Iran denies U.S. shot down drone over Strait of Hormuz

  • Published on Jul 19, 2019
  • Iran is denying that the U.S. shot down one of its drones over the Strait of Hormuz. President Trump said the drone was shot down in a "defensive action." Benham ben Taleblu, a research fellow at the Foundation for Defense of Democracies, joins CBSN with more on the rising tensions with Iran.
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Comments • 180

  • Romanhal68
    Romanhal68 Month ago

    I hope America blew that POS out of the sky!!!

  • Gerard Vriend
    Gerard Vriend Month ago

    Trump had to aak Bolton to lie for him again!

  • mighty oaks
    mighty oaks Month ago +1

    We electronically jammed a drone at night. What would you expect to see on a video??

  • Andre v d ende
    Andre v d ende Month ago

    Why we (the west) are helping or supporting the most evil state on earth??Named saudi arabia?I never been to that country i must admid.But as far i am told it is a dark ages impire.

  • manny mo
    manny mo Month ago +1

    This guy is so stupid like many others like him, first, the US claims to have shot down a drone after they ask the unmanned drone to leave, what a stupid thing to say, Next this ignorant can't see the fact that the US is in the golf close to Iran and not the other way round, What the US doing in Iran waters policing the world? who give them this right? sure China and Russia are more than capable to do that but they don't,

  • Esa Shaik
    Esa Shaik Month ago +1

    Trump say Irans drone was shot down at 10 am while Irans video shows the drone still filming after 10 am.America did not release any video or reckage to prove America shot down or jammed an Iranian drone

  • john smith
    john smith Month ago +2

    sounds like propaganda from the u.s to get a war started how can iran smuggle their own oil lol

    IAMWATSHHHH Month ago

    Honestly, where would you want to live now. Iran or any of those muslim countries OR in the WEST? that's the end of this freaken media rubbish.

  • chrysller ryu
    chrysller ryu Month ago +1

    US ships in iranian waters yet US saying they are threatening by iranian boats in iranian territory. What a war mongrel country is US

  • chrysller ryu
    chrysller ryu Month ago

    US staging another war again. Its not surprising but US is not just staging conventional war but also economical. Now oil prices in asia will spike again hurting china and other asian countries while US enjoying oil from its ally saudi arabia. Sounds a dirty tactics from US.

  • Polar Penguine
    Polar Penguine Month ago

    America down a sea bird

  • Kengo Chisi
    Kengo Chisi Month ago +1

    Death to America .... death to America..

  • Jim a
    Jim a Month ago +1

    This so called expert, FDD= paid tool!

  • Jim a
    Jim a Month ago +2

    Trump lies again! Nothing new here1

    I THE PREACHER Month ago

    A Presumptuous Opinion: Why did the United States attack Vietnam (Afghanistan, Iraq, Sudan, Libya, Cuba, North Korea and Iran)? Rothschild is disguised and camouflaged as the USA and other countries. This thing with Iran is all about Rothschild getting control of the Banking System in the last few countries such as Afghanistan, Iraq, Sudan, Libya, Cuba, North Korea and Iran. It is not a coincidence that America is involved in the take over of the above countries. Rothschild has said “He who owns the banks rules the country.” I don’t know why any leader in their right mind would borrow money from Rothschild, when they all could just Print Money and make up Digital Money in their Banking Computer System. It wouldn’t change a thing. All Taxes go to Rothschild forwards a debt. After Rothschild gets control of all countries banking that’s when he will call for all his loans and take over the flat earth. And why don’t all the leaders tell Rothschild to get lost and get out of our countries. It is the fake Vietnam War all over again but with Iran. Why did the United States attack Vietnam? The claim by the Johnson White House was that an American ship was attacked by North Vietnamese patrol boats in the Gulf of Tonkin. This was later proven to be false, but at the time it was used as the pretext for American involvement in the conflict. Trump says he doesn’t want to make a fake War with Iran like the Vietnam War and the invasion War of Iraq. First Trump said Iran shot down an American drone. Now Trump is saying an American ship shot down an Iranian drone.Why did the United States attack Vietnam? The claim by the Johnson White House was that an American ship was attacked by North Vietnamese patrol boats in the Gulf of Tonkin. This was later proven to be false, but at the time it was used as the pretext for American involvement in the conflict.

  • Manouchehr Golipour
    Manouchehr Golipour Month ago +1

    This guy she is interviewing is an Iranian but but works for USA. He loves to talk and behave like a true American. What a shame!

  • Reyneiro Vega-Tirado

    That is the most stupidest idea I ever heard. Soo Iran things that Americans shot their own drone down.... Come on $123,billions of dollars equipment and the Marines just wants to shoot it down. Who's going to believe that?

