Ski Jumping Crashes!

  • Published on Mar 25, 2016
  • Hey guys! This is a cool video that I put together! Thanks for watching

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  • Matt Grillz
    Matt Grillz Year ago +27

    Pretty brutal hits, watching peyonchang atm, no one has crashed yet. Had a few downers on the snowboard slopestyle tho

    • xlout
      xlout Year ago

      PYEONGCHANG 2018 ^_^

  • The Entertainment Master

    Good video bro, i did similar videos👍

  • DeployTheDRS
    DeployTheDRS 7 months ago

    If you are gonna use music, at least download it, don’t just record it from another source off your phone or smthn.

  • Dj Griffin
    Dj Griffin 7 months ago

    1:40 Is definitely a set 8 student

  • Derbisutii _69
    Derbisutii _69 7 months ago +3

    While i was skiing i fell on on my back from 6meters. I am currently in hospital recovering😪

  • passmethe syrup
    passmethe syrup 7 months ago +5

    one time i drank iguana milk and 7 minutes and 49 seconds later I bled through my nipples and eyes uwu

  • Alexander Ståhl
    Alexander Ståhl 7 months ago

    oh yeah yeah

  • gamejr84
    gamejr84 7 months ago

    Is that eddie the eagle @ 1.45😂😂

  • randomuser 63815
    randomuser 63815 7 months ago +1

    The downsides of ski jumping. I actually dont crash very often so its rare no worries

    • Deer Hunting 23
      Deer Hunting 23  7 months ago

      But while it lasted, the most fun I have ever had doing anything. It is a very rewarding sport most of the time.

    • Deer Hunting 23
      Deer Hunting 23  7 months ago

      When I used to do it, I crashed very minimally. Probably around once every 3 weeks, depending if I was jumping different hills. The thing that made me stop is when I fell horribly on my home hill and broke my spine and got an awful concussion.

  • [ michcio]
    [ michcio] 8 months ago

    0:01 who was that?

    • Deer Hunting 23
      Deer Hunting 23  8 months ago

      @[ michcio] sounds right to me. Knew it was on iron mountain just didn't know who it was haha

    • [ michcio]
      [ michcio] 8 months ago

      @Deer Hunting 23 Ok, I found it.
      Lukas Wagner, Iron Mountain 2012

    • Deer Hunting 23
      Deer Hunting 23  8 months ago

      Ah. I totally forgot sorry. Ask me a year ago and I'd know. I'll try to do some research on it today

  • Some random GUY
    Some random GUY 9 months ago

    Lol sonic posture

  • random coil
    random coil 10 months ago

    get rid of the music and leave the original commentary, then reupload

    • Deer Hunting 23
      Deer Hunting 23  9 months ago

      @random coil I haven't made one cent on this video. Honestly not even old enough to have a PayPal account, nor did I care about money at the time I made this video

    • random coil
      random coil 9 months ago

      @Deer Hunting 23 Almost half a million views with approx. 60% like-dislike ratio. Money over quality. RUclip classic ;)

    • Deer Hunting 23
      Deer Hunting 23  9 months ago +1

      Like I'm gonna get rid of a video that has almost half a million views

  • Imi vand chilotu pt 5 lei :D

    1:40 kamikaze

  • - M3f -
    - M3f - Year ago +5

    Would be a nice compilation if You provided information who's the victim of every crash, which contest and date instead of the cringy music :/

    • Pan Borysek
      Pan Borysek 6 months ago

      1.Jurij Tepes(Slovenia) 2013 Planica .
      2 . Tom Hilde (Norway ) 2012 Obersdorf HS 137
      4.Anze Lanisek (Slovenia ) 2015 Kussamo.
      5.Tilen Bartol (Slovenia ) 2016 Planica.
      6.Daiko Takahashi (Japan )
      Sapporro 2007 (nordic combination )
      7 . Thomas Morgenstern (Austria ) Kulm 2014.
      8.Simmon Ammann (Switzerland )
      Bischofschofen 2015

  • burymedeep 2093
    burymedeep 2093 Year ago

    Id rather hear the commentators than some song

  • Hk 4lyfe
    Hk 4lyfe Year ago +2

    They look like flying squirrels.

  • Zachary Devan
    Zachary Devan Year ago

    That's a lot of blown out knees.

