Wandering through the Suicide Forest | Aokigahara, Japan

The Aokigahara Forest (青木ヶ原) , or "Suicide Forest" has an infamous reputation for being a suicide hotspot and in recent years, it's received global attention to numerous films, documentaries and articles.
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Автор Kayley Russell ( назад)
Went hiking on Mt.Fuji last summer and had to ride a bus through this forest WHILE it was dark and raining!

Автор Caprica Pheonix ( назад)
She never called him back lol

Автор Masquerade Heart ( назад)
The small patches of pink/purple flowers in the trees makes it a bit creepy if you think to hard about it.

Автор Flo ( назад)
I thought it looked kinda pretty

Автор Purple Iguana ( назад)
Don't get me wrong, like it's creepy and all but it's absolutely beautiful.

Автор Nick Brown ( назад)
Jesus loves you is as real as a message gets lol, the forest looks like stranger things

Автор gabie dubin ( назад)
it looks exactly like a dark souls 3 level

Автор Michael Mohr Hansen ( назад)
is it ok i take my Camera Obscura with me?

Автор kawaii oku ( назад)
i wanna commit suicide there XD XD that would be eaiser to tie my rope :D lol even tho im friggin 12 i still wnna go there and commit suicide that would be more fun than in my room

Автор Nizzle Pizzle ( назад)
Chris we need an update on the date! (I mean, I'd totally be down for a creepy forest trip and a McFlurry)

Автор Chaoz ( назад)
3/10 Not enough Ghost challenging

Автор cartergirl3of3 ( назад)
Leave it to you to find the one Frenchie living in Japan and date them.

Автор UFO ( назад)
4:75 On the far right theres a dark face of a girl staring...

Автор Zoltán Szalay ( назад)
after this video i listening tokyo teddy bear.

Автор Brooky Larson ( назад)
The sad thing about this place is the stillness. People go there with their mind undecided if they want to commit suicide or not but the stillness and being alone really leaves the mind go wonder.

I watched a documentary here on youtube. He was a person that finds the bodies I believe. But long story short he found someone in a yellow tent. He sat down and had a chat with him. When he first started talking to him he sounded really taken aback. He was really fragile. His mind mustve been wandering alone. I really do hope that the man had saved his life. (Vice suicide forest)I really like the guy in the documentary. Speaks with such carefulness. I hope you all go watch it

Автор Keira Ashley ( назад)
I went there yesterday and that sign now says HELL with the O crossed out -.-

Автор John D ( назад)
"literally billions of films'

dumbass bitch

Автор Perky Dog ( назад)
your friend is good at holding the camera very still

Автор MassVt ( назад)
Suicide forest. McDonald's. Having your date hold the camera...
Very smooth.

Автор Lim Ming Quan ( назад)
On a completely different topic, what camera are you using?

Автор Harry t ( назад)
This guy is the best. He should have his own show.

Автор Fida Ruzki ( назад)
That is one scary place.

Автор five seven G ( назад)
what is the music

Автор James Dean ( назад)
Spotted! Ghost 1:40
A little Japanese girl to the right of the screen looking at the camera.
Im sure its a ghost, or as its better known as 'seeing what you wana see' 🙂

Автор Banana Guy ( назад)
His best vid yet

Автор MrHappyAdjustableSpanners ( назад)
chris you downed the contrast not upped it -.- for god sake chris i'm starting to think I cannot believe any of your words

Автор Desired ( назад)
that bag probably had aids on it, tbh.

Автор Jupiter Five ( назад)
Maybe the people who killed themselves ware originally just going to McDonald's, and the food's drop in quality made them think, What the hell!

Автор lifeinpictures ( назад)
How could one man be so likable and so punchable simultaneously?

Автор blazednlovinit ( назад)
French girl has a cute voice :)

Автор khaleesi ( назад)
You're a cutie with the glasses tho 👁👄👁

Автор Casanova Kurai ( назад)
I actually really liked that video XD.

