Adrienne Houghton DESTROYS Fast Money! | Celebrity Family Feud

  • Published on Jul 23, 2018
  • Adrienne and Israel Houghton are playing for $25,000 for Global Gift Foundation USA! Don't miss their awesome performance! Watch Celebrity Family Feud all summer on ABC, SUNDAYS AT 8|7c, and stay tuned for To Tell The Truth starring Anthony Anderson at 10|9c!
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Comments • 669

  • Cheryl Washington
    Cheryl Washington 4 days ago


  • Nel Shiro
    Nel Shiro 5 days ago

    Beauty and brains in a nutshell

  • dejavue54
    dejavue54 5 days ago

    Well ok....

  • Alana Groves
    Alana Groves 7 days ago

    Um, Aly and AJ need to start acting again!

  • Nata Shaaa
    Nata Shaaa 10 days ago

    *Isn't this that homewrecker? I know the family of his ex wife and this girl's name is pure trash as far as we are concerned!*

  • Renae Taylor
    Renae Taylor 15 days ago +1

    She's a homewrecking Kardashian sympathizer. Can't stand her

  • jsuero1532
    jsuero1532 22 days ago +1

    Over 200 is destroying it.

  • Valarie Primous
    Valarie Primous 24 days ago

    I had the same answers ,go adrienne!!!

  • Valarie Primous
    Valarie Primous 24 days ago


  • star hopee
    star hopee 24 days ago

    She’s literally so dumb how did she get good answers

  • novice
    novice 24 days ago

    Easy questions.

  • Tinky and Cj Nonstop
    Tinky and Cj Nonstop 24 days ago +1

    I thought that was dude from Black Ink Chicago.🤦‍♀️

  • Andrea Currie
    Andrea Currie 24 days ago

    I need that shirt!!! 😩

  • jeremyn2008
    jeremyn2008 25 days ago

    This girl gets on my nerves

  • DirtyZ
    DirtyZ 25 days ago +1

    I love how the Celebrity Family Feud questions are always no-brainers

    • neetrab
      neetrab 11 days ago +1

      The money they win goes to charity, that's why they get easy questions. The show wants them to win.

  • TheNew Tomboy
    TheNew Tomboy 25 days ago +1

    Mr. Harvey always wears the best tailored suits.. So well dressed. I respect him just for that. U had a great run.

  • monica
    monica 25 days ago

    Let’s get all the ladies from the real on here!!

  • Townie 7177
    Townie 7177 26 days ago

    How did she destroy it? I seen somebody get 199 points at once

  • Fred Gutierrez
    Fred Gutierrez 26 days ago +6

    The questions are easy because it's for charity..c'mon people 🤦‍♂️

  • Who Isayou
    Who Isayou 26 days ago

    Easiest questions I’ve ever heard on this show. Period. I said each answer in my head before she said it. I mean come on let’s be honest. She got the easiest questions in the world. And that’s ok cause she’s a damn cutie. And celebrity. They showing love.

  • Ixchel Gil
    Ixchel Gil 26 days ago

    She looked so concentrated lol

  • Limor Shakar
    Limor Shakar 26 days ago

    They are celebrities 😂

  • Nan cy
    Nan cy 26 days ago

    Those questions were so easy!

  • Philip Brice
    Philip Brice 26 days ago +1

    Ayesha Curry scored 194.. that's what I call Destroying Fast Money!!!

  • Ra'Chelle Banks
    Ra'Chelle Banks 26 days ago

    Get it, Adrienne!

  • Good Vibes
    Good Vibes 26 days ago

    Anybody else thinking these questions are easy

  • Julie Nicole
    Julie Nicole 26 days ago

    Celeb fued questions are soooooooooo easy

  • Janidelf Rodriguez
    Janidelf Rodriguez 26 days ago +2

    Adrienne was so adorable when she went to hug her husband.

  • wonderjh
    wonderjh 26 days ago

    She does know she is not black....right???

    • Maria Ponce
      Maria Ponce 26 days ago

      I don’t get your comment

  • Kuda Kwashe
    Kuda Kwashe 26 days ago

    Thick thighs produce lives not save em

  • Mortar and Pestle Tshuaj Khib thiab Qws Txob

    😂 Those are questions that do not need A LOT of thinking.

  • Mary Woods
    Mary Woods 27 days ago

    I just call ger adrein the home wrecker

  • Jrny 85
    Jrny 85 27 days ago

    So he dyed his beard so he doesn’t look like her father on national tv “awkward”

  • Erica Sunny
    Erica Sunny 27 days ago +2

    Forgot she's married lol but gosh mane she's sexy! She was my first real girl crush!
    Smh! Her husband is handsome! They make a beautiful couple!

  • nikki
    nikki 27 days ago +1

    She got easy ass questions!!!! Wtf

  • Wendy Hernandez
    Wendy Hernandez 28 days ago +3

    The way he hugs the participants just gets to me.

