Daenerys Attacks King's Landing Full Battle Scene - "The Bells" - 4K Video Quality

  • Published on May 14, 2019
  • Daenerys attacks King's Landing while atop Drogon.
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  • Gabriel Bueno Paschoa

    This is what you get for killing Missandei and Rhegal you pieces of shit. Fire and Blood... Daenerys didn't get any mad... She was only vaneshing the dirty from earth

  • Gogeta is canon
    Gogeta is canon Day ago

    People: *Cries and complains*

    Me: *Cheers crazily*

  • Now Go Away And Do Something Good

    dothraki are so OP
    they don't have armor, but they can take on a whole line of armored lannister grunts
    they get wiped out by the white walkers, yet somehow come back for the final battle.

  • Colin L.
    Colin L. 3 days ago

    This is not the twist that should've happened. This wrecks two major character arcs, and I had an idea for a twist that doesn't.

    Why this is bad:
    Yes, daenerys had foreshadowing that she could lose her temper. But every time she lost he temper in the past and did something like this, it had reason. In mereen, slave masters were attacking to put the lives of hundreds of thousands back to ruin. No slave masters: no slaves. That is why she was cruel to them. Also, remember when _one_ innocent child was burned? How did daenerys react? There is a quote where she says "I don't want another burned child dropped at my feet" Wtf dnd. In s7 they even wrote the part where she says "I'm not here to be queen of the ashes". queue curb your enthusiasm theme. For those people who say it is in her blood, her father was the mad king, I have a response. Rheagar had just as much of her father's blood in him, and he didn't go mad. and if one side of the coin are good targaryens and the other are crazy ones, only jon, rheagar and rhaella were on the good side? And rhaella was daenerys mother, meaning dany had the calm targeyen blood in her just as much as her fathers. Also, she had literally won the battle already. The enemy soldiers had thrown down thier weapons. Ser davos if bells dont mean surrender then how does throwing down your weapons not?

    The twist I would've done:
    Daenerys would march her armies to KL, and the battle would start. It would pretty much go as it does here, but daenerys has no reason to go crazy. Jaime, who had come before the army, is still inside the city. He doesn't say the stupid tBh I NeVeR cArEd fOr tHeM line, and tyrion still frees him. However, he reunition with cersei is a bit different. Cersei is sitting on the throne as he walks into the red keep, and she gets up to talk to him. They start to talk about the massive approaching army. jaime looks at her, realizes howmuch he still loves her, and they kiss. Then it cuts to the army starting the battle, golden company dies, and then daenerys blows up the gate. Back into the red keep, just as it looks like jaime is about to blow his character arc, cersei tells qyburn to start woth the plan. The mountain escorts him out of the keep. Jaime, still hugging looks at her for an explanation, and she reavels it was her who burned the sept of baelor, and that she has other locations stored with wildfire. They still hug, and the audience thinks he just screwed his arc. Then, stab. Similar to dany's death, they look at each other, and then she dies. The mountain comes across the hound, and yaaay clegane bowl. Sandor kills qyburn, and then the army breaks through, and dany wins the throne. She didn;t mess up her arc, and jaime didn't mess up his.

  • Batman Fan
    Batman Fan 5 days ago

    I Don't Know Why People Justify Her When She Goes Mad And Blame Writers
    But When Tyrion And Varys Go Mad They Blame The Very Characters And Not The Bad Writing
    Like Whyy??
    Do You Really Think A Character Like Tyrion Can Make Stupid Decisions So Many Times???
    Don't You Think The Writters Did So Much Wrong With His Intelligence
    Dany Goes Mad " Oh That's writer's Fault"
    Tyrion And Varys Go Stupid "oh Tyrion And Varys Traitors Fuck em"
    So why you don't blame Writters now
    Why so much hypocrisy when it comes to your non-favourite characters

  • Gee Emmy
    Gee Emmy 6 days ago

    D+D subjected us to this garbage storytelling because Star Wars then they decided to give up Star Wars. And I just-

  • Gacha LN
    Gacha LN 8 days ago

    Now would Viserys be proud of Dany?

