What Happens If You Leave Tesla Autopilot On FOREVER? (Terrible Idea)

What happens if you turn on autopilot, take your hands off the wheel, ignore all Tesla self driving warnings and leave it on while driving? Well, it does not end well. Don't try this!

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Автор Alex Baldoni ( назад)
Wow! This is crazy!

Автор Just for Fun ( назад)
thats a good feature it really protects you from getting sleepy

Автор Mr. Wiener ( назад)
imagine is this happened on a plane; forgot you had autopilot on? It's going to recreate 9/11 for you.

Автор Bob the pedo Asshole ( назад)
2:26 just sits in the middle of the road

Автор Doorknob ( назад)
"I'm in the middle of the road.."
Yes, you are. You are also just sitting there, doing absolutely bloody nothing about it.

Автор Tabacaru Mihai ( назад)
That's the most logical outcome... Duuh...

Автор Primalspeed 3 ( назад)
Yeah thanks for the info for a car probably any of us will have

Автор King THG ( назад)

Автор 唐邦轩 ( назад)
Tesla really awesome.

Автор 唐邦轩 ( назад)
Ha! In China.

Автор Jimmy Hellas ( назад)
My future car, I fuckin' love it!!!

Автор Ewan Marshall ( назад)

Автор Valoro85 ( назад)
Big deal.

Автор Prometheus ( назад)
I wonder if it would do that on the highway

Автор AdRep ( назад)
What if that happened in the middle of the freeway

Автор Naz Shami ( назад)

Автор Ronni Gill ( назад)
ehdyduxhfdhrdhy code

Автор FoolishTv ( назад)
Does the car turn corners when you wancan it to in autopilot

Автор jeff yoon ( назад)
the car is so mad at him!!! pissed off!!!!

Автор KING SAVAGE 21 ( назад)
no because his hands were close to the steering wheel

Автор Kevin Reay ( назад)
pointless cars in my opinion

Автор Daniel Rousseau ( назад)
Tiens le stering

Автор The cold Codder ( назад)

Автор Rik Peeters ( назад)
22 January 2017, and still on V1.0?

Автор Chow George ( назад)
"2001: A Space Odyssey" is a good movie.

Автор Monster Gaming Broz ( назад)

Автор Sean Larza ( назад)
thats cool

Автор LaMortaGaming ( назад)
this is horrifying.

Автор SynC ( назад)

Автор emilem ( назад)
these seats are very öäk

Автор Chanz Kie ( назад)
Akala ko walang Forever?

Автор kermo ( назад)
don't u read manual?

Автор _GetMobbed_ ( назад)
I'm wondering, what happens if you are on an highway ...

Автор lbdBG ( назад)
It does the beeping and shit so if you were to fall asleep it would wake you up, and you would take control.
For why it does that, I'm not sure but I think it does it for it to not overload the system and the servers it's connecting to.

Автор Julian Linton ( назад)
Of course the Tesla will put on hazard lights and stop ? Thats not 'weird' at all ..

Автор Romy Risky Prabowo ( назад)
its gradually slow your speed, while giving hazard light as a warning to another motorist, I think its best option tesla gave to deal with possible sleeping driver.

Автор Delucs100 ( назад)
The car banned him from using autopilot

Автор WeeWill ( назад)
Dude the car will pull over to the side of the road. Maybe it couldn't because of the curb.

Автор Trevor Poltrack ( назад)
This was a terrible idea

Автор Max Payne ( назад)

Автор XxX Gaming ( назад)
One thing I am thankful for is the fact that you sat there while that annoying ass beeping noise was going off. Thanks.

Автор Nether Warrior ( назад)
This is why Im not the biggest fan of tesla, it thinks it is in control

Автор Shabalaba Dingdong ( назад)
watsupp everyone☺

Автор Bruno Medeot ( назад)
te gustan las vocecitas y underdann coml putita iujuu kodi estoy lista para vos

Автор Chris. H ( назад)
I love my auto pilot on my Tesla. can't wait for the next update! 😄

Автор Jay Jayplayzzs ( назад)
Did anyone else make a beat when you heard the beeping? Ahahaha😂😂

Автор Dhrsh V. ( назад)
Hey Nissan -GTR vs Tesla in acceleration

Автор Ted _ ( назад)
Test it with a car driving close to you

Автор Tommy Li ( назад)
maybe it should drive you to the nearest hospital.

