Why Avengers: Endgame's Biggest Plot Hole Actually Makes Sense

  • Published on May 13, 2019
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    While we enjoyed nearly three hours of epic moments in the Marvel Cinematic Universe during Avengers: Endgame, all anyone seems to be debating is one of the final moments. You know the one -- Old Man Steve Rogers shows up on the lakeside bench, reveals he spent the rest of his lifetime in the past and decides to pass his shield onto the Falcon.
    According to the film’s own timeline rules -- people were pretty quick to cry FOUL and point out the major issues with old man Captain America, but we’re here to tell you -- this wasn’t a plot hole at all. The writers and directors didn’t just go all willy nilly and toss the scene in for story closure. Everything was meticulously thought out and planned -- just not fully explained on screen. So, now we will become the true heroes of the story and break down how Steve Roger’s off-screen adventures were not a plot hole at all and how he didn’t break up Peggy Carter’s family or erase them from a timeline -- even though it clearly seems that way.
    Thankfully, the three hour runtime of Endgame allowed the filmmakers to squeeze in plenty of exposition, explaining their rules of time travel and what we would all expect when the Avengers traveled back in time and through multiple eras. The rules were laid out by Professor Hulk, questions were asked, we were given answers, and everything all seemed to make sense. Right up until Steve Rogers goes to return all of the Infinity Stones and comes back as an old man. So what exactly happened there?! Learn how Captain America was able to travel back through time, live his whole life in happiness and return to the present day where he secured the future of the Captain America mantle for everyone!
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Comments • 3 237

  • Bearcat426
    Bearcat426 10 hours ago

    the reach on this man

  • daniel mahoney
    daniel mahoney 11 hours ago

    I'd say, more likely, a widowed Peggy Carter.

  • Prince Leo Sword
    Prince Leo Sword 12 hours ago

    Cap, that happy ending was well earned!

  • Super Duper S.P
    Super Duper S.P 15 hours ago

    9:36 *Margaret*

  • GuY G
    GuY G Day ago

    caption America the return of the stones.awesome movie tile huh.

  • Twickzys
    Twickzys Day ago +1

    Next video: why tony stark breathed 56 times in endgame

  • Thomas Kane
    Thomas Kane Day ago

    Makes sense

  • Sal C
    Sal C Day ago

    Do you think Steve time travel before he got the serum that's how he turn old

  • Marco Derege
    Marco Derege Day ago

    And what did captain America do with the frozen himself? If he woke up in 2011 Peggy would know that Steve Rogers was found in the ice, but Steve Rogers is there with her

  • Death By Design Graphics

    So exactly how old is Steve at the end of endgame? I think he ages at about half the rate of a normal human, so I'm guess anywhere between 150 and 200.

  • Te' Lisa Nelson
    Te' Lisa Nelson Day ago

    But the writers said he went back in time to 1948.

  • Carrick Parker
    Carrick Parker Day ago +1

    No one gonna talk about there being two Steves in that timeline? Old Steve just coolin on the couch with a cold one watching young Steve crash Helicarriers in the reflecting pond like, “Haha, classic me.”

  • Thor Odinson
    Thor Odinson Day ago

    Where did he put Thor’s hammer?

  • Shannon Clements

    @screenrant Everybody insinuates that Captain America went back in time and took Peggy for himself which would've altered the timeline. Even if he waited he still would've altered the timeline. So he went back & took Peggy & Tony's advice and fell in love with someone else. But even then he still altered the timeline because that new woman he picked up & fell in love with married & lived with belonged to somebody else. The only way to enjoy his life is to live the life he was already living. That is his true life! Same for Tony. Being that super hero is the life they chose in their true life. So therefore that IS his true life. Only falling in love with soneone from the present & moving ibto the future can they truly live like they want to. Just with somebodu else not from their past. To make it more plain. Going into the past & reliving it with the person you chose to leave behind makes somebody else's pictures fade. Not your own. Unless you mess with your direct lineage of course.