  • ŁėointhėStårs
    ŁėointhėStårs 10 days ago +1

    Daenerys still looks like a badass

  • wuraola olagunju
    wuraola olagunju 10 days ago

    Cersi is quite literally the "This is fine" meme

  • Ally Silveira
    Ally Silveira 11 days ago

    It really bothers me that Daenerys' face was only showed once in the whole battle scene. I mean what was her thinking when she was setting everything and everyone on fire?! They should at least showed us her face! It was just like a blockbuster movie with special effects and explosions. That's cool too but it's not GoT. The others battles that Daenerys fought with Drogon we could see her face and her Dracarys.

  • K To Z
    K To Z 12 days ago

    Just want to fool myself that there was no GOTS8. what happened?! Stupid writers 😤

  • almich r
    almich r 12 days ago

    Well, after read the comments maybe Daenerys deserved a season being a despot

  • Guus Martens
    Guus Martens 13 days ago

    stop. stop. dont. never.

  • Gerard Jagroo
    Gerard Jagroo 14 days ago

    I was re reading the books and wanted to share this.
    "....The Dothraki sacked cities and plundered kingdoms, they did not rule them. Dany had no wish to reduce King’s Landing to a blackened ruin full of unquiet ghosts. She had supped enough on tears. I want to make my kingdom beautiful, to fill it with fat men and pretty maids and laughing children. I want my people to smile when they see me ride by, the way Viserys said they smiled for my father...."

  • Eric Keegan
    Eric Keegan 14 days ago

    Dragon has cheat codes...

  • Grass
    Grass 14 days ago

    I love how they're suddenly zooming in and emphasizing every single soldier that dies in flames in this episode. Even though Dany has been burning people for 7 seasons straight, and usually it's been framed as just another way to win.

  • Ayalus
    Ayalus 14 days ago

    Deathwing wrecks Stormwind

  • axxz03
    axxz03 15 days ago

    3 fully grown dragons couldn’t kill enough white walkers and their flames seemed not enough🔥 but only one single dragon destroyed the whole kings landing 😂😂

  • ThisIsTheTruth
    ThisIsTheTruth 18 days ago

    Watchin Kings Landing to burns was my great moments of all entire of Movie.
    I love it

  • ScissorMeTimbers
    ScissorMeTimbers 19 days ago

    "His axe split the man's skull, and he staggered across the deck as if still drawing breath, before Victarion ripped the blade hence and pursued a new enemy."
    Bitch, get the fuck outta here. You can't write like that. I'm a good writer, but fuck me sideways.

  • ScissorMeTimbers
    ScissorMeTimbers 19 days ago

    Book Khaleesi: Been through Hell and back thrice. Now, suck my ass, slavers, i am dumb,but I have a slave army.
    TV Khaleesi: Nah, it'll be fine.

  • Boggob
    Boggob 20 days ago

    Wiped out fleets, the golden crown and 1000's of mercenaries with only 1 dragon, AMAZING!

    Dumb end to the show though, Dany should not have killed innocent ppl, Arya should've killed Cersei, Jon should've married, and Jaime should've stuck to his guns and vowed to let Cersei go.

    Hopefully we get a prequel show of the beginning of the kingdoms (maybe about Aegon Targareyan)

  • WenLi Yang
    WenLi Yang 20 days ago +1

    Why the massacre?
    The NORTH remembers.
    The beheading of Eddard
    And the Red Wedding.

  • Johnathon Clayton
    Johnathon Clayton 21 day ago

    The Red keep won't fall, it will burn.

  • Jonathan Boogaard
    Jonathan Boogaard 22 days ago

    I see a lot of people saying they forgot about the coming winter but the ice King was the reason the winter came.
    The winter got stronger each time and it was basically ice King getting stronger.

  • politexchangeofbullets jenny-Tuohy

    Well shit, that one debt the Gden company wont be recouping .

  • Shot in the Heart
    Shot in the Heart 25 days ago

    Aaaah here it is. The scene that not only jumped the shark but anal fucked it

  • A Skeleton
    A Skeleton 26 days ago +4

    I don't know what I find more depressing.
    The fact that the writing in season 8 was stupid and made no sense or the fact that there are people trying to justify the writing instead of just accepting that D&D let everyone down.

  • Turd Ferguson
    Turd Ferguson 27 days ago +1

    2:03 The hilarious irony of yelling "Fire"

  • Suvon Hernandez
    Suvon Hernandez 27 days ago

    Plot armour

  • Cracker Barrel Philosopher

    The reason you build castle walls is for your advantage. You don't line up outside them.

