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    Christmas is SO CLOSE and I am feeling the holiday spirit HAHA! Today I’m showing you how to create this classic holiday glam but with a twist: ombre glitter liner. The most fun part is that you can create this liner in any color combo you like! Wanna see how to do it? Keep on watching!
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    Maybelline Fit Me Loose Powder #05 ‣ bit.ly/2vc5W0O
    CHEEKS ⋆
    MAC Next to Nothing Pressed Powder “Medium Plus” + “Dark” ‣ bit.ly/2CFutMm
    Rodial Instaglam Deluxe Bronzing Powder #3 ‣ bit.ly/2l4rdjH
    MAC Extra Dimension Blush “Fairly Precious” ‣ bit.ly/2kBVw2P
    MAC Eyeshadow “Nylon” ‣ bit.ly/2CpRVft
    EYES ⋆
    SEPHORA COLLECTION Pro Cool Palette ‣ bit.ly/2zgVZA5
    MAC Select Cover-Up Concealer “NW15” ‣ bit.ly/2mY70yG
    Make Up For Ever Aqua Liner #10 ‣ bit.ly/2k59M50
    NYX Glitter Adhesive ‣ bit.ly/2Bk3JRm
    Go Get Glitter Loose Glitters: “Goldmine”, “Amber Light” + “Red Velvet” ‣ bit.ly/2k43UbZ
    MAC Eyeshadow “Nylon” ‣ bit.ly/2CpRVft
    MAC Extended Play Lash Mascara ‣ bit.ly/2oW8Lzm
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    • Angie M.
      Angie M. 10 часов назад

      You look gorgeous!

    • Eliza Darlucio
      Eliza Darlucio 10 часов назад

      This Holiday glam is going to be my inspiration...i want to achieve this look so much..😊 please pray for me..haha😆

    • Michael Knous
      Michael Knous 10 часов назад

      Nikkie is literally the best

    • Lydia Chuc
      Lydia Chuc 10 часов назад +1

      Red lips are the best! 💋

  • MyNamesKatieKoo
    MyNamesKatieKoo 5 минут назад

    My favourite holiday looks is this! its so beautiful and amazing, youre honestly my favourite beauty guru here on youtube and youre makeup skills are insane. I love you Nikkie! x

  • Fotini Ntzouf
    Fotini Ntzouf 5 минут назад

    SimplyNailogical HAS to try those holo glitters!!

  • Brianna Norman
    Brianna Norman 5 минут назад

    Bold red lipssss 💋💋

  • Atifa
    Atifa 5 минут назад


  • The Blue Doge
    The Blue Doge 5 минут назад

    This is literally why you can't trust woman smh

  • Amelie Quinney
    Amelie Quinney 5 минут назад

    Red lipstick with a strong brow like yours. Love you x

  • Francesca Rochat
    Francesca Rochat 5 минут назад

    my go to is reddish brown eyeshadow with shiny goooold on the lids from my morphe palette (so in loooooove) and dark pink liquid lipstick (so i can eat and make minimal mess ;) looooove you and your vids ;)

  • Julie van Riel
    Julie van Riel 5 минут назад

    Fav holiday look: no makeup except for a candycane on my cheek, loved yours though

  • Claire
    Claire 5 минут назад

    my fave Christmas look is something gold and of course red lips I mean it's not Christmas without gold and red so let's look like a Christmas tree!🎄🎄

  • Zahra Zaheer
    Zahra Zaheer 5 минут назад

    Classic gold eye with red lip!!!!

  • LipCandy
    LipCandy 5 минут назад

    I'm really into the classic glam look. Nude eyes, the center with a little bit glitter oder shimmer and red on the lips. And highlight on the cheek you could see on the moon of course 😍😍😄

  • R a z a n ر ز ا ن
    R a z a n ر ز ا ن 5 минут назад

    Silvery glitter eyelook with a winged liner and a BOLD RED matte lipstick😍 LOVE YOU NIKKIE❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️

  • 3beer Mohhamed
    3beer Mohhamed 5 минут назад

    My fav is winged liner with red lips

  • Emily Felt
    Emily Felt 5 минут назад

    Glitter lips!

