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  • Published on Sep 29, 2019
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  • Eleven
    Eleven 17 hours ago

    Dance moms WTF

  • Raluca Lotreanu
    Raluca Lotreanu 17 hours ago

    I like TALL GIRL

  • Park Jisoo
    Park Jisoo Day ago

    The writing wasn’t the greatest but it wasn’t the actors fault, this was her first movie. They did her wrong.

  • Tato Chan
    Tato Chan Day ago

    Tall girl: You think your life is hard? I'm a highschool junior wearing size 13 Nikes. *Men's* size 13 Nikes. Beat that.
    Me: (is a 5'3 freshman) (dealt with bullying, homophobia, and enbyphobia throughout all of middle school) (has been emotionally abused all my life) (has adhd, several types of anxiety and basically no self-worth) *cries* you are so brave

  • Faiza Balola
    Faiza Balola 2 days ago

    I've seen this movie

  • Jeanny Sv
    Jeanny Sv 4 days ago

    I am 24 years old and I am size 5. beat that

  • Vanessa Castedo
    Vanessa Castedo 4 days ago

    The best is the one of the cousin 😂

  • Firex Jae
    Firex Jae 6 days ago

    Dont know from what land you are, but in my land she is just a normal girl with a normal height (im a dutchie

  • Kelisha
    Kelisha 6 days ago

    6ft3 and I’m 14 😭 size 13 aswell 😭😭

  • Malak Haider
    Malak Haider 6 days ago

    2:51 😩😩😩

  • Sayra Hurtado
    Sayra Hurtado 7 days ago

    6'1 isn't even tall😂

  • Krystal Winter
    Krystal Winter 7 days ago

    I've got size 9 shoes and 5'9 and only S2 (Grade 7), 13 years

  • Samantha Esquibal
    Samantha Esquibal 8 days ago

    The 3rd girl is stupid and she racist

  • Kalimba Noob
    Kalimba Noob 9 days ago

    It isn’t her fault she didn’t write the script

  • Cool LoLMiami
    Cool LoLMiami 9 days ago

    I am but a pipsquek

  • Scratcher_425
    Scratcher_425 9 days ago

    4:20 “I’m getting married to my cuz next week”

  • Adina Warburg
    Adina Warburg 9 days ago

    Why did they even make that movie??????

  • kamile Simenaite
    kamile Simenaite 9 days ago

    Omg dance moms 😭😂😂😂😂

  • K-hime
    K-hime 10 days ago

    For all the Europeans out there. A men's size 13 in US sizing is a 46 in EU sizing.

  • jeongyeon is a queen
    jeongyeon is a queen 10 days ago


  • JustANormalGuy 2
    JustANormalGuy 2 10 days ago

    I feel bad for the gay guy

  • R. Alisha
    R. Alisha 10 days ago

    Also the problem ain’t you height girl, you’re outfit game is trash. Why were you wearing a janitor jumpsuit?!

  • R. Alisha
    R. Alisha 10 days ago

    Tall girl: Beat that.
    Me: I found out I had bipolar at 21 and had constant tantrums through school. I also constantly feel dead inside, but damn those Men’s Nike’s are rough.

  • Albus Dumbledore
    Albus Dumbledore 10 days ago

    I made one and it said “I don’t have enough money for chicken nuggets

  • Otterly pie
    Otterly pie 11 days ago +1

    0:21 um?

  • Coudy WANE
    Coudy WANE 11 days ago

    "it's not that hard sis" literally my thoughts during the entire movie

  • Rayan Animation
    Rayan Animation 11 days ago

    I know this is tik tok and it's fun and has the joke in it but there is actually no need to curse at the girl like calling her a h*e or a bit*h 😭😭😭

  • Rianna Gandhi
    Rianna Gandhi 11 days ago

    It's a fucking movie brooo😒😒

  • Snow / Clara
    Snow / Clara 11 days ago

    She has size 10 women’s feet and is over 6’. bitch I have size 10 women’s feet and I’m 5’2 and you don’t see me fucking complaining about it

  • trapped face
    trapped face 11 days ago

    OmG iMaGiNe HaViNg To WeAr MeNs SiZe 1³!

    Imagine having your mom living in a different continent than you.