    • Peter
      Peter Month ago

      Reyneiro Vega-Tirado Actually it’s about 222 million dollars, a small price for a false flag to start a war with Iran

  • KerRdam
    KerRdam Month ago

    What an 'objective journalist'. Real journalism here. Doesn't speak with facts. Judging by his name he must be an Arab. Which explains everything.

  • James O'Brien
    James O'Brien Month ago +1

    Iran wouldn't dare do things to start a war with the U.S. They know they would be destroyed and lose their rule if they did these things that they are blamed for now. Don't believe this propaganda for going to war with Iran. It's either the illuminati blowing up their own tankers, and flying a drone towards U.S. Navy ships to put blame on Iran or orders coming down from top officials to th U.S. military to do false flag incidents.

  • SAKE WRLD Believer 39/27

    Iran keep pushing the U.S lol then cry out when something happens

    • linda green
      linda green Month ago +2

      SAKE WRLD Believer 39/27 actually, if you researched more you would see it’s the warmongering USA who’s pushing for war with Iran.....on behalf of your homework. The truth will set you free

    • leon3230
      leon3230 Month ago

      SAKE WRLD Believer 39/27 proof ?

    • SAKE WRLD Believer 39/27
      SAKE WRLD Believer 39/27 Month ago

      @leon3230 is far as i know America is not stoping oil tankers in open free water ways

    • leon3230
      leon3230 Month ago +1

      As far as i know Iran is not surrounding america with ships and bases

  • Qasem Soleimani
    Qasem Soleimani Month ago +2

    Are you sure the US didn't shoot down a seagull

  • Bionic man
    Bionic man Month ago +2

    Dump administration are a bunch of liars 10,700 lies and counting

  • dlee johnson
    dlee johnson Month ago +5

    imagine if iran parked a ship off the us coast the US is so hypocritical who does the US think it is

    • Qasem Soleimani
      Qasem Soleimani Month ago +1

      Exactly, I come into your home and trespass and I get you arrested for doing something about it.

  • Kenneth Esau Point
    Kenneth Esau Point Month ago +5


  • ooPROTOTYPE1oo
    ooPROTOTYPE1oo Month ago +6

    This is just funny that even we Americans are siding on Iran's claim rather than our own.
    That's because we are all fed up with the LIES that the Trump Admin is releasing...It's pathetic.

  • Carin Hall
    Carin Hall Month ago +3

    It was an Israeli drone and the US has already given it back to Israel.

    • Kaiser
      Kaiser Month ago

      How do you know it was Israeli, do you have a source for this?

  • Zaw Turrr
    Zaw Turrr Month ago +3

    Somebody plz broke that glass of that lier man with no evidence. They only believe.

  • Daniel Youngblood
    Daniel Youngblood Month ago +1

    She said the the us shot down it's own usas.lmao reading fail!!

  • Daniel Youngblood
    Daniel Youngblood Month ago +3

    The response from Iran, was funny.

  • Hans
    Hans Month ago

    why does it say 13/07/18?

    • Hans
      Hans Month ago +1

      @Carin Hall lol i thought it was ah 13 insteqd of 19

    • Carin Hall
      Carin Hall Month ago

      It says 19/07/18. Persians read the date from right to left

  • Rakib ahammed
    Rakib ahammed Month ago +1

    USA shot a bat thinking iranian drone

  • Alo Ben
    Alo Ben Month ago +2

    Boycott all the big news site. They are owned by the elits. Your not gonna get a true news.

  • Alo Ben
    Alo Ben Month ago

    Dose it looks like this bs lies from us gov was made for us nop, it is for you, So the lies is on you mf's

  • Ally Said
    Ally Said Month ago +11

    USA has no Sufficient Evidence so it should just Stop spreading LIES!!

  • thomas 71
    thomas 71 Month ago +3

    Who believes anything Trump says!

  • jeff berson
    jeff berson Month ago +3

    This guy needs to shut up, he doesn't know anything

  • vinto34
    vinto34 Month ago +7

    Cool...let's see the footage of it being shot down trump...iran has there's with no shoot down.

  • jrag1000
    jrag1000 Month ago +5

    We can take pictures with our phones but we don't have footage of downing the Iranian drone?
    Pictures or it didn't happen, AND the British have taken some strong actions against Iran!
    They've stopped sending their ships through the Strait of Hormuz.
    Britain, a pale pathetic shadow of their former greatness... lol

  • Atiqullah Afghan
    Atiqullah Afghan Month ago +22

    Iran has proof but US only claim without proof
    Trump proof is only bolton words

    • mighty oaks
      mighty oaks Month ago

      We electronically jammed a drone at night. What would you expect to see?

      IAMWATSHHHH Month ago


  • Conjurer Woman
    Conjurer Woman Month ago +6

    This guy you are interviewing sounds like a White House. insider! He isn't credible!

