Bernie Sanders blames McConnell for government shutdown

  • Опубликовано: 20 янв 2018
  • The federal government shut down at midnight Friday as senators continued to scramble to reach a deal to fund the government. This is the first modern government shutdown with Congress and the White House controlled by the same party, and it comes on the one-year anniversary of President Donald Trump's inauguration.

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  • hatingthe game hettinger
    hatingthe game hettinger 2 месяца назад

    Americans!!! MY COUNTRYMEN!! There is a solution to this jackass pissing
    your country down the toilet... We all know what it is !! ALL OF US!!
    its time!! NOW! Do NOT let this dictator take your country down this
    road... Please!! END HIS SEDITIOUS REIGN NOW!! He has committed treason
    already and he will not stop unless he is stopped!

  • Josh Freaky
    Josh Freaky 2 месяца назад


  • Guide504
    Guide504 2 месяца назад

    This is what happens when a spoilt child does not get what he wants. Your commander and chief is pathetic.

  • Free America11_11_18
    Free America11_11_18 2 месяца назад

    Somebody needs to take this delirious old man back to his old folks home.

  • Ken Rose
    Ken Rose 2 месяца назад

    Gov Shutdown is Inconsequential. Who gives a $H!T?!

  • Silence DoGood
    Silence DoGood 2 месяца назад

    Communist scum!!

  • Good4You
    Good4You 2 месяца назад

    It’s the Democrats that want it shutdown!!!!!!!! Hahahhahahahahhahahahhahahahajjaha

  • Good4You
    Good4You 2 месяца назад

    Fake News CNN!!!

  • Gary Spring
    Gary Spring 2 месяца назад

    Bernie sander for president 2020

  • William Pierce
    William Pierce 3 месяца назад

    McConnell is Kentucky's answer to David Duke

  • Joshua Kirschenbaum
    Joshua Kirschenbaum Год назад


  • Supp D
    Supp D Год назад

    Sanders and Clinton lost. They're not doing the democratic party any good by sitting there, doing their loser tactics over and over and over and over and over....

  • Eoin
    Eoin Год назад

    I looked up shut down by skepta and this shit came up

  • NRA Forever
    NRA Forever Год назад

    Why are we still hearing from Herbert the Pervert? Isn't he banned from being within 100 yards from a school or something?
    Bernie the pedophile.

  • Michael Leblond
    Michael Leblond Год назад

    Communist douche.

  • Jogan Bud
    Jogan Bud Год назад

    Shut the fuck up communist jew

  • Esteban Sibaja
    Esteban Sibaja Год назад +1

    He he would it beat trump in the Presidential Race

  • Esteban Sibaja
    Esteban Sibaja Год назад

    Bernie Sanders should be a Better President than Trump

  • George Micheal
    George Micheal Год назад

    You hear Bernie he said CBS said fuck CBS that lie

  • Daniel Mcleod
    Daniel Mcleod Год назад

    "He doesn't have the votes he needs, he knows he doesn't have the votes he need."
    " Republicans control the government "
    yea sure ya fucking crack pot old man.

  • Daniel Mcleod
    Daniel Mcleod Год назад

    Heads up. When you need 60 votes and only have 51 members you don't control it. Go fucking figure.

  • Daniel Mcleod
    Daniel Mcleod Год назад

    On Puerto Rico not having power, you need to go talk to the local government. You know the one. The one that threw food and water away that was sent by the USA to aid Puerto Rico. Talk to them and ask why they don't have power. I know damn well the leader of Puerto Rico didn't go a day without food, water or power.

  • James Collinson
    James Collinson Год назад +1

    Bernie is a moron. If anyone hasn't figured that out, follow his socialist BS in your local communities. You guys will go out of a living within a month.

  • The Toucan Is Very Satisfied
    The Toucan Is Very Satisfied Год назад

    Repubulicans: "Everything Bernie says is bullshit."
    But you believe what Mitch McConnel says? That's pretty hypocritical.

    HD DUDE Год назад +2

    Bernie is a BIG Socialist! If you work and save your money Bernie will take it from you. Eat shit for dinner, Bernie

  • John Johnson
    John Johnson Год назад +1

    Bernie looks like the nutty scientist in Back to the future.