  • υωυвαвιι
    υωυвαвιι 11 days ago

    *"You think your life is hard? I'm a high school junior wearing size 13 nikes. MENS size 13 Nike's. Beat that. "*
    Me: I'm not allowed to wear shorts-

  • Flamel Camel
    Flamel Camel 11 days ago +1

    when your favourite lizard dies :(

  • Mave Namir
    Mave Namir 11 days ago

    I can't even afford Nike

  • Queen
    Queen 11 days ago

    I just realized that I have huge feet compared to my height.... Im 5'2 and wear men's 8

  • oofstrawberry
    oofstrawberry 12 days ago

    my brother wears men’s size 13 nikes and he’s 12

  • Vegan Caliou
    Vegan Caliou 12 days ago

    Let’s not forget she wasn’t the one who wrote the lines to the movie lmao. So if it was anyone to blame, it’s not ava

  • Bia rio
    Bia rio 12 days ago

    You think your life is hard? I'm a high school sophomore wearing 3.5 size 'Nikes' KIDS size

  • The Moon
    The Moon 12 days ago

    *I'm getting married to my cousin next week*

  • E v e r
    E v e r 12 days ago

    So... ¿Ella prefiere ser el chaneke?

  • Keerthana S
    Keerthana S 13 days ago

    Why does many people hate this movie

  • backstreet51
    backstreet51 15 days ago

    girl at 3:50 is my FAV

  • Alyssa
    Alyssa 15 days ago

    I actually like the movie tbh. The girl for sure was being dramatic no doubt and the parents and almost EVERYONE in the movie and the directors.

  • The black Unicorn/mermaid

    Idk why I like this one 2:08

  • fandom itself haha
    fandom itself haha 15 days ago

    0:37 tall girl isn’t that bad lol
    it’s actually pretty good and funny.

  • Ruby Rose
    Ruby Rose 15 days ago

    You think YOUR life is hard? I’m a 4’7 freshman wearing size five nikes. KIDS’ size five nikes.

  • Ruby Rose
    Ruby Rose 15 days ago

    3:13 her face looks hilarious (not to be rude)

  • Nctzen X BL
    Nctzen X BL 16 days ago

    U should be grateful u born as a tall person. For me who is 144cm it's my wish😭😭

  • Jose
    Jose 16 days ago


  • Julia a
    Julia a 16 days ago

    I've got a friend and she's about the same hight as her but she only wears like size 10 at most? WOMEN'S size 10!

  • Julia a
    Julia a 16 days ago +2

    They should now make a small girl movie 😂 “size 4 Nike's. KID'S size 4 Nike's" 👌🏻

  • Hannah Gutierrez
    Hannah Gutierrez 16 days ago +1


  • An Emo Crow
    An Emo Crow 16 days ago

    Idk why this is so funny to me.

  • unknown beetch.
    unknown beetch. 16 days ago

    Why is she complaining about her men 13 nikes when she dressed up like a janitor or a mechanic.

  • Jullienne S.
    Jullienne S. 16 days ago

    there’s a dude in 6th grade that wears men’s size 13 Nike’s 🤭

  • HNK AMVs
    HNK AMVs 17 days ago

    Me: I have larger feet then yours, my dad and siblings don’t care about me, I have dyslexia, scoliosis, and pigeon toed ness, I hit the door way whenever I enter class, and I’m in the hospital.

  • nvj julvin
    nvj julvin 17 days ago

    Bruh :
    I was forced to learn Chinese in taiwan
    I was in the learning class for ever 1 year already almost 2 years and my friends in Indonesia already 8th grade my friends in Indonesia starting to forget about be me and Im broke that's why I cannot pay a ticket to visit my home country , ps my aunt had a baby girl coming but I cannot come to meet her in Indonesia
    And : tall girl bruh you know can you be greatfull that you can afford Nikes *MENS* 13 NIKES
    We all had harder problem than you
    And we all had our own problem

  • Clyde Kyle
    Clyde Kyle 17 days ago +1

    Size 13 shoes for women: Exist
    Tall girl: I could wear these but instead I'm gonna wear men's shoes and going to complain about it.

  • weird wizard 21
    weird wizard 21 17 days ago


  • m&empathy
    m&empathy 18 days ago

    6:26 IM 1.5 SIS

  • lil’ biscuit
    lil’ biscuit 18 days ago

    something that aggravates me so much is when people make fun of me going “d0 yOu wHErE siZE 13 niKEs??” because im taller than the rest of my cliques and it aggravates me so much like I’ve never even worn or own a pair of nikes i wear vans why did vans auto correct to CENA omg whhat *confusion*