  • kmm718
    kmm718 Day ago

    You totally nailed it!

  • Lsharp31012007
    Lsharp31012007 Day ago

    It always made sense

  • BobCat
    BobCat Day ago

    how about 1960s ? seems like a fair trade off between age and the other husbands departure ?

  • Frederick Stuart

    This seriously hurt my head

  • Dannie 826
    Dannie 826 Day ago +2

    5:03 - 5:43 That's all you need to watch to hear the theory

  • tristan catalan
    tristan catalan Day ago

    There is no plot hole!Steve lived a life not with peggy but with natasha.he got nat back after returning the soul stone.that is why he couldn't tell sam about this life that he lived when sam asked about it!

  • airlag
    airlag Day ago

    2:48 Steve Rogers did not need to return the stones to the exact location. He just needed to return them to the exact time. The elder one explained that the stones just needed to be anywhere in the universe. Even though, as later explained, with the quantum GPS he could jump to any point at any time in the multiverse.

  • Ricky Ricks
    Ricky Ricks 2 days ago

    Dude the way you explained..it all make sense.. Keep rockin..!🤘🏼

  • MovieMakinMonster
    MovieMakinMonster 2 days ago

    You put way more thought into this than the writers.

  • Ken Hogg
    Ken Hogg 2 days ago


  • Auxillary Priest
    Auxillary Priest 2 days ago

    Writers explained Steve is the husband and does have kids

  • Edwin F. Diaz Mendez

    6:32 don't come @ me but that is hot

  • Michael Ferri
    Michael Ferri 2 days ago

    captain, rogers just said it, ,,flag slows his aging down buy 2 x so he could live to 150 year old easily

  • Para Dox
    Para Dox 2 days ago

    Captain America Winter soldier and Civil war never happened because Cap was never there and anything he contributed to the Avengers is non and void. The falcon shouldn't even know who Steve Rogers is.

  • David Salcepuedes
    David Salcepuedes 2 days ago

    Ur theory is wrong

  • Bryan Miller
    Bryan Miller 2 days ago

    I really don't think any halfway intelligent person thought the old steve rogers ending was a plot hole.
    It literally was one of the few things in that movie that made perfect sense.

  • JonIsPatented
    JonIsPatented 2 days ago

    You could argue that captain America going into the past to be with Peggy is something that did happen in the past already and so Steve being the person that Steve saved makes sense still since it’s not a new future/past, it’d be the already established past. Steve could’ve existed in two forms this entire time.

  • mike santini
    mike santini 2 days ago

    He never seemed like the type to use the for entertainment

  • Moira Tiame
    Moira Tiame 2 days ago

    But in this theory…Steve still knows all the horrible things that will happen to the world and his best friend and did nothing...Jesus Christ...

    • Te' Lisa Nelson
      Te' Lisa Nelson Day ago

      He can change it but it still doesn't take away the fact that all of this stuff still exists. He could have went back to try and change it but you are still gonna have the world events being the same and such. Example: Bucky that's from 2023 that got brain washed etc and so forth is still going to be there. Him saving Bucky in the past is not going to save Bucky 2023 in the future. It will just be two different Bucky's. So it's not as bad as people may think when it comes to him sitting on the side lines letting what has already happened happen because it's not gonna change what happened.

  • jeffescantube
    jeffescantube 3 days ago

    u guys are idiots

  • jeffescantube
    jeffescantube 3 days ago

    any major change involving removing an infinity gem from the timeline. not just any major change, thats what d ancient one said so this whole video is bullshit

  • Light R
    Light R 3 days ago

    I wonder if he had a child

  • The Dabbing Penguin
    The Dabbing Penguin 3 days ago

    *Up Next:* Why Tony Stark to a breath over 1,000,000,000 times in *Endgame* ANSWER MIGHT *SHOCK* YOU

  • Armatige
    Armatige 3 days ago

    Yup, lost me with the car explanation. They (Ruso's) would not have put a car like that in the 1970's. The car was there as a time stamp. That stamp being 1940's post war.