    • Nick Bauer
      Nick Bauer Год назад

      +John Johnson +Lol! "GREAT SCOTT!" Even Doc Brown would have had more common sense than Bernard. :)

  • Doug N
    Doug N Год назад

    Next time voters will not be blindsided by the entrenched powers. Bernie in 2020.

  • George Texstel
    George Texstel Год назад

    Though McConnell is the same, he doesn't appear like the blatant fascist that John Boehner was. Boehner was part of the original obstructionist committee of 2008. I'm so glad that the Pope straightened that devil out.

  • Ken Havens
    Ken Havens Год назад

    It is power of the purse. These crisis are used for political leverage, mainly by the Republicans. Republicans are like, my way or the highway....imo every bill should require bipartisan suppport.

  • Mathew Pritchard
    Mathew Pritchard Год назад

    This guy could've been president. But nooooooooooo, the dems wanted to keep their donors happy. Sad!

  • D Varga
    D Varga Год назад +1

    Bernie is a fucking old cuck bastard who puts illigal immigrants over the people this is the SCHUMER shutdown and nothing more

  • Allen Hu
    Allen Hu Год назад +2

    Bernie Sanders should be blamed for government shutdown

  • Germoney2000
    Germoney2000 Год назад

    Hello CNN (and the other Major Networks) .... How much "Air-Time" did you give Bernie Sanders in the last election? (Shame on You!)

  • FistSaidToTheFace
    FistSaidToTheFace Год назад

    all ive seen is complaints from people on both sides about hating their government, but everyone cries and points fingers when it gets shut down. make up your fucking minds.

  • Aaron Smithey
    Aaron Smithey Год назад

    anderson whitty strikes again...

  • Heidi Yodel
    Heidi Yodel Год назад +1

    Standard issue CONNIVING BOLSHEVIK. please...go back 2 your kibbutz immediately. I wish my Israeli commando alpha male friends had the time 2 straighten out your beta soy EFFEMINATE & dilusional followets.

  • scott klingaman
    scott klingaman Год назад

    duh . . . 6 bankruptcy

  • fivestar281
    fivestar281 Год назад

    The Republicans want to shut down the government according to Bernie Sanders so he will vote no the shutdown the government. Why is Bernie screwing with peoples minds?

  • andrew young
    andrew young Год назад

    Long live bernie

  • louis maes
    louis maes Год назад

    Similar warning firm kudmw whereas ethical excellent seriously bell grant discuss.

  • IamNeverWrong
    IamNeverWrong Год назад +2

    Ol Bernie. “Socialist” who lives in a multi million dollar mansion. These Dems celebrate this madman. Peeps like him used to be considered “fringe.” Now thanks to 60years of liberal colleges brainwashing our young, they celebrate him as the new face of the Democratic Party. Socialism has been proven over hundreds of years with oppression and failing governments. Make no mistake. Dems want socialism because it’ll give him/them more POWER. Our founding fathers are crying in their coffins.

    • IamNeverWrong
      IamNeverWrong Год назад

      Nick Bauer right!! The prob with today’s teens and young adults is they accept what they are taught by these elitist lib profs at colleges as gospel...they need to do their own research with other sources to get a balanced opinion. Then and only then can they learn the truth on the issues. I watch Fox on the regular but still research things to get all the views and facts. You have to. That’s what being a responsible member of a republic like ours SHOULD DO. not listen to what this washed up, Godless socialist Sanders says. They talk out of both sides of their mouths. Why doesn’t Sanders and others like hm ( Uber rich Pelosi for instance) pitch up tents on their compounds to take in the DREAMERS that are here illegally and open up rooms in their homes for the dreamers who they want to BRING IN WHO ARENT EVEN HERE YET!? That’s what basic socialism and communism’s about the “collective” poor...everyone on the same level. They TALK LIKE SOCIALISTS BUT LIVE THEIR LIVES LIKE CAPITALISTS!! Hypocrisy at its finest, all the while, ignoring Fed immigration laws? Yup. Sick. 18-35 year olds? I weep for my future if you people don’t start waking up to this shit.

    • Nick Bauer
      Nick Bauer Год назад +1

      +Jennifer C I have to laugh though at all the stupid liberal millennials who were dumb enough to send him their student loan money. It all went right into his bank account. I am sure he is enjoying it as he reclines at his new, very comfortable Clinton-bought lakeside house. :)

  • Roger Hunt
    Roger Hunt Год назад +1

    Is Bernie still around? He has become so insignificant didn't know.