  • Aeiouu
    Aeiouu 5 минут назад

    Red lipsticks evettimee

  • Crystal Oskovich
    Crystal Oskovich 6 минут назад

    My favorite holiiday look is the literal personification of those colorful light up Christmas trees, oh with some pinky beautiful gloss to finish

  • Teresa Meléndez
    Teresa Meléndez 6 минут назад +1

    ​Hey Nikkie, Thank you for inspired me and for all these fantastic videos that are really helping me to know more about makeup and the fun in it. My holidays make up would be full coverage, my eyes would be the same as the video call " PLAYING WITH MAGIC MAKEUP??" , lips with glitter like a mix of green or gold and red for the Christmas Spirit haha, highlighter, bronzer, maybe blush, eyelashes, of course, the eyebrows but that is a tricky part for me so hehe.. skip it :( I need a tutorial pleaseeee HELPPP !! And well, of course, a good counter and fix plus because we want the makeup to last all night, don't we haha. Well, I would like to tell you to thank you for being an amazing person and for showing us that use makeup IS NOT WRONG! THANK YOU !! God Bless you, Happy HOLIDAYS !! Love you, byeee :)

  • Prisca 96
    Prisca 96 6 минут назад

    The best holiday make-up to me is a smokey eye, red lips and of course THE BRIGHTEST highlight ✨⭐️

  • Kpopop
    Kpopop 6 минут назад

    Hey Nikkie, My favourite Holiday look for the holidays is a cut crease with green holographic glitter ✨ and glossy red lips ❤️❤️ so excited for winter wonder week 😃💖💖

  • Lily Roisin
    Lily Roisin 6 минут назад

    you should do a candy cane inspired eye x

  • Sarvnaz Sadeghi
    Sarvnaz Sadeghi 6 минут назад

    My favourite holiday look is what you did omg i am now so inspired to do such make up look! But my current favourite that I do it every day basically is glitter eyes with red lipstick and people in The Netherlands look at me like why the fuck this girl is wearing alot of makeup 😂😂 (asss you know they don't wear much make-up)

  • llk k
    llk k 6 минут назад

    Hi nikkie,my favourite holiday make up look is brown-glitter cut crease with eyeliner,bronzie contour red lips and blinding highlight ❤

  • Afro Pastel
    Afro Pastel 6 минут назад

    My fav mulook is eyeliner, a touch of glittee on tge eyes and red glitter lips 😁

  • Amanda Hough
    Amanda Hough 6 минут назад

    Red lips are definitely the staple for holiday looks.

  • Eddy Lloyd
    Eddy Lloyd 6 минут назад +1

    Number 1 trending you’re doing great sweetie! ❤️

  • a cool username
    a cool username 6 минут назад +1

    My favourite holiday makeup is whatever Nikkie does on her face😂✊

  • Danesia Morales
    Danesia Morales 6 минут назад

    This bitch KILLS ME! “So today I woke up and the first thing I thought was... I have to pee” 🤣 I love you Nikkie!! My fave holiday look is a dark military/forest greenish smokey eye with gold liner in the crease and hella big lashes. It’s FABULOUS🎄💁🏻
    Happy holidays everyone😘

  • Kaybean WD
    Kaybean WD 6 минут назад

    My favourite holiday look is gold and red smokey eyes with black winged liner and a bright lip x

  • Zoey G
    Zoey G 7 минут назад

    My favourite holiday look is full coverage, glowing base, bronze/ golden eyes and a classic red lip x

  • Janice Gomes
    Janice Gomes 7 минут назад

    I love warm looks for Christmas & a good sharp liner. As well as a killer red lip 😍 perfect

  • Lily Roisin
    Lily Roisin 7 минут назад

    a neutral eye, with a bold red lip ! x

  • Amy Devlin
    Amy Devlin 7 минут назад +1

    Hey babes❤️ I understand that everyone's saying their fave holiday look is with a red lip but honestly my all time favourite the last few years has been a smoked out half cut crease using the Kylie cosmetics burgundy palette especially the gorgeous red/burgundy shades and then some blinding highlight , a natural bronzed base and a glossy nude lip. But maybe this Christmas I could try a monochromatic look with a red lip and a neutral toned lid with a red smoky lower lash line♥️
    Merry Christmas Nikkie xox

  • Nour El Hoda  Abu Laban
    Nour El Hoda Abu Laban 7 минут назад

    Wing liner and red lips!!! YOU ARE BEAUTIFUL!!

  • Jenni
    Jenni 7 минут назад

    My glam look includes basic black winged liner and gold eyeshadows and of course gold glitter. Then I will use my golden highlighter and maybe some brown, golden lipstick. I’m going all for gold

  • Aleksandra Pytlarz
    Aleksandra Pytlarz 7 минут назад

    I looove winged liner and red lips🎄

  • Rodney Thalia
    Rodney Thalia 7 минут назад

    Honestly I just love everything in glitter at Christmas and silver coz it's just gorgeous. I also really wish someone did some sort of different holiday looked with like light purple lips or something rather than all the red (but maybe that's just coz I have a purple Christmas jumper) anyone else?