  • Diocleciano da silva
    Diocleciano da silva 28 days ago

    Do you think war is something different from that?

  • payson terhune
    payson terhune 28 days ago

    Drogon rules....I have a tiny red Siamese Fighting Fish named after him...hes got his own huge aquarium

  • Christine Sinclair
    Christine Sinclair 29 days ago

    I love Sir Davos

  • Denyz_1024
    Denyz_1024 29 days ago

    Subtitrări in română yeeey

  • Theories16
    Theories16 Month ago

    Fuck this season.

  • Robert Smith
    Robert Smith Month ago

    It was xxx cause all did die

  • Hawke Motorsport
    Hawke Motorsport Month ago

    Such a shame they used the "fire" to release their spears/arrows, the word should have been "Loose". Any spear or arrow that is projected via a bow operated device should be reffered to that way. "Fire" came from gunpowder based weapons...

  • Spaghetti Forgetti
    Spaghetti Forgetti Month ago +3

    Millions of dollars pissed away by bad writing.

  • Alex Cregan
    Alex Cregan Month ago

    ugh this sucks

  • R3mixFreak
    R3mixFreak Month ago

    Sooo they have at least five arrows to fire at the dragon simultainiously at blackwater bay. But they only manage to fire on arrow at a time? Are you kidding me? How bad can storywriting be...

  • Drek
    Drek Month ago

    God this season was terrible

  • Luna Smith
    Luna Smith Month ago +2

    Yup 9:10 that’s when that scene ended yupyup Daenerys intimidated the townspeople with Drogon but otherwise didn’t go any farther than she’d already had-the soldiers surrendered and they all teamed up against the common enemy that is Cersei yuperooni that’s what happened

  • Kevonnn Smith
    Kevonnn Smith Month ago

    tbh she aint shii with out that dragon she soft asf

  • M Yin
    M Yin Month ago +1

    Germany vs Poland, 1939.

  • Bran B
    Bran B Month ago

    This was really a joke it came down like this. The men that directed admitted they had serious issues trying to write this show. It was like eating a wonderfully prepared meal only to get down to the last few bites and seeing a small turd in the center of the plate. Eight years of greatness ruined in 4 episodes.

  • Sad Affleck
    Sad Affleck Month ago

    This is not a Battle.
    It's a massacre

  • Card Pitt
    Card Pitt Month ago


  • amandeepv
    amandeepv Month ago

    North men at 6.55 leave a Lannister alive behind them to attack their king

  • amandeepv
    amandeepv Month ago

    Also what happened to the reminder of the Reachs army it was meant to be the largest.

  • amandeepv
    amandeepv Month ago

    Rubbish special effect alert look at 3.00 to 3.04 meant to be boulders rolling by presumably of the wall but more like cheap polystyrene.

  • Muzzly1234
    Muzzly1234 Month ago

    2:15 What in the ever living fuck happened to this show's special effects?? That's looks horrendous!

  • coco R
    coco R Month ago +3

    "It won't fall today"
    Suddenly, drogon screeches 🐉🐉🐉🐉🔥🔥🔥

  • coco R
    coco R Month ago

    I watch this once a week. DAENERYS IS QUEEN. Ep 8 is shitty tho. But i only know 1 queen and thats danny 🐉

  • Pig Pig
    Pig Pig Month ago +1

    Yes bad writing but the visuals are phenomenal

  • Cameryn Nya
    Cameryn Nya Month ago

    Love this for her 😍💓 so powerful

  • KeyWestGlenn
    KeyWestGlenn Month ago


    _____ /,| /, \________
    “Ultimate Drogon” + “Dragon Queen”
    This monster gains 1000 ATK whenever a dragon type is sent from the field, to the graveyard.

    *ATK/4000 DEF/4000*

  • wxd 775269547
    wxd 775269547 Month ago

    I think slaughter in the city is good revenge.

  • Fraktur Obsession
    Fraktur Obsession Month ago

    If only G&G used their last two brain cells and made Bran able to warg into dragons and directs them to the scorpions. That mad whore Daenerys died anyway and not even a single person spat on her filthy face!

  • David McMillian
    David McMillian Month ago

    It was have been funny if Qyburn after telling the Queen the city’s defenses were down and her ignoring reality. They should have shown him going to his lab, start up a helicopter and leave...