 추는거 같달까 특히 1:55랑 마지막 붐붐때

  • fatemah shatar
    fatemah shatar 22 days ago +1

    Haechan's fluid and jisung has amazing popping skill