Travel With Me | NEW Boo Revealed!? First Fashion Show, Food and MORE

  • Published on Nov 23, 2021
  • Travel With Me To Washington D.C with Friends | Travel Vlog

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  • YouTube
    YouTube Month ago +8315

    always stunning 😍

    • Ashlee White
      Ashlee White 20 days ago

      It’s never not giving fabulous honey! ✨😩

    • Ashlee White
      Ashlee White 20 days ago

      It’s never not giving fabulous honey! ✨😩

    • Aisha Kiara
      Aisha Kiara 28 days ago

      Damn I never saw RUclip comment

    • Jay
      Jay Month ago

      Lemme Find out RUclip a fan

    • anicia renghini
      anicia renghini Month ago

      she got them clout goggles

  • Debo Gaming
    Debo Gaming Month ago +3324

    De’arra is seriously such a lovable person. What a queen. I get so excited when she posts a new video. I love you girl! 😍♥️.

    • SexySpice
      SexySpice Month ago

    • Lil Tylanol
      Lil Tylanol Month ago

    • Honeydipped Goddess
      Honeydipped Goddess Month ago +1

      Hey Ken 😆

    • Johanny's VeganLyfe
      Johanny's VeganLyfe Month ago +1

      Hey All New Vegan Channel!! Try My "Amazing" Vegan French Toast Holiday Breakfast Quick & Easy!!

    • MamaaT
      MamaaT Month ago

      Riighttt frfr !! 🥰😘🙏🏽

  • Brittney
    Brittney Month ago +4249

    Manifesting this lifestyle for me any other black woman that see’s this 🧿🧘🏽‍♀️👑

    • L
      L 5 days ago

      me, a white girl reading this 👁 👄 👁

    • Jessica J
      Jessica J 5 days ago

      Absolutely 🙌🏾

      CALI BALTIMORE 14 days ago

      Thank you baby ❤️❤️❤️

    • Jasminn Woods
      Jasminn Woods 15 days ago

      Amen .so it is and will be . I recieve

    • luna B
      luna B 20 days ago


  • Jonte B.
    Jonte B. Month ago +1545

    How does Dearra not get invited to more fashion shows ?? She’s the epitome of fashion .

    • taneisha blair
      taneisha blair Month ago


    • SelinaCalabresexxx
      SelinaCalabresexxx Month ago +40

      She's either not with an agency or she's not invited. She doesn't brand herself as a fashion influencer etc. She has the following but I don't think thats her goal.

  • Terrence Bogan
    Terrence Bogan Month ago +917

    My girl started her own page about 2 months ago… and is already almost at 1 Mil. QUEEN 🙌🏾🤎 We love you!

  • luhh.ganstuh_
    luhh.ganstuh_ Month ago +653

    Why haven’t you been in or invited to a fashion show? GIRL YOU IS THE FASHION STATEMENT

    • Lulu Green
      Lulu Green Month ago

      I know I'm late but I've been with you sent the beginning

  • Maya Jai
    Maya Jai Month ago +7954

    love how De'arra just living her rich black girl life effortlessly

    • Chey Anne
      Chey Anne 28 days ago +1

      a true inspiration 👸🏾

    • D.
      D. Month ago

      What does she do for a living cause she so rich and yet so young

    • Miya J
      Miya J Month ago

      Omggg I love it

    • well.
      well. Month ago


    • Margaret Baldini
      Margaret Baldini Month ago +3

      She inspires me to work harder! D is goals

  • Infinite Wisdom 888☥
    Infinite Wisdom 888☥ Month ago +339

    De’arra is the kind of woman who sees beauty in everything.

  • Chrissy Diorr
    Chrissy Diorr Month ago +533

    I just love De’arra’s fashion style. Lord knows she can dress well! She would make a great dressing stylist .

    • Alisha Joseph
      Alisha Joseph Month ago +1

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  • CeeKay
    CeeKay Month ago +305

    The short nails give a mature, well put together, grown woman who's got her sht together🙌🏾🙌🏾

    • xoxonyiah
      xoxonyiah 26 days ago +6

      @L Miller nah you just weird asf

    • L Miller
      L Miller Month ago +2

      @goat oh you must have them too!🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣

    • goat
      goat Month ago +13

      @L Miller girl hush

    • L Miller
      L Miller Month ago +11

      Now if she could only get rid of the baby hair, and Bambi eyelashes !!!!!

