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Автор Priscilla Taylor ( назад)
This is sad for they are not rare but are GMOs and the people who design these animals and putting forth a lie as rare when in fact they are design clone and from dna of a natural original lions. Now they want people to believe these gmo are found in africa when in fact are planted in Africa . These GMOS will in time die, Europeans are still trying to make africa white and it is sad very sad in what they did to clone and design these animals and they are doing to other animals as well. God is going to get them for doing this.

Автор Emma Hurkett ( назад)
aww. sooo sad I'm crying over that poor lion cub and his brother's reaction 😦😔😢😭 it's so sad that the adult males kill them just to get at the females to be the leader of many females and have 'relations' with them. aww really so sad that poor cub 😢😭

Автор Yassine Aw ( назад)
white lion can bring death

Автор Raj R ( назад)
Nice documentary.. they spend 2 years to cover this... appreciated...

Автор Casper ( назад)
its a genetically engineered, put back to the wild and put a GPS under their skin.

Автор hola zamzam ( назад)
wow so amazing.i hope they all survive.thanks to the narrator too

Автор Ediberto Saldana ( назад)
I have enjoyed from its beginning to the end. It was an excellent well care production and wild animal story full of human spirit. Only images and humans can described better living things struggling experiences. Shalom :D

Автор Gaming with Elaria Hanna ( назад)
Hey the thumbnail is me xD

Автор UniquelyMe ( назад)
so why they dont fucking help...if we watch a murder and dont say nothing the law wants to luck us up. why dont they cut help and continue stueps. to help and do positive let nature this and nature take its cource...so y u making bombs and stop make virus thats of nature humans are JACKASSES

Автор John Jones ( назад)
What is the difference between a regular hyena and a laughing hyena? The regular hyena doesn't get the joke.

Автор Save the bush ( назад)
hidden lion at 25:24 ????

Автор Marie Griffith ( назад)
make one about Maltese tiger (blue tiger)

Автор That Guy ( назад)
It's funny how white lions were spotted from birth so every expect of their could coceidently profitied off of.

Автор Jose Vamonos ( назад)
but every animal is color blind so who tf are you trying to fool?

Автор The artist dragon lol ( назад)
yawns lots of death...

Автор Danita Mccree ( назад)
am I alone at thinking these cats are🤗🤗 beautiful

Автор Patrick Page ( назад)

Автор Patrick Page ( назад)
el hante monte sngre ih heso largo tobo tella el va ir

Автор ExoticButter Golden ( назад)
Spoiler: The Brother died.

Автор the creepy game players blondin ( назад)
i subscribed

Автор Anthony Caldeira ( назад)
Who can't adore these beautiful animals and hope that they can keep up on surviving. So fucking cute and amazing unfortunately to their determent.because as the movie shows, being white. Isn't always a good thing in the wild. Love you guys. ----- Bon & Ant (Mammal Lovers til we die).!!!! Love u everyone!!!!

Автор Kenloy Smith ( назад)
Anyone knows the song?

Автор badgirl remy ( назад)
sooo sad

Автор ashish851995 ( назад)
i hate those fuckboy nomad lions so much

Автор Chelsea Alford ( назад)
beautiful documentary

Автор C.C. Campbell ( назад)
One of the best.

Автор sylkyj ( назад)
A mother will always be a mother, animal or human!! Men will bring out their best swagger to impress the ladies as in the red crested bird.

Автор candy mae ( назад)
Omg I almost cried when the brother died. Watching the male lion come and protect the pride was beautiful!

Автор Johnny P ( назад)
Awesome documentary!

Автор Nora Furry ( назад)
Why didn't you sav the fricken tiger oh my god!!!!!!

Автор Chay Tol ( назад)
beautiful video love when they got an adult male lion to finally protect the family.

Автор dagney taggart ( назад)
Beautiful!! Thank you so much for sharing this video !!

Автор Princess D ( назад)
Leopards are cuter than lions.

Автор some random name bob ( назад)
boring documentary

Автор jemfuku ( назад)
17:37 dat buffalo just gave out and he's like end my life already

Автор Abul Kalam ( назад)
Not really about the rarest animals on earth really just about lions two happen to be albino

Автор Rosa Hidalga ( назад)
Precioso vídeo y un león blanco que maravilla,,

Автор Monica Gopaul ( назад)
I like to watch wild animals

Автор David Boson ( назад)
Too exist requires consumption - if you do not consume you cease to exist. It is not personal, it is physics.

Автор Nicole Rose / Empathic Soulwriter ( назад)
well done film. thank you!

Автор kabooty ( назад)
My heart broke when the brother died. :( Love this documentary though. These lions are so beautiful.

Автор greg norman ( назад)
F the film makers surely there was something they could of done to save that cub, just interested in getting their film and making money thats all

Автор shauryarajsinh rathod ( назад)
Nice assessment for students to improve their listening skills

Автор Tyana Pruitt ( назад)
I love animal documentarys so much its so interesting like this if you do too # my comment #vidoe tooooooooooo

Автор nekanule njankumo ( назад)
great movie, thank you a lot.

Автор Sudloosh RZ ( назад)
Only Pokemon players will get this. They are like shiny Pokémon.

Автор Tide Vang ( назад)
There's no such thing as white lions. Google the facts how white lion was created. You won't be surprised.

Автор Mr Gear ( назад)
This is call The White Lions...Visit Lions Lovers Channel heaps of these Lions documentary,won't be disappointed..

Автор Armand De Jong ( назад)
beautiful vidio

Автор mistycat1 ( назад)
It is such bull.

Автор Try-One VH#22 ( назад)
In Minnesota, it's illegal for any man to have sexual intercorse with a live fish.

Автор Russell Roesner ( назад)
How does this TITLE have anything to do with the content? The narrator never once even says the word RARE once! Come on.

Автор Pauline Vautour ( назад)
Finally a good quality video :) .Thank you ! .

Автор short step ( назад)
Seen a video of the white leopards too

Автор Kathlean Keesler ( назад)
Thank you.

Автор tagabicolini pinay ( назад)
Omg gorgeous

Автор Just Me ( назад)
Magnificent! Great documentary, thanks so much for sharing!

Автор Divya Rathor ( назад)
Excellent documentary and great picture quality!

Автор eardrummusiq ( назад)
Great documentary. Those white lions r so beautiful yet fierce. Thx☺

Автор isec gamer ( назад)
is this the same

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