  • Derek Jackson
    Derek Jackson 3 days ago +1

    The simplest solution is generally the correct one.
    Bruce Banner and the Ancient One are wrong and time travel does work like BttF. Thus, this video's explanation is irrelevant. Cap returned the stones, lived his new life in a new (but very similar) timeline, and then caught an Uber to the bench.

  • The Jarrod Wolfe
    The Jarrod Wolfe 3 days ago

    I think Steve was the husband all along, that's not to crazy if you think about it, nothing in the movies would change. I mean if he stayed in hiding then no one would have ever known so the timeline stays intact, I think that is why we also don't see a photo of the husband or why she kept her maiden name is because Steve wasn't supposed to exist.

  • Dana Housley-Preaster

    So there is a Captain America running around with no SHIELD. Because he took the Shield from that Caps timeline

  • Markovicsable
    Markovicsable 4 days ago

    It was explained in the movie really clearly... if you take a stone from a timeline, it break the timeline into 2. If you put all stones back in the exact time and place where they where, it combines the 2 or several timelines back together. Steve put all stones back where they belonged, so after that he lived his life in the past up until the moment endgame "ended". So basicly there where 2 Captain Americas in the timeline right untill the original Cap gone back in time to restore the stones. Simple.

  • Erik Adalbert van Nagel

    What about Loki?

  • shimsy41
    shimsy41 4 days ago

    This explanation is SO convoluted. Easier explanation, when Cap went back in time he most definitely made a different timeline. It didn't matter what he did in the past cuz it was an alternate timeline. His return destination to the present was back to the Endgame timeline. So in the Endgame timeline, Cap still never married Peggy. Two separate timelines. Phew, that still seems complicated.......

  • Gotenhanku
    Gotenhanku 4 days ago

    Steve did go into an alternate timeline but he went back to the 40s and hooked up there. He would have changed a lot of stuff in that timeline because his nature would not allow him to not change things he could thus the alternate universe/timeline Steve created would look ALOT different to the one he returned back to in the end so he could pass on the shield and let them know he completed his mission. The reason being the alternate timeline/universe he left obviously no longer needed him or his shield cause he had changed ti so much thus he gave it to Falcon. Dunno if they will ever show the adventures Capt would have had in that other timeline but you can expect that they were probably pretty epic.

  • Deezy
    Deezy 4 days ago

    He returned to 1940

  • Matthew M. Dean
    Matthew M. Dean 4 days ago

    The issue is this movie contrived too many plot devices.

  • Piano na Prática - Oficial

    Did the old cap vanish in thanos snap, while he was with Peggy? And reappered ? Or the Thanos snap didn't happened in that time line? Hahaha that's crazy as hell so confusing.


    It was confirmed that the mystery husband is Steve.He had two kids with her and now there are 2 super soldier kids running around somewhere

  • Mr Will
    Mr Will 4 days ago

    Captain America: the quest for more depends

  • Wikters
    Wikters 4 days ago +19

    the best thing could be if Steve Rogers was the stan lee from all cameo's all this time

    • Wikters
      Wikters Day ago

      @airlag yeah but that would be a big plotwist

    • airlag
      airlag Day ago

      If anything, Stan Lee is the One Above All. Steve is not even close to that.

  • Suraj Kumar
    Suraj Kumar 5 days ago

    Marvel studios planning something... Incredible... For future avenger movie😬😏😏😏😏

  • Bas Hauwert
    Bas Hauwert 5 days ago

    But has he told peggy that he kissed her daughter?

  • Joey Mireles
    Joey Mireles 5 days ago

    I thought it to be way more simple than this video.
    If Gamora from the past was able to live in the future.
    Then why couldn’t Steve from the future, after returning the stones, still live as himself in the past?
    So while Steve was married to Peggy. Other Steve Rogers was still fighting alongside the avengers after being found in ice etc etc.
    Which would mean as he lived alongside Peggy Carter. Other Steve was still doing his duties up until him jumping back and thus the time loop theory that the Russo Brothers explained.