  • Nadia
    Nadia 7 минут назад

    Love you nikkie, my favourite holiday look is the classic smoky eye with red lips and red glitter on top of the lipstick that is so gorgeous. I wanted to say how much I love you and how much you inspire me to go chase my dreams and do what I want, you deserve every bit of happiness love you 💖💖💖

  • MissKiki
    MissKiki 7 минут назад

    Favorite holiday look is classic pinup with a red lip.

  • _trileh_
    _trileh_ 7 минут назад

    Winged eyeliner is such a strugle for me but that is my go to festive/party look.

  • Екатерина Грядина
    Екатерина Грядина 7 минут назад

    ahh... Nikkie this obre wings is amazing! it gives me a reason to live my life. so except you makeup look for holiday, i really like dark smockey with classic red lipstick AND LET THIS COVER IT ALL WITH GLITTERS BOOM!

  • LianneMista
    LianneMista 7 минут назад

    Ugggh ❤️ so pretty. My classic holiday glaam is just pretty simple : Bold wing liner with a bright red lips and a blinding highlight✨✨✨✨ btw im a big fan of yours, ever since i started my make up journey! 🤗 Thank you for inspiring me everydaaaay! Sending virtual hugs all the way from Philippines! 🇵🇭😍

  • Jasmine sugar
    Jasmine sugar 7 минут назад

    I love you sooooo much Nikkie xx

  • Phoebe Guest
    Phoebe Guest 7 минут назад

    i like a classic black wing and red lip but also very glowy skin aka highlighting to the gods

  • Renio
    Renio 7 минут назад

    my fave holiday makeup is a smokey eye look using only blues and blinding silvers! l like the "christmas night" as a holiday theme, just for a change from the christmas tree theme with the reds and greens. Electric blues in inner and outer corners, smokey deep blue for depth, and a blinding silver cut creese for a bomb look. For the lips l would go for an iconic red, cuz aint no christmas honey with no red lips! bonus points if its a metallic red

  • Brianna Sweet
    Brianna Sweet 7 минут назад

    I love a good golden eye with some reeeed lips ❤️💋👌🏻

  • Zuha Khan
    Zuha Khan 7 минут назад

    I don't celebrate Christmas but for me holidays are Eid..and i love winged liner with green eyeshadow, a golden crease and nude lips 😍 and u looked gorgeous btw❤🔥

  • Mrs Kayros Glam
    Mrs Kayros Glam 7 минут назад

    Hello Nikkie! I loved this look! I've seen all your videos since I found your channel. I loved to be able to see your evolution as a makeup artist and as a person. You were my main inspiration to start my own makeup channel so thank you very much for helping me get the courage to do it.
    My favourite Holliday's look would be a smokey black eye with a silver to golden gradient cut crease and champagne lips.
    Thank you for all the hard work you put into making these videos! I really appreciate your efforts and I'm always excited for the next video!
    With all the love from Switzerland!

  • Andrea Maxine
    Andrea Maxine 7 минут назад

    For the holidays I love a glowy look, a blinding highlight, and any red lip colour 💖💖

  • sadaf iqbal
    sadaf iqbal 7 минут назад

    my fav holiday make up would be winged eyeliner, with metallic lips and glow on cheeks.. you are an awsome make up artist and love your glittery winged liner

  • Emily speed
    Emily speed 8 минут назад

    my perfect holiday look is a cut crease with lots of gold glitter/smokey brown/winged eyeliner. and a nudey glossy lip😍 xxxx

  • Kat Moviment
    Kat Moviment 8 минут назад

    A green and gold eye with loooooots of glitter and a bold lip👄💄, soft bronzing and super highlight 💁🏼 like always

  • Chloe Cress
    Chloe Cress 8 минут назад

    Lotsss of gold highlight and the perfect red lipstick 😍😍😍

  • Alba Montoya
    Alba Montoya 8 минут назад

    I Love a natural shadow wiith a killer cat eye, big eyelashes and a red lip for christmas! And for new years eve I like almost the same makeup but smokier and shimmery 🎉🎄💄

  • Lilly Incookieble
    Lilly Incookieble 8 минут назад

    im so hyped for the natural look!!

  • Iliana ky
    Iliana ky 8 минут назад

    I mean it's christmas, you really can't go wrong with a red lip!