Автор sirplantain ( назад)
Well if the forest didn't kill her, the McDonald's certainly will have. Death by dark evil souls or death by McNugget? I'd choose the forest.

Автор Tayn Tain ( назад)
i was really expecting u to put earth wind n fire on the video haha, T-T 2bad

Автор Connor A ( назад)
I was about to spam "Notification squad" in comments sections but I found this, so I guees I'll be 8mins late.

Автор Kai Thomason ( назад)
when you said you to listen to a song when your sad. I thought of the september and you said it. Genius

Автор PlsRedScreen ( назад)
looks like a nice place to hang out

Автор Ghouse666 ( назад)
Can't even visit a fucking forest with out visiting Instagram, Jesus fucking Christ power off the cell phone for one hour of your fucking life. This is an amazing place in the world only tainted by humans you should be ashamed of yourself.

Автор Sage Blackthorn ( назад)
May be creepy, but it's also the location of some spectacularly beautiful caves. Perhaps you can return to show some The Ice Cave that Atlas Obscura talks about in this article.

Автор HowlingSnail ( назад)
During the final scene The Power of Love from Back to the Future started playing and I genuinely thought you'd dubbed it over until I realised I had it open in another tab.

Автор Rishav Koirala ( назад)
You were on a date with your camera, were you, Chris?

Автор MotiOmppu _ ( назад)
We were going on a date on mc donalds but we went to suicide forest! Resident evil 8 :)

Автор Akira Terashima ( назад)
what soundtrack did you used?

Автор YouDontKnowSponge ( назад)

Автор Timothy Mills ( назад)
did you smash

Автор AnnPeek ( назад)
You're starting to sound like Alan Partridge. :D

Автор z3219825 ( назад)
walk 100m outside the track and you'll see the rope/tape they use to navigate the forest in case they wish to leave. very peaceful and calm

Автор Loren Killdeer ( назад)
I find it lovely, actually! And if you are positive, there is nothing more romantic than a walk by the forest with your loved one. Specially when it's dark, you are holding hands and then you turn to her to say something silly and you realice that she is not there and that the one is holding your hand has a really pale face and no eyes.

Автор ARX 351 ( назад)
my very first date with a girl was at a cemetery!

Автор Rick Kent ( назад)

Автор Mental Inks ( назад)
Around 4:58 - that thing at the right though...

Автор Kristina Beaton ( назад)
You need to go to the spot where all the ribbons are, those lead to "things" ... :O
I'm glad you didn't go there though... xD
cool video

Автор Kieran ( назад)
Dude I was legit just the 10,000th like on this video :O

Автор kelly shea ( назад)
I would be more afraid of running into big ass spiders than angry spirits

Автор hasukkai ( назад)
you must call the police if you find some dead bodies,
heard most of them commit suicide not far from the road
because they want to be found somehow.

Автор Keri in Okinawa ( назад)
If you look between the trees from 6:13-6:18 it really does look like a shadow person is sitting, facing right, in the not-too-far-away distance.

Автор madaraa utchihaa ( назад)
you didn't go in the restricted areaaaaaaa u pussy xD

Автор 瀕死のマードック日本 ( назад)

Автор Julia Shenandoah ( назад)
Aaaaw the Ocean of Trees the legendary Aokigahara. Okunoshima and Aokigahara are the top priority destinations to visit for the interested thrill-seeking adventurer and bunny fan. Please make your next forest video during a rainy thunderstorm night with proper night vision equipment to enhance the eerie mood a little bit :)

Автор Kirstin Scott ( назад)
Don't know what you're talking about Chris, this would be the best date ever for me.

Автор Danastri Ciptaningrum ( назад)
Am I the only one thinking it was quite a beautiful forest? Putting aside the suicide thing of course

Автор One Video ( назад)
u did not even go into the real part of the forest

Автор Justin Flynn ( назад)
*Thumbs up* for the worst date *EVAR!* :D

Автор Lilith Lolita ( назад)
is it just me or where ever they point the camera at a specific spot I see someone there. Did anyone else catch that?