Автор Panda Guy ( назад)
You could send your car on a journey without you in it

Автор Random Videos ( назад)
sweatshirt on the Playlist lol

Автор terveppä terve ( назад)
who else get annoyed when the car just beeps

Автор Carlos pedraza ( назад)
2:37 Is this boi listening to sweatshirt

Автор Sławek Chlebek ( назад)
Tesla car should checking the place where will be full stop. It have a maps and GPS and choose relatively safe moment for stop.

Автор Rob B ( назад)
I'm guessing on later autopilot versions it will do something safer to stop. But I guess when it gets more advanced probably don't need to reassure it you are there so often

Автор János Csikós ( назад)
I would expect that the car should park it self at a safe place and play some relaxing sleep music with "good night!" message on the display.

Автор Willem Hurley Robert ( назад)

Автор ags920 ( назад)
so is this autopilot system 1 or 2?

Автор G88ManNZ ( назад)
I hope it put your hazard lights on before just stopping on the road.

Автор hasnain ali ( назад)
keep annoying autopilot and most likely it will brake so hard that youll wack your head on steering wheel like "Thats watchuu get bitch"

Автор AndreyKrutikov ( назад)
For some reason I thought the car was going to fly at first😂

Автор ThePilotillof14 ( назад)
The car turns on the blinkers, after that it slows down progresively until the car stops. Imagine you are in a road and for some reason you have a problem, you fall asleep etc. It prevents you from having an accident!

Автор David Slater ( назад)
I like that, very smart idea 👍🏼

Автор Paul Caldwell ( назад)
see what would be a smart thing that tesla can do is they can make there cars pull over to the side of the road and stop not just stop in the middle of the road

Автор Daxcd ( назад)
what the fuck did you think what else it would do?

Автор Help Me Get 10.000 Subscribers With 1 Video ( назад)
Nice lol

Автор jake james ( назад)
How long does it take for the touch the steering wheel warning to come up ?

Автор JaggerWolf ( назад)
"It's a Transformer"

Автор Gabriel's Vlogs ( назад)

Автор Gabriel's Vlogs ( назад)

Автор Gabriel's Vlogs ( назад)

Автор jerry juarez ( назад)
That's not safe at all. Doesn't even pull over to the side wow. Tesla wants you dead

Автор Arnold Moreno ( назад)
What do u expect to happen

Автор Kosta T ( назад)
i hope the next car you will buy is a new porsche.

Автор You Tube ( назад)
Which movie was it?

Автор NoTraction - Drifting and More! ( назад)
It should put the warning lights on when it starts braking down

Автор suitandty6ft5 FTW ( назад)
What's Shakin' JR

Автор Rudy Sullivan ( назад)
at 17

Автор Mason ( назад)
i dont get why he's so dumbfounded?

Автор Christian Alejandro ( назад)
hi Jr garage

Автор Moo Mooing ( назад)

Автор jurcek 000 ( назад)
can i get a respond

Автор Elipes_ ( назад)
have you or are you thinking about putting a reservation into a model 3?

Автор The Gaming Brothers 2.0 ( назад)
Did you charge your car? lol.

Автор I am sorry but ( назад)
Its like youtube 1 warning 2 warning 3 warning booommm game over

Автор Drop Finder for Mr BassBoost ( назад)
hi tesla

Автор XtremeGamer ( назад)
autopilot seems pointless....

Автор Kia M ( назад)
hey JR

Автор Gabriel Hill ( назад)
The Model X looks like mini minvan. It's bigger than it looks.

Автор YaBoy Nick ( назад)
Im definitely not gonna do this to the car i don't have

Автор RAIDER69 ( назад)
I think switching off auto pilot automatically is both good and bad...What if you`re have a serious heath related issue and you set it to autopilot to the hospital ? I would like to know the car would take me there....

Автор Adam Anthony ( назад)
I forgot that u had that car

Автор bxr ( назад)
Automatically swerves off the road and crashes you while displaying a message "This is what you get for not listening, bitch"

Автор Dawei Ke ( назад)
looks like HW1.0 auto pilot. Wondering if the same thing will happen for HW2.0

Автор Anthony Kubec ( назад)
I send you the pic of the Vulcan

Автор opium extract ( назад)
modern locomotives do the same, after about a minute a light will blink, if you don't respond by doing something the air brakes will set bringing the train to a stop. good video

Автор Jakub Vacek ( назад)
I was expecting Elon Musk to land at front of you in his heli and then smacking you for disobeying his car.

Автор Alberto Chavez ( назад)
Thank you for doing this video, I always asked my self how it worked.

Автор Allthewayup ( назад)
how does it know when you end the ride lol?

Автор Alec's Garage ( назад)
talk about a camera setup lol

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