  • Izuku Midoriya
    Izuku Midoriya 5 days ago

    u actually dont make any sense

  • Sohil Ahmed
    Sohil Ahmed 5 days ago

    why is no one talking about Mind Stone
    who and how they got it in Iron Man's version of the gauntlet.
    We MCU fans who don't read comics but love characters would love that so much

  • SourCream&Onion Gaming

    So sine he went back and during the avengers fight does that mean cap wasn’t there to fight loki and ultron

  • xSPIDER_MANx122
    xSPIDER_MANx122 5 days ago

    Wouldn't the super soldier serum slow his aging? How was he so old?

  • Wheely Dan
    Wheely Dan 5 days ago

    Steve also killed Falcon by handing Captain America over to him. From super soldier to regular man.

  • Robert Wolfe
    Robert Wolfe 5 days ago

    what happens to the Captain America that was trapped under the ice for so long, that Captain America from endngame shows up back during the time when this Captain America is already in the ice how do you solve that timeline.

  • Shiny
    Shiny 5 days ago

    I always assumed he went back to after he was frozen but before Peggy got married and just lived in secret before going to the avengers in 2023.

  • Spectter Games
    Spectter Games 5 days ago +9

    In summary:
    Steve went to an alternate timeline, with an alternate Peggy Carter.

    • Blue Gecko
      Blue Gecko 3 days ago +1

      Spectter Games THANK YOU! I watched the whole video only for this comment to make the only real sense.

  • Aoife B
    Aoife B 5 days ago

    So in the new timeline that our Steve created, there is a Steve in the ice, who will wake up, join the Avengers etc, while our Steve is growing old. Does the younger Steve then eventually do the exact same, going back in time to Peggy to create ANOTHER new timeline, ad infinitum? And if so, who is to say that our Steve is the original Steve?

  • Ronish Brown
    Ronish Brown 5 days ago

    I think the old person who stood up against Loki in Germany in avengers 2012 and said "there are always people like you" was old captain america. He stood up because he knew that 2012 version of him would come just in time.

  • Maximilianmus’s kid

    What shield did cap give to falcon
    His broke

  • Crisper Cube
    Crisper Cube 5 days ago

    But see, this doesn’t make sense, you didn’t go over everything the Russo’s said, they confirmed that those children in the pictures are Steve’s and he remained in that timeline, they say the ancient one played a role in it, and they’d make it clear when Disney+ launches

  • PochongoJ YT
    PochongoJ YT 5 days ago

    But you didn’t mention that if he does go back to 1970 his other self would be still stuck in the ice and we know that’s true because he fought himself in the movie.

  • Poop Plug
    Poop Plug 5 days ago

    This theory makes a plot hole anyway. If steve waited a week or so after he left to return the stones in the alternate timeline where he got with peggy and THEN TRAVELLED BACK to the og timeline, he would be making another alternate timeline there, where he handed the shield to sam, as the og timeline would be about a week ahead and in the og timeline cap just wouldn't have come back. The only way this makes sense is if the mcu going forward is no longer in the og timeline, but the one where cap did return. I think that would be a shitty idea, so i hope this all gets explained in FFH by saying that mysterio is actually from another dimension and saying that he got to the main timeline/dimension by controlled dimension travelling, while also proving that cap learned how to dimension hop.

  • Richard Nicholson
    Richard Nicholson 6 days ago

    Would have been better if he had appeared on the pad as old Steve.

  • Squid Animations
    Squid Animations 6 days ago

    8:33 I lost it there

  • Joseph Hernandez
    Joseph Hernandez 6 days ago

    Guys, sometimes things do not have to make sense in a movie. Ffs live doesn't even make sense.