  • Matt Sharpe
    Matt Sharpe Year ago

    1:40 .... DAAAAAMN!!!!!

  • MoldyChee 420
    MoldyChee 420 Year ago +1

    1:25 on the top it should be ooof sports

  • MoldyChee 420
    MoldyChee 420 Year ago

    0:46 that's the end of his career but I guess all of them probably are

    • Specner1784
      Specner1784 10 months ago +2

      No a lot of these guys are still jumping

  • MoldyChee 420
    MoldyChee 420 Year ago


  • realist one
    realist one Year ago

    why is this a olympic event ?who does this shit? anyone on here?

  • Trilogy Marketing Strategies

    Loved it, well done!

  • Fishing Kings
    Fishing Kings Year ago

    This why you swim and not jump

  • sammy8244
    sammy8244 Year ago +4

    If you pizza when you're supposed to French fry you're going to have a baaadd time. Lol 😂😂😂

  • Piotrek Piotr
    Piotrek Piotr Year ago


  • John Doe
    John Doe Year ago +3

    Ski jumping is death trap man but so beautiful

  • adamushu
    adamushu Year ago

    To those knowledgeable in the subject, if one was to crash, is it better to hit the ground sooner with less force and then risk a further tumble, or hit the ground harder and not roll as much? Just curious.

    • Mike G
      Mike G Year ago

      The worst is to hit the ground at the end where it's flatter, much harder impact on your body.

    • Mike G
      Mike G Year ago

      They have plenty of room to slide, that's not the issue. You want to hit the hill at an angle and slide a little, so there's not as much force on your body.
      Such as, when I fall while on a regular ski run, I don't try to stop myself. I tuck in my arms and let myself slide when I hit the ground because then it's a lot less likely I'll be injured.

  • StarChild
    StarChild Year ago

    The get messed up. I was just thinking about "the thrill of victory and the agony of defeat" and made my way here. Many sports involving ice and snow seem pretty brutal.

  • FaqUrNwoBS
    FaqUrNwoBS Year ago

    who came up with this idea for a sport ????

    • __
      __ 9 months ago

      Yeah they are the crazy ones

    • Specner1784
      Specner1784 10 months ago


  • Pancouver venguins

    There is never a small crash in this sport, they are all brutal.

  • Jake Hynds
    Jake Hynds Year ago

    This is why I snow board I hate the chance of the ski twisting your knee

    • Cody Collins
      Cody Collins Year ago

      Jake Hynds If you are a normal skier you skis will be set so the bindings will release way before that happens. These extreme skiers have the ski bindings set incredibly tight because with casual settings they would probably pop off just by the force of them landing.

  • Israel Hartman
    Israel Hartman Year ago +2

    Bro this sucks dumpy

  • Dav Z
    Dav Z Year ago

    Shoulda been playing the song Wipe Out!

  • jimmy neutron
    jimmy neutron Year ago +1

    No one watches to see them land it.

  • Smitty
    Smitty Year ago +22

    1:36 I think this is what most of us would look like if we tried Ski Jumping for the first time... and last time.

    • Smitty
      Smitty Year ago +1

      I get quitting after breaking your back... why did it take 2 years? You kept doing it after breaking your back?

    • Deer Hunting 23
      Deer Hunting 23  Year ago +3

      Smitty I had to quit ski jumping 2 years ago after I broke my back going down a jump half that size



  • BxGirl Blazin'
    BxGirl Blazin' Year ago

    Holy shit.

  • Andrew Doe
    Andrew Doe Year ago +26

    1:09 his leg definitely broke and twisted a few times around

    • UwU ImSupreme
      UwU ImSupreme 6 months ago

      @Bender Bending Rodriguez are you from Slovenia?

    • Bender Bending Rodriguez
      Bender Bending Rodriguez 8 months ago

      He didn't brake anything. Injured his hand a little bit.

    • Bender Bending Rodriguez
      Bender Bending Rodriguez 8 months ago

    • Alex Mcpherson
      Alex Mcpherson 11 months ago

      Andrew Doe k,

    • Ryan Dick
      Ryan Dick Year ago +1

      TheAgeOfTheWolf you can fookin see where the leg broke (tibia and fibula) nd bent in the video

  • David Oman
    David Oman Year ago


  • Benjamin Fallon
    Benjamin Fallon Year ago

    need clean music

  • Nejc Slanič
    Nejc Slanič Year ago +1

    O.47 omg was that

  • ygg drasil
    ygg drasil Year ago +2

    1:08 looked like his ski popped itself out. Was a pretty good jump up till that point.