Автор srv1959 ( назад)
2016: the year of selfish idiots getting away with terrible things

Автор Em Ma ( назад)
Worst date ever, because you were detoured from mcdonalds lol

Автор Doctor Buay ( назад)
yeah right. coz eating in mcdonalds is not suicide.

Автор Simply Anonymous ( назад)
I wanna visit it so bad....):

Автор J M0204 ( назад)
Is this the same forest as that horror movie " Forest "?

Автор 박지혜 ( назад)
Am I the only one who played September on the background?

Автор Young JayB ( назад)
You didn't go deep enough or through the "do not enter zone" that's why you didn't see anything, or have bad or no signal.

Автор Out Of Place Ninja ( назад)
I hung myself there in the late 1970s early 1980s. Nobody will believe me though.

Автор Megumin ( назад)
"You should go to the suicide forest" sounds like a mad diss

Автор May Bee ( назад)
I'm actually more shocked about the fact he took his date to McDonald's than him taking her to the suicide forest. Just me? k

Автор Juan k Aviles ( назад)
Does anyone else see the two eye-looking things in the crack at 4:55

The ground has a cavity.
Because trees are growing on lava.
There is also an unknown cave.

Автор Martian Shane ( назад)

Автор Hadou Can ( назад)
A camera, wholes everywhere, now all you need is 127 hours of foutage :) and maybe a knife.

Автор Monkey D Theories ( назад)
Did you find any memes?

Автор Onshi ri ( назад)
Oh the irony that first moment brought

Автор WildKat25 ( назад)
I don't understand why it is so scary. I live up in Canada and there are tons of various forests that look like that and are silent. I go camping in them all the time. I'm assuming it is scary because people have killed themselves. But meh, people die all the time in forests. You can even hear birds in the background. Sorry but I think city slickers just hyped it up. Marshlands in Canada are more scary; one misstep and you can find yourself stuck and/or drowning. Hell, you have to worry about Grizzlies, wolves, wolverines, cougars, boars, etc. I bet this forest barely has bears in it.

Автор GGBABE ( назад)
pretty dim

Автор poymfw ( назад)
I enjoyed it immensely actually. We were almost lost but found the main road and back into the other side of the forest. It was a fun sunny day....and yeah, you can get lost so you need a good sense of direction. Happy exploring.

Автор Noah Upchurch ( назад)
plot twist he planned on going to mcdonalds alone

Автор Gaurab Chatterjee ( назад)
What, no skulls? No fair.

Автор punkedgoddess25 ( назад)
With glasses in the suicide forest: 10/10 would still bang.

Автор JonnyLivePT ( назад)
suicide is badass!

Автор Chad West ( назад)
If the whole Japan thing doesn't work out, I'll buy tickets to your standup comedy show.

Автор leftyfourguns ( назад)
How do you know that bag wasn't haunted?

Автор Alejandra Martinez ( назад)
This made me sad really sad

Автор Union Down ( назад)
That's a pretty tree at 4:33 on the left :)

Автор Auditore ( назад)
you can't piss off the spirits because spirits don't exist lol

Автор Thomas ( назад)
the forest is not silent at all. birds can be heared all the time. even in this video

Автор Randy Thompson ( назад)
earth wind and fire <3

Автор LupoWolf ( назад)
"This is the worst date ever" - Just hold the camera xDD

Автор Over 50 ^IQ ?EQ ( назад)
The Jesus Loves You sign said, 'Suicide prohibited. If you plan to commit suicide in the forest, please leave the forest immediately. If you are carrying any sharp and dangerous items, please don't forget to also not take the bus. Thank you for coming to Mt. Fuji. Have a nice day.'

Автор Yazanico ( назад)
"I wonder what's over that hill" more wood

Автор Kimberly Gill ( назад)
could be the worst date ever, but worth the experience. Thanks for the video mate!

Автор wrap monster ( назад)
Why didn't anyone notice the face at 4:56

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