    • Kensley x
      Kensley x Month ago +10

      @Annetta Facey it's their opinion chill out

  • Kucheria Johnson
    Kucheria Johnson Month ago +27

    I love watching De'arra videos. they are so inspiring and high spirited. You definitely give Big Energy Dee as always. You are an inspiration to other upcoming and already made youtubers especially with your fashion and positive vibes. Cant wait to see more vloggy vlogs

  • TimeBucks
    TimeBucks Month ago +872

    she feel more independent

    • Ariel Mora
      Ariel Mora Month ago +2

      She is happier now

    • SexySpice
      SexySpice Month ago

    • Alisha Joseph
      Alisha Joseph Month ago

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  • Tierra J
    Tierra J Month ago +67

    "look at the tinerary" 😂😂😂😂

    CHOCOLATEE BUNNIE Month ago +68

    “I dont need money when i have bank accounts, wealthy” i know im not the only one who HEARD this! THT is a MOOD for life !! She’s a vibe! Loving to see her living and being an example of black luxury and an inspiration to the women who watch her 🤎🤎💕

  • Desinique Benson
    Desinique Benson Month ago +286

    I love how dearra only liking comments talking bout her growth and just her period and not about the new boo..that's a joy to see and I love how she brought us to the fashion show with her... can't wait for more vlogs like this.

  • jesusluvbot :D
    jesusluvbot :D Month ago +21

    So proud of you and watching your journey girl!!😍

  • Kadesia Mallory
    Kadesia Mallory Month ago +62

    I feel like she is giving a whole different mood. I'm loving her being just as successful and just enjoying life wishing you the best as always D! Keep it up girl!

  • BriAnA G
    BriAnA G Month ago +2

    I love to see her glowing more and definitely more independent and more happier than ever period boo boo yessss dearra

  • jasmine folk
    jasmine folk 24 days ago +15

    It’s crazy how organized she is … I never really watched before but now I’m inspired to be organized and on top of my stuff …

  • Vibe With Vee
    Vibe With Vee Month ago +3442

    De’arra be telling us a lot without telling us shit. I love it!

    • Kellie Tyler
      Kellie Tyler 16 days ago

      lol I thought I was just being nosy

    • Kizzy Torres
      Kizzy Torres Month ago


    • AshontaeLuv
      AshontaeLuv Month ago +24

      Lol De’arra ain’t got them short square nails for nothing 🤣 y’all know she hated short nails

    • Kenneth Turner jr
      Kenneth Turner jr Month ago


    • Tekeya Davis
      Tekeya Davis Month ago +1

      @Tam Canady lol she did “lemme get a piece bae” love to see it 😍❤️

  • Candi Sweets
    Candi Sweets Month ago +310

    Never not trending her whole vibe is a trend!!!! They don’t call her Big Energy De’arra for nothing 👑😂😂

  • Britt Franklin
    Britt Franklin Month ago +42

    I love D!! Since the beginning she inspires us excited, quirky, luxurious girls to continue to have wonder and curiosity about the world! D can find the beauty in everything and I used to be afraid to share that with the world because they think we’re naive. But we’re not, we’re just pure happiness!

  • Life Of Cire
    Life Of Cire Month ago +241

    Only De’arra deliver a package to a hotel before she get there 😂

  • Alison Franklin
    Alison Franklin Month ago +94

    my favorite woman influencer, keeps it classy, laid low, young paid and luxury.. genuinely happy for you bb 🤎

  • Sa'Nya Berry
    Sa'Nya Berry Month ago +3418

    she’s really the definition of BLACK GIRL LUXURY

  • Vernae Munroe
    Vernae Munroe Month ago +39

    your energy is always amazing. it’s so great to see another woman flourish & live her best life. super inspirational, can’t wait for the next vlog.

  • [GABBY]H0T Girl-C0me 0ver L!ve

    De’arra is seriously such a lovable person. What a queen. I get so excited when she posts a new video. I love you girl! 😍♥️.

  • 300 subbs for my brother
    300 subbs for my brother Month ago +112

    De’arra is high self esteem every single day. She always have been too! She loves her best life always, and have consciously made good decisions, which put her in a place to do great things

  • princess c
    princess c Month ago +2

    Yes I love her chanel 😍 love seeing independent women doing big things so proud of her congratulations to you and more success 🙌

  • Nya R
    Nya R Month ago +2347

    I love how she is happier now, and she feel more independent 😍

    • Leticia star
      Leticia star Month ago

      She liked the comment omg😁😁

    • Veronica D. Giovanni
      Veronica D. Giovanni Month ago +8

      Agree. Getting away from Ken was the best thing that could have happened. He was always so critical of her in a low key way and he always seemed miserable.

    • LovelyAshley
      LovelyAshley Month ago

      @lee lee right…so happy for her.