  • michaln
    michaln 8 минут назад

    my favorite part of christmas make up is aloooot of glitter alooooot of blinding hi light and yea ...booom 😄💖

  • Clodagh Murray
    Clodagh Murray 8 минут назад

    Hi Nikkie ILYSFM I have watched your videos for the past two years and I love them also you should do a video testing the soph palletes as I’m looking at tutorials and I would love your opinion my favorite holiday look is a Big bold full coverage with a beautiful bronze smoky eye and a stunning red lip just like the one your wearing in today’s video ❤️

  • sara _m
    sara _m 8 минут назад

    My holiday look is glitter on eyes ,eyeliner or gliter eyeliner ,dark lips and blinding highlighter ,or smokie eye and glitter lips
    Ps .sorry about spelling

  • Giselle Ramirez
    Giselle Ramirez 8 минут назад


  • Kyla Standley
    Kyla Standley 8 минут назад

    Love the eyes. I always enjoy your chat during the videos. Have a great day Nikki

  • Rehana Ali
    Rehana Ali 8 минут назад

    I like a gold smokey eye with a red lipstick

  • Psycho
    Psycho 8 минут назад

    #1 on trending

  • michellebarett
    michellebarett 8 минут назад

    Taupe eyes and red lips

  • jujupezzo
    jujupezzo 8 минут назад

    My fav holidays make up is just a good smoky eyes ... with lots of glitter 😁

  • Emily M
    Emily M 8 минут назад

    i love a glowy face  and a smokey eye

  • Anj Hoving
    Anj Hoving 8 минут назад

    My favorite holiday look is bold red lips and a lovely smokey eye! Aaand lots of glitter and glowing!! 😍😍

  • Hadeel M.
    Hadeel M. 8 минут назад

    Favorite look is a gold Smokey eye with big lashes and Bordeaux lips 😍😍

  • Fanni Szabó
    Fanni Szabó 8 минут назад

    Hey Nikkie! I love a warm toned look for the holidays(: Shimmery gold eyeshadow with a silver twist is my all time favourite hahah.
    I love ur tutorials, every time i watch ur videos it inspires me to practice and teach myself as well.(:

  • Hocksie
    Hocksie 8 минут назад

    my favourite is glitter!!!!

  • Nikita Mason
    Nikita Mason 8 минут назад

    My fave holiday look is red lips with a classic winged black liner x

  • Yusra Jamal
    Yusra Jamal 8 минут назад

    Hey nikki, mines a wing eyeliner with a classic shimmer on the lid and a stunning red lip ofc with a bomb ass contour and highlighter ( including the rest) btw love you so much your absolutely talented when it comes to make up keep it up ❤️❤️❤️

  • ramzmakeup
    ramzmakeup 8 минут назад

    Hey Nikkie baby I love the red smokey eyes with (redish)nude lips if you know what I mean :P Love you xoxo

  • MendesStar
    MendesStar 8 минут назад +1

    Your. Lips. I’m. Dying. AAAAA

  • caros_world 123
    caros_world 123 8 минут назад +1

    Hi NikkieI wanted to ask you for a makeup collection as the last video in the year 2017💜

  • Ptacci
    Ptacci 9 минут назад

    I like to change my make up every year. This year probably some warm tone eyeshadows, because that's what i loved to use in past couple of months.

  • Christina Colan
    Christina Colan 9 минут назад

    My favorite Christmas makeup look is black liner with a really deep red lip cause that's all I know how to do lol

  • Michael Fields
    Michael Fields 9 минут назад

    Awesome personality

  • _ Moonpie _
    _ Moonpie _ 9 минут назад

    My favourite holiday makeup tutorial has to be the classic snatched wing liner and a red lip ❤️❤️

  • Chase Martinson
    Chase Martinson 9 минут назад

    I love a bold red lip and something smoky on the eyes, pretty much what you did in this video. Lol ❤️

  • Ningtyas Putri  Octaviani
    Ningtyas Putri Octaviani 9 минут назад

    my favorite holiday make up look is a GLITTER ALL THE WAY with a nude lips oh that's gonna be good

  • Kim Guyou
    Kim Guyou 9 минут назад

    Omg, Nikkie, that wing glitter liner is so stunning!!!! My holiday makeup look is pretty much a natural look but with a bold lipstick. Not as exiting as yours haha. Love from France!