  • Philip Dow
    Philip Dow Month ago

    بهنام مادر جنده

  • Abdullah Abbas
    Abdullah Abbas Month ago

    Drone taking footage after shot...
    May be shot by dslr

    • Qasem Soleimani
      Qasem Soleimani Month ago

      The drone still taking footage after it got shot down

    BTS LIVE Month ago +7

    Who is this Buffon with glasses? Who lied more? He said Iran, give me a break. This guy is lying and must be a dark skinned Zionist.
    If US shoot it down, where is footage, and debris? US is very good at filming footages and collecting evidences, but not this time.....I wonder why. It doesn’t take scientist to figure it out.

    • Qasem Soleimani
      Qasem Soleimani Month ago

      It vaporised like the 4 planes on 9/11, no wreckage, no black boxes, nothing.

  • Ryan Ripley
    Ryan Ripley Month ago

    Good luck denying your entire navy being sunk. i hope they get every last iranian ship.

    • Conjurer Woman
      Conjurer Woman Month ago +1

      Ryan Ripley
      Russia and Iran are Allies so think WWIII!

  • Betty Forsberg
    Betty Forsberg Month ago +1


    • Conjurer Woman
      Conjurer Woman Month ago

      Betty Forsberg
      Well, water is wet! The White House Occupant is a PSYCHOPATH and Psychopaths lie 24/7. You just cannot believe them!

  • richard byers
    richard byers 2 months ago +1

    First time the POTUS pulled a "Let's not and say we did".

  • The Critique
    The Critique 2 months ago +3

    How is it the country behind 9/11 attack becomes a US ally!!! ???
    CBS has always a watery mouth for war!

  • Tresor
    Tresor 2 months ago +34

    Do not just words. Iran released its
    Proof, US needs to provide it's own proof too.

    • Ali Hoffman
      Ali Hoffman Month ago

      the video that IRGC released was 3 hour! But Twitter blocked tasnimnews and yjc accounts so go to iranian site and see the full version

    • mighty oaks
      mighty oaks Month ago

      @Stephen Jenkins no point in talking to these idiots, they're preprogrammed by dictators

    • Stephen Jenkins
      Stephen Jenkins Month ago +1

      @Kevin Trye US provided proof for the attack on the tankers, and idiots like you aren't satisfied still. I don't want war, but convincing people that don't want to be convinced is stupid.

    • Kevin Trye
      Kevin Trye Month ago

      The US doesn't need proof. It's statements are enough for US patriots, as it was for invading Vietnam and Iraq. #liecheatsteal

  • Gypsy Gypsy
    Gypsy Gypsy 2 months ago +2

    Amerikkka in bed with the Saudi Terrorists. Look at the pictures hanging on the wall, while these officers having there picture taken.

  • King OfTroy
    King OfTroy 2 months ago

    Lol iran is trash

  • Stephen
    Stephen 2 months ago +1

    Do nothing but lie, u being deported anytime soon? .!.. ..!.

  • Luis Gonzalez
    Luis Gonzalez 2 months ago +2


  • Ryan
    Ryan 2 months ago +19

    who is this guy you are interviewing with? John Bolton's son?

  • Archer S
    Archer S 2 months ago +3

    Iran said they are ready for war and Trumps tone changed dramaticly towards them. When you watch Trump explain what happened he sounds nervous like even he knows the people won't believe him. Either way our tax dollars are hard at work . I need some more 🍿 🍿

  • 人情味儿没有
    人情味儿没有 2 months ago +6

    Even if Iran lost a drone. It costs a lot less than the US one downed by Iran.

    • Athea Kong
      Athea Kong Month ago

      @my thoughts ...120 millions dollars each...that is a lot of money's

    • my thoughts
      my thoughts Month ago

      Really? That's your comment.....
      US drone cost approximately $120 million. US defense budget is $721 billion dollars a year. Yes I said billion.
      That $120 million isn't sh*t 🤣🤣
      How much those sanctions costing Iran considering its oil exports dropping from 2.4 million bpd to under
      400,000 bpd courtesy of the US.
      What's for dinner?🤣🖕

  • David Hendrix
    David Hendrix 2 months ago

    The US denies Iran is a real country... Because it is about to be gone...

  • TheDesert IsPatient
    TheDesert IsPatient 2 months ago +2

    Well.... it was Trump who told us about it. Why should we believe him? And we do have our own Navy running their ships into each other; maybe the Irans are right - we shot down our own drone

    • ROXEY
      ROXEY 2 months ago

      Feel Free to stand with Iran, I'm sure they'll love you there.

  • tino v
    tino v 2 months ago +3

    Bet it was Bolton guiding that US drone...

  • King Ifrit
    King Ifrit 2 months ago +2

    This is so dangerous.
    Why are the American WARships there in the first place?
    Why are these questions not raised? Why would we believe Trump over Iran after all his lies?
    They have nothing to win with going to war with America. America does,another country to plunder.

  • Steven Rodriguez
    Steven Rodriguez 2 months ago