    • lee lee
      lee lee Month ago +7

      Ooo girl yes I've noticed that in the last video. I'm really happy for her

  • The Official Asmara
    The Official Asmara Month ago +37

    Dearra I’m so proud of you everything you’ve overcame over the years , everything you’ve accomplished, everything you’re becoming I love it and always have I’m a day one supporter 🥰and I’ve been rocking with you since it’s always been team dearra ❤️I love you sis

  • Jasmine Wein
    Jasmine Wein Month ago +1

    I love Dearra do her thing, she so independent, and I love her personality I love to see her happy and smile on video. 🥰🥰

  • cqvio doli
    cqvio doli Month ago +680

    Honestly I’m not worried about her having a man. She’s really the main attraction 💯

    • Yazzie Keem
      Yazzie Keem Month ago

      @illiana muhammad Ken was doing shut literally

    • illiana muhammad
      illiana muhammad Month ago +1

      Fr she carried the couple at the time channel i could only just watch her

    • Alisha Joseph
      Alisha Joseph Month ago

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  • Joliesteph
    Joliesteph Month ago +14

    Why was I smiling through this whole Vlog! love to see you so happy and living life

  • jasmine folk
    jasmine folk 24 days ago +2

    It makes her so happy when her plans is followed… omg I love her organizing skills

  • - [L A Y L A]- Go To My ChanneI! L!VE NOW

    I love how she is happier now, and she feel more independent

  • Beau23 Luv
    Beau23 Luv Month ago +2

    De'arra girl, I'm loving the makeup and everything. Just keep doing you, love aways 🤗💗

  • Dacha Brooks
    Dacha Brooks Month ago +31

    I just love love De’arra man! Her energy is everything for me. She is so much happier now and I love it for her🥰

  • alientingz
    alientingz Month ago +2085

    One thing about De'arra, she's going to be fashionable everywhere she goes. 💅🏾

    • African Girl
      African Girl Month ago

      I know

    • Naraa
      Naraa Month ago +2

      And that’s on perioddd.

    • Earshae Chatman
      Earshae Chatman Month ago +5

      Lol so true, I love how she got her boots shipped to the hotel

  • Jasmyn Brown
    Jasmyn Brown Month ago +1

    I love thisss 😍😍 Your fashion & personality always hits! You’re living the dream, I live through you!

  • lee hines
    lee hines Month ago +12

    She’s so rich and bougie I looooooveeee ittt 🥰😩 this WILL be me within the next five years with my kids and husband!!

  • Riley Holz
    Riley Holz Month ago +12

    She seems so happy and deserves it ☺️

  • Beautified Beast
    Beautified Beast Month ago +55

    De’arra always styling and profiling ♥️ you go queen 🥳

  • Vanessa Lynn
    Vanessa Lynn Month ago +747

    LMAO this is the first vlog i saw on ur channel & im loving the vibes/energy 😻🔥🖤

    • A Mason
      A Mason Month ago +2

      @Sydney Hughes That happens to me too, have to resubscribe to channels.

    • Sydney Hughes
      Sydney Hughes Month ago +3

      *unsubscribe LMAOO

    • Sydney Hughes
      Sydney Hughes Month ago +7

      RUclip made me unfollow you! I watched your videos so much then you were gone. I was like “where’s Nessa?” And went to look and it said unfollow! How many people has it done that to? 🥺😭

  • Naturally Nicole
    Naturally Nicole Month ago +37

    This is supreme content!! We love to see a independent Queen thriving 😍😍😍

  • mmpj twod
    mmpj twod Month ago +10

    Your energy and just whole vibe after everything you’ve been through is just so inspiring ❤️💕

  • Ria
    Ria Month ago +10

    I love how she is so happy && independent . Throughout the whole video I just kept saying she is so pretty. I love it. I’m loving the videos too, I’m so proud of you 😍💜

  • Dope Brown Chick
    Dope Brown Chick Month ago +12

    I just love to see the pure organic joy over De'arra. She deserves that. I want that for us. Just pure, organic joy.

  • Karen Jenkins
    Karen Jenkins Month ago +1685

    I get so excited just seeing De'arra excited about the smallest things. She's so happy. I love it.

    • Jaden 'Marie
      Jaden 'Marie Month ago +5

      I was saying the same thing, she was excited to go to DC like it was somewhere out of the country. I love watching her

  • Latoya Bruce
    Latoya Bruce Month ago +113

    Looks like De'arra has found her single life mojo. I feel the authenticity again.. She's back!!