    • Nick Bauer
      Nick Bauer Год назад

      +Roger Hunt Yes, he is a completely irrelevant man now. He needs to accept this and retire.

  • Telly Vin-a
    Telly Vin-a Год назад

    a shame they didn't give bernie this much airtime during the elections

  • D Duffy
    D Duffy Год назад +1

    What a hack.
    Sanders holds duel citizenship w/ ISRAEL.

  • live for You
    live for You Год назад

    Bernie my boy

  • Gerry Cooney
    Gerry Cooney Год назад +2

    The ineffective $900 BILLION stimulus that 0bama conned everyone into (shovel ready jobs BS), would have paid for the $41 Billion WALL, 20 times over !!!

  • Gerry Cooney
    Gerry Cooney Год назад +2

    I love President Trump. #MAGA

  • vetteguy
    vetteguy Год назад +1

    dems need the illegals for votes because they have no chance with out them.....wonder why they put illegals before americans?!

  • Nick Bauer
    Nick Bauer Год назад +1

    After studying liberal "males" for a long time and reading their comments, I have concluded that there are NO real men among them. No "alpha males" at all. They are all skinny beta males with thick glasses. Physical weaklings with no muscle tone afraid to stand up for themselves as men, afraid to be independent, always trying to be the "nice guy" to females in the hope that they will somehow be rewarded with sex (In fact, they seem to WANT to be dominated and controlled by females), afraid of guns, afraid of themselves, afraid of sports, effeminate, and living in the phony, made-up world of their millennial cell phones. The closest physical description I can come to of them is the "before" pictures in the old Charles Atlas bodybuilding magazines.

  • Mark Jacob
    Mark Jacob Год назад +2

    The democrats destroyed CNN and the both CNN and fbi both lost all trust and credibility with the American people!!

  • Mark Jacob
    Mark Jacob Год назад +2

    No Bernie, Democrats putting illegals before all Americans is disgusting..thats why it was shut down.

  • Abe Bouzaglou
    Abe Bouzaglou Год назад +1


  • Sanji Kun
    Sanji Kun Год назад

    Gotta stop the biyilonairrrrs. Why didnt anderson cry?

  • Sandy Schermerhorn
    Sandy Schermerhorn Год назад +1

    He looks good for a 90 year old

    • Will Lilek
      Will Lilek Год назад +1

      Ha.. his brain did die a couple decades ago... but otherwise for 90, not "too" bad :)

  • Sandy Schermerhorn
    Sandy Schermerhorn Год назад +1

    Is Bernie Sanders related to Colonel Sanders

  • CC D
    CC D Год назад +1

    87% are for legalizing the dreamers after the border is closed. Otherwise we will be legalizing new dreamers every 10 years.

    COOLIO FOOLIO Год назад +1

    I'm So Glad I Don't Live in Sanctuary Cities including Cosmopolitan And Metropolitan. Those Places Are Filled With Liberal Democrats, Feminists, Leftist Social Justice Warriors And Cultural Marxists. I Don't Want To Live And Be Associated With These Mentally Sick People I'm Will Avoid Them At All Costs Not Making Any Eye Contact And Try To Distance Myself.

      COOLIO FOOLIO Год назад

      Democracy, Socialism, And Communism Has Failed. Feminism is Cancer And Liberalism is A Mental Disorder

  • Jeanne Stjohn
    Jeanne Stjohn Год назад +2

    Bernie is a communist wimp! His wife a crook! Where do they find these sub-humans!

    • Gerry Cooney
      Gerry Cooney Год назад +1

      All Democrats are Communist wimps.

  • Austin lol
    Austin lol Год назад +1

    Commie bro

  • Chables
    Chables Год назад

    Oh Bernie, don't go on CNN after they shafted you in the primaries.
    CNN is your enemy. CNN is everyone's enemy. Left or right or center.
    Mitch is a fucking retarded child turtle hybrid though.

  • Andrew Schumm
    Andrew Schumm Год назад +2

    R.I.P. Bernie Sanders is Dead!!! 1941-2017

  • Thessalonian Ray Metcalf
    Thessalonian Ray Metcalf Год назад +1

    Your ignorant if you think that.