    • Triple P
      Triple P 6 months ago +1

      @Pan Borysek Ok, well he definitely didn't break his legs, thank god

    • Pan Borysek
      Pan Borysek 6 months ago +1

      @Triple P 2 weeks later he was jumping in another competition

    • Triple P
      Triple P Year ago +1

      Some people though think his left leg broke midair, then his right leg (with the ski still on) broke and twisted all the way around....I can't even fathom how that must have been like, poor ski jumper.

  • CrystalLake84
    CrystalLake84 Year ago

    Love the music

  • HomoEconomicusX
    HomoEconomicusX Year ago

    no way you put fucking music in it ... pisser.

  • mustajaska
    mustajaska Year ago

    ski jumpers meet the reaper

  • AlienGamer_ YT
    AlienGamer_ YT Year ago

    I can remember all this falls and i am not gonna be like those falls when i am a Big ski jumper

  • Jonathan Terhaar
    Jonathan Terhaar Year ago

    Just amazing skill!

  • Cubertral
    Cubertral 2 years ago

    I wanna be a ski jumper but this videos and others of this are my fear

  • Cubertral
    Cubertral 2 years ago +23

    1:42 how the heck did that happen

    • Cubertral
      Cubertral Month ago +1

      From 2 years later, dam that is brutal.

    • Charlie Hoye
      Charlie Hoye Year ago


    • Deer Hunting 23
      Deer Hunting 23  2 years ago

      Ultra 15 his left heel part of the binding came off then I have no clue...

  • Sel Vlogs
    Sel Vlogs 2 years ago +4


  • Cubertral
    Cubertral 2 years ago +1

    At 1 45 in the vid that crash looked very painful

  • Herman
    Herman 2 years ago +1

    what is the one at 0:39 called?

  • EMMOzone Rider
    EMMOzone Rider 2 years ago

    Almost at 30k views Congrats ! but music need more Bass .

  • LeRa
    LeRa 2 years ago

    Ski jumping crashes *!*

    why did u put ! there

    • Veeti
      Veeti Year ago

      Prankster Gangster why do u care!

    • Deer Hunting 23
      Deer Hunting 23  2 years ago

      Prankster Gangster because I never got told not to put one by anyone I guess

  • Cheyevo Cheyevo
    Cheyevo Cheyevo 2 years ago +23

    1.12 Really bad lower leg fracture...

    • Stéphane Rombaux
      Stéphane Rombaux Year ago
      The one shown in the video is Lanisek

    • SkilledMaverick
      SkilledMaverick Year ago +1

      Actually, 1:14 shows it better. Look at the leg with the ski still attached. I believe that's what he was referring to originally.

    • João Magliano
      João Magliano Year ago +2

      Cheyevo Cheyevo His body rotated too strongly and his leg was stuck in it.
      His leg bones became powder, I guess.

    • Heikki Finland
      Heikki Finland Year ago

      I worried more about his shoulder.

    • Raoul159
      Raoul159 Year ago

      Dammmm that HURTS

  • Matthew Gough
    Matthew Gough 2 years ago +136

    It was a great video until the music started swearing.

    • Fastro
      Fastro 6 months ago


    • Ben Williams
      Ben Williams 9 months ago +1


    • Ben Williams
      Ben Williams 9 months ago +1

      @FBI ISCOMING you're 8 months late

      FBI ISCOMING 10 months ago +2

      Hey im 10 so please don't say that

    • Ya Boy Samy
      Ya Boy Samy Year ago +2

      Fuck fuck fuck fuck fuck fuck fuck fuck fuck fuck fuck fuck fuck fuck fuck fuck fuck fuck fuck fuck fuck...

  • Ryan Alam
    Ryan Alam 2 years ago +2

    You got almost 7000 bow

  • Deer Hunting 23
    Deer Hunting 23  2 years ago +4

    wow! OVER 9000000000 Well, 900 that is! thanks guys!

  • Casey Flett
    Casey Flett 3 years ago