  • karina mat
    karina mat 9 минут назад +1

    Gold cut crease 😍😍😍

  • Petra Avsenik
    Petra Avsenik 9 минут назад

    My favourite holiday makeup look would be a dark green cut crease with BA BEM silver glitters on the lid and ofcourse a stunning bright highlighter (your glazed donut is giving me LIFE) and christmasy lips

  • Saoirse Browne
    Saoirse Browne 9 минут назад

    Personally don't have a set Christmas look but would be similar to yours with browns and subtle glitter and a red lip. Red lips are a must. Love your personality if you read this x

  • Manouk Vos
    Manouk Vos 9 минут назад

    I find it so hard to put red lipstick on, so I usually do a nude lip en a more colorful eye, BUT this is my chance to do red lips for xmas.. BTW I am a dutchie tooooo

  • Savitri P. Wulandari
    Savitri P. Wulandari 9 минут назад

    My go-to holiday make up always needs some twist to it. I want to make them simple and wearable, but also extra enough that people will kind of like, "wow, you did that?". Wing liner, it's a must for me. Fleek eyebrows, of course. What always different are the eyes and the lips. Each holiday I try to improve my skill a lot more, of course. What give it a twist is the eyes and make up. If I'm feeling brave, I would use some shimmer cut crease and some red lipstick with gloss over it. If I'm feeling a little nude, I would just go with calm eyeshadows with nude. Also with gloss. Usually depends on my mood. But not gonna lie, doing my make up for the holidays have that kind of thrills, cause you know you need to fleek some family member. but anyway, love you so much and hope you nothing but the best! Happy holiday! 🎅

  • yaz yaz
    yaz yaz 9 минут назад

    My fave holiday makeup look is a white and red like a candy cane glittery winged liner above a peachy eyeshadow and a stunna lip 😍

  • Hannah White
    Hannah White 9 минут назад

    Favourite holiday look is soft pink blush, no harsh contour, classic little black wing liner, obviously true red and a rose gold or white silver eyeshadow look 🎄🎄❤️❤️

  • Brette Uukivi
    Brette Uukivi 9 минут назад

    My favourite holiday makeup look is brown smoky eyes of course, with a red lip!😍🙌🏼

  • olga fia
    olga fia 9 минут назад

    Hii nikki !❤
    I really love a full glitter eye with a dark red lip i think the perfect dark red lip make you sexy and powerfull
    P.S. omg when you put your foundation on is so satisfying 😂😂❤❤

  • Martina Polita
    Martina Polita 9 минут назад

    Christmas make up is all about black lipstick and a classic black wing eyeliner with glitter eyes

  • Zach Grey
    Zach Grey 9 минут назад

    Bleh???? Umm so my favorite is a lot sooo who Knows??

  • Xaviera Boyce
    Xaviera Boyce 9 минут назад

    Hey 👋 I️ don’t celebrate Christmas but I️ do love the the holidays 😏and honestly I️ love anything with glitter✨ the more the better and I️ absolutely love Smokey eyes and have been dying to get the Fenty lip paint but I’m broke 😂but I️ love you 😍and you tutorials you’re amazing👑 and they have really helped me get better at doing makeup and I️ hope I️ can be as good as you honestly 😩😩😩😩😩😩❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️💯💯💯💯💯‼️‼️‼️‼️‼️

  • Courtney Warneford
    Courtney Warneford 10 минут назад

    You can’t have a Christmas look without the glitter and the red lips❤️🙌🏼

  • kaoutar allout
    kaoutar allout 10 минут назад


  • Menna Ashraf
    Menna Ashraf 10 минут назад

    Nikki i love your holiday makeup sure honey

  • Inès Raeymaekers
    Inès Raeymaekers 10 минут назад

    Ik ben te lui om het in het engels te doen duss 😂
    Mijn favoriete feestlook is: een ful coverage gezicht met de blush 'peach' van mac met een blinding highlight en een smokey eye (met bruintinten) en een winged eyeliner . Om dan de look af te maken doe ik ofterwijl een nude lip met een highlight in het midden of een knalrode lipstick 😊 (alleen heb ik niet zo heel veel rode lipsticks die echt full coverage zijn daarom doe ik dus vooral mee, zodat ik dit jaar mijn lippen echt kan laten poppen 😁)

  • Imshal Idrees
    Imshal Idrees 10 минут назад


  • Lillie Milner
    Lillie Milner 10 минут назад

    My fave holiday look is all red matte lip stick and a dark pink ombré in the middle but I don’t have a good red lipstick I have a primark one 😂❤️😂❤️ LOVE YOU NIKKIE I HAVE BEEN SUBSCRIBED SINCE I CANT EVEN REMEMBER ❤️😂❤️😂❤️