  • Bill Fowler
    Bill Fowler Год назад +2

    Bernie and his wife for prison 2020 .

  • Larry Wakeman
    Larry Wakeman Год назад +1

    Two UGLY IDIOTS- go home Bernie TRUMP IS PRESIDENT! YES! TRUMP 2020!!!!!

  • Bill Fowler
    Bill Fowler Год назад +1

    The democrats don’t know how to government 🇺🇸

  • AVanilla Gorilla
    AVanilla Gorilla Год назад +1

    CNN is a joke..!!!

  • AVanilla Gorilla
    AVanilla Gorilla Год назад +1

    No one is buying your stupid democrat excuses.. get off your asses and actually do something..

  • Mike Stranack
    Mike Stranack Год назад +1

    Bernie... A rational socialist ????? Are those the same poles that predicted Hillary's 89 percent chance of winning..

  • McFint69
    McFint69 Год назад

    What a surprise, Bernie, the most popular politician in the USA, has a Medicare for all town hall online because he says corporate media wont cover it. Google cnn, msnbc and last nights town hall. Not a peep from them. But if Cory booker or Kamala Harris fart, they’ll open with it. STOP WATCHING THEM

  • Randell Porter
    Randell Porter Год назад

    We agree with the public release of the 'FISA Memos'. ASAP

  • S&T Young
    S&T Young Год назад


  • Tim Edmonds
    Tim Edmonds Год назад

    This man should have ran off vs Trump not HRC. it shows how the DNC was under the wrong persons control.
    Mr Sanders I will not run down..your own party sir turned on you. you should come to the right you would be honored.

  • littlegoatgt
    littlegoatgt Год назад

    Thanks CNN for ignoring the net neutrality issue that past this same week. FCC voted 3 to 2 to end it.

  • Danny Jay Noneya
    Danny Jay Noneya Год назад

    Well the saying must be true. Only the good die young. This old fuck is still alive? Smh

  • Augustus mustus
    Augustus mustus Год назад

    Who needs the government..look they shutdown & all of us are o.k.
    Hmmm could Libertarian Anarcho Capitalists be correct?

  • grumpy old fart
    grumpy old fart Год назад

    No bill should ever be "TIED" to any other bill. They should be addressed independently.

  • Jim Stout
    Jim Stout Год назад +1

    For an old fart like you you still got bitched slapped by Hillary and you loved it. well no wonder you live in Vermont... go home and smoke a big fatty

  • toby G
    toby G Год назад

    Bet you M I C never shut down.

  • Zoe
    Zoe Год назад +1

    Oh Bernie you don't give a flying shit about us you just want me to pay you and make sure you have a job that's all, although I can't blame you cause you need to eat too. I my opinion more then half of these people in government don't do things out of the kindness of there heart there's always a catch. We need government to be smaller plus take more responsibly for yourselves.

  • Jim Bobberson
    Jim Bobberson Год назад +1

    Weird way to spell "Schumer".
    Ol' Grampa Bernie full of shit yet again. Someone change his diaper.

  • neil molesworth
    neil molesworth Год назад

    would it be a wise time to advise all our governments,to stop all global wars and conflicts,b4 .a.i. becomes selfaware?

  • Gabriel uewouw
    Gabriel uewouw Год назад +1


  • Bret Hines
    Bret Hines Год назад +2

    Bernie sold out to Hillary! Got a lake house for his lack of effort. A typical socialist after all.

  • VotelessOrc497
    VotelessOrc497 Год назад +1

    So the reason the dems made complete idiots of themselves was because McConnell....leftist logic right there.

  • Sebastian Corrales
    Sebastian Corrales Год назад

    Choke on seamen CaNNcer losers.

  • Eleven 11
    Eleven 11 Год назад

    "Let me see your panties"
    -Sean Connery

  • Karen Schumer
    Karen Schumer Год назад

    PASS DACA NOW!!!!!!!!!

  • William E Lanning Jr
    William E Lanning Jr Год назад +2

    LMAO... who does Sanders blames for Venezuela meltdown... you know... the country he pointed to as a successful communist nation...

