• Published on Jun 13, 2016
  • Chiang Mai Sunday walking street markets.
    What a great evening it was walking around this market you can purchase almost anything you desire and have an amazing foot massage half way around.
    I do recommend getting to the markets around 4 pm and if your a tad early have a beer to relax the muscles in your legs.
    Getting to the market at this time means you can wander through without the crowds and really see what every stall has to offer. And as the sun sets the stall lights turn on and the market comes alive.

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Comments • 31

  • mokky ruff
    mokky ruff 3 years ago +1

    Wow the toon army in the house, I'm the Newcastle United fan from Thailand. Big scribed and big Like from me, keep vloging, love it.

  • Mel J
    Mel J 3 years ago

    Hi Scott - I found you through Aly's channel - (love them both by the way) - and am wondering: what is your biggest travel regret so far? As in, is there something you maybe didn't do/see/experience in a country that you wish you had? And by the same token - is there anything you want to see/do more than anything else in your future travels? Thanks for the laughs :)

  • Andy W
    Andy W 3 years ago

    I came here from Aly's channel. Both of your videos make me miss Chiang Mai so much. I need to visit again soon!

  • Pepper Gwen
    Pepper Gwen 3 years ago +1

    How did you and Aly meet?

  • Gabriel Alvarado
    Gabriel Alvarado 3 years ago +1

    Oh ya....I was just at there a couple of days ago....

  • Emer Shelly
    Emer Shelly 3 years ago +1

    another really cool video thanks scott! can't wait to visit chiang mai!

  • Dave
    Dave 3 years ago +1

    Completely random question, do you have much of a problem with mosquitoes in Chiang Mai?

    • Scotty Does
      Scotty Does  3 years ago

      :) Yer mosquitoes are a defiantly here in force and especially in the evenings but don't really bother you with a bit of bug spray on.

  • T Burger
    T Burger 3 years ago +1

    Dig the T.

  • Leila Hellier
    Leila Hellier 3 years ago +1

    yes I love Sunday walking street market it is much better than the one on Saturday night ,which is near Chiang Mai gate

  • hikexplore
    hikexplore 3 years ago +1

    great video man. made me hungry in this video

  • Real Space Hobo
    Real Space Hobo 3 years ago +1

    Glad to see someone - at least someone - didn't lose the night market data, cause that was pretty good - yeah, shame about Newcastle - shit happens, man.....nice shootin' by the way - when I saw the Khrisna's I thought - they look exactly like here in the west - pale, skinny, etc - god bless em - was wondering if you could fin something different to film in CM, setting you apart from other vloggers, like quirky stuff - slums, sewage system, monks, u know, social realism type stuff, though CM authorities probably wouldn't like it.......I like to see the more "real" part of life, but it's your call.....:_)

  • Leslie Davis
    Leslie Davis 3 years ago +1

    You and Aly are too stinkin' cute!! Glad you have decided to start your own channel!! Look forward to many more!!

  • scott a
    scott a 3 years ago +1

    Wow something for everyone there. Unreal. Awesome footage indeed and those temples..spectacular. Haha love the shirt.
    Felt so bad for Aly losing what she shot, but she forges ahead undaunted :)

  • Scuba Guy Traveller
    Scuba Guy Traveller 3 years ago +1

    nice shooting dude

  • Joseph Parry
    Joseph Parry 3 years ago +1

    who needs a Newcastle shirt when you can get a Leicester shirt 5600 miles away from home?!!!
    We've gone and won the league!! We've gone and won the league!! :P :D
    Love the vlogs though keep up the hard work :D

  • Rebecca Lockley
    Rebecca Lockley 3 years ago +2

    Am I the only one giggling over going to the temple to use the loo and you saying "you can leave a donation"? ;) No, just me? haha

  • wade down
    wade down 3 years ago +1

    I recommend not eating a lot of seafood there especially the big prawns they come from the ping river, not clean and can't be good for you

  • Sophie Taylor Moore
    Sophie Taylor Moore 3 years ago +1

    I am so excited for your channel Scott! I think this was your best vlog yet. You would never know that you are a newbie :) and I love that you show us the little things other people wouldn't think to include in a video. Can't wait for the next one! :) xx

  • Andrew Mack
    Andrew Mack 3 years ago +2

    Nice to see that at least one of you two is professional enough to not lose all their footage......:D I bet she was gutted!

  • barfff
    barfff 3 years ago +1

    theres a negative side to watching these kind of videos, makes you hungry and you want to be there asap. i was in the PH last week but miss my Thai food. The PH has nice natural scenes but the food is terrible. next trip back to Thailand

  • Trevor Park Jones
    Trevor Park Jones 3 years ago +2

    This was fun, almost like being back there walking around! I absolutely love all the markets, and street food Thailand has to offer!! There's always something interesting to look at, and always something delicious close by to be had!! I was really nervous my first time to Thailand, I thought I wouldn't be able to eat the food because I figured it would be too spicy. However, I am a big fan of sweet chili sauce, and having been twice now I found that I've gotten much more tolerant to spicier foods, and even have come to crave them more than I used to!! That said I doubt I could actually eat any dish that was made authentic Thai spicy, I have my limits, and I'm well aware of them!! I'm really enjoying your vlogs, and the content you're presenting, lots of cool things to see!! I have a couple of suggestions though, when you do a shot where you're showing something on a table, and panning from left to right, or right to left, maybe go a little bit slower. I know it's tricky to judge, and I think you'll get better at it with more practice, just a thought. Also I've noticed with your vlogs the audio is at times a bit quiet, not sure if that's something you can adjust in the editing process, or perhaps a setting on the camera, but I always have to turn up the volume a bit. It's nothing that will keep me from watching, I just thought maybe you'd like some input. And after all that I DO have a question, are you planning on trying to find some work while you're there, and if so what sort of job would you try to get?? Apologies for going on, and on!! Thanks for all the time and effort you put into these!!

    • Trevor Park Jones
      Trevor Park Jones 3 years ago +2

      +Scotty Does Well that's very cool, this should definitely give a good opportunity to practice, and hone your skills in front, and behind (editing) the camera!!! Also who knows, if you keep at it the RUclip can generate a bit of revenue!! Thanks again man, take care!!

    • Scotty Does
      Scotty Does  3 years ago +1

      Hi Trevor, hope your well :)
      Thank you for the input yer it is very tricky and every time I get to the editing stage at the moment I am a bit disappointed in the quality but like you say I just need to be a bit slower and take my time.
      The volume thing I think its mostly me not speaking properly something I'm working on as I'm actually a quiet guy. :)

      But thanks for that it really helps me out.

      And the job front I'm currently living of my savings and no plan to find work here I'm going to focus this time on this RUclip channel and see what happens I know it wont give hardly any money but I'm really enjoying doing it.

      Thanks again

  • Norman Cook
    Norman Cook 3 years ago +1

    Another cool video Scotty! Thanks for taking us with you on the journey.