  • Dej Life Chronicles
    Dej Life Chronicles 28 days ago +1

    Had to be the easiest questions ever given

    • neetrab
      neetrab 11 days ago

      The money they win goes to charity, that's why. The show wants them to win.

  • Jayy Abhdjdjdjd
    Jayy Abhdjdjdjd 28 days ago +4

    Celebrity questions: “what color is a bunny?”
    Regular people questions “whats the square root of 132?”

  • B Jay
    B Jay 28 days ago +1

    These questions mad easy😂

  • Zareenah Ahmed
    Zareenah Ahmed 28 days ago +3

    Why does Steve always hug his women contestants closely

  • Andro Bristol
    Andro Bristol 28 days ago


  • Jim Updyke
    Jim Updyke 28 days ago


    THE SPIDERS FAMILia 28 days ago

    Even if they were to be dating as on 2019.. Adri would break up with him... He is too much of a baby and insecure of himself. She is such a strong, independent, MATURE WOMAN. No way she can handle him..

  • Lucy Brayton
    Lucy Brayton 29 days ago +1

    They were not hard questions tho.. like what color is a bunny? Or what do you catch a fish with? Like, cmon

    • neetrab
      neetrab 11 days ago

      The money they win goes to charity, that's why the questions are easy. The show wants them to win.

  • pickzkickz
    pickzkickz 29 days ago +3

    Celebrity questions are the easiest.

  • Kiera Mcfarland
    Kiera Mcfarland 29 days ago +5

    He said “thick stomach” oh Israel. 😂

  • penelope cruz
    penelope cruz 29 days ago

    I love how he picked her up, so cute!🤩

  • Numble Mumble
    Numble Mumble 29 days ago

    3:13 love them but why they kiss like that

  • c vers
    c vers 29 days ago +1


  • Cece Princess
    Cece Princess 29 days ago +1

    why celebrity questions sound like second grade questions

  • Art Alcatraz
    Art Alcatraz 29 days ago

    She killed it because they gave her easy questions lol they give celebrities easy question so so they don't look stupid.

  • kimora 007
    kimora 007 29 days ago +1

    Israel is so adorable

  • KitKat12
    KitKat12 Month ago

    These questions seem sexist to me... meaning tailored to women mostly. 😒

  • Tequisa Holloway
    Tequisa Holloway Month ago +4

    You guys ever notice that celebrity family feud fast money questions be SUPER EASY...

    • neetrab
      neetrab 11 days ago

      The money they win goes to charity, that's why. The show wants them to win.

  • Justin Tosta
    Justin Tosta Month ago +19

    Y’all should do something with The Real vs. The View

  • Maria Kellogg
    Maria Kellogg Month ago

    Martha Hunt just beat this!

  • Haitian Way
    Haitian Way 3 months ago

    Celebrities always get the easiest questions

  • Dnarra Wilson
    Dnarra Wilson 4 months ago +1

    Aly, AJ, and Adrianne Disney Heaven right there.

  • rafe one
    rafe one 4 months ago

    The easiest questions ever besides the ones for Kim Kardashian

  • Daniel Posey
    Daniel Posey 4 months ago

    She's gorgeous

  • Martha Seaman
    Martha Seaman 4 months ago

    The questions are easy because they want them to win the money for charity duhhhh

  • Balenciaga Lifestyle
    Balenciaga Lifestyle 4 months ago +1

    I love me some Adrienne 🌸💕❤️💗 you rock girl!

  • Doesnt Matter
    Doesnt Matter 4 months ago

    Dddddaaaaammmnnn she good!!!

  • Kyra Lee
    Kyra Lee 4 months ago

    Isn't that Rob Kardashian's ex

  • #Savageee24k Nao
    #Savageee24k Nao 4 months ago +1

    She’s good !!!!

  • Jerniah Williams
    Jerniah Williams 4 months ago

    those questions were so simple

  • Kitty wuvscissors
    Kitty wuvscissors 4 months ago

    Rob messed up 🤷🏾‍♀️

  • NewYorkGuinea
    NewYorkGuinea 4 months ago +3

    Naturi is a movie and television star and Adrienne is on game shows..... who's the real winner

  • Bullrun
    Bullrun 4 months ago

    Those questions were extremely easy.

  • Anthony MB
    Anthony MB 4 months ago

    Stomach?? I-

  • lovenic03
    lovenic03 4 months ago

    She did that!

  • Robert Manini
    Robert Manini 4 months ago

    I give it a 10

  • Lahjic7
    Lahjic7 4 months ago

    Those were the easiest fast money questions ever.

    • Skye A.
      Skye A. 4 months ago

      To assure a win for charity.

  • Blueflam18
    Blueflam18 4 months ago +5

    Adrienne MURDERED this! 💪🏾🙌🏾

  • Jasreen Singh
    Jasreen Singh 4 months ago

    How much money does she need?

    • I'm just Shea
      I'm just Shea 26 days ago

      The money goes to the charity of their choice