  • Selflove479
    Selflove479 Month ago +28

    Love her vibe she's a definition of live ur best life don't care what ppl think ikdr keep doing ur thing sis shine little sis shine ✌🏾❤

  • Megane Augustin
    Megane Augustin Month ago +11

    I love how consistent you’ve been 🥺❤️

  • Funcia J.
    Funcia J. Month ago +1

    I absolutely love everything with who D is becoming

  • Mimi Kutu
    Mimi Kutu Month ago +2892

    Seeing successful black female youtubers gives me so much hope for myself 🥺🤌🏽🤌🏽love dearra

    • Melany Veii
      Melany Veii Month ago

      You’re so gorgeous 😍

    • Juju O.
      Juju O. Month ago

      Fr tho 🤞🏾🤍

    • Owning Purpose
      Owning Purpose Month ago +1

      Yes I love it too it inspires me to keep going

    • BritTheSunshine
      BritTheSunshine Month ago +1

      I just subscribed 💗 you’re going to be just as great ! Claim it ✨💫💗💗💗

    • HeyItsLyciaHere
      HeyItsLyciaHere Month ago

      But it's so hard for us. Idk why.

  • Crystal Baum
    Crystal Baum Month ago +4

    Girl, I'm proud of you! You're killing it!

  • Amber D
    Amber D Month ago +24

    Every time Dearra uploads she's trending!! I started following with from one of her trending videos ❤👏🏾 I love to see my black content creators thrive❤🙏🏾🤗

  • Jackie Marshall
    Jackie Marshall Month ago +33

    D'arra you are a wonderful vibe all by yourself but when you add others you truly kick it up. Keep shining bright love

  • Krazy Kayy
    Krazy Kayy Month ago +3

    Your energy is like the friend I need 😂❤️ Seriously, I LOOOOVE IT

  • Ashlee Ne’Cole
    Ashlee Ne’Cole Month ago +12

    I love me some HER, you are so authentic and this is why people love you for you!! Glad to see that you are happy can’t wait for your next pop up shop because i’ll be there again in that like PURRRRRD💕💕

    SLIMJAY7 Month ago +67

    De'arra is so beautiful I love her personality keep doing you sis loving the Glow up 💖

  • Mary Bien-Aime
    Mary Bien-Aime Month ago +13

    She’s seems so happy! Proud of her 🙌

  • kiara10796
    kiara10796 Month ago +2

    Love her whole life . Im patiently waiting till I can live this luxury life .

  • Ra Horus🔥💋
    Ra Horus🔥💋 Month ago +20

    I just love seeing any Woman doing things for themselves by themselves to make themselves happy 👌🏽💯Periodtttt

  • My Full Figured Life
    My Full Figured Life Month ago +908

    Live your best life young queen 💛

    • C N
      C N Month ago

      i use your alfredo recipe religiously

      KING JERMARCUS Month ago +1

  • Shomey Botho
    Shomey Botho Month ago +8

    I love how happy she’s become🥺 lord knows what that girl has gone through

  • Diva Woo
    Diva Woo Month ago +13

    D’earras fashion sense is outrageous. Love her💞

  • Rampage Rae .
    Rampage Rae . Month ago +14

    Her Energy Is EVERYTHING ✨

  • Nani
    Nani Month ago +1

    been rocking with De'arra for many years. Very proud of the young black successful woman you are becoming. Its like im watching you grow right from my screen lol!

  • Kaliyah K
    Kaliyah K Month ago +1368

    love how De'arra just living her life,she seems so much more happier..happy for youu

  • Isabella Robinson
    Isabella Robinson Month ago +2

    Love the woman you are becoming in your independence! Love seeing us Black women in luxury and traveling!!

  • Tynesha Blick
    Tynesha Blick Month ago +6

    I’m loving the new boo the new life the new smile the new everything❤️❤️🥰🥰 I don’t think we’ve ever seen her this happy before ❤️❤️❤️

    • Chinky C
      Chinky C Month ago +1

      Stop her and Ken was everything at first she have all this because of him and her energy and sharing they love with us ALL.He have business mind she brings over the top energy and fashion they were the best RUclip couple for so long .They trips were so inspiring some new dude or girl is coming in it's cool but they get to benefit from that couples channel before this one .

  • CoCoA
    CoCoA Month ago +2

    Your joy is sooo contagious! ☺️🥰you deserve every bit of it!❤️

  • LifeWithLou&Jae
    LifeWithLou&Jae Month ago +6

    I love her energy.she reminds me a lot of myself . Aries energy is unmatched. Sagittarius probably the only sign to keep up with us 💪🏽💪🏽😂😂🥰🥰

  • Cool Couple’n Kids
    Cool Couple’n Kids Month ago +1614

    You know your a real de’arra fan when you click without caring what the title says 🤣🤣❤️❤️

  • loute29372
    loute29372 Month ago +29

    De’arra is high self esteem every single day. She always have been too! She loves her best life always, and have consciously made good decisions, which put her in a place to do great things.