    MCMXC 6 days ago

    Steve Rogers is a super soldier/human, which means his aging would not be the same as a normal person's. For him to get to the "Old Man Steve" look, he might have to live another 200+ years (ignoring any time dilation, since he only uses it sparingly).

  • Mike Hicks
    Mike Hicks 6 days ago

    NO IT DIDNT!!!!

  • Mike Hicks
    Mike Hicks 6 days ago

    Ahhh...so it was BAD writing and directing. I get it.

  • darrellzilla
    darrellzilla 6 days ago

    You missed the simplest answer. He always will have traveled back in time.

  • chwynn
    chwynn 6 days ago

    The point of the ime travel GPS is that it can return you to the exact timeline you originally started from, 5 seconds after you left. You can travel along any new timeline you create with this device as well, but he wouldn't have been able to use it to return to the timeline he left without pressing the recall button, which would put him on the return pad 5 seconds after he left, not on the bench.

    • Gotenhanku
      Gotenhanku 4 days ago

      Unless he got the Tony Stark or some other super genius in the alternate timeline to make some modifications to allow him to change his landing point since as Hulk said he 'overshot' his landing point. Granted it makes no sense for him to do such a thing and thus over complicate the movie and open this whole can of worms in the first place but it was something he could have had done. While I liked the bench scene and it looked nicer I would have preferred they just had Capt appear on the pad as Old Capt that way it would have prevented this whole debacle.

  • kennybo
    kennybo 6 days ago

    Donald says this is fake news.

  • BlindingShot TM
    BlindingShot TM 6 days ago

    So basically what I got from this video was that he wanted to reach the ten minute mark

  • Michael Montana
    Michael Montana 6 days ago

    I think captain was her husband the whole time... there is a reason why they never mention or show who carters husband was

  • Nayan Karmakar
    Nayan Karmakar 6 days ago +1

    Why Winter Soldier is not aged? Please ans this question. Nobody talked about this.

    • Chilton Stuart
      Chilton Stuart 3 days ago

      @Nayan Karmakar or common sense of what it is.

    • Nayan Karmakar
      Nayan Karmakar 3 days ago

      @Chilton Stuart i don't think this is that simple. There should be better explanation for this.

    • Chilton Stuart
      Chilton Stuart 4 days ago

      @Nayan Karmakar they can easily put him back in it and then release him again when they need someone killed. Simple.

    • Nayan Karmakar
      Nayan Karmakar 6 days ago

      @Chilton Stuarti think he was not in that mechine. If he was then how could he had killed iron man's family? He was a wapen for hydra since the time of captain America the first Avenger. While captain was sleeping under the ice the winter Soldier continued to live on his 70 years as an assassin. But he didn't aged.

  • tikus.kecil
    tikus.kecil 6 days ago

    well, this means that there are two Steve Roger in that time line where he decided to married to Peggy, the time travel Steve and the frozen Steve.

  • Dion Freeman
    Dion Freeman 6 days ago

    Sounds like they made this up as they went along as a way to explain everything! They forgot to say, "Yeah, yeah, that's the ticket!"

  • Fotis Ter
    Fotis Ter 6 days ago +1

    He returned last the Tesseract in 1970 and then went to 1944 and married Peggy.
    They lived together happily to the point where the new captain went to the hospital.
    He could not reveal or give instructions not to change anything from the future.
    And he waited patiently for the day of Tony Stark's funeral, where he was on the bench.

  • VXEDContact
    VXEDContact 6 days ago

    Screen rant... you are completely wrong....

  • Aavej Shaikh
    Aavej Shaikh 6 days ago

    What a fucked up explanation wasted my 12 minutes of life!!!!

  • Chessie Dowdeswell
    Chessie Dowdeswell 7 days ago +1

    Plot twist: Every Stan Lee cameo is Steve Rogers subtly checking up on his friends

  • Viki Irawan
    Viki Irawan 7 days ago

    if cap doesn't need time machine anymore since there's time GPS already, so why hulk bothers to create one in the last scene?

