An Ideal Education - Part 1

Sadhguru and Sir Ken Robinson discuss education beyond simply molding children into cogs for modern society’s economic machine. Sadhguru also describes the three types of schools which have been set up within Isha.

Sadhguru Talks @ In Conversation with the Mystic, Sir Ken Robinson with Sadhguru, The Ideal Education, May 2016, Los Angeles


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Yogi, mystic and visionary, Sadhguru is a spiritual master with a difference. An arresting blend of profundity and pragmatism, his life and work serves as a reminder that yoga is a contemporary science, vitally relevant to our times.

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Автор Mamta Jain ( назад)
Very Good Discussion and eye opener for true education seeker

Автор CHANDAN AGARWAL ( назад)
I wish could have watched this video...when I was at school.....where I was bullied for not getting grades and got depressed and I lot my other competencies....which affected my adult life.....I can now feel a life inside me.....Pranam Guru ji..

Автор Maria Mison ( назад)
I love how current sadghuru is!! Look at him , that's sir Ken robinson listening to him talking about meditation, just wow. I hope all of the world's leaders hear his message

Автор Loopwhoop from Happy Town realized All is One. ( назад)
great one

Автор Saanch Singhal ( назад)
Woww.. two of my favourites together!!

Автор Pratik Thorat ( назад)
unprejudiced indiscriminate attention to everything...!!!!

Автор M Shyam ( назад)
the best video of sadguru i've ever heard... this is the form of education that is needed for the current and the coming generations to shape the world completely exuberantly...

"death is the only thing which has added value to your life " otherwise you would be unbearable!!!

Автор adarsh thambi ( назад)
" Door in the world may open little slowly for you but when they open they stay open"

Автор Alf Reds ( назад)
I would like to see in the videos (in all of them) a general take from the audience listening to you, it can be interesting to see all the variety of people you meet. So long! :)

Автор camondjson ( назад)
could you post the whole talk? Thanks

Автор Jan Westerdahl ( назад)
This was very interesting tale..Feel very thankfull to have access to all your exiting mysterys and wisdom.Thank you my dear friend!

Автор Kevin K ( назад)
"The doors will stay open because you opened them not because of a certificate but because of competence." wow. Just wow, I needed those wise words.

Автор Samadrit Sarkar ( назад)

Автор ABeautifuILie ( назад)
"Not because of qualification but by competence you open doors" Sadhguru

Автор Crisp days ( назад)
thank you very much wise man

Автор chinthala lohit ( назад)
Please post a full video of that discussion.......Very interesting to watch

Автор Sibel Sürücü ( назад)
thank you very much for sharing this..is there a chance to post the whole discussion on youtube? i'm a teacher myself and i am very interested in this topic..

Автор Iyngaran Mankkaleswaran ( назад)
Death is absolutely perfect.
Life, by its own nature, is imperfect.
Truer words have not been spoken this bluntly, yet eloquently, for quite some time now.

Just... wow.

Pranam, Sadhguruji!! :'-)

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