  • NeeNee the Nurse
    NeeNee the Nurse Month ago +21

    She so beautiful inside and out . I love her life and how she shows that bw can succeed.

  • Raynella & Raycasso
    Raynella & Raycasso Month ago +26

    So we are all agreeing not to say anything about the new boo? Cool. Love you Dee

  • Virgo's Corner
    Virgo's Corner Month ago +3

    This is what I've always wanted to see just DE'ARRA on a channel by herself!! Wish came true & I'm loving it, lol.

  • AllyjTV
    AllyjTV Month ago +707

    It’s a pity de’arra doesn’t get invited to more fashion shows. She’s really a fashionista!

    • Miss Me
      Miss Me Month ago

      She will soon

    • va vaeh
      va vaeh Month ago

      - that’s what’s I’m saying 😭

    • Shavani S Stewart
      Shavani S Stewart Month ago +7

      @Jasmine Ekusai RIGHT

    • Jasmine Ekusai
      Jasmine Ekusai Month ago +84

      She not white. So many tik tokers copy her whole flow and they’ll get more cred for it.

  • reen taylor
    reen taylor Month ago +2

    You deserve everything that comes your way. You are truly a beautiful spirit 😍😍 these vlogs keep me going ❤️

  • Lessie S. Julien
    Lessie S. Julien Month ago +6

    Loving the energy in this video!!!

  • Cindy 💖 𝐹**СК МЕ - СНЕ𝒞𝒦 𝑀𝒴 Р𝑅𝟢𝐹𝐼𝐿Е

    I love how she is happier now, and she feel more independent

  • Kaden Austin
    Kaden Austin Month ago +8

    I'm obsessed with this new aesthetic!!!!!!!! Love the vibes!

  • My Branding Strategist
    My Branding Strategist Month ago +10

    You're so fire. Never forget that De'Arra

  • AsToldByMonay
    AsToldByMonay Month ago +1

    Such a good vibes girl ! With amazing fashion sense . Love the energy

  • AllThings K.Diamond

    I love your energy! Proud of you! ✨🙏🏾❤️

  • Virgo Tv
    Virgo Tv Month ago

    I’m so happy for her 💛

  • Navidad Bella
    Navidad Bella Month ago +2

    D is so lovely, just a breath of fresh air! 😍

  • Ashley Rhinehart
    Ashley Rhinehart Month ago +10

    De’arra has soo much style and class!!!! Love her Vibe and Energy! 😍😍😍

  • Denyla Brock
    Denyla Brock Month ago +46

    De’arra is literally my role model. i aspire to be as successful as she is.

  • jay foster
    jay foster Month ago +2

    so glad dearra is living her best life!♥️

  • Bri Anyia
    Bri Anyia Month ago +1

    Such an inspiration! Keep doing you De ❤️

  • Olivia Owens
    Olivia Owens Month ago +44

    Praying that you are at the top of every list for every fashion show. God already provided the talent. He will provide so much more. This is the beginning.

  • Chakalate Thunder
    Chakalate Thunder Month ago +1060

    De’arra is high self esteem every single day. She always have been too! She loves her best life always, and have consciously made good decisions, which put her in a place to do great things.

    • Mia J
      Mia J Month ago +1

      Yessss no babiessss😭💗

    • Lai Marie
      Lai Marie Month ago

      @3drhodes oh wow lmao

    • 3drhodes
      3drhodes Month ago +4

      Now she needs to work on doing the best for that tongue 👅 at 1:56 🤮 yuk

  • DNG Opulence
    DNG Opulence Month ago +1

    Love your energy. Great vlog as always. Keep doing your thang!

  • Kilakkuma
    Kilakkuma Month ago +2

    I love seeing De’arra happy🥺

  • Artavia Williams
    Artavia Williams Month ago

    I just love her energy ❤

  • Princess Hephzibah
    Princess Hephzibah Month ago +1

    glad how happy and calm you look de'arra, bless you girl

  • Fredia Carter
    Fredia Carter Month ago +1

    Happy for u D🙏🏾❤️ literally crying tears of joy don't know why😘

    TINK & COOK Month ago +1

    Just to see you in a good head space be enough for me. Can’t wait for vlogmas because I know we bout to be lit 🔥