  • Karen Schumer
    Karen Schumer Год назад +1

    Just learned this afternoon that this shutdown will likely cost tax payers 100 billion dollars! Money that is totally wasted by republicans who refused to negotiate even after democrats agreed to give them what they asked for!!!! DISGUSTING!!!!!!!!!!

  • nancy aguilar
    nancy aguilar Год назад +1

    That 87% is a lie. Did the only talk to the the American's who are illegals? They never asked me or anyone I know.

  • escobar mohammed
    escobar mohammed Год назад +1

    bernie sanders looks like a child molester

    • escobar mohammed
      escobar mohammed Год назад

      that would be funny

    • Nick Bauer
      Nick Bauer Год назад +1

      +escobar mohammed It would be funny if he got busted by Chris Hansen one day. :)

  • rayray
    rayray Год назад +2

    This asshole can't open his ignorant mouth without lying out his ass anymore, had me fooled at first, but he is nothing but a lying nasty old commie.

  • grgoldner
    grgoldner Год назад +3

    Mitch got 81 votes you socialist senile traitor.

  • grgoldner
    grgoldner Год назад +1

    Barney Sanders is a piece of shit socialist traitor to America. He and his Crooked wife would sell the United States to the highest bidder in a heartbeat.

  • Poisonedblade
    Poisonedblade Год назад +3

    Our 4 trillion dollar govt should be a 2 trillion dollar govt.

  • Pablo South
    Pablo South Год назад +1

    government shut down with no pay to those that are in favor.
    We'll see how long it lasts these childish games that only end up affecting mostly the middle and lower class.

  • Joe Wright
    Joe Wright Год назад +8

    Crazy Bernie! I can't wait to hear this old communist relic lecture us on things about which he has no knowledge.

    • Will Lilek
      Will Lilek Год назад +1

      Bernie just isnt very bright... career do nothing politician just like all the others....

    • Nick Bauer
      Nick Bauer Год назад

      +Joe Wright Bernard couldn't even hold a job as a house painter! How can someone fail at being a house painter? He couldn't paint somehow? It boggles the mind!

    • Joe Wright
      Joe Wright Год назад

      This community rule system is really just a euphemism for forced redistribution of wealth. Basically confiscating income from producers at gunpoint and given to the"less fortunate" If it isn't voluntary then it is by gunpoint. It sounds good on paper, but it will never work. It is too abused and It kills incentive. It isn't sustainable. The social safety net expands until it becomes a giant hammock. It never stops expanding. When the producers decide to stop producing, the whole thing collapses.When you factor in human nature , it all breaks down. Bernie's ideas are just a silly dream that appeals to brainwashed college kids. He's just a pied piper.

    • Giorge Roman
      Giorge Roman Год назад

      Where are you getting this shit. Communism was heaven for "regular joes" but hell for freethinkers and sceptics. Socialism is not communism, communism uses socialism just like democratic countries in europe use socialism, for a stable and productive working-class. Socialism is a community-rule system, it alows simple working citizens to be protected from being ripped off. In fact capitalism is closer to communism than socialism. Do a dictionary search on what is socialism/capitalism/ communism before you make another comment. Feed your brain man!

    • Joe Wright
      Joe Wright Год назад +1

      Capitalism is the life blood for regular joes. Under Socialist/ Communist regimes the bodies of regular joes were piled high in the 20th century. Bernie is patronizing you. He drives exotic cars and lives in a gated community. He is not on your side.

  • Linda Catz
    Linda Catz Год назад +1

    If Communist Killary had won, no one would even be allowed to voice an opinion. And the thousands protesting? Illegal immigrants brought in by Obama to help secure the election for dems. Killary couldn't even win a dem rigged election!

    MAGOO Год назад +1 crazy like a loon...go retire..go to one of your three your Karl Marx..enjoy your cash...bye, bye..

  • Wolverines Fight
    Wolverines Fight Год назад +29

    You really can't trust CNN reporting any more.

    • In hell .#
      In hell .# 2 месяца назад

      Yes ... CNN is fake and only fox news is real
      Please guys open your brain and watch fox news only

    • Adam Salas
      Adam Salas Год назад

      Wolverines Fight I’ve been saying that for many years.

    • Nick Bauer
      Nick Bauer Год назад +2

      +Wolverines Fight They don't "report" anything. They simply "narrate" what the Democrat Party tells them to.