  • Jake Brinker
    Jake Brinker 7 days ago

    No, this still doesn’t make sense. If he went back in time to have the dance (which was supposed to be a few days after he went into the ice), how would he have still been young in 2012’s Avengers? He would be old as hell and it would change the past of his future...Brain fart.

  • William Randolph
    William Randolph 7 days ago +48

    I would ALSO love to see the full-length movie version of Cap returning the stones.

    • Orsy Godri
      Orsy Godri 3 days ago

      I would be perfectly fine with marvel making an animated movie showing that. This way they don't need to pay big money to actors but still have the story fans would like to see.

    • Chilton Stuart
      Chilton Stuart 6 days ago

      Or we may get a director's cut. I'd like that.

    • Chilton Stuart
      Chilton Stuart 6 days ago

      Maybe deleted scene? Hopefully

  • William Randolph
    William Randolph 7 days ago

    But would the "alternate time loop" have Hydra hiding among SHIELD which Cap would then KNOW about when he went back in time? And if this were the case, it seems very unlikely that Cap could have "laid low" while Hydra was on the loose.

  • bmwjoe4152
    bmwjoe4152 7 days ago

    How did he alone, put back Every Freakn' Stone?!?!? Who cares about Peggy's last name or previous relationships, or his age...

  • E.T. M.
    E.T. M. 7 days ago


  • Scarlet Scarf
    Scarlet Scarf 7 days ago

    The thanos that got snapped and dusted away didn’t return to the past so the infinity war didn’t happen in the past so old Steve Roger couldn’t have appear in the future to handle the shield to Falcon cause Steve would be in a different timeline where the infinity war didn’t happen.

  • Sarcastro79
    Sarcastro79 7 days ago

    It was more dramatic to have him appear on the bench off scene. But if they had just have him reappear on the platform as an old man it would have been very clear that he lived his life in an alternate timeline. By using the bench it implies that he lived his life in the same timeline and just knew when to meet them. Also if cap went back to before Peggy was married wouldn't that also work? He created a new timeline just to be with her, he isn't wrecking any marriages if he marries her first

  • Benjamin Swain
    Benjamin Swain 7 days ago

    Lots of people in the comments are calling this video unnecessary but this vid is actually very helpful. I’ve seen lots of people question how did Steve get back from the new past he created if he didn’t go back through the portal. I never thought of it as him living past that point in time and going backwards instead of him leaping back to the future from the past. And I consider myself a bit of a time travel plot buff.

  • Matthew Dobree-Carey

    The alternate timeline of avengers wouldn’t have even happened the way they did if Captain America wasn’t a part of them in the first place... therefore never creating the timeline that captain America returned to once old ??

  • 40/40 Visions
    40/40 Visions 7 days ago

    It was interesting to listen to your logic behind his time travel but the logic behind your theory is digging too deep. To put it simply Steve Rogers technically wouldn’t have messed up the timeline if he went back a week or so after he originally disappeared. Because technically the same cap that was in the ice burg is the one who went back in time present day meaning he still will be the same person with the same memories

  • ekehernandez
    ekehernandez 7 days ago

    I can't believe people are still thinking they have to return the stone to the Hydra HQ. The rules are: the stone has to EXIST in this universe so it doesn't get fucked up. So it'd be easier to hand the stone to the Aveger in turn at the time and VOILA: the stone still exists in that universe.

  • Robert Donnell
    Robert Donnell 7 days ago

    I wanna throw in a thought. He was frozen in ice what 70 years and it cryogenically stopped his aging but if he wasn't in the ice he ages mostly normally, ok got it but I think he went back before the events enough to put everything including (Thor's hammer) back and then he lived a life time and when the same day he left all those years and adventures later he came back to look at ducks and hand over a shield that got destroyed, I like it

  • Faaris Haque
    Faaris Haque 7 days ago +1

    The video starts at 4:30