12 Strangest Lakes in the World

  • Опубликовано: 13 мар 2017
  • From the biggest lake ever, to the mysterious "spotted" lake in Canada, these are the 12 STRANGEST Lakes In The World !
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    12. Lake Kaindy, Kazakhstan
    11. Lake Baikal
    10. Kelimutu Lake
    9. Tonle Sap
    8. Palau’s Jellyfish Lake
    7. Laguna Colorado, Bolivia
    6. Lake Nicaragua
    5. Lake Berryessa California
    This large mysterious hole could be a portal to another dimension but it’s not! Sorry to disappoint. It’s actually what’s known as a gloryhole and they’re quite rare but rather interesting. This lake is found in Napa County, California where some of the best wines in the US are made. The diameter of the who reaches 72 feet and it drops an insane 280 feet! This was constructed in order to keep the artificial lake from overflowing, keeping it from flooding nearby streets. It helps control how deep the rest of the lake gets and it only really gets put to use when there’s too much water. Here in this photo you can see what the structure actually looks like when it’s not submerged underwater.

    4. Spotted Lake Canada
    This fascinating lake is found in British Columbia, Canada and is mysteriously spotted almost like a dalmation. This is from a complex mix of minerals deposited here such as calcium, magnesium sulfate, and sodium sulphates. Strangely enough, it also contains small amounts of titanium and silver. This was originally known to the native people and they referred to it as the Kliluk. They felt as though it was a sacred site. They felt as though the waters were therapeutic and had healing qualities to it. During world War I it was used by the allies to gather minerals that would be used in producing ammunition. It was later purchased by the native people and now you can take a look at it from behind a fence. Or maybe they’re using it to manufacture weapons.
    3. Lake Titicaca
    Located in the Peruvian Andes,you might come across some llamas but also one of the most mysterious lakes in the world. Many people are unable to even come here and report severe altitude sickness. It’s found 13,000 feet above sea level making it the highest navigable lake and the people that inhabit this lake build floating islands out of reeds. They live somewhat of a simple lifestyle, the same way as some of their Incan ancestors. It stretches 110 miles across and separates peru from Bolivia and some who live here have reported extraterrestrial encounters with UFO’s. Local legends talk about a lost underwater city and recently underwater archaeologists found stones that appear to create what looks like a road. Some of the stones found here, resemble an wonder of the ancient world known as Tiwanaku. What other mysteries lie below the surface of the water?
    2. Exploding Lakes of Africa
    Some lakes in central africa have far higher CO2 levels that other places which can suddenly erupt under certain circumstances. Such a lake is known as Lake Nyos in Cameroon where sudden explosions have been known to devastate the local population. In 1986, one spontaneous explosion killed nearly 2000 people and 3500 livestock. Lake Kivu is the third most explosive lake, located in the country of Rwanda and it certainly has the potential to be deadly since a large amount of people live nearby. Some of them are trying to extract the flammable gas in a risky process known as catalyst scrubbing.
    1.Pink Lake Australia
    Despite it being fairly well-known this bright pink lake has to be the strangest lake in the world hands down, even if there’s isn’t aliens hiding out here. Located in Western Australia, it’s also known as Lake Hillier, and every day of the year, it’s a solid bubblegum pink color. The lake is about 1900 feet wide and completely surrounded by eucalyptus trees and a small sand dune. No one understands completely how it manages to stay pink but some scientists believe that its a unique dye created from bacteria that feed off salt. In case you were wondering, it is safe to swim here. The guy that first took a dip must have been pretty brave! The best way to